Can Joe reconcile with right and wrong? Is his love for Jasmin true? Can he and Susan move past the manifestation of her evil nature? Can Joe love two girls at the same time?
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My Neighbor's Incest Part XVI

Five minutes after the phone rang, my mother was still chatting away and all my hopes that it was for me had been lost. I had been waiting all morning for my girlfriend to call. Whichever one happened to call. That is, if I actually had a girlfriend.

Everything about my long Thanksgiving weekend, leading to Saturday night, had been like something penned by a schizophrenic novelist. Deeply moving love flourished between girl and boy, even cousins. A man had tossed his most sacred vow for a moment of pleasure with a seventeen year old goddess, his own niece. My love for Jasmin had finally been acknowledged without diminishing my love for Susan. Jasmin's confession had broken my heart while igniting my need to satisfy her. The whole weekend had been wrapped in their parent's dark family secret. Then, everything had blown apart Saturday night. It was like a truck full of mystery writers rammed headlong into a truck load of erotic fantasy novelists. I was still reeling from the sight of Susan giving herself away right before my eyes. Her own cousin used her like Jasmin's lawn boy of years past.

My love for Jasmin and my evil lust had acted like an anesthetic while I watched, but like Novocain, they left me with a lasting ache when they wore off. I spent two hours sitting between the two sisters after the depraved act of incest. The whole time my heart hurt like a tooth needing a root canal. My love for both of them acted like a hammer against my head, driving Cindy's prophetic words into my gray matter. Follow your heart.

I spent a sleepless night trying to choose between the two girls. Jasmin had turned into Susan and Susan into Jasmin. I had loved them both before their metamorphosis, but only had one as my girlfriend. Now, I still loved them both, yet they were both my girlfriend. How can I have two girlfriends when they are sisters?

"Joe, somebody wants to talk to you." My mother's unexpected words crashing into my mental war game, did all but stop my heart.

I wasn't sure who to expect because my mother had been on the phone since it rang, and we didn't have call waiting. I wondered if somehow my mother could have been talking to Mrs. Davis all that time. My nerves crackled as I reached for the phone. I tried to read my mother's face, but she was still in her secret agent mode, so I blindly spoke. "Hello."

The voice that came through the speaker sparked a warm glow in my troubled heart. That was until my brain fully engaged and comprehended the words spoken. "Joe, so you think I'm hot?"

"Jiminy Cricket! Mom!" I double hated it when she out smarted me and embarrassed me too.

I crashed into the couch extra hard to show my disapproval in the most defiant way that I could get away with. "Cindy, I can explain."

Cindy was chuckling on the other end of the phone like she could see the whole scene. "Joe, please don't explain, just say, 'yes, you are.'"

I didn't respond to Cindy's request because I didn't want the whole, "hot cousin" thing to go any further. "Cindy, I am so glad to hear your voice." I took a long pause to collect my thoughts and make sure secret agent woman was off on a new mission.

"So, how are you, stud muffin?" My cousin's comical attempt struck a nerve.

"Darn it! Don't call me that. I wish nobody ever called me that again." I took a deep breath and tried to remind myself that Cindy didn't do anything wrong.

"Geez, I'm sorry. What's wrong with you? You're not upset because of what happened with us, are you?"

"Cindy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. It's just that I'm upside down like a pinata! Phew!" I gave Cindy a second to respond. I wanted her to listen and even help me, yet there was so much I didn't want to have to say. So much I can't say over the phone.

"So, what's with hanging by your feet getting hit with broomsticks." I couldn't hear Cindy giggling, but I knew she was.

"Just for the record, you were the best part of my weekend. I probably shouldn't even keep dragging you into my problems." I wanted Cindy's help, or maybe just her comfort, but how could I expect her to do anything?

"You better keep dragging me into it! Your life is better than any soap operas. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I still can't believe my twerp, goober head cousin has two girlfriends. And, one is a hot sixteen year old. Plus, you did it with her mother. Wow, you can't make this stuff up." Cindy once again had an in my face summation of my current life. Except, she didn't bother to mention what I had done with my own cousin.

"Cindy, it's not funny. I feel like my head is going to explode. I tried to follow my heart, like you said, but now things are worse. Now, they both act like I'm their boyfriend, even while we're all in the same room!" A large exhale blew from my mouth as I heard my own words out loud. It sounded worse than when it was just silently circling in my head.

"Joe, you have to choose."

"I can't, I love both of them. Except, now they both know."

"Joe, they always both knew. You were the only one who didn't know. Susan told me you were in love with her sister. That's why I freaked out when we saw Jesselyn from the attic. I looked at her and thought, there is no way that isn't Susan's sister. I figured you'd flip seeing the other girl you loved with someone else." Cindy's words chilled me to my bones.

