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dreaming about being raped i go out looking to fill that fantasy
I had a weird fantasy dream; I was dressed sexy walking alone in some dark street looking to be fucked. Truth is I had this dream often that I wanted some guy to take me, force me to suck and fuck him. I told my girlfriend about it, she thought I was nuts, "you want some guy to rape you?" she asked. I confessed, "Yes, I guess that's what I want."

"You are nuts, go to any bar there will be lots of guys that will want to fuck you, fuck them. Being raped is not what you want, you could get hurt or have something terrible happen to you," she yelled.

She was right but I was tired of guys fucking me and then asking if I had enjoyed it or did they please me. I wanted to please them, let them use me for their wants and not care how I felt. Her remark about my getting hurt in fact sent a thrill over my body. Her talk helped me realize that, that was exactly what I wanted. To be used and abused by someone I didn't know, a guy that wouldn't ask if I liked it or care.

How do you tell someone that you want that, I didn't know so I didn't tell her but she made me promise to think it over and not do anything without first talking to her, I agreed and we dropped the subject.

A week later I called her, told her I was going to fulfill my fantasy that night. She tried to talk me out of it but I wouldn't listen and promised to call her after I got home.

I was dressed like in my dream, White push up bra, sexy lace white panties, white garter belt with black stockings all under my spaghetti-string mid-thigh black dress. The dress was low cut to show off my cleavage and bottom was just above my knees to show off my legs. I looked sexy now all I needed was to find a place to go and show off. I had a place in mind and drove to the older part of the city. Parking in a lot, I left my purse, under the car seat, locked the car, and put the key in the gas cap door and felt ready to start my adventure.

I slowly walked down the dirty streets in this run-down part of town. Even before dark, this is not a good area to walk. I saw that a couple of men were sitting on a front step down the block. I approached them swinging my hips I could feel the excitement in the air as their eyes stripped me, as I got closer to them. I pictured myself sprawled naked on ground as they used my body for their pleasure. Neither man moved as I walked passed them, one whistled at me but that was all. I kept walking but they didn't follow. The street ahead looked empty and brightly lit so I turned into the first dark alley I came to.

Only a little light shown in the alley and that was from small windows at the back of some buildings, the place looked desolate. I felt completely alone as I walked on. I didn't know he was there until I walked past him; he reached out and grabbed me.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the blackness he was standing in. Suddenly I was pushed against a wall; my heart was racing as my back pressed against the cold stone. My mind flashed, my fantasy was about to become real.

Hands tried to fondle my breasts but only got to feel my bra. He grumbled something about me and reached up to grip the top of my dress. One hard pull and the spaghetti-strings ripped leaving me bare on top, except for the bra. He yanked on it, the hook snapped; he pulled it off and tossed it on the ground. His rough hands grabbed my exposed tits, submissively; I let him enjoy the feel of my breasts without fighting back or yelling out for help. His hands were anything but gentle as he pawed my bare breasts, I wanted to cry out "Yes, take me, fuck me, use me," but I didn't.

Rough callous hands rubbed my breasts, my nipples rose to the feel of his hands, growing and pushing out hard and pointed. His fingers found them and closed around them. He squeezed them between his thumb and forefingers. I let out a low scream as he pinched them very hard. I opened my mouth to release another scream, he bend forward and tried to kiss me. I turned my face away and he kissed my cheek, with him, this close I could smell him. It was an unpleasant smell, his breath smelled of beer, and cigarettes and his clothes smelled from living on the street so long without a bath. The pungent odor was disgusting, yet it turned me up knowing this men was going to rape me.

"Shit," he groaned as he missed my mouth. He relaxed his hold on one of my nipples, and with his free hand, he slapped me across the face hard. It took me a second to recover from the shock of being hit. In that, second his mouth found mine. He kissed me sending his tongue deep into my mouth. It tasted worst then his breath smelled, but I didn't stop him and let him deep kiss me.

