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Warning - The following story contains sex between “male-male”, “male-male-male”, “male-dog”, “male-horse”, “male-female”, “female-dog”, “female-horse” ‘If any of these things offend you, or if any of these things are illegal to read about, in your area, please close this file now.

On The Farm.

It was now time for me to leave for Uncle Zac’s Farm. Mum, Dad & Bec’s took me to the airport, said their goodbyes, and told me Uncle Zac would be picking me up at the airport.

Sure enough, when I came through customs, Uncle Zac was there to greet me. We exchanged hugs, he then picked up my bag and we went out of the airport to his truck. I was several miles out of town before we got to the farm down very many twisty roads and narrow lanes. The entrance to the farm was very impressive, with huge gates and pillars. The gates were electronic; they opened as we got there and after passing through closed again, no need to get out of the truck. From the gates I could not see the farm house; the drive was very long with twists and turns going through the olive groves. Finally we came to this old house, built just like you see them on the cowboy films, two storey house with veranda’s all the way around at the bottom and a large veranda on the second floor level.

Uncle Zac took my bag and led me into the kitchen of the house; it was very nice, units on two walls, a door to the back and another door leading to the rest of the house. In the centre was a large farm style table and six chairs. I asked where Karl & Andy were, and uncle Zac said that they were out in the top pasture putting in new fencing and would be back lunchtime, it was only 11am.

Uncle Zac then said that he will show me my room and leave me to sort myself out. The room was massive, with a door onto the upstairs open veranda, and from it, it looked as if you could see for miles.
Uncle Zac then said, “What you see, all belongs to the farm, it is very large”.

Before leaving me too it, Uncle Zac told me that there were a couple of rules here on the farm, we work hard, play hard and whilst on the farm, unless we have company then it is strictly no clothes worn unless the job entails wearing protective clothing. Hope you are happy with that. I told him I was.

After I had finished up packing and taking my clothes off I went back down stairs to find Uncle Zac. Uncle was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. He asked me whether I would like a coffee or a soft drink. I told him coffee would be fine. He then told me to take a seat, got up and went and poured me a cup of coffee. I noticed that Uncle’s cock was quite big and uncut.

A few minutes later Karl & Andy came in and greeted me, giving me big hugs, I felt their cocks against me and also felt mine stiffen slightly. Karl noticed this then said, “I see your one of us then”, pointing at my stiffening cock. I apologised, but they said think nothing of it. Seeing both Karl’s & Andy’s cocks they must have been at least 8” long, soft. Karl was uncut and Andy had a huge great mushroom head on his.

Uncle then asked how they were doing up in the top pasture. Karl said, “That they have about a quarter of the new fencing done, should have it all finished by next weekend”. Uncle said, “Good, we got those new stallions coming the week after, and I want them kept up there for the time being to make sure there are no problems with them before we start breeding them”.

I want you lads to show Mark around the farm this afternoon and let him see what we do here. Uncle then turned to me and said that he will be going into hospital on Monday, and will be in there for about two weeks, but when I come out I will be out of action for several weeks, so that is why I asked you if you wanted to come and help. He then said that there is another guy that helps out on the afternoons, a few days a week, His name is Dan and he is a coloured chap. With that the door opened and this big guy came in. Uncle introduced him to me as Dan; he must have been about 6’ 3” tall, very broad across the shoulders and as black as coal. Dan then said to Uncle, “So what’s on the agenda for today”. Uncle then told him that the boy’s were gonna show me around the farm this afternoon, so you and I can get some of the chores done. “Ok” said Dan, with that he stripped of his clothing. As he took his pants (trousers) off, the biggest cock I have ever seen came into view. It was hanging nearly down to his knees and must have been 2” in diameter. I quickly averted my gaze before anyone noticed.

After lunch, Karl, Andy and I set off. First of all they showed me the barn, then the dog kennels, they breed Great Danes, Rottweiler’s & German Shepherds. They also had a very large dog, like a miniature pony, that they said was a Part Wolf, Part Rottweiler and Part German Shepherd. His Name was Bruno. Next they took me to the stables. There were about 10 stalls for the horses but only 5 with horses in. Karl said that they were thoroughbreds and used for stud. They showed me the stall that they used for breeding; this was a lot larger than the ones with the horses in. Another room had shackles on the walls and on the roof joists also a couple of strange benches, one looked like a vaulting horse that we used in the gym, but a lot bigger and had open sides . I asked them what that was for. They said that I would see in later.

Next we got in the wagon and set off up the dirt track. I was sitting in the middle of Andy & Karl. Andy said, “I saw you eying up Dan’s cock, mighty impressive eh? So have you played around then?”. I think I must have blushed slightly, because Andy then said, “So you have then”, putting his hand on my cock, he said, “Tell us”. So I told them about Gramps.

They showed me all over the vast farm, we had been driving around for about an hour, when we turned off the main track and went up a side track for about 25 metres and entered a clearing. We got out of the truck and Andy and Karl walked in front of me and stopped at the edge of the clearing. When I got beside them and looked down, 3 metres below us was a pool. Andy & Karl jumped in and I followed suit. As I came up to the surface I was amazed how warm the water was. Karl then explained that it is fed from a hot spring 100 metres away, pointing where. Both Karl & Andy were groping me, and by now I had a hard-on. We fooled around for awhile, and then Karl said that we had better be getting back. They showed me the way out. After we got out, All three of us had great big stonking hard-on’s. Karl’s was about 9” long and Andy’s slightly shorter but not by much.

