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After the suprise in the club, I was in for more then I bargained for ...
This is the direct continuation of part 1

Laughing we burst through the door at my house, almost falling down and taking the coat rack with us. In the cab back, Megan had some fun at the cabbies expense, blowing down her chest, spreading the scent of cum in the cab and being all over me.
I closed the door and helped her back up.
She leaned back in my arms, wrapping her arms around mine and said “That was the best night out ever Mike, thanks.”
“Now let’s make it the best night in as well” she continued as she turned in my arms and kissed me full on the lips, pressing her tongue in deep.
I responded in kind and soon our kiss turned passionate, our hands all over each other.
The coat rack interfered again so with difficulty we untangled ourselves, our passion thick in the air.

For a moment I was thinking with my big head again and I wondered how it was possible that this young girl could be so hot for me and I so easily seduced by her. She was smiling happily at me, walking backwards towards the living room enticing me to follow.
With a wicked grin I followed her, dropping my coat on the floor.
She had taken her coat of as well and dropped on the couch, settling in and removing her boots.
The only light I turned on was the Christmas tree, giving the room a low lit warm glow.
Removing my latex sleeveless, I dropped it on the floor as well, her rebellious nature infecting me.
I grabbed two shot glasses and a bottle of bourbon from the liquor cabinet and walked to the couch.

Megan was removing her panty hoses, giving me a good view of the string she wore.
When she settled back, I sat down next to her and removed my boots and socks.
“No music?” Megan asked when I was done and settled back.
“Sure, anything in particular you’d like to hear?” I asked her getting up again.
She was looking pensive at me when she asked “Are you really this polite or are you a sub?”
“A sub?” I said smiling “sometimes, Maria and I switch, it depends on our mood although lately we role play more than do bondage.”
“But to answer your question, I am this polite to all my friends and especially young female guests”
That made her grin but I could see her thinking something over.

Looking over the stack of CD’s at the stereo, I got the ‘One Second’ CD by Paradise Lost.
Somehow the band name seemed fitting to the situation she had left back in the states.
Megan didn’t object to my choice and she sat dresses only in her string and corset top, having removed her gloves and skirt.
She caught me staring at her body, making her smile while she patted the couch next to her, indicating I should sit next to her.
When I sat down, she poured the glasses and gave me one saying “Bottoms up.”
The burn felt good in my mouth and I could feel myself warming up again.
Megan looked flushed as well, pouring another set for us.

“So, let’s get to know each other better before we go and fuck our brains out” she said with a straight face “I start with a sex question, then you and we both answer only the full truth okay?”
“Okay, but only the truth about me, for Maria you need to ask her, deal?” I replied.
“Deal” she answered following it with “and after each set we do a little foreplay agreed?”
I simply nodded, sipping the bourbon, waiting for her question.
“Okay then, have you ever fucked my mother or any other friends of Maria?” she grinned at me.
Almost choking on my bourbon, I answered her in a raw voice “Not your mother but a few of her friends yeah.”
Megan was watching me regain my composure, awaiting my question with glee.
“How many lovers have you had so for and am I the oldest?”
“That’s two questions but its okay, I have had four partners before and you are the youngest, at least I think you are, how old are you anyway?” she asked moving in closer.
“Thirty two” I answered a bit shocked.
“Then you are the youngest” she replied moving her head to my chest.

Her tongue darted out to my nipple, giving it a good, wet lick.
She followed it by biting softly in it, applying more pressure with her teeth until I gasped, as if she waited for that she went to the other, doing exactly the same.
My hand was on her head, not pressing it down or holding it but gently stroking her hair, letting it run through my fingers.
When she came up I kissed her and moved to her neck, pulling her closer and licking the sensual side of it, sucking it a little before biting just hard enough to make her sigh.
“Nice” she whispered while I was still working her neck “next question, is there anything sex related you haven’t done yet but would like to?”
“Nothing comes to mind, just variations on a theme, for instance I would love to be sucked while I controlled the sybian” I said after a pause.
“You guys have a sybian?” she said almost jumping up.
“Yeah, the extended model, with ass and pussy option and adjustable clit tormentor.”
“Oh I got to get a ride on that” she said with the biggest grin “can I?”
“You bet, now my question, what’s it with you and older guys, not that I am complaining” I asked her.
Her mood shifted, she tried to hide it but it was too obvious to be missed.