"Cindy, you don't understand. I wish you were here." I could imagine her warm body huddled against mine as I fought off the tears that were trying to escape from my tightly shut eyes.

"Joe, I think that might cause more trouble for you. Although, it would be nice being there. I feel for you because I have loved two boys before. Of course nothing happened with either of them, but it was still hard. However, being in love with two girls, who are sisters, and live next door, is not going to work for you. Not only will they get hurt, so will you. So, what does your heart tell you?" I took a second to absorb the unbelievably obvious statement my cousin had passed off as wisdom.

"Cindy, how the hell am I supposed to know if my head or my heart is speaking? I want both of them, but I don't want them at the same time. Whichever one I'm with, I love that one the most. When we are all together, I just want to kill myself, so I don't have to figure it out."

"Joe, don't do that, I want to see you for Christmas. It will work out, you'll see. Just remember your heart will win in the end." Cindy stopped talking and the silence was like thunder.

I realized at that point that Cindy wasn't going to tell me who to choose and that was what I wanted. So, I changed the subject. "Cindy, what do you want for Christmas?"

"Wow, since when do you get me anything for Christmas?"

"I know we don't normally exchange presents, but we're growing up. You don't have to get me anything, but I want to get you something. You helped me more than you'll ever know, even if you will not tell me who I should be in love with." I had to give her a little snippet of my frustration.

"Joe, honestly, I can't tell you. I can't say I could be unbiased. I can't really even tell you what I want for Christmas. Not yet anyway." Cindy's words sounded more like a confession that an explanation.

"How about you tell me later and for now you tell me what to get Jasmin for her birthday?" I figured I'd give Cindy a chance to sort through her thoughts. Whatever they were.

"Good luck you poor boy! Sweet sixteen is major, like turning thirteen, times one hundred. You got enough for a diamond?" I was hoping Cindy's words were more sarcastic than not.

"I'm hoping her father will handle anything that big, but I'm going to break my bank open. I don't know how much is in it, but it should be enough to handle that and Christmas."

"No way! Not Ms. Wigney. You can't break her open." Cindy's screeching voice curved up my mouth slowly at first, but then made me crack up.

I had my piggy bank, since I was five. It was a present from my aunt and uncle and my speech impaired cousin, at that time, couldn't say Ms. Piggy correctly. Hence, my bank was Ms. Wigney. Later to be known as, Kermit's bitch. I cracked up at the sudden memory of my toothless best friend, spraying all her words. Then I felt sad, knowing I had promised my Uncle Jim, I wouldn't open it until I was sixteen, and then I'd buy my corvette.

"Cindy, I know there will never be enough money in there for a car. Not before I turn sixteen anyway. I think it's time, and this is a good cause. I feel like I'd do anything for Jasmin. I can't talk about what happened yesterday, but I will when I see you. For now, help me!" My final words sent a shiver through me. Help me, I at least know I need help.

"I'll help you. I'll talk to Julie and we'll figure something out. From what you and Susan told me, Jasmin sounds a lot like Julie." Cindy's voice trailed off like she was deeply saddened by her current thoughts.

"I have to go soon, Susan and Jasmin's cousins leave today. It's amazing it only takes them an hour more to get home than it took you, and they live in Pennsylvania. Cindy, I think I'm going to ask my parents if I can come there on the bus and spend most of the Christmas break with your family. Maybe I just need time away to see who I miss more?" I could almost hear Cindy smiling through the phone.

"Joe, that sounds like a great idea! You think they will let you?"

"I don't see why they wouldn't, I ride that stupid school bus four hours a week. It would just be like taking the whole week on the bus at one time." I actually had no idea where my brain storm came from, and wasn't sure it would fly with my parents, but I liked the feeling it gave me more every second.

"Don't get too excited, but I'll figure out some way to ask soon, and you call me back as soon as you can help with a birthday suggestion. Don't be afraid to tell Julie about Jasmin, but please try and leave my involvement out as much as possible." I hadn't realized until that moment that I was embarrassed by my lifestyle. The very things we all fantasized about since we knew what they were, bring me shame.

"Joe, I'll call as soon as I can. I can't wait to see you. Good bye."

"If you'd like to make a call, please hang..." The squawk of the recording broke me from my blank stare at the phone receiver. I didn't want my cousin to be gone. I needed her to connect me to my previous life and help me from thinking about my girlfriends.

The doorbell jarred my brain from its mission to come up with the perfect way to ask my parents about going to Cindy's as soon as class ended. That was what I needed, time away from what had consumed me for six months.