I said, “How do we dry ourselves now”. Karl said we will be dry in a few minutes, he then began rubbing his hands all over my body getting the surplus water off, he then turned me around and began rubbing my back, he then bent me forward so that he could rub my arse cheeks, and as he did so Andy shoved his cock into my face and told me to suck it, which I did. Whist I was bent over sucking Andy’s cock, Karl slide his cock between my legs, his hands were now on my arse cheeks. As me pulled back his cock, he pulled my arse cheeks apart the when he pushed forward his cock started to enter my arse. He pushed slowly, and inch by inch his cock slid in me. When he was about half way in, he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock right into the hilt; this pushed me forwards as I was going down on Andy’s cock. Andy’s cock went straight in until his balls were slapping my chin. They fucked me together as one pulled out the other pushed in.

Karl said that he was about to cum; Andy too said he was nearly there. I pulled Andy’s cock from my mouth and said to them, “Cover my face with your cum”. Karl pulled out of my arse, I dropped to my knees and they both stood in front of me pulling on their cocks until they spunked over my face, Andy was first followed quickly by Karl. By the time they had finished I had spunk in my eyes, all over my face and on my lips. They even managed to get it in my hair. They then picked me up, one got a hold of my legs and the other my hands, walked me over to the pool edge and threw me in followed by themselves. When we came up we all began laughing. We cleaned ourselves then got out of the pool. Karl went to the truck and came back with a couple of towels. After drying ourselves we got back in the truck and went back to the house. I was really surprised as we went around a corner and the house was right there. The pool was just a few yards from the house but you would never have known it was there.

We went in to the kitchen and Uncle Zac and Dan were just coming in from the hall way. I noticed that Dan’s cock was semi hard and glistening as if wet.

Shortly after Dan left and Karl got the dinner. After dinner we all sat on the veranda. Karl, Andy & Uncle Zac had a beer and I was given a soda pop. We just sat around generally chatting. They were asking me questions about home etc.

Uncle Zac then told me we would have to be up early in the morning to get the animals sorted before we head off into town. I said that I think I would turn in for the night as it had been a long day. We all said our good nights and I left them sitting there as I headed to my room.

It was very warm, and the night was still. I went and took a quick shower. Returning to my room, I just got on the bed without getting under the covers. And quickly fell asleep. The next thing I knew was uncle Zac waking me up and telling me that it is time to get up. It was then that I realised that I had my morning stiffy and uncle Zac would have seen it.

I got up and went to the toilet, then had a quick wash, brushed my teeth then went down stairs.

Uncle Zac said to me, “Right laddie, we will tend to the horses while Karl & Andy tend to the dogs. We will have breakfast when we have finished the chores”.

I followed uncle Zac to the barn, where he told me to go to each stall and get the horses out into the coral. Then we will begin the mucking out. I let each horse out in turn and guided them through the stable door into the outside coral. As I was leading the third horse out I noticed that his cock had dropped and he had a massive hard on. I couldn’t stop looking at it. Uncle Zac caught me looking at the horses cock and said to me, “That’s a mighty fine specimen that he has there”. I just blushed as he spoke to me.

I then got the other two horses into the coral and went back into the stable to help uncle Zac out. I asked him what he wanted me to do now. He had now cleaned out two of the five stalls. He then said to me, “Grab that pitch fork then go into the hay loft and toss down two bales of hay, while I clean these other stalls out”.

By the time I had managed to get the bales of hay down from the hay loft, uncle Zac had finished mucking out the stalls. He said right, we got to put some feed in the horses food troughs; it’s over there in the corner in the box. Fill the bucket then put a bucket full in each trough. Whilst I was doing that uncle Zac filled their water butts up. After we had finished, uncle Zac said time to get cleaned up, come on. He led me over to the corner where there was a shower. We both got under the shower together, the water was surprisingly warm and in just a few minutes with the water playing on my cock I started to get an erection.

Uncle Zac then said, “You have a mighty fine specimen as well”. With that he dropped to his knees and engulfed my cock in his mouth, and began sucking on it. It wasn’t many minutes before I told him I was gonna cum, then I blasted my hot spunk into his mouth and he swallowed every drop.

Uncle Zac then said, “And mighty fine tasting spunk you have too”.

He then stood up and said “Now it’s your turn”. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I went down on my knees and his huge cock was right in line with my face. I opened my mouth and took it in and gently started sucking on it. Uncle Zac then put his hands on each side of my head and began to fuck my mouth. With each push he was going further and further in my mouth until he was touching the back of my throat. “Here it comes Laddie”, he said. With that he pushed his cock hard, the head entered my throat and I felt his cock pulse with each spurt of his spunk down my throat. When he had finished cumming he pulled his cock from my mouth, said Hmm, come on, think it is breakfast time. With that we left the Barn.

After breakfast, we all went into town for the day.

The following day I was up before Uncle Zac came to wake me. Andy said that I could work with him this morning seeing to the dogs, so that I would know what has to be done. We let the dogs out into their runs and putting food and water down for them. We then set about cleaning the kennels. After we had finished, Andy told me to follow him. We went into the barn and to the room that had all the shackles and benches in. He told me to lie down on one of the benches on my back. This I did, not quite knowing what was going to happen. No sooner had I lain down, Karl & Uncle Zac came into the room. Karl pulled me up the bench so that my head hung over the end, and I was looking straight at his cock. I was then told to put my arms by my side, as soon as I had done so, a strap was put round me so that I could not move my arms. Another strap was put around my waist. Straps were then put around my ankles and attached to ropes hanging from the shackles in the roof joists. Karl moved to the ropes and pulled on them, this pulled my legs up and apart.