“It’s because I am fucked up” she said, creating a bit of distance between us and I saw her eyes get wet ,she paused a while before she continued with her story “my dad played with me since I was eight and fucked me for the first time when I was eleven.”
She paused again, tears flowing down her face in black streams, colored by her makeup.
Guilt and sorrow came up in me and I leaned in to hug her but she pushed me away saying “No, I need to tell someone this, I trust you, don’t ask me why.”
“At first I hated it, I hated him but somehow I came to enjoy it, he made me feel special you know.”
”When I was fourteen he let one of his friends fuck me and soon after another one of his friends did the same.” She was sobbing now, her arms wrapped around herself.
She turned to me and continued “They fucked me several times a month for two years and when I found out they paid my dad for it I went crazy, I wasn’t special to him, I was meat he could sell.”
“I really thought he loved me, that he did it for me but he was using me, so when I told my mom, we both left and she filled charges and got a divorce.”
“It was my word against his and although we won and I hate him, I still miss the feeling he gave me.”
Megan took the tissue box I gave her and dried her tears as good as she could.
“My sort of boyfriend is a guy I met on internet, he’s forty five and married but he gave me for a little while at least the feeling I missed so much, even though I knew he was using me.”
“That’s why I am here, Mom found out and took me with her, forbidding me to see him again.”

She must have finally the look of self loathing I had as guilt and shame were battling for dominance in my head.
“Oh god no, you are not like them, please don’t be sad or mad” she almost yelled holding her arms out for me to hug her.
“Please don’t hate me, at first it may have been like that for me but you tried to be a friend first, wanting me but not taking me, you get what I am saying, it’s not the same.”
Unsure of how to act, the least I could do was comfort this young and sweet abused girl.
I took her arms into mine and we hugged with her sitting in my lap. I held her loosely, not wanting her to feel trapped. She relaxed a bit and pressed her head in my neck holding me tightly.
“I’m sorry I ruined the evening Mike, I really am” she whispered softly.

We sat there till the CD was finished, my hands tenderly rubbing her back while she held on to me for dear life. A few minutes later the silence got to her and she relaxed some more, releasing her death grip on me and stood up.
Walking over to the stereo she flipped through the CD’s, selecting one and played it on the stereo.
I smiled when I heard Rammstein coming through the speakers and her surprised look at the CD box.
It was a misplaced CD but apparently she liked it because she started to dance to the music. Filling my glass with a fresh shot, she mimed that she wanted one as well so I poured both glasses. I stood up and brought the glass to her.
“To the bravest woman I have ever met” I said and downed the glass in one go.
Megan almost lost it then, her tears coming back as she smiled and raised her glass and did the same.
“You can consider me a friend, confidant or whatever you need, I’ll be there for you, you have my word” I said to her holding her shoulders and looking her in the eyes.
Through the tears her smile became more radiant and she hugged me again.
“Thank you” she whispered “Mom was right about you and Maria, you are the best.”
“Think we can repair some of the night?” she asked in a whispery voice.
“Sure thing Meg” I replied “got any ideas?”
“Yeah, I like this weird metal music so could we dance a bit and perhaps later, could you be my Daddy?” she said looking loving and lost at me.
“As in role playing you mean?” I inquired having no intention of forcing myself on her.
“Yeah as in role playing, I’ll think of a nice situation we could play out” Megan said, putting our glasses on the stereo and started to dance with me again as if she was claiming me.

She danced with me for a few songs, showing how nimble she was and making sure I enjoyed the feel of her body against mine. Her face was red with exertion and sweat on her face had made her makeup run even more, black streaks all over her face.
My mind was more at ease now, she seemed to feel better but her story still nagged at me.
Torn between my lust for her body and her emotional state, I wondered if I could somehow repair some of the damage by showing her the respect she deserved and show her what a loving man could mean to her. An idea started to form and after the seventh song, I paused the stereo.
“Megan dear, your makeup is ruined and I think my cum has gone stale between your breasts, what do you say to a nice shower so we can both can get cleaned up?” I asked her while wiping some of the sweat out of my face.
“That sounds like a plan, lead on” she said starting to undo her corset top.

