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More from the first night camping with my lover and her daughters.
Part 3

As Sarah and I were getting reacquainted under one blanket, Kelly and Cassie were doing their own exploration under a second. I would later find out exactly what it was that was happening on their couch, and my guesses weren't too far off.

When Kelly returned from the living room after putting her things in the room she and Cassie would share for the night, the snuggling shifted from that of a mother and daughter to that of two sexually aroused females. While Sarah and I had been watching the movie with almost no sexual contact, Kelly had been caressing Cassie nearly the entire time they were laying there. All of Cassie's responses had been positive, and when Kelly joined her the second time, her hand slid right into Cassie's pants as they laid down. In almost no time, Kelly slipped a finger into her daughter's pussy.

Spooning, with Kelly exploring Cassie's folds, Cassie slipped her hand behind her and found the top of Kelly's pajama bottoms. Wasting no time, Cassie's hand wandered down, and Kelly spread her own knees, allowing Cassie access to her already wet pussy lips. Cassie showed her mother just how experienced she was at fingering pussy by sinking her finger deep into Kelly's hole. Kelly responded by burying her finger into Cassie's cunt, and they both fought to avoid letting out moans of pleasure.

Removing her hand from Cassie's pussy, Kelly helped her turn so they were facing each other. Rubbing her daughter's tiny titties over her shirt, Kelly returned one hand to Cassie's crotch, caressing her through her pants. Cassie became interested in Kelly's much larger chest, and reached out tentatively with one hand. Kelly encouraged her, whispering that they didn't bite. Cassie took one comparatively massive tit in her hand and gave it a squeeze. Kelly cooed in response, further encouraging Cassie. They continued to fondle each other, and Kelly moved things forward by pushing Cassie's shirt up, then sliding it over her head and off her arms. She then slid her own shirt off and laid back down to give Cassie the chance to play with the now naked boobs she had nursed from as a baby.

As Cassie started to explore the massive tits now rubbing against her own developing chest, Kelly slid a hand back down her daughter's body, sliding it into her pants until she could again finger the soft folds of Cassie's pussy. Cassie caressed Kelly's titties until Kelly suggested she try sucking on them. Unsure of herself, Cassie slowly lowered her mouth to one breast, licking tentatively at the nipple. Then, almost instinctively, she took as much of the tit as she could into her mouth, sucking and licking at it.

Kelly, electrified by the thought and feel of her daughter's mouth against her chest, responded by grabbing the waist of Cassie's lounge pants and pulling down, sliding them off her hips. Sitting up briefly, Kelly then slid the pants off Cassie's feet, leaving her naked under the blanket. Then, rather than lay back down, Kelly gently pushed Cassie down so she was laying on her back. Kelly lowered her head toward her daughter's chest, taking barely formed breast into her mouth. As she started to suck on Cassie's tiny tit, she slid her hands back down to the wet slit between her legs, fingering Cassie at the same time. Cassie responded by spreading her legs apart as her breathing started to come in shorter, quicker gasps.

After sucking on each of Cassie's nipples, Kelly leaned back, looking at her naked daughter. A flood of emotions were coursing through her body as she made out with Cassie. Memories of sex with her own dad. Thoughts of past lesbian experiences. Sexual pleasure from the touch of the girl laying next to her. And heightened sensuality at the thought that the preteen girl was her own daughter. She shivered with excitement, and lowered her head, again. This time, her mouth aimed higher as Kelly leaned in and touched her lips to Cassie's. She gently parted her daughter's lips with her own, and softly pushed her tongue into Cassie's mouth. No stranger to French kissing, Cassie responded by pushing her tongue into Kelly's mouth. The soft intake of breath betrayed how pleasantly surprised Kelly was by Cassie's reaction. Pulling Cassie tightly into her body, Kelly's tongue led a beautiful dance with Cassie's, and their hands became more frantic in their wanderings. Cassie's hands found their way back into Kelly's pants, one sliding to her pussy as the other wrapped around her, caressing her ass.

Kelly twisted so she could raise her ass off the couch, urging Cassie to remove the pajama bottoms that represented the only clothing either of them was wearing. Cassie helped slide the pants down and off, then remained kneeling on the couch near her mom's lower half. She briefly touched Kelly's pussy with one hand, then slid back up until her mouth was right near Kelly's ear.

"Mom," she whispered, "Can I lick you like I lick Sarah?"

The question alone was nearly enough to make Kelly climax, and she nodded her approval, whispering into Cassie's ear, "Of course, but let me help you get into the right position. I want you get on your hands and knees with your legs on either side of my head and your head by my pussy. You'll see why when you do it."