I swung the door open to a very somber looking Susan. The girl whose infectious joy normally bubbled over onto every living thing in her vicinity, instantly increased the void in my happiness. Is it me not knowing how to see her?

"Susan, are you okay? Are you sad because they have to go? Is it school tomorrow? Is it, me?" I waited silently for an answer, hoping to see some sign of life.

"It's nothing, or maybe it's everything. I guess it's them going. I don't know, but you have to say good bye. There's no telling when we'll see them again." Susan seemed more confused than I felt, but I knew she wasn't good at talking about her feelings, so I just smiled and slipped on my sneakers.

The previous day's warm sun had been over taken by low gray skies and a damp cool that sank in deep. Susan's uncharacteristic mood was displayed vividly as she took each step one at a time off the porch. Her arm quietly moved around my waist and pulled me to her side. I followed her lead and dropped my arm around her shoulders. A familiar warmth eased over my body and my heart. We walked without words at a snail's pace towards her yard.

As we rounded the corner of the house a crowd of people was standing around the back of the car, loading stuff and talking. My immediate response at the sight of Susan's mother was to pull away, but her fingers grasped at my flesh and tugged me to her.

"Next time mail all your clothes home!" Jeremy was struggling to get Jesselyn's swollen suitcase inside the trunk.

"If I knew we were going to buy so much, I would have brought less." Jesselyn tried to give assistance, but it seemed more like moral support than actual help.

"Ya, that will be the day!" Jeremy put up his hand to show his sister she didn't need to help.

Mrs. Davis and Aunt Jane were standing together talking. The difference in their demeanor was night and day compared to the day she arrived. Jasmin blankly observed the whole scene, like she was invisible. Susan never removed her arm from my waist. Is she sending a message to Jasmin, her mother, or both?

Mrs. Davis turned, rounded the back of the car and looked right at me as she approached. I stepped away from Susan a couple of inches out of respect more than fear, but fear existed as well.

Mrs. Davis's loving eyes embraced my nervous face as she closed the distance between us. I wasn't sure if it was the new life in her belly, or her swelling in all the right places, but somehow her beauty had been enhanced. I was suddenly terrified when she stood inches from me.

"Hey sweetheart. Don't worry, I already knew. Why do kids think their parents are so stupid?" Mrs. Davis smiled in the direction of Aunt Jane.

"I hope you enjoyed having Susan over for Thanksgiving as much as she seemed to enjoy it. Make sure you thank your mother for me. Oh, and don't underestimate her, either." Mrs. Davis kissed my cheek and gave Susan a look I didn't understand.

After a few more minutes, everything was in the car, I realized Mr. Davis's car wasn't anywhere to be seen. Which was pretty much all right with me after Jasmin's meltdown yesterday. "Okay, that's it, we are ready to go."

It dawned on me at that point that the reason everyone wasn't saying good bye, was because they were all going. Susan faced me and forced a lame smile to her lips. "Say good bye, and I need to see you when we get back from the airport."

Jesselyn's rattlesnake eyes cut into me as her lips approached mine. Her soft moist lips pressed against my mouth just long enough to make me uncomfortable. She hugged me, and pulled back to look into my eyes. I saw the face of a troubled young lady, Susan in five years. She kissed me again with even more uncalled for passion, then whispered in my ear. "You are very special to them, you need to really be there for them now. They need you."

Jesselyn stepped back and spoke at a normal volume. "It was really nice getting to meet you. I hope we meet again soon." She smiled with a genuine warmth that made me want to hug her again.

Jasmin's glance was that of a person stinging from painful news. Her silence was uncharacteristic and sickening. My heart broke as she climbed in the car. Jeremy gave me a quick guy hug and a cordial, "nice to meet you," then he entered the car next to Jasmin.

Once everyone had boarded the large Cadillac and the engine was cranked, I knew for sure there was no Mr. Davis, going on this trip. The scene seemed more like a funeral run, than an airport run. The cool gray day set the stage perfectly for the end of act one, of the family drama, I had been watching. Act two, opened with a worried and sad young man questioning everything, with his heart feeling as cold as the November drizzle that was falling on his head.

As I started towards my house, I played a rerun of all their faces in my mind, trying to figure out what it all meant. I figured everyone could have been a little down because the visit was ending. However, I couldn't fathom that Jasmin's great love for me from yesterday, could have been turned off over night. Why didn't Jasmin talk to me? How much does my mother know? What did Jesselyn mean? I reached my house with a brain full of questions and a heart crushed by the weight of my love. A love that seemed more dangerous than hate.

"I know mom, but I don't care if I get wet. Okay, I'll eat turkey or one of those green moldy things in the back of the refrig." My humor was more for my down mood than my mother's entertainment.