Uncle Zac then came up to my face and said “Time for your initiation into the family laddie”, with that he pushed his cock into my mouth and started fucking my mouth. Andy then put some cream or something on my rosebud and pushed his finger up my bum, he quickly followed this by a second then a third. Andy then pulled his fingers out and put the head of his cock up to my bum hole and started pushing. Just as the head of his cock popped pass my sphincter, the rest of his cock slid straight in until his balls were banging on my arse cheeks. Both him & Uncle Zac started pounding me from both ends, and with each thrust, Uncle Zac’s cock was going deeper & deeper. With the angle of my head he had a straight passage into my throat. His cock head was going in and out of my throat, until he announced that he was gonna cum.

He thrust his cock all the way in so that his balls were touching my forehead and unleashed his load straight down to my gullet and into my stomach.

After he had finished unloading himself down my throat he pulled out, and I was left coughing for a few seconds and gasping for air. Then Andy pulled out of my arse, came around to my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. Karl then replaced Andy’s cock with his own up my arsehole. They too began to fuck me; Karl was ramming my arse full of his cock as Andy was filling my mouth with his. Once again my mouth was being filled with hot cum as Andy deposited his load into it. I swallowed as quickly as I could so as to not lose any. After Andy had finished, Karl pulled out of my arse and took Andy’s place filling my mouth with his cock. Karl was like his Dad, plunging his cock all the way in until his balls too were hitting my forehead. It only lasted a few minutes before he too dumped his spunk down my gullet to join the other two loads I had just taken.

When they had finished, they untied me and helped me stand up, I was a bit unsteady on my legs as my arse had been well stretched. Uncle then said, “I think you boys are gonna have a good time, while I’m in hospital. But now it’s time for breakfast, but there again I think laddie here has his stomach full already”, Laughing as he said it.

After breakfast we all went up to the Lake for the rest of the day.

The following morning, being Monday the day Uncle Zac had to go into hospital, I was up bright and early. When I went down stairs Karl said to me that he and Andy would do the horses and I can see to the dogs as Uncle Zac was getting things ready to go into hospital.

About 8-30 am they called me in for breakfast, I had not finished seeing to the dogs, so after breakfast I would have to go and finish off.

After breakfast Uncle Zac said that he, Andy & Karl was going into town to the hospital and that the boys would be back later in the day, and would I be ok on my own. I told him sure I’ll be ok. Karl then said, “The horses need a grooming today, they are in their stalls. After grooming them put them out in the small coral behind the barn”. Uncle Zac then said, “Right we are off”, so we said our goodbyes, Uncle Zac, Andy & Karl got in the truck and headed off. I went to finish off seeing to the dogs.

After finishing feeding and watering the dogs, I went into the barn to groom the horses; I had not done this, but assumed that they need brushing down. I found a brush that looked as if it was the right one for the job. I then took each horse in turn out of their stall and led them into the breeding stall so that I could groom them. After they were brushed I then led them out to the coral. When I was brushing the last one, I noticed that he had dropped his cock, I started brushing his belly and his cock started to harden. I don’t know why but I dropped to my knees and started moving the brush closer and closer to his cock. His cock then jumped, I put my hand out to touch it and was amazed how warm and hard it was.

I moved closer encircling my hands around his shaft and began pulling on it. It seemed to get even harder. The end started to flare out as I looked closer at the head of his cock. His cock pulsed then his horse spunk exploded from the end straight into my face. I think I was a little shocked because I must have opened my mouth and the second blast got me straight in the mouth. I did not realise at the time but I put my mouth over the end of his cock and he was blasting the rest of his cum into my mouth. It came so fast that I could not swallow fast enough and it dribbled out of the corners of my mouth.

He seemed to cum gallons because as I pulled him out of my mouth he was still shooting, covering my face. I crawled out from underneath the horse, only to be confronted with Bruno the largest of the dogs. I started to get up, when he growled at me and showed his teeth. I stayed where I was, wondering what to do, when I was mounted from behind by another dog. Once again I started to get up but again Bruno growled so I stayed where I was. The dog behind me was humping me and stabbing my bum cheeks with his cock. Then all of a sudden he found his mark and his cock went right home up my arse.

He was pounding my arse ten to the dozen and going deeper with each thrust. I then felt his knot hitting my rosebud, and on the next couple of thrusts it was going in and out of my arse, swelling all the time, until finally it would not come out. Both his cock and knot were getting bigger and I was pushing backwards to relive the discomfort that I was in. This dog was a lot bigger than Buster. Finally he was knotted with me and with each spasm of his cock I could feel his dog cum shooting in my arse. He tried to turn but I grabbed his hind legs preventing him. I did not want that huge knot turning in my arse.

We stayed locked together like this for about ten minutes until his knot reduced enough for him to pull out. When he did so I just collapsed on the ground. It was then that I saw that it was Bruce the second largest of the dogs that had fucked me. I couldn’t understand how they had got out of their pens. Both dogs walked off leaving me laying there with my face covered in horse spunk and dog spunk dribbling out of my arse. I eventually found the energy to get up and then went and got in the shower to clean off.