His free hand moved down to my thighs, those rough fingers pushed between my legs and found my silk covered pussy. His fingers pulled aside my panties and he inserted a callous finger between my soft pussy lips. I moaned as he pressed his thick rough finger into me. He chuckled and pushed a second finger into me, my legs trembled as he forced those fingers deep into me. He withdrew them and then slammed them back in so hard I nearly lifted off the ground. I wanted to yell but his foul mouth was still kissing me so my yell sounded more like a moan. He repented his finger fucking again and again each time harder till my legs gave out and I couldn't stand. He let me slide to the cold ground. Lying there with him standing over me, I finally got a look at his face; it was dirty and mean looking. I shuddered when his hand grabbed my panties and he ripped them off exposing my pussy. I closed my legs and my hands covered my breasts. He bent over and slapped my face again, "don't resist me," he barked.

I was freighted, as he pulled down his zipper and released his cock. I had come here for this, maybe I was a fool but my heart raced and wanted that cock in me.

He used his feet to push my legs open and bent over me. His huge body pressed me down and I felt his hard cock press against my pussy. I shivered thinking that this dirty smelly man's hard cock was only seconds away from entering me.

He fiercely plunged his cock into my pussy with one hard fast stroke, sinking it in to the hilt. Pain shot through my entire body it hurt terribly and to my surprise I climaxed. He rapidly fucked me with speedy frenzied strokes, swiftly sending his cock deeply into my womb each time. His zipper kept pinching my clit with each stroke, sending sharp short pains racing up from it to explode in my brain. I was moaning loudly as he fucked me like an animal as my body continued to explode with climaxes.

This stranger fucked me viciously using me to satisfy his needs fucking me his way; after all what did he care he didn't know me nor care about me. He used his size and strength to relentlessly fuck me for ten full minutes before he was ready to shot his load inside me.

Then he jerked hard pushing his cock as deep into me he could and muttered something about my pussy. I could feel his cock vibrate as he began to empty his load into me. He grunted his satisfaction as he pulled his cock out of me. He began wiping his sticky cock on my dress then stopped, looked at me and smiled. He sat up grabbed my hair and pulled me up to a sitting position. "Suck my cock, bitch, clean it up real good," he said.

I didn't want that messy smelly cock in my mouth but I bent over and put my head near his lap, held his cock with one hand, and wrapped my lips around it. I started sucking it, he groaned with pleasure and muttered I was a good cocksucker. He held my hair and began moving my head back and forth, as I sucked him.

I hear a sound, someone walking over I suddenly felt embarrassed being seen sucking a cock with my breasts hanging out of my ripped dress. "What the fuck is going on here," a guy asked. My first thought was relief; this guy would stop this bum from using my mouth like his personal pussy. The man didn't stop yanking my hair as he asked, "What's it to you."

"Nothing, but why don't you take your women somewhere else to have sex," he answered. He guy laughed, "Shit she's not mine just some whore I found here." I felt degraded by that remark, just some whore, I wasn't a whore. The second guy remarked that watching me was making him horny. He was invited to use my pussy if he didn't mind sloppy seconds. I felt him get behind me, heard his zipper open, as he pushed my legs apart. Then I felt a hand on my back and his cock probing at my pussy. He had no problem sliding it into me, I was soaking wet and his cock wasn't as big as the first guys cock. He pumped me four or five times then pulled out, moved his cock up, and probed my ass. I was shaking my head, wanting to tell him no not my ass but no words came out my mouth. His cock was wet from being in my pussy and when he found my ass hole with his hard cock, he pushed it in hard. It felt twice as big now that he had forced it in my tight ass. Two hands grabbed my hips and held me as he started to pump my ass. The cock I was sucking was pulled out of my mouth and I was told to lick his balls. Moaning as my ass was fucked I licked the bums balls. He patted my head, and tucked his limp cock back into his pants. "She sucks real good, when your done have her do you," he told the other guy before he walked away.