Cassie cautiously tried to reposition herself without making too much noise. Kelly helped by supporting Cassie's body with her hands and holding the blanket in place. Cassie was soon on all fours, straddling her mother in a classic "69" position. She wasn't quite sure how it would work until Kelly leaned her head up while pulling Cassie's body down slightly. That enabled her to put her mouth onto her daughter's wet pussy and shove her tongue past the lips and into the hole of her cunt. Grunting in pleasure, Cassie quickly caught on and lowered her own mouth to Kelly's pussy. Somewhat tentative at first, Cassie learned quickly from what was happening to her own cunt.

She started by licking at Kelly's pussy without actually penetrating the lips. As she became more aroused, Cassie began to slip her tongue further into Kelly's slit. Intrigued by the taste of her mother's cum, Cassie began to thrust her tongue further and further, eventually reaching the opening to Kelly's cunt. As Kelly forced her tongue into her daughter, Cassie began to tongue fuck her mom.

That is what they were doing when Sarah and I stood up to go to the bedroom. The guttural, muffled "good night" we received as we left the living room was from the mom and daughter locked in a lesbian 69. Neither was willing to stop eating the other out, even to acknowledge others in the room. They continued to explore each other with hands, tongues, and mouths as Sarah and I continued our own adventure.

Part 4

I led Sarah into the bedroom, not even bothering to push the door closed. There was little chance Kelly and Cassie would do anything other than take their own sexual encounter to a bedroom. And the thought of fucking Sarah while Kelly ravaged Cassie in the next room was a huge turn on. If either or both of them did happen to peek in on us, it was unlikely either Sarah or I would notice or care.

Sarah and I both climbed into the king sized bed, wondering what we would do with so much room. We pulled the covers down and crawled under, together. I asked Sarah if she wanted to change into anything, and she pointed out how pointless that would be. "You do plan on getting me naked, don't you, Tom?"

Chuckling, I said, "Of course I do, little girl. Are you saying I'm moving too slowly?"

Sarah giggled, "No. But if I do get naked, I don't want to get dressed, again."

Since she was so playful, I put one hand on her hips and started tickling. Laughing, she tried to tickle me back. As I'm not ticklish, I had the decided advantage, and continued to tickle her in highly sexual spots. And the touching quickly shifted from tickling to heavy petting. Rather than tickling her hips, I was fondling her pussy through her shorts. Tickling her ribs became rubbing her undeveloped breasts. As I continued to tickle and caress her body, Sarah made her own attempts, then gave up. Rather than try to tickle me, she took a more direct approach. She shoved her hands into my pants and grabbed my swollen, slippery cock and said, "Okay, you're now in my control, and have to stop tickling me."

As she said that, she started to slowly slide her hand up the shaft, squeezing gently as she got to the head. I immediately complied and stopped tickling her. Instead, I slid my hand into her shorts and began rubbing her pussy lips. At the same time, I leaned into her and started kissing her, again. After our lessons on the couch, Sarah was much more responsive and returned the kiss like someone much more experienced than anyone would expect from a 10-year old.

Sliding my hand out of her shorts, I eased her shirt up, and broke off the kiss so I could slip it over her head and off. She had to take her hands out of my pants as I did that, and when she returned them, she pushed at the waistband, attempting to remove them, entirely. I raised my hips, allowing her to undress me. As she slid the pants off my feet, I picked Sarah up and laid her back on the bed and grabbed the legs of her shorts. In one quick motion, I stripped them off her, leaving her naked in the bed. My body responded to the sight of her nudity, and I removed my own shirt as I joined her back on the bed.

With clothes no longer in the way, our bodies pressed against each other, yearning for the intimate contact of naked sexuality. Reaching behind her, I grabbed Sarah's ass, pulling her hips to my body, though our height difference kept her pussy from hitting my cock. Still, she responded by rocking her hips, pushing her wet lips into me. We kissed some more, than Sarah pulled away and looked at me. Her young eyes were filled with desire, and I asked if there was something she wanted me to do.

"Lots of things, Tom. But it's been fun with you showing me what to do..."

"Okay, we can keep doing that. Kind of a teacher, student thing. How about we start with vocabulary, then move onto math."

Sarah giggled. "What do you mean?"

Almost serious, I told her we would start by teaching her some of the words she didn't know. "Like this," I said, pointing to her genitals. "I'm sure you know what it's called."

"Of course, it's my vagina."

"That's right. But it has a couple other names that you might not know. I would call it your pussy. And there are a couple of parts to the pussy." I put my hand on her pussy and spread it open a bit. As I rubbed at the outer part, I told her those were the lips. Rubbing up the slit, I hit her button, causing her to jump with the thrilling shock. "This is your clit. And," I said, pushing my finger deep into her hole, "deeper in is what is called your cunt." I slipped the finger out of her and asked her to recite what the names.