"I promise, I'll be fine, and no I don't want to come volunteer at the nursing home. I know I'll be old and smell funny one day too, but for now I'd rather ride my bike in the rain"

My mother's concern almost made me fall for her tactic, but I heard Mrs. Davis's words playing in my head, and I shut down. I couldn't talk honestly to my mother about my life spiraling towards the pit of hell anyway. But, without knowing what she knew, I couldn't even chance confiding parts of my pain with her. I eventually have to solve my own problems anyway, might as well start now.

I resisted the urge to kiss my mother as I headed for my trusty steed. I hadn't mounted my Schwinn for months, and I was sure it wasn't going to compare to what I had been mounting, but I needed to clear my head. In the old days, I could ride my bicycle for endless hours. In my imagination, I was a cowboy on a horse or a tough biker dude on a Hog. I'd race through plains rescuing beautiful Indian squaws, or save women from mean members of opposing gangs. I'd see a girl like Jasmin and in my dream world, I'd swoop in and lift her to the back of my speeding horse. I'd carry her away and kiss her, then we'd fall in love.

The rain pelting my face acted as a cleansing for my soul, as I screamed down the widow maker. The first time I dared to take the dirt hill without using the breaks, I didn't even know what a widow was. I had wrecked and skinned my knee so bad, I cried. Now, even knowing what a widow is, I peddled hard for extra speed. There was no fear to be found. It's amazing how things change. Not long ago, Jasmin was as intimidating as the daunting hill. She had to be stolen away on horse back; and raced to safety, where we could fall in love and live happily ever after. Things were so different, and in many ways, things were exactly the same.

I cranked the peddles hard as I pushed up the incline in front of the Primdales' large house. I couldn't help notice Allison's fine ass as she leaned into the trunk of the car for something. Their nanny, or whatever she was, there was speculation she was more, made my heart pound. Her skirt wasn't enough to contain all of her luscious rump as she stretched. I almost hit their mail box as I gawked, thinking I was getting a glimpse of her panties.

My memory took me to the patch of woods just down the road, where I had ducked in once and jerked off. The thrill of that frightful act of perversion rushed up my spine like the trail of water spraying from my rear wheel. I couldn't help wonder what purpose my lust served. It had saved me from a jealous explosion the night before, as the love of my life got drilled by her cousin. But, it had also blinded me to the potential consequences of fucking the mother of my girlfriend.

Is lust my friend, protection from my emotions, or like a destructive drug addiction? I knew I couldn't answer my own questions, as I sailed through the increasing rain. Instead, I pondered all the events of the past weekend. I was in over my head, drowning in my lust and emotions, while grasping at the life preserver of my love.

When I rounded the last corner and headed down the home stretch toward my house, my thoughts revolved around Susan, Jasmin and Cindy. Each had a place in my heart. I could picture myself holding each of them in my arms and loving them. I could burn with passion for any of them. I enjoyed their company equally. Cindy was simple and presented no challenges; yet she was my cousin, and lived hours away. Susan was officially my girlfriend, and I thought she would be for a long time. Until, I saw her in that different light. Jasmin was my troubled secret who had seemed unattainable. Then, she became a thief who stole her way into my heart.

Susan was on the front porch when I rode across the wet grass. I was soaked to my skin and speckled with mud as I dropped my bike against the bush. "You looking for someone?"

"No, I'm just standing at your front door because I have nothing better to do. Those spots all over your face are a nice touch. An improvement actually." Susan giggled as she ducked under my karate chop.

"Hey, I'm cold, can we go inside?" Susan's cute face reminded me that she was still the little girl I loved, before I had seen her acting out the very thing she told me she didn't want to become.

"I'm nasty, I got to take a shower."

"Oh, that sounds like fun! Can I watch?" Susan's tone was playful, but I heard more.

"Sure, but you got to wash my back." I turned my back to show her that the streak of mud went from my ass to my shoulders.

Even though when I said it I had only been joking, Susan stood next to me in the bathroom. I looked at her and felt strange. There was an invisible barrier between us that made me uneasy, like she was a stranger. Yet, at the same time I wanted to wrap my arms around her. I didn't move, I just searched her trying to find a connection to my heart.

"You going to shower with your clothes on, or what?" Susan acted like the previous day had not happened. Like she hadn't seen me lovingly embracing her sister. Like I hadn't seen someone other than me, filling her body.

I undressed like a kid taking off his clothes for the first time in the school locker room. My wet shirt gave way to goosebumps all over my chest and arms. I peeled my jeans off my legs, and they had the same reaction to the cool air.

"Wow, I have never seen your thing like that! It's always standing up when I see it. How does it get so small?" I looked down at my shriveled package and felt even more uncomfortable.