I was about to walk towards the shower when she dropped the corset, showing two perfect tits.
My gaze was held by them for a second before quickly going to her face.
She was grinning at me, cupping them both in a show for me and massaging the remaining cum over them.
“I’m glad you like ‘m Mike, now let’s get cleaned up shall we?” she said and moved past me.
Red headed I followed her, her perky little ass swaying in front of me.
Once in the bathroom, I removed my remaining clothing and she tossed her string at me smiling.
“Keep it as a souvenir from tonight” she grinned at me.
“I will, thanks” I said with a smile to her.
Turning on the water, we waited for a bit till the water was warm enough.
Nothing was said but the silence wasn’t uncomfortable.
Once the water was warm enough we stepped in the stall and started to rinse ourselves.
Grabbing a big sponge, I soaked it with mint scented soap and started to wash her back.
She jumped up a bit, surprised by the cold touch of the sponge but then smiled and allowed me all access to her body. Taking my time I soaped her entire body, taking extra time with her breasts and ass.
When I was done, I gave her a washcloth with some soap for her face.
Most of her makeup was gone already but some black streaks still showed the path of her tears.

Megan took the cloth and cleaned her face, standing with her face full in the water stream.
“Thanks” she said and turned to me, taking the sponge and adding more soap “my turn.”
With deft movements she started on my body, moving from top to bottom she cleaned me thoroughly. My dick got special attention and she hand washed my balls, playing a bit with them.
When she was done, she stood back and asked me “So why didn’t you make a move on me?”
Turning to face her I said “What‘s the rush? We have all weekend remember?”
“Yeah okay, I guess I am a little nervous or worried, I don’t know, I feel like I fucked up the evening you know?” she answered me in a soft and worried voice.
“Now those are not words I like to hear coming from my daughter’s mouth” I grinned at her.
Her face lit up and with a big smile she hugged me and said “Yes daddy, I am sorry.”
“Look there Missy, you have gotten soap all over you again, you know what that means?”
“Yes daddy, I need to wash again” she said with glee as she stepped into the stream again.
Giving extra attention to her tits and pussy she washed herself in a very enticing way.

The spectacle made my dick get ready for action again and she smiled at me when she saw it.
Both cleaned now, I got towels and started to dry her of, giving one to her so she could dry her hair.
“So, I am going to put you to bed shortly and I know it’s a strange bed but you need not worry, I am sleeping straight across the hall from you okay Meg?” I told Megan as if she was my little daughter.
“Yes daddy” was her answer but the smile on her face told me more, she looked happy.
A few minutes later, she had dressed in matching Snoopy sleep shirt and panties and was tucked in.
I gave her a goodnight kiss and went to the master bedroom, making the bed and lay back waiting on what would happen.

The light was off for a few minutes when I heard her coming in my room.
“Daddy, are you sleeping already?” she whispered so softly I almost didn’t hear it.
Getting no response from me, she walked around the bed and moved onto it, close to me.
I could feel her move closer under the blanket until she spooned me, her clothes still on.
Playing along, I pretended to be fast asleep, not reacting to the soft strokes she gave me on my side.
When her hand moved to my dick, I made some noise and turned to lie on my back.
Megan held still, her hand still on my dick while she waited for me to be settled.
As soon as I was still again, she slowly started to stroke my cock, her thumb rubbing the pre cum around my cockhead making me sigh softly.
Her breath was in my neck and I could feel her breasts against my arm, her nipples hard.

“What, what is going on?” I said all of a sudden, actually making her jump a bit.
“I’m sorry daddy, I was scared so I came to your room” Megan answered in a childlike voice.
“What is your hand doing on my penis?” I asked her sternly but not removing it.
“Oh daddy, I saw mommy do it to you when it was hard and boys told me that it hurts when not helped so I wanted to help you daddy” she answered with just a hint of laughter in it.
“Are you mad daddy?” she asked me while she resumed her stroking.
A grunt escaped me before saying “No I am not mad my dear Meg, it is sweet that you care so much for me, it makes it so easy to love you.”
“You do know that daddy loves his little girl very much don’t you?” I continued in a softer voice.
“Yes daddy, I love you very much too” Megan said and snuggled in even closer.
“You know what daddy would really love now?” I asked her.
“No, what would you love now daddy?” she purred back at me.
“I would really like it if you licked and sucked my penis like mom does.”
“Oh really daddy, can I do what mom does? Thanks dad” she said and moved the blankets away and took up position between my legs.
She held my cock straight up and started to lick its head, tentatively at first and with gusto shortly after. “Daddy, can you turn on a nightlight, it’s very dark and I can’t see very well.” She asked in a coy voice.