She put her hand over her own mound, and recited as she pointed out each part of her genitals. "Pussy and lips, clit, and cunt." To my surprise, her hand duplicated the motions I had made as she played with her own pussy. It was exciting to watch Sarah sink her own finger into her tight hole. As she pulled her finger out, she said, "I think I've got it, teacher."

Thinking this was different than any class I had in 5th grade and gave an entirely new meaning to "sex education," I pointed at my own crotch. "This is?"

"Your penis."

"That's right. But it's also called a dick or a cock. Pussy, cock, and cunt are all for the bedroom only, and you shouldn't use them in public. The rest of the body you probably already know. Tits, boobs, nipples, ass..."

As I said each one, Sarah nodded that she knew those names. With the basics covered, I told her it was time to move on to actual sex terms.

"We've done just about everything there is to sex, but you don't know the right names for a lot of it. The kissing and touching is called 'foreplay' and helps us get ready for sex. When I lick you in your pussy, 'eating you out.' Girls can do something similar to boys, called a blow-job. And when I put my cock inside you, it's called fucking."

"I know that, Tom."

"Okay, okay, I just want to make sure. While it's cute to hear you talk like you do, it will help if you can use some of the right words. Rather than saying, 'Will you lick me like Cassie does,' you can ask me to eat you out. And you won't be surprised if I ask you to let me fuck you."

Sarah blushed as I said that. "Will you ask me, now?"

Not surprised by her increasing confidence, I was pleased to know she was ready for more sex. I was certainly ready to fuck her, but wanted to make sure she learned at least one new thing from our night together. "Rather than ask that question, let's see if you can't MAKE me fuck you."

"How can I do that?"

"Well, you've almost done it, already. I was about to take your clothes off and do it right there on the couch. Now that you know some of the words and what they mean, let's see what we can do to each other."

At that, I put my arm around her neck and pulled her back toward my body. Our lips came together and our tongues returned to the erotic dance of lovers in need. Sarah was no longer kissing like a 10-year old child, she was kissing like a woman ready for sex. She forced her tongue into my mouth, probing in response to my own tongue. At the same time, our hands were busy exploring the body parts we could reach. With one hand, I teased her nipples into standing up. With the other, I worked two fingers into the opening of her pussy, spreading her wide, then driving them into her cunt. Her hand found my cock and began to stroke it, once again. As we became more and more aroused, I asked Sarah if she was ready to learn how to give a blow-job.

"Yes, if it's what you want."

"I do, Sarah, but it's really up to you." I pushed myself higher up in the bed, stacking a couple of pillows to lean against. Sitting half-upright, I told Sarah to kneel between my legs, facing me. Just the sight of the naked 10-year old between my bare legs was intoxicating, and the thought alone of her mouth on my rod was almost enough to make me cum. "Okay, the rest is up to you, and you can stop any time your want."

Sitting up, I leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss. As I started to lean back, I instructed her to lean down and take my cock into her mouth, as she might a Popsicle. With my hands on her head, I gently guided her to lean down until she was resting on her elbows, ass in the air, lips just above my throbbing cock.

Nervous about the new experience, Sarah reverted to childish actions that reminded me of her age. She pushed at my cock with her hand, watching it bounce only inches from her face. She looked at it up close, marveling at the bumps and ridges.

I let her play for a few moments, then suggested she just lick at the head a bit. Sarah obeyed, very nervously licking at the tip of my cock. At my urging, she continued to lick at the head, then at the shaft. I reminded her to think of it like a Popsicle, asking her how she would suck on that. After several minutes, she overcame the embarrassment and took the very tip of my dick into her mouth. I encouraged her, telling her she was doing great, and urging her to suck even more of my shaft into her mouth. Again, I suggested she think about how she would suck on a Popsicle.

Something must have clicked in her head, because Sarah started to do just that. She cradled the shaft of my cock in her tongue, and slid nearly half my length into her mouth. The feeling of my cock sliding into her mouth caught me completely off guard, and I let out a quick moan as her warmth enveloped me shaft. Sarah pulled my dick out of her mouth and asked if she'd done something wrong.

"No, baby, you did something exactly right. That was incredible."

With that positive feedback, Sarah returned to my cock. She was no longer tentative, and no longer needed any real guidance. Her tongue returned to the perfect position to lather her saliva on my dick, and her lips slid over the shaft as she eased her mouth up and down. She continued to take more of my cock into her mouth until she nearly gagged. That helped her know how much she could take into her mouth, and she started to give me a serious blow-job.