I went and found the dogs back in their pen but with the door open, so I closed it still wondering how they got out. I then went up to the house to get some lunch and decide after lunch that I would go up to the lake for a while and have a swim.

I spent about three hours at the lake swimming and sunbathing, then thought that I had better get back and see to the animals before tea.

After tea I sat and watched some television, when the phone rang, it was Karl. He asked if everything was ok, and I told him it was. I asked him how Uncle Zac was, and he told me that he was scheduled for surgery tomorrow and if I was managing ok then they would stay over in town until Wednesday. I told the yes I was managing ok. He then told me that a Monsieur Balart was coming tomorrow, late morning, and bringing one of his mares to be serviced. Dan would also be there as he knew what to do and for me to just help as and when needed. I told Karl that it would be no problem, then we said our goodbyes and I wished Uncle Zac all the best for his Op tomorrow. We then Hung up. I thought that I had better have an early night as there was a lot to do tomorrow, and I wanted it all done before breakfast if possible.

I was awake and up early and went and let the dogs into their runs, fed and watered them, then cleaned out the pens. Next I went into the Barn and put the horses out into the lower pasture as the coral would be used by the breeding pair of horses after each breeding session. Karl had told me that they will be breed at least three times with an hour or so between each one. I then cleaned out all the stalls and disinfected them. By now it was nearly nine o’clock so I went up to the house for my breakfast. I had just cleared away the table when in walked Dan, naked as the day he was born with his huge cock swinging between his legs.

He asked where Andy & Karl were.

I told him that they were staying in town as Uncle Zac was having his Op today and they would be back tomorrow.

He then said “It’s just you and me then”.

With that he grabbed hold of me, picked me up and laid me on the table on my back. My head was hanging over the edge of the table. His cock was level with my mouth. I just opened my mouth and he slowly fed his twelve inches right in to my mouth and down my throat. He then began to fuck my mouth, withdrawing till only the head was inside, then thrust the full length back in again. He did this for about five minutes, before pulling right out.

Dan said “It’s about time you had this up your arse”.

With that he spun me around on the table, lifted my legs over his shoulders. He then smeared some cold jelly over my rosebud, (where he got it from I don’t know), sliding one finger in my hole, then two and finally three fingers and started to finger fuck me. When he thought I was sufficiently open enough, he pulled my arse cheeks wide apart, placed his cock head at the entrance and slowly pushed his monster in.

He kept pushing it in slowly until I felt his balls against my arse. He pulled out about half way, and then pushed back in again. Then next time he pulled out as far as his cock head then slammed it back in again.

We then heard a toot on a horn. Dan said, “Fuck, I was enjoying this, we will resume later”. Dan then pulled his cock from my arse and went outside. I stood up very wearily, but managed to walk in a straight line and went out side.

Dan was helping Monsieur Balart to get his mare out of the horse box and into the Barn, by the time that I got over to the barn they had brought another horse out of the horse box and was taking that into the barn also. Dan introduced me to the Frenchman and I was a little embarrassed as I was standing there with a stranger looking at me naked.

I asked him why was there two horses, I was told it was just one that was being bred. Monsieur Balart, explained that his mare won’t go anywhere with out the other pony. It was then that I noticed that it was a stallion pony. Both Dan and him got the mare into the breeding stall and I was told to take the pony into the next stall. This was the one with the benches and shackles that I had been strapped too on Sunday.

Monsieur Balart said “Right I’d better get out of these clothes, I don’t want them all messed up”. With that he stripped, he was a well built man, very muscular, and I noticed he had a nice sized cock. I was then told to come and hold the mares bridle while she was being mated. With that he stripped off his clothes. The mare was between two raised platforms. Dan brought the stallion in and as soon as the stallion was in the stall he started snorting and stomping his feet on the ground. I then noticed his cock drop and begin to harden. Dan brought him forward so that he was right behind the mare. The mare lifted her tail and the stallion smelt her. The stallion then lifted his front legs either side of the mare and put his hooves onto the platforms. Monsieur Balart took a hold of the stallions cock and brought it up to the mare’s pussy, as soon as contact was made the stallion thrust forward burying his cock up the mare’s pussy. The stallion thrust several times in the next few minutes, before finally pulling his deflated cock from her pussy. Dan then took the stallion back out to the coral and Monsieur Balart took the mare out also.

Monsieur Balart said “right, we’ve got an hour or so before the stallion will be ready again. I’ll go and get us a couple of beers. With that he went out to his truck and came back with a case of beer”. Monsieur Balart handed Dan a can then offered me one.

I said to him, “I don’t drink beer”.

He then said, “Go on laddie, It’ll put hairs on your chest”. With that he pushed it into my hands.

I opened the can, and took a big swig. Over the next hour we chatted and drank beer.

Monsieur Balart said, “Ok let’s get them back in again for the next go”.

I got up feeling very unsteady on my feet. Dan and Monsieur Balart brought the horses back in and we again mated the pair before taking them once again out in to the coral.

We sat down again and I was given another beer, but I was getting very light headed when Dan said, “Think it is time that Mark here got mated”. And with that Monsieur Balart shoved his cock in my face and told me to suck on it.