When I turned to turn on the light, she deep throated me in one go, her tongue on my balls.
Frozen I let the sensation wash over me, when she let go I turned the light on and fell back.
Grinning at me, Megan sat between my legs with my dick in her hand, her hair in two pig tails.
“Did daddy like that?” she asked in her sweet voice, softly stroking my wet cock.
“Daddy loved that sweet cheeks, you can do it again if you like.”
Megan didn’t reply, she just placed her lips on my cockhead, looked at me and slowly took it all in.
She gagged a bit this time but held it for twenty second before coming up, leaving trails of saliva.
With her free hand she cupped my balls and started to suck me of hard. I could feel her piercings rub over my cock and her hand expertly stroked me while she sucked.
It didn’t take her long to make me cum, her hand mouth and tongue all worked miracles on my cock and my release was hard.
She pressed her mouth down when I came, moving in deeper while my cum shot in her throat.
Each throb she clenched my balls, enhancing the feeling and forcing me up, deeper in her throat.

When I was finally spent, she continued to suck and lick it until I couldn’t take it anymore and said “That’s enough sweet cheeks, daddy is very happy with you.”
Megan stopped sucking and looked up pleased saying “thanks dad, it was fun, can we do it again?”
“Later perhaps sweet cheeks, now daddy needs to check if your pussy is clean, after all, now you have cleaned my penis so well, I should do the same for you, don’t you think?” I responded and moved up to her. Gently I helped her with removing her soggy panties.
“Hmm, I see there is a lot to clean up, best get to it then” I told her.

Megan got one of the pillows and placed it beneath her ass and spread her legs wide, giving me easy access to her moist cunt.
Slowly I drew a wet line with my tongue from her inner thigh to her cunt, my thumbs spreading her lips wide open. When my tongue reached her clit, she gasped and pressed her cunt closer to my face.
“Oh daddy, I think it’s really dirty down there, you better clean it real good.” She smirked at me.
I didn’t say anything as I continued to explore the delights of her cunt.
Softly licking up and down her slit, missing her clit each time by a fraction, evading her attempts to get my tongue on it.
Closing my lips around her outer lip, I sucked it in and licked and nibbled on it for a while before moving to the other. Megan started to breathe faster and I could see her arms move towards her breasts, caressing them and playing with her nipples.
Pushing her legs a bit higher, I entered her pussy with my tongue, staying in a bit before moving down to her ass hole. I gave it the same treatment, causing Megan to moan softly.
For a few minutes I moved between her holes, with the occasional lick through her slit, almost touching her clit. The scent of her pussy became stronger and I saw it getting wetter.
Licking the excess away, I pushed my index finger in her ass hole and my thumb in her pussy.
When I moved my fingers closer, she came up gasping before falling back moaning.
As soon as she fell down, my mouth moved to her clit, licking it before sucking and biting it.
With a twist and turn, I moved my fingers in and out of both holes while her clit was getting the oral treatment.
I heard her scream in the pillow, a muffled cry was all that came out before she started to buck under my administrations.
“Yes daddy, make your little slut scream, eat my cunt, make me cum for you.” she screamed as she neared her orgasm.

That caused me to stop saying “You are not my little slut, you are my beloved daughter and I don’t want to hear you speak about yourself like that anymore, understood Megan?”
Megan almost cried out in frustration being so close before answering “yes daddy.”
As soon as she answered, I went back to her clit and played with it a bit more forceful.
My fingers continued to move in and out of her holes and soon she was as close as before.
Waiting until she was almost over the edge I whispered just loud enough for her to hear over her moans and grunts “Daddy loves you very much Megan” and I sucked hard on her clit, pulling it up between my teeth.
Megan shot up, her hands holding my head against her cunt as her body shook from the orgasm that rocked it.
Screaming her delight between breaths she continued to grind her pussy against my mouth.
When she came up, my thumb was forced out of her pussy, leaving my index finger in her ass.
I pushed it in deeper playing with her while she rode the orgasm to an end.
Her juices leaked all over my face and I licked what I could, occasionally flicking over her clit with my tongue causing her to shudder more.
Slowly I moved my head away from her inner thighs and moved up on her, my cock near her entrance. Megan looked at me, her face still flushed from the orgasm and moved her head up to kiss me. Instead of entering her, I rolled to the side, breaking the kiss and pulled her in an embrace.