"What did you think, it doesn't stay hard all the time." I didn't want to explain the whole shrinkage thing, I just wanted to get in the warm water.

"Could have fooled me!" Susan smiled like a curious kid as she started to take off her clothes. She really is a little girl, isn't she?

"What are you doing?" I scanned my eyes up and down her body as she stripped.

"Did you think I was going to wash your back from out here?" She finished undressing and neatly piled her clothes on the toilet tank.

It was a very unusual experience entering the shower with another person. The hot water blasted against my face as I looked up into the stream. Susan's body pressed against my dirty back and her hands circled my chest. A spark went through me as her lips kissed the back of my shoulders and neck.

I remained still as the hot water sank deep into my chilled body. My eyes remained closed as Susan's soapy hands moved over my chest, stomach and swelling dick. At that moment, only the size of her breasts on my back and placement of her lips, distinguished her from Jasmin. My body responds to touch, but does my heart know the difference? I wondered if it even mattered as my cock stiffened without my say so.

Susan's hands massaged my shoulders with a gentleness that sent a warm feeling through my body. She touched places between my shoulders that I didn't think had ever been touched before. Her slippery hands tried to get a grip of my tensed ass cheeks. Each time the soapy finger squeezed, my muscle tightened, causing them to slip off. My heart raced when her palm washed over my asshole and under my balls.

"Not so small now." Susan's voice followed her hand sliding down the length of my rod.

The front of her lathered body slid against my back while her one hand worked up and down my hard cock. Her other hand soaped up my balls. It could have been my own hands doing the same thing, but it wouldn't have felt like the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Still, something was missing.

I turned around and faced Susan. She looked beautiful and the missing pieces started to fill in. Her nipples tingled against my body as I pulled her tight. My lips knew the difference between the sisters and sent a message to my heart. My soapy cock pulsed between us while our lips and tongues bypassed all the sad events of the holiday weekend.

I stopped the water and leaned Susan over with her hands braced on the faucets. Her tiny butt smiled at me with suds slowly drooling down to her thighs. My fingers slipped between her cheeks and poked at the brown circle at the center. I let my index finger trace the rim of her puckered little butt hole. Susan sighed softly when I let the tip just slightly dip into the hot flesh. She bent her left leg and raised her foot to the edge of the tub.

Her own hand bumped into mine as we shared the steaming wet slit between her legs. My finger slipped inside her body as hers tossed her swollen nub. Her panting increased as our hands switched places, and I roughly flicked her sensitive clit. My other hand gentle massaged her pussy mound, stomach and soapy tits. I pinched hard at her slippery tit top, but the harder I tried to squeeze it, the more it slid out of my grasp.

A shiver ran up Susan's legs, trembles quaked in her gut and a groan passed her lips as my finger finally grasped her hot bud. I squeezed it hard between two fingers while a third rubbed it hard.

"Jeez, oh fuck me, Joe, fuck me!" The guttural pleas surprised and excited me.

My rock hard dick pushed against Susan's flooded pussy hole as her thin fingers guided it. Before I could gently work my bulbous head through the resistance, Susan shoved her ass back, forcing the full length of my dick inside her smoldering body. She immediately erected her body and screamed with a powerful orgasm. My cock bent and snapped out of her body with a gush of hot juices.

I placed my hand between her dripping lips and smeared her fluid against her convulsing pussy. After her ecstasy subsided, she took my wrist and raised my hand to her mouth. My soaked fingers touched her lips and then slid between them. Susan's tongue rejected the mix of suds and female cum. She spit.

"Don't stop, finish fucking me." Susan pushed her ass back and lifted her leg again as she made her demands. What happened to, "we don't fuck, we make love?" My heart's questions would have to wait, because my head just wanted to finish what was started.

I shoved my cock back into Susan's bent over body. I was totally indifferent towards whose hole I was ramming my dick into, I just wanted to feel my balls let loose and spray their cum. Susan put one foot outside the tub and spread her legs further. With her hands on the hot and cold knobs, she forced her ass backwards in time with my forward thrusts.

Jeremy's huge cock hadn't taken anything away from the tight tunnel inside Susan's hot body. Her pussy walls grabbed at my engorged flesh and made demands on my nuts. I knew the forceful pounding against her body was going to make me get off quickly, but I didn't care, I just wanted to finish. I wanted my needs met.

"Shit, I'm going to cum." I warned my target so when I pulled out, she wouldn't throw herself onto the floor of the tub.

"Oh Joe, keep going. Don't pull out, I want to feel your cum in me. Please!" Susan pushed back against me to keep me in her.

"Are you crazy? You want to end up like your mother?" I hadn't even considered the potential implications of my words, but I knew what my point was.