I opened my mouth and took his cock into it, it wasn’t very long but very thick and I had trouble getting it in, but I did manage to open my mouth a little wider and he sunk his cock right in. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock throb and pulse and I was swallowing his load of spunk. After he had finished, Dan said, “Time for the breeding”. I was led into the stall with the pony and pushed towards the other bench that looked like a vaulting horse. Dan told me to climb inside and lay on my stomach. I did this, not really knowing why, suppose it was all the drink I had had. I had to straddle the inside of the bench which spread my legs. Dan then put my arms in front of me. Before I knew it a strap was fastened around my waist and done up tight, my hands were then strapped down. I could see Dan pump a handle and my body was being lifted up and back until it was hard against the top and back of the contraption.

“Now the mating begins”, said Dan. I then felt a cock against my rosebud and guessed it was Dan, as he said I’m gonna finish what I started. With that he eased his cock up my bum, moving slowly in and out. Dan then began to go faster and deeper in my arse. I could feel it swelling up as he pummelled my arse. It felt as he was moving my insides about as he went deeper and deeper. I then felt his balls slapping against my arse cheeks, I was now getting twelve inches of man cock up inside my arse. I felt Dan tense then my insides being washed with his sticky goo.

Whilst Dan was screwing my arse, the pony was stomping his feet and snorting. He must have smelt the sex aroma in the air.

When Dan withdrew his cock, he said, “That I should now be ready for the main event”. I wasn’t certain what he meant, but was soon to find out.

I could see Monsieur Balart in front of me and he pumped the handle a few times. This time the front of the box was being raised and the back of the box was going down. I felt a thud hit the box. Not being able to see only in the front I did not know what it was. Then I felt something rubbery against my arsehole, then all of a sudden it was jammed right up my arse. It was then that I heard the snorting above me and realised that I had the ponies cock up my arse. The next thrust really hurt as more cock was pushed in. The pony thrust a few more times and each time he did more cock was being feed in me. He then started the fucking motions in and out…in and out…in and out. He kept this up for what must have been nearly five minutes or what seemed like five minutes.

Then I felt his cock head flare out, deep in my arse. He was as far in as Dan had been. Then it was like a fire hose going off as he shot spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot horse spunk in me. He was shooting so much that I felt my belly growing with the amount of liquid I had in me. As he finished shooting his cock wilted and slipped out of my distended arse and with it a gallon of horse cum, well it felt like a gallon.

They lowered the bench down and released the straps holding me. I just lay there unable to move for a few minutes. My arse was sore and it really felt wide open. When I did manage to have the strength to get out, as I stood up more spunk came out. I put my hand around to my arse and sure enough I slipped four fingers in without touching the sides. I thought it will be days if not weeks before it returns to its original size, if it ever does.

Monsieur Balart and Dan had already left the room and were now mating his mare with the stallion for the third time. After the two horses had finished, Monsieur Balart took his mare out to the horse box then came and collected his pony, before he headed off.

By now it was nearly tea time and Dan told me to go and get some rest, he would see to the rest of the animals. So it was with relief that I went back to the house and had a nice shower before settling down.

About an hour or so later Dan woke me up and told me that dinner was ready, I was certainly ready for it. After dinner Dan told me that he wanted another blow job. I was too exhausted to refuse, so I got up and lay down on the couch, with my head over then end so that he could have full access to my mouth. I opened my mouth and Dan started feeding me his cock. The way my head was he could go right down my throat .

I reached behind him and pulled him toward me forcing his cock all the way in. I was feeling so horny after my day. Getting first fucked mouth and arse by Dan, then watching the mare get serviced by the stallion. Then again fucked in the mouth by Monsieur Balart and again by Dan in the arse, then finally being royally serviced by the pony, and now again getting my mouth fucked by Dan. When Dan pulled out I told him that I wanted him to fuck my throat and fill my belly with his hot cum. Which he did.

After Dan went, I went to bed.

I was up as usual bright and early, went to the stables and did what had to be done there, then went and started on the seeing to the dogs. By just after 8am I was feeling very hungry, so thought I would finish off what had to be done after breakfast.

I had just finished breakfast when Dan came in. I asked him what he was doing there today. I had not expected him.

He told me that as Andy & Karl were still away had come over and give me a hand. Or I should say a cock. He then pulled me out of the chair, spun me around and bent me over. As my arse was still open from the ponies cock yesterday he had no trouble slipping his cock right up me. He was fucking me fast and furious for ten minutes, before he slammed his cock back in, held me by the hips and I felt his cock spasm, shooting his cum deep up my arse.

As soon as Dan pulled his cock from my arse, I stood up and told him that I had got the dogs to see too, plus a couple of jobs in the stable.

Dan said that he would help by doing the dogs, and I go and sort out what you had to done in the stables.

I went down to the stables to fix a couple of jobs down there. I had noticed that there were a couple of nails sticking out of two of the stall posts and thought that one of the horses would catch themselves against them. I found the hammer and was removing the old rusty nails, when I was knocked over by one of the dogs. Dan had brought them into the stables.

Before I could get up the dog had mounted me, wrapped his paws around my waist and was humping me, then his cock found its mark and he pushed his cock right in my arse to his knot. He started humping me really fast; I then felt his knot going in and out of me before final swelling so much that he could not pull it out.

I felt his cock start to throb and knew that he was shooting his cum into me. He then turned so that we were arse to arse and finally tied. We remained like this for about ten minutes before his knot shank enough for him to pull out. No sooner had he pulled out then another of the dogs mounted me. With my arse open and wet from the other dogs cum he slid straight in. He slammed into me a couple of times until he too was tied with me and I felt him shooting his cum into me.