Holding her for a while, I gently kissed her head and stroked her hair, removing the clips for her pig tails. My hands caressing her body, with a gentle touch I followed her curves as far as I could.
Megan slowly started to relax, her breathing even and warm on my chest.
When she started to speak I interrupted her saying “Don’t speak, relax and just be with me a little longer, enjoy the embrace and the feeling of our bodies together.”

Cuddling closer to me, she increased her grip for a short time before relaxing again in my arms.
A single tear fell on my chest and she whispered “How do you do it?”
“How do I do what Megan?” I whispered back, unsure of what she meant.
“How do you refrain yourself from getting what you want and then toss me aside” she said.
Her voice showed the raw emotional state she was in and it took me a moment to formulate a response.
“A lot of things actually Megan, respect for one, the way you make me feel about myself, common decency and I think there might be a little love sprinkled in there, you know, between all the lust I feel for your beautiful body.” I softly responded.
Holding her more closely I continued “but most of all, you are a wonderful person who deserves the best things in life and you should be treated like an equal, not a disposable piece of meat.”
“Thank you” she whispered after a few moments.
“Want to sleep in my arms tonight?” I gently asked her.

She responded not with words but with her hand moving to my cock, rubbing her thumb over my cockhead.
“Yes, I would love to but first, I would like for you to make love to me, long and gentle” she whispered moving her body on top of mine.
Megan sat herself down on top of me, her hands on my chest and her legs straddling me.
Leaning forward she kissed me and I could see her red eyes full of emotion and hurt.
I wiped away the single tear that flowed down and tenderly said to her “As you wish Milady.”
She smiled at me and slowly rose up, placed my cock beneath her cunt and slowly sat down.
Taking her time, she kept her eyes on me the whole time, her lips slightly parted.
A full minute had passed before I was completely in her.
Her cunt was warm and moist, welcoming my dick in and when I was fully inside her, she squeezed with her muscles a few time making me grin and sigh at her.
Keeping my dick firmly inside of her, she stretched her legs downwards in between my legs and moved her upper body on mine.
Her breasts were soft and warm on my chest, her nipples pressing softly in my shin.
Moving my arms around her, I placed them on her ass, caressing each cheek softly.
She moved her arms around my neck after grabbing an extra pillow to prop under my head.
We kissed long and gentle, taking time to explore each other’s mouth and tongue.
Spreading my legs a bit more, she slid a little further down, deeper on my cock.
Breaking the kiss she moved her lower back up and moved back down again just before my cock would pop out.
The rest of her body hardly moved and when she was down again she forced herself forward and down a little bit, sliding her clit on my pelvic bone.
With my hands caressing her body she continued to fuck me in the same manner, slow and sensual.
Her pussy was drenched after a few minutes and her juices were running down my cock and balls onto the bed. It helped her with the forward motion, allowing her to grind her clit more forcefully.
We were both breathing heavily and sweat started to form on our skin.

For what seemed like an hour or more but in reality was just over twenty minutes, she continued to fuck me, sometimes a little faster or harder then slow and gentle again.
Pulling her legs over mine, she moved back to a sitting position, her hands on her breasts as she stretched her upper body backwards.
I moved my knees up while she was bend backwards and lifted her from the bed, my cock getting in as deep as it could.
She gasped in joy, moving her legs past my arms and holding on to my neck for balance. When I sat back down again, she sat in my lap, my cock still deep in her, facing me.
Her nipples were pressed softly against my chest, enticing me to lick them. Moving my head lower and with the help of my hand, I licked her nipple and softly blew on it.
Megan purred while I sucked her nipples with one of her hands on my neck, pressing me closer.
Her other hand was on her clit, rubbing it slowly in small circles.
Every time when I bit her nipple, she gasped and pressed her hand harder down on her clit.
After a while, she moved her hand from her clit to my mouth, pressing her fingers in and pulling my face up.
Sucking on her fingers I followed her lead and when our eyes were level, she nodded.
Her face was tender and serious, her lips parted with the tip of her tongue showing.
The look she gave me was one of trust and love but her eyes showed her independence, full of confidence.