"Put it in my ass then. I want to feel someone cum in me." Susan's needy voice was that of a spoiled child ready to cry, but also screamed for help. She had obviously broken through a barrier, but it wasn't away from her greatest fears, it was right into the midst of them.

The suction on my head as I extracted it was almost enough to send my load rushing up my dick. I positioned my pulsing head against the soapy hole as Susan's hands pulled her cheeks apart. Without giving further consideration for the act, I thrust forward. My cock bent slightly and then all at once broke through the tight ring. My head popped inside the girl's tiny asshole as the ring closed down tight on my shaft. The butt cavern opened wide for the large intrusion while the outer edge continued to try and keep anything from entering.

Three times I shoved forward, each time a little deeper. The forth time my nuts squeezed themselves and sent a flood of sperm racing for air. My hips inadvertently jerked forward forcing my squirting dick even deeper. My swollen cock base held Susan's hole opened wide while stream after stream of cream flowed into her bowels.

I didn't even care to speak as my slumping flesh spilled from Susan's stretched ass. When I stood her up, tears were in her eyes. I knew if I felt bad about the loveless act of dumping my sperm inside her ass, she must have felt like a piece of shit. I held my words and my tears and turned on the water. We silently washed off the evidence of our actions, but I knew there was no way we could wash long enough to rid ourselves of the feelings.

I tried to help Susan wash, but she resisted my touch like I was a stranger. I stepped out of the shower and started drying off. Susan continued washing her clean body while she sobbed quietly. I wanted to help her, but her reaction in the shower left me wondering how I could do anything. I patently waited for her as the room filled with dense steam.

When Susan's towel wrapped body led the way down the hall to my bedroom, it seemed so grown up. Two lovers covered only in towels after sharing a shower. The events seen in a movie, as two adults share their lives together. Shouldn't I feel grown up and in love?

Susan dried her full head of hair with the large terry cloth towel that she had been covering her body. I stood silently, clutching my towel in front of my chest. I felt modest as it draped the middle section of my naked body. Susan was as gorgeous as any girl I had ever seen. Her breasts had grown so much over the last six months. They now had a swollen base to support the large red nipple sacks. I imagined one day, her large tits would be crowned with big dark circles, the size her current red caps. Her straight legs and mildly curved hips would soon scream sexy, like Jesselyn's. And, her blond pubic hair would turn to a wonderful strawberry color. Will she be a distant, confused young woman who has sex with her family members, while staring blankly into space? I felt sad because I figured I knew the answer to my own questions.

I couldn't help getting a thrill as Susan dried herself. She pulled the towel between her legs, front to back, wiping both cracks at the same time. I felt grown up watching a beautiful girl as she stood naked in my room. I dropped my cover as she stepped into her small white panties. When she wiggled them over her hips and pulled them tight, leaving her pouting pussy well outlined, I smiled. She rarely wore underwear, it looked nice on her.

"Those look nice on you." I spoke softly as I held her shirt out in front of me.

"Yah, I figured I dress like less of a slut today." Susan didn't look up as she reached for her shirt.

I pulled it away and put it behind my back as I stepped close to her. My nude body was just an inch from her. I lifted her chin with my free hand as I spoke. "You're not a slut, and you don't dress like one."

All the glorious energy and joy that normally streaked across the girl's face were gone. I felt like a cowboy stealing the endangered Indian goddess from harm as my arms wrapped around her soft back. I squeezed her even though her stiff frame remained motionless. I breathed in her damp hair as I whispered in her ears, "I still love you. I promise."

I lifted her arms and carefully lowered her shirt down her arms and over her head. She extracted her wet hair from her shirt while I tugged it down her body. When my hands tilted her head back, her eyes were oozing tears. I pressed my lips to her forehead and held them there.

Susan's tears were running down her cheeks when I pulled my lips away from her head. She grabbed her pants and pulled them up both legs at the same time, as she sat on the edge of my bed. I threw on a pair of jeans while Susan tugged her belt loops side to side and got her lovely flesh completely covered. I pulled on a sweatshirt just in time to help Susan to her feet. She seemed like she just wanted to leave, but I stood in front of her. I had seen her upset, crying and even sobbing wildly before, but I had never seen her like this.

Her arms lightly held my waist as my arms hugged her with all my might. "Susan, what is it? Please don't keep anything from me, we agreed that no matter what we wouldn't let anything affect us."

Susan's grip tightened slightly, "I know. I need to, I just can't do it now. I need time, Joe. Can you give me time?"

Susan didn't wait for an answer. She broke off the hug and looked up sobbing. "I'll talk to you later. I got to go."