As she continued to practice her new-found skills, I worked my body around so I could get underneath her. With nothing but my hands to guide her, Sarah responded by shifting her position until her nubile body was straddling my face. Her blow-job almost lost its rhythm when my tongue rammed its way into her pussy. She recovered and continued to suck and lick at my shaft as my tongue delved even deeper into her cunt. Alternating between her pussy and clit, I soon had Sarah breathing heavily, increasing the sensations caused by her mouth on my cock. It wasn't long before I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

With a few final thrusts of my tongue and a couple more strokes of my cock in and out of Sarah's mouth, I did lose control. I climaxed, pouring my cum into Sarah's mouth, something for which she was completely unprepared. She came off my cock as the second spurt of cum shot out, hitting her on the mouth and nose.

Forgetting that she was straddling my face, Sarah sat up, pushing her pussy down onto my tongue. Unable to do little more than either throw her off me or wriggle my tongue, I quickly flicked my tongue back and forth in her hole. Sarah grunted in pleasure and lifted herself off my face.

She turned to face me, cum starting to run down her face. She grabbed my shirt and wiped it off, then asked what happened.

"Oh honey," I said, almost laughing at the beautiful sight of my cum on Sarah's face, "you just made me cum. It's okay. You did great, and what happened was a sign of just how amazing you are. I hope it didn't scare you."

"No, not really. It was just weird, and I didn't expect it."

"I'm sorry, Sarah. I should have said something." I took her into my arms, still chuckling. "Not every girl likes that, and I should have let you know what to expect. You just gave such a great blow-job that I climaxed pretty quickly. I don't want to gross you out, because I hope we'll be able to do this, again, sometime."

"I don't think it was too gross. Kind of salty. Now that I know what to expect, let me try a bit more." With that, she leaned back down to my cock and started licking at the cock, cum and all. She licked and sucked my cock clean. Even after receiving a blow-job from a 5th grader, that shocked me. It turned me on, too.

As she finished, she turned back to me. "See, no too gross. Don't worry, Tom. I think I'd like to do that again."

"In that case, you should probably learn the name for what we just did. It's called a '69' when two people do that to each other."

"69," said Sarah, "That's a funny name."

"I'll explain it sometime. But now, I want you to come here." Laying back on the bed, I pulled Sarah onto my body, guiding her until she was straddling me, pussy positioned over my cock. As she settled over me, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it into the opening of her pussy. Pushing up, I forced it further into her. At that point, she lowered herself, slowly impaling herself on my rod. I groaned in pleasure as I felt my cock slide into the warmth of her cunt. Reaching up, I pulled her toward me and started to kiss her, unconcerned with the fact that my cum had flooded into her mouth only moments before. She returned the kiss and started to rock her hips, sliding herself up and down on my shaft. Sarah would raise herself up until only the head of my dick was inside her. She would then slam herself back down, burying my cock in her womb.

Our kissing shifted from gentle longing to frantic demanding as we continued to fuck. Though only 10, Sarah knew what she wanted, and that was my cock buried inside of her. She had also learned to rock her hips back so that her clit would rub against the shaft of my cock when she was in the right position. She was becoming increasingly aware of her sexuality, and put it to use to heighten her pleasure. She broke off the kiss as the intensity of the feelings built, and sat up, a look of animal lust on her face. Her eyes were closed, and she was starting to do something else she had never done, before.

She was vocalizing her pleasure. It started as a quiet, almost whimpered, "Yes," repeated several times. Hearing the pleasure in her voice and seeing the lust in her face, eyes closed and mouth pouty, I started to thrust my hips into hers, forcing my cock even deeper into her. Sarah's vocal response increased, and she increased the frequency, vocabulary, and volume of her cries. Soon, she was nearly screaming as she gave into the lust that filled her body.

"Yes, Tom. Yes. Oh. God. Yes. Tom. That. Feels. So. Good."

Sarah was now rocking her hips and bouncing against my thrusts, completely overwhelmed by the feeling of my cock inside her pussy. "Please, Tom. Yes. Please. More." By now, I was as worked up as her, and hearing a 10-year old beg for more, I fucked her like I've never fucked anyone, before. Where Sarah had only taken half my cock, before, she was now driving herself down so forcefully that her pussy was rubbing against the base of my cock. The feeling of my entire shaft inside her was more than she could take, and with one final thrust downward, Sarah experienced a massive orgasm and collapsed into me.

As her tight cunt spasmed on my cock, I also climaxed, cumming deep into her pussy. We both laid there gasping as Sarah's orgasm went through her in waves. This time, there was no question about it. She had definitely climaxed, and it was a big one. I continued to cum inside her as we both experienced the massive impact of our lovemaking. Sarah might be young, but she was definitely an incredible lover.

Eventually, we recovered from the orgasms, and I slipped my cock out of her sensitive pussy. Taking her into my arms, we spooned until we fell asleep, naked, covered by nothing but our cum and a sheet. We stayed in that positions until Cassie and Kelly stopped by to wake us up in the morning.

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