Placing both hands behind my neck she stretched her legs against the wall, forcing herself up.
Almost losing her grip on my cock, she let go and pounded her cunt with force on my dick.
We both gasped loudly when she landed. She looked at me grinning and I did the same.
With glee she did it again, a little less far this time to keep a better grip on my cock.
Once she had the distance, she started to speed up, coming down harder each time.
Our grunts became louder and more passionate as she worked us.
Her juices sprayed up and to the sides each time she landed and her scent was heavy on the air.
Placing more strain on my neck she really upped the tempo, pounding her clit against my pelvic bone.
I could feel the fire starting in my balls and I was about to tell her I was close when she yelled at the top of her lungs. Her cry was primal, tears leaking down her flushed face followed by her moans.
Her release was both physical and emotional, her gasps mixed with sobs.
Megan however didn’t stop, she continued her assault on her clit and my cock, crying and sobbing with joy and pain.

Two poundings later, I grabbed her and held her down on my cock. I practically crushed her in my grip as I came soundless, my mouth open but no sound coming forth.
The throbbing of my cock was incredibly intense and my cum shot out in her waiting cunt.
My orgasm was so powerful that my gasps and moans came after a few seconds.
When we were done shaking in the afterglow, I removed the sweaty hair from her face and looked at her. She was crying and smiling at the same time, her face still flushed and her eyes red from crying.
I felt my eyes get wet when my feelings for her burst to the surface.
A single tear flowed down my cheek, her eyes focused on it and with a swift motion, she licked the tear up. Looking me in the eyes again, she softly kissed me and held me as I held her.

It took us a while to get grounded again, both of us coming down from an incredible physical and emotional release.
She was the first to speak whispering “I wish you were single.”
I kissed her and said “This weekend I am, I am all yours.”
“You have put a spell me, never before have I felt so close to someone as I do to you now” I continued “if not for Maria, you would have me, body and soul.”
“It may not mean much all things considered, but you have seduced and won my heart.”
She started to cry again and said “It means the world to me, your love me for me.”
I lifted her head up and kissed her teary face all over, licking the tears away.
Considering her words, I came to the conclusion that she was right.
This young woman had won my heart, I still loved Maria passionately but she had stolen a part.
She was looking intently at my face with her red and swollen eyes when she asked “What are you thinking about, you look so serious all of a sudden.”
My face went from serious to joyous and her eyes went wide responding to my smile.
“I love you Megan” I whispered to her, my eyes showing my affection for her.
“Hold me” she said and wrapped her arms tightly around me, whispering “I love you too” in my ear.

After a few minutes of tender kisses and hugs, she moved out of my lap to sit on the bed.
My cum was leaking out of her pussy on the bed together with the copious amounts of her own juices.
She tried to catch the most of it, collecting it before slowly letting it drop in her mouth from her hand.
When she had it all in her mouth she licked her fingers clean, still not swallowing it.
She opened her mouth, showing all the cum in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue.
With a wicked grin, she moved towards me to kiss me.

Surprising her, I moved to meet her kiss, our lips meeting and sharing my cum and her juices in our mouths, our tongues playing in our joined cum. I swallowed first, her eyes big in surprise.
“That was so hot” Megan said after our kiss ended “I have never had someone do that with me.”
“Mike, you truly are full of surprises, mom told me about you, that you were the best thing ever to happen to Maria but this, this would even surprise her.”
She sat back down, looking at me with intent eyes, mulling things over.

Waiting for her questions or remarks, I sat back against the wall enjoying her naked form.
“You really meant it didn’t you, when you said you loved me.” she said in a confidant voice.
I just nodded at her, crossing my arms in front of my chest and pointing at her, signing I did.
“But you are not going to leave Maria for me are you?”
“Not that I am asking but what are you going to tell her when she gets back?” she continued.
“I don’t know, the truth usually works for me so that would be my first option.” I answered her, smiling when I noticed that she was playing with herself again.
“Besides” I said “we still have all weekend and who knows what the future brings.”
“Anything else you want to ask or talk about?” I asked her with an inviting smile.
“A request” she answered “could you treat me like Maria for the rest of this weekend, call me sweet cheeks as a pet name and tell me often that you love me?”
“You bet I can sweet cheeks, you know I love you, now get over here and kiss your, eh.” I said pausing when she continued “boyfriend?”
“Yes, kiss me girlfriend” I grinned at her as she moved in closer between my legs kissing me hard on the mouth. We kissed for a while, caressing each other and whispering sweet nothings to each other.
When she started to yawn, I pulled her in my arms and spooned around her, her head on my arm and my other arm around her waist.

She snuggled in and whispered “I love you Mike.”
Hugging her I said “Love you Megan, sleep well” and turned off the light.

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