I would have stopped the girl I knew and forced her to tell me what was wrong, but the girl bolting from my room was a complete stranger. I listened for the door slamming, and I sat on my bed holding my head between my hands. Was it me? I thought about her attitude earlier in the day. It had been down, but not sedated. Jasmin's disposition had been a greater concern for me then. What happened at the airport? I couldn't just sit there and wait. I headed for the phone.

"Jasmin, are you okay? Is Susan there? Is she okay? What happened at the airport? Did I do something wrong?" I sucked in some air, ready to ask more questions.

"Joe! Take it easy. One thing at a time. I'll be there in a minute." Jasmin hung up without waiting for a reply from me.

I stood with my head hanging out the door watching for Jasmin. Within a few seconds, I saw her giant red umbrella cutting through the southern downpour.

"Phew, that's a gully washer." Jasmin climbed the steps quickly, shook her umbrella and closed it. "Don't need any more bad luck." She leaned it against the wall and stepped inside the house.

I gave her a good look up and down. The top of her head was covered with a strange flat, plaid colored hat. It had a tiny bill that snapped to the front flap of material. It was a cross between a hippie, artist and pimp hat, yet it was sexy on the girl's head. The weather had given her long blond hair a crazy crumpled look. Her legs were covered with black spandex looking material and her thick wool sweater stretched all the way down over her ass.

I was really too upset to care what she was wearing, but she was so uncharacteristically dressed that I couldn't help say something. "Are those the new clothes you got Friday? Um, you look nice."

"Yes, thank you." Jasmin walked past me and grabbed my arm as she headed towards the living room.

It was a little eerie when I looked across at her from the ottoman. She sat exactly where Susan had sat on two previous occasions while we talked about serious stuff. Jasmin compounded the strange feeling when she took both of my hands in hers and supported them on her knees. Her beautiful blue eyes were bloodshot like someone who drank all night or had been crying for a long time?

"Ja, Joe, Jasmin." A deeply serious look set in Jasmin's eyes when we tried to talk at the same time.

I yielded to her need to talk first. I only had questions anyway. "Joe, I'm sorry about earlier."

I moved next to Jasmin and put my arm around her as tears bigger than the raindrops cascaded down onto her black leg socks. I forced my face against hers as my own tears started flowing. An atmosphere of doom filled the room and my heart like a great fog. I had seen my troubled friend crumble before under the massive weight of her destructive past, but this seemed worse. I was deeply pained by her obvious state of hopelessness, and terrified in anticipation of her words, if she was even able to speak. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear about the events that had finally completely broken the fragile girl. I wondered if they were the same events that sent Susan into her shell. I cried at the thought that it could have been the very events I had participated in.

Jasmin's arm moved behind my back and clung to my waist as both of our tears soaked her leg. When we turned to face each other, I could only look at her pain for a second. I closed my eyes and pressed my forehead against hers. With my hands on the back of her head, I held our heads together.

"Jasmin." I drew in a deep breath and pulled her wet face across mine. Her face tucked against my neck. Our mixed tears on my face burned my skin like a harmful acid as I tried to say something that would stop her sobbing. "It's alright. It's going to be alright. I, I love, I really love you."

The girl's body jerked each time she tried to suck in some air. Her tears and snot now soaked my shoulder as her weak arms squeezed me. "Jasmin, was it me, did I do something?"

My question turned Jasmin's noisy emotional breakdown into a silent stream of tears that lacked even a break for oxygen. I decided to wait for her to speak for fear my next words might cause her to die. I gently rubbed her back hoping she would breathe soon.

One giant gasp of air rushed out of her lungs, and then she made a horrible sound snuffing her snot. "No, damn it, no. Not you. I love you."

More air was gasped in between words. "You, you help me. You do nothing but care for me."

"Jasmin, I love you. That's what people do when they love." Jasmin cracked again before I finished speaking.

She grabbed at my back and hit me several times. "I know that. I want to know, believe. I want to let you love me. I'm scared."

I held her until my arms hurt and her tears ran out. I was still terrified of what was coming, but I knew I couldn't abandon my love. My heart knew I loved them both, but only in my imagination could I save them from the bad gang leader. I could love them both, but I couldn't be in love with both.

"Joe, it's my father. That's why Susan couldn't talk to you. He's out again. My mother threw him out again." Jasmin's undeserved shame forced her eyes downward.

"Jasmin, what happened, was it his sister? Did he break his promise?" There wouldn't have been any surprise if it was his sister, I just wondered if Jesselyn had been caught with her uncle.

"Joe, he broke his fuckin' promise. My mother is pregnant and the shithead couldn't act like a father." Jasmin found a few more tears, but mostly she just gasped for air and tried to hold herself together.