No sooner had one dog dismounted from me then another was in its place. I was being raped by these dogs and was enjoying it. I don’t know how many times the dogs had me, I had lost count.

Dan then said, “It’s now Bruno’s time, and he let him go”

Bruno jumped on my back and his cock entered my arse in one go. No sooner was his cock in me; I felt his knot pushing against my arse entrance. I pushed back as he was pushing forward and his knot went straight in. I then felt is growing bigger inside me, I was pushing back on him to try and relieve the pressure and his cock was going deeper and deeper in my arse.

The knot was stretching my arse bigger than ever, it felt bigger than the ponies cock. Then I felt him start shooting his cum in me and with that he turned so that we were arse to arse. I remember shouting out in pain as he turned, but then must have passed out. When I came too I was lying on the ground. Both the dogs and Dan were no where to be seen. I was beginning to wonder if I had been dreaming. I stood up slowly and as I did so, pints of cum came from my arse. I knew then that I had not been dreaming and had just been raped by a pack of dogs.

I managed to get back to the house and take a shower. I had not been out of the shower many minutes when I heard a truck pull in to the front of the house. I quickly grabbed my shorts and ran or should I say staggered down the stairs to see who it was. I was most relieved to see that it was Karl and Andy back from town.

Andy asked if every thing was ok.

I told him “Fine, no problems”.

Karl said, “That’s good, when we have to go back into town we know that you’ll be ok looking after everything”.

The following few days passed uneventful, we had spent most of the days up in the top pasture renewing the fence. I had been quite horny and on several occasions had a stiffy, and I am sure Karl and Andy had seen it but said nothing.

One evening, Karl said that he had heard from Monsieur Balart, and that he has another mare that he wants to be breed. He would like it if I again would help with the mating as I had done such a good job the last time and was very helpful and accommodating. Karl also said that they had spoken to Dan, and he had said that I was a great asset.

I was unsure if Monsieur Balart and Dan had mentioned what they did with me. Thinking about what happened I got a huge hard-on. Andy noticed and said, “Let me help you with that”. He came over and sat along side me, taking my cock in his hands and began to wank me, He then got on the floor and told me to get down there with him.

I got on the floor and Andy started sucking on my cock, he then pulled me over on top so that I was facing his cock. I knew what he wanted, so I lifted his hard cock to my mouth and opened wide so that I could take him in.

Andy took my cock out of his mouth and told Karl to roll a cushion and put it under his head. Karl did this but in doing so I had to get onto my knees. Andy then resumed sucking on my cock. I then felt Karl behind me. He pulled my arse cheeks apart and slid his cock in, he pumped twice and his cock was buried to the hilt with his balls banging against my arse. I was now being fucked from both ends. I was first to shoot my load and Andy lapped it up eagerly. This was followed by Karl empting his balls deep in my rectum and shortly after Andy deposited his load right down my throat.

Web stayed like this for a few minutes before first Karl pulled out, then I rolled off of Andy. Shortly after I went to bed.

The following morning after breakfast, Karl said that they were going to build some rooms on the first floor of the stables. He said that he & Andy were going into town to see their father and also to arrange for the delivery of all the materials that will be needed.

He also told me that a Mademoiselle Picard was coming over in the morning to mate her bitch with Bruce, and would I be ok with that. He then told me how to go about it.

I told him that I would be ok and if there were any problems that I would ring them.

So shortly after lunch both he and Andy left for town.

It was a very hot day so I went up to the lake to have a swim and cool down. I stayed there for a couple of hours then headed back to the house for tea. After I had eaten, I went and saw to the dogs before getting the horses in from the upper paddock. When I had finished I went into the showers.

I had only been in the showers for a few minutes when I heard someone say, “Nice Bum”. I turned round surprised not realising by doing so I showed my front. The voice then said “An even better front” It was then that I realised that I was showing all myself to this lady. Well I say lady more a girl, she could not have been no more than one or two years older than me. There in front of me was this girl totally nude. As I looked down her breasts I would guess have been about a 34C, looking further down her pubic region was totally shaved and she had very large pussy lips.

I asked her what she was doing here. She told me that she had been watching me for days, her parents farm is the next one to this. I have been watching you from the top of the field over looking the lower paddock. I knew the protocol of the farm is no clothes, so here I am.

I asked her, what her name was and what she wanted. She told me that her name was Bella and she was bringing her bitch over tomorrow to be bred.

“So why come over now”, I asked.

“Well, I could only see you from a distance and I wanted a close up look and I am glad I did”.

It was then that I realised that I had the makings of a good boner, so quickly tuned away from her.

I felt Bella’s hands push between my arms and rubbed them up and down my chest. She then moved her hands down and grabbed my hard cock, and pushing herself into me.

Bella said, “This feels nice and hard”.

She turned me around, put her arms around my neck, then jumped up encircling my waist with her legs. I put my hands around her waist and as I did so she dropped herself down impaling her pussy onto my cock.

The feeling of my cock sliding in her velvet pussy was indescribable. She whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, Fuck me hard”.

Bella was such a petite girl I could easily support her. Still stuck on my cock I walked out of the shower and into the room with the benches, where I laid her down on her back. She was still gripping my waist with her legs. I pulled he legs away from my waist and put her ankles up to my neck, gripping her hips I shoved in hard burying all of my cock in her. I then started ploughing that pussy for all I was worth.