The guy fucking my ass was just as violent with me as the other guy, thrusting hard into me each time. His hips banging my butt hard with each stroke all I did was softly moan each time he rammed his cock into me. His hands moved from my hips and found my bare breasts. He latched on to my hard nipples; he pulled and twisted them, causing me to let out a much louder moan. His hands began squeezing and twisting my nipples harder as his cock kept assaulting my ass, he said he liked my loud moans. My body was shaking as he tortured my nipples while he fucked me. I didn't feel him shot his load, but he pulled out and told me it was time to suck his cock.

I turned towards him, and reached out to grab his cock. It was still hard and felt like it was covered with slime. "Suck it so I can cum in your mouth," he told her.

It felt gross but I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip, tasting the slime, it tasted like a mix between old piss, older cum and shit. Still I parted my lips so his cock could enter my mouth, once it did I closed my lips and began to suck it. He began moving, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth while he held my head. I sucked hard on it as he increased his pace, fucking my mouth.

"He was right, you are a good cock sucker," he told me.

I was ready to gag from the taste but continued to suck his cock as best as I could. He pumped harder until his cock began to pump sperm into my mouth. It tasted bitter but I still drank it down as fast as he pumped it out of his balls. He finished emptying them and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He wiped it clean using my hair as a rag, then got up and walked away, leaving me alone in the alley.

I rolled on my back, I wasn't sure my legs would carry me if I tried to get up. My whole body felt limp after climaxing so much from the sex. Lying there motionless, tits showing and my legs spread, I knew that if someone else came pasted they would know that my body was available for them to use. The alley stayed quiet, no one came past, and I rested until my legs felt strong enough to hold me up. I stood up held the top of my dress over my tits and minus my shoes, bra and panties I headed back to my car.

First thing, I did when I was home was to go into the bathroom and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. My hair was dirty and matted with dry cum, my eye make-up was a mess, my cheek still showed signs of being slapped. My dress was ripped, my nipples looked swollen and dark red, used cum was dripping from my pussy. I looked like a whore that had a bad night. I felt completely used and abused having been fucked by two men. I didn't jump in the shower nor take a bath; still wearing my dress, I laid on my bed.

My hand slide down to feel my pussy, it felt swollen and sore. I pushed two fingers into it and wondered what it would have felt like if more men had used it tonight. I wasn't embarrassed at what I had done, or been made to do, as the case was. No the excitement of the night overrode any embarrassment I should have had. That desire to live out my fantasy was more important then any embarrassment, from what I had done.

My fingers played with my pussy I knew that I wanted other men to get to use me as I had been used tonight. Yes, I told myself, tonight was the first time I lived out my fantasy but it wasn't going to be the last time.

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2014-03-10 16:51:34
That. Was an exellent piece. Keep it cummin

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2013-06-20 21:07:02
it wasnt bad but i had to stop reading because it was too gross. Did you really have to make it gross by making him smelly and dirty and the slime and all that disgusting stuff?

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2013-06-16 18:14:28
This story turned me on so much! I want to be fingered violently and forced to cum as I'm being verbally degraded and forced to suck cock. I'm a sexy older woman who'd love to get raped repeatedly by a much younger man.

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2013-03-17 15:26:31
Come on!! I would have taken her with me! She would always wear revealing clothes (and maybe even no clothes) around me and I'd fuck her whenever I like!! She'd NEVER see or recognize anything about her old life ever again!! She'd be my whore from then on!!!

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2013-02-25 00:04:20
this was lame! i would have fucked that bith hard! fingered her through the panties while suckingnher boobs, then, make her almost come. then start again after 45 secs until she almost comes, then wait and then fuck her with my fingers without the panties, until she almost comes. then, finally, when shes begginng for it, have her suck me, then, finally fuck her so hard for an hour, coming in her fucking pussy uncountable times!

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