"It's okay baby, I'll be here for you. No matter what, I'll be here for you. It's going to be alright." I removed her hat and stroked her wild hair.

"It's not Joe, it's never going to be right. We're all fucked up and we'll never be okay! I can't, I don't even know if I want to be. If it wasn't for your stupid love, I wouldn't even know something was wrong. I was broken and I didn't even know it. How the fuck will it ever be right, Joe? Tell me, please tell me."

I hadn't prayed for a long time, but I knew I needed help beyond, way beyond my own ability. The most wonderful, funny, beautiful girl I knew had almost killed me the day before with her troubles. This was ten thousand times worse. God help her. Help me, please!

After begging for help, I spoke the only words that came to my mind. "Anyone can change, you don't have to stay the way you are. I'll love you, even if you hate me."

"Joe, maybe you can help me if you love me, but I can't make any promises. Look what we do. Susan promised, my dad promised. How come he couldn't keep his promise? How could he fuck his own daughter? How, how the fuck could he do that?"

My heart stopped at Jasmin's words. My brain circled them around my skull trying to comprehend what I didn't want to know. "Mother fucker! No, please tell me he didn't do that to you!" My heart restarted and anger like I never knew soared through my body.

"Not me!" Jasmin's sobbing prevented her from continuing. My heart stopped again and my tears burst like a river from my eyes. I pictured Susan's depraved acts in a new light as I tried to not scream.

"His, his daughter Joe. Jesselyn, he did it with Jesselyn." Jasmin took short fast breaths like she was hyperventilating while I tried to understand.

I saw their faces side by side in my mind. Sisters, they are sisters. "Jesselyn is Susan's sister?" Susan was with her brother, not cousin. Is that worse?

"Di, did, didn't Susie tell you?" Jasmin's look of surprise and confusion was piled on top of emotionally distraught.

"No, she didn't tell me. Is she okay? Is Jesselyn alright?"

Jasmin's lips kissed my cheek and then my lips. She grabbed me tight around the neck and shoved her tongue in my mouth. Our kiss was not passionate like it would have normally been, but it was way more than I expected.

Jasmin pulled away, still holding my face. "I'm sorry, it helps when you kiss me. I normally act like a slut when I'm hurting, but I want to change. I'm scared Joe. The reason I like girls is because they don't hurt me. But, you don't hurt me. I'm still scared. I want to let you love me, but I need time. Can you give me time?"

"Whatever you need Jasmin. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." My own promise scared me.

"Jasmin, my parents are going to be home soon. I don't care if you stay, I just don't want you to have to be uncomfortable. Just say it's a boyfriend who broke your heart and that's why you are upset."

"Thanks Joe, but I got to go soon. My mom is upset, I need to be there for her. Susie too." Jasmin tried to put on her strong face, but it didn't fool me. She had used Susan's little kid name for the second time.

"Jasmin, what are we going to do about Susan? She was, she seems. Um,..."

"Joe, I don't know what happened over here before, and I don't want to. But, last night. I can't tell you for sure what is going to happen, but I know what I did when I was her age. I'm sorry Joe. I tried to help her, or maybe I made her worse. I didn't want to see her go through what I went through, but she may have to find out for herself." Jasmin's pain for her sister was as real on her face as it was in my heart, but she forced herself to continue.

"Joe, she might break your heart. She might change and act in ways you hate, but you got to still love her. Can you do that?"

Before I could make another promise, Jasmin plunged further into herself. "Joe, if it wasn't for you, I would have destroyed my life here just like before. I was on the brink of giving up, but you made me feel special and cared for. You are the first person who I have ever loved. You gave me hope. I don't know what will happen with us, but you help me." Jasmin's painful confession squeezed a few more tears from her red eyes.

"I'll do anything for you. Anything!" I made the first promise I could believe in and trust myself with.

"I better get home. I'd rather not see your parents like this." Jasmin wobbled as she stood up.

I stood in front of her, "You look very nice. Thanks for dressing up for me." I wrapped my arms around her itchy wool body. I felt my heart pound with a new life and purpose.

Our salty lips embraced and sealed my promise. "I'll see you at school tomorrow. Are you going to school tomorrow? Maybe you should stay home." I wanted to save her and carry her away to a safe place.

The rain had stopped by the time Jasmin headed back to her broken home. I put my two wheeled escape machine behind the house where it belonged. My parents would be proud of me.

Later that night I got up from my TV trance and head towards my room. At the last minute, I turned back and gave my mom that kiss and hug I held back earlier. "I love you, good night." I left her with her shocked face staring at my dad.

Sleep was something that the problems of the whole world couldn't keep me from. I flopped on my bed and passed out from my emotional stupor.

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