As I was plunging my cock in Bella’s pussy she was shouting, “That’s it fuck me, fuck me harder, yes, yes, yeeessss”.

I was getting close to shooting my load in her when she screamed, “I’m coommmmiiiinnng”, that put me over the top and I let loose my hot liquid deep in her pussy. I collapsed on top of her.

It was several minutes before I could catch my breath and get up. As I did so she said that was awesome.

I pulled her to her feet. When she saw the other bench and chains, she asked me what they were for. I told her that they were to assist with some of the horse mating. She just replied “Oh”.

Bella then said, “That she had better be going, and she would see me in the morning with her dog”.


The following morning I had just seen to the dogs, when Bella turned up with her dog. She was totally naked again, I don’t know where she put her clothes or maybe she came over with out them.

She gave me a kiss and grabbed hold of my cock, saying “I want more of this”, tugging my cock.

I said well first we have to mate your dog with Bruce. I led her around to the kennels, and opened one of the pens and asked Bella to lead her bitch in and I will get Bruce.

I brought Bruce into the pen with Bella’s dog, and immediately Bruce started sniffing the bitch’s rear. As he did so the bitch wiggled her rear. Bruce jumped on to her back and began thrusting until he found his mark. He hunched himself pulling the bitch onto his cock. A few minutes later he humped hard and stopped. I knew then that he had knotted with her and was pumping his juice into her.

Five minutes later, Bruce cocked his leg over her back so that they were now tied arse to arse. He stayed tied to her for over fifteen minutes before he pulled out.
After their first successful mating, we left the dogs alone in the pen, so that they would mate again naturally for the next mating. And knowing Bruce that would be in about an hour’s time.

I said to Bella, “Would she now help me to get the horses sorted, so that we can have breakfast”.

Bella said, grabbing my cock again, “I’d rather sort this out, but I guess that the horses come first”.

We went into the stables and in turn lead each horse out, the mucked out their stable. We had just one more to do when Bella shouted out, “Oh My God, look at that cock”.

I went into the stable and the horse had dropped his cock and it must have been eighteen inches long and was not even hard yet. Bella was kneeling down staring at it. I told her to go ahead and touch it. She tentivly put out her and took hold of it. It was so big that she could not get her hand around it, so she put her other hand on it also.

Bella began to stroke his cock and I could see that he was getting harder the more she stoked it.

Bella said, “His cock is awesome, wish I could be fucked by him”.

Her next action surprised me, she lent forward and stuck out her tongue and licked the end of his cock, there was some precum his cock slit and she just licked it off, saying “mmmmmmmmmmm that’s yummy”.

She was moving her hands up and down the length of his cock; she then opened her mouth and took the end of his cock into it. It was stretching her mouth the harder it got. I was about to say, “He is going to cum” when his cock jerked, pushing about four inches in her mouth. He then let loose his load. His first spurt was so powerful as it hit the back of her mouth the force of it pushed her head back and he came out of her mouth. The next spurt hit her squarely between the eyes, and the following four spurts covered her tits.

After the horse had finished cumming Bella stood up, her face and tits were covered in the horse’s spunk. She wiped some of it away from her eyes and licked her fingers. She then rubbed her hands all over her tits, down her belly and between her legs. She opened her legs further; scooped some more from her face and with her fingers pushed it into her pussy.

My cock was stiffer than it had ever been, and standing straight out.

Bella grabbed my cock, then said,”Are you now gonna give me your cock, or am I gonna have to fuck this pony”

I said, “That I would love to see, but yes come here”. I pulled her to me and my cock slid between her legs. I lifted her up and dropped her onto my cock, pushing it to the depths of her pussy. Bella then started bouncing up and down on my cock. In her frenzy she lifted her self a little too far, my cock came out and when she dropped down my cock hit her rosebud and forced its way into her arse. As my cock slid into the depths of her arse, Bella had a huge orgasm, her arse ring gripped my cock so hard I lost it and shot my load to the very depths of her arse.

Bella kissed me hard on the lips pushing her tongue in my mouth. She then pulled her mouth off of mine and said, “That was fucking fantastic”.

I lifted her off of my cock and stood her up on unsteady legs. After a few minutes I said that we had better go and check on her dog and Bruce. Both Bruce and her dog were curled up asleep when we got to the pen, so I put a lead on Bruce and led him back to his pen. Bruno was making a hell of a racket; I suppose he too wanted to mate with the bitch. Bella went into his pen to try and calm him down. She noticed that he did not have any water. Before I could tell her not to bend over to pick up his bowl, Bruno was on her knocking her to the ground. She got up on to her hands and knees when Bruno grabbed her around the waist with his for paws and began humping her. As I was in Bruce’s pen I could not get into Bruno’s pen quick enough before Bruno had found his mark and got his cock in her pussy. He was humping her really fast, and his cock was going deeper and deeper with each thrust that he made.

Bella said, “Cant you get him off me”

I said to her, “No I wont be able to until he has finished”, I knew I could have done before he got his knot in, but just wanted to see her be taken fully by Bruno.

Bella said, “God he is hitting my cervix, and I can still feel him getting bigger”.

With that her hands slipped and she fell onto her shoulders, this gave Bruno the perfect angle and his growing knot slipped in and out of Bella’s pussy, until finally he was fully embedded in her.

Bella was moaning with the sheer size and length of Bruno’s cock. With that she then said, “God his cock is right in passed my cervix and he is shooting his hot spunk in”. With that Bruno cocked his leg over her bum and turned so that they were arse to arse. They remained tied like that for over fifteen minutes; Bruno was pulling Bella around with his cock stuck up her arse.

When finally Bruno’s knot went down enough for him to pull out, it came out with an audible “Plop”, as he did so. A stream of dog spunk oozed from her wide open pussy. Bruno went over to a corner and lay down and began licking his cock, Bella collapsed on the ground. I went in the pen, picked Bella up and took her into the shower to clean her up.

When she had recovered, Bella said to me, “That she feels well and truly fucked and had now better be going home”. I went in to her dog’s pen and brought her out on her lead and then handed the lead to Bella. I the last vision I had was the rear of Bella walking away slightly bow legged with her dog.

That afternoon Karl & Andy returned from town with Uncle Zac. Uncle had made a remarkable recovery and was sent home several days early.

Over the next couple of weeks things were very normal, me doing my chores and my cousins building the extension to the barn. I had seen Bella on a couple of occasions, but we weren’t able to do anything as my cousins were around to much.

My time on the farm was rapidly coming to an end as I would soon have to return to the UK to go back to school. Uncle Zac was now very much better and was able to do a lot of things but as yet was not allowed to do any lifting, so he spent most of his time making sure everybody was doing what they should.

The weekend before I was due to go home, Uncle Zac had organised a bit of a party for me, there were quite a few people there that I had got to know whilst I had been staying with uncle Zac and my cousins.
I had been drinking quite a bit as had most people. People started drifting off, so about 11 pm there were only Uncle Zac, Karl & Andy, Dan, Monsieur Balart, and Monsieur Gilbart, plus myself.

Monsieur Gilbart said, “Right is this now when the real party starts”. He stripped his clothes off, followed by Dan & Uncle Zac. Andy came over to me and took my shirt off, Monsieur Balart then pulled my shorts off, he then stripped his clothes off. My head was by now beginning to spin with all the drink that I had consumed. I was lifted up by Karl and Andy and carried in to the barn, then laid down on the bench with my head over the edge. My hands were then tied to the bench, my legs pulled apart and tied to the ropes above my head then they were pulled right up so that my bum was lifted off of the bench. I knew that I was going to be gang banged by all of them, but did not realise what else was in store for me by the end of the evening.

I thought the bench that I was on was the one that had been in the barn for some weeks but a modification must have been made, because all of a sudden the bench started rising until my head was level with Monsieur Gilbert’s cock. A metal object was put into my mouth and my mouth was being opened until it could not be opened any more. Monsieur Gilbart then put his cock into my mouth. Next I felt a cock against my anus and slowly being pushed in. The two cocks then began to double fuck me, pushing their cocks further and further in to my body with each thrust. I was beginning to gag as the cock was going further and further in to my mouth. I think I must have passed out at this point as I don’t remember anything more.

I awoke mid morning with a headache, sore mouth and a sore arse. I went down stairs to the kitchen; I poured myself a glass of milk and found the headache tablets. I heard the television on in the lounge and went to investigate. I stopped short at the door as I recognised myself on the screen, there I was tied to the bench with a cock in my mouth and a cock up my arse. I stood there watching the events unfold. The cock in my mouth was being pushed in so the balls were touching my nose, then being withdrawn the full length, it must have been 9” long. I could tell that it was Monsieur Balart’s cock that was fucking my mouth and the cock in my arse too was going in the full depth and this was Andy’s.

For the next half hour I watched as both my orifices were being fucked by each and every one there. Spunk was being pumped in both my arse and mouth and also over my face. I then watched as I was released from the restraints and taken over to the vaulting horse type bench that I had been put in on an earlier occasion. I watched myself being manoeuvred into position then the pony being brought in and mounting the box. I saw the full length of his cock slide through the hole and into my arse; I reckon that he had about ten inches of his cock in me. He humped a few times then stopped, pulled his cock out and with it a stream of spunk flowed out.

I thought that that was it and was about to leave when I heard Uncle Zac say to someone, “Bring Storm in”. Now Storm was a fully grown Stallion. Some liquid was rubbed over the rump of the false horse that I was in. As storm came in I saw that his cock had dropped, he was lead over to the rear of the “Horse”, and as he sniffed the rear his cock lengthened and hardened. He jumped up on to the back of the “Horse” and Dan guided his cock head in to the hole in the rear then it pushed against my arsehole until it started to slide in.

Storms cock was at least four inches in diameter yet it seemed to slide in my arse with no difficulty. Storm then began humping his cock and each time his cock went in further and further. He then stiffened and I could see his cock pulsing as he was emptying his balls inside my arse. When he finally pulled out I could see that his flared cock head was enormous, and with the withdrawl there was a gush of his cum cumming out of me.

I was standing there stunned when Uncle Zac came in. He asked me if I was ok. I told him I was but a little sore. He then told me I done good and handed me an envelope and said that I had earned every penny of it.

Uncle Zac then told me to go and have a shower as he Andy and Karl were going to take me to the airport after lunch. When we said our goodbyes at the airport I said to Uncle Zac that if he needs my help again I would love to come out again.

To be continued.
Part five is still being written and will be the last unless anything else happens.

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