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Sophomore year in college. No more trying to make new friends out of complete strangers, freaking out because tests are so much harder than anything before, or having to live in a dorm with 400 other guys only 20 of which I like to talk to. This year I am prepared, eager, and single. Well willing to cheat is pretty much the same. Been dating the same cute red head for almost three years and things are great. Having said that, I still need to have fun.
I am six feet tall with brown hair buzzed short and amazing (one of the few things I will boast about myself) blue eyes. I have the build of a guy who used to workout and stay in great shape for the many sports I participated in. Basically I’m not a skinny twig but have lost the muscles since I stopped taking sports seriously.
School is tough studying to be an aerospace engineer but I enjoy it. A few downsides besides difficulty include there being more empty chairs in every class than women. And those that are there can be scary but great to study with since they take shit so seriously. All this work leads to one thing, which is at least one big party every weekend. During this time I take part in college binging of alcohol, women, and on rare occasion weed.
So this brings me to my first weekend of sophomore year. This can only mean a big kick-off party at the frat house. I’m not in the frat but three of my 4 best friends are so I basically have unlimited access and know every brother there (I like maybe 3 others). I go early with my friends and get there at 10:00. At this point its just a bunch of guys setting up or having their first beer in the living room talking about stupid shit.
A few minutes later a few girls come in that I recognize from the sister sorority of the frat. One of them is cute but is obviously taken because things can’t ever be easy. They have a few friends with them so I start checking them out. As they walk in I see a very nice pair of legs attached to a good ass. I follow her body up mildly in pressed and look at her face. At that moment she glances my way and I think I know her from somewhere and she looks at me a little longer than usual then starts talking to a friend.
Two girls walk over and sit on the couch across from me. “Hey, I’m Mike. What’re your names?” I ask.
The short blonde answers first “Sam.”
“ And I’m Brittany,” the other says.
‘Hmmmm, Brittany. Where do I know her from?’ I keep thinking. Conversations start in the living room and I put it out of my mind. An hour or so goes by and people start filling the house. It’s the usual group of mostly guys. The girl selection is very bad and I let my friends no by constantly making fun of them about it. At this point I see Brittany and Sam talking to each other again pretty much by themselves. I take a long look at Brittany and decide, fuck it I’ve done worse.
“Hey, you girls need anything to drink?” I ask looking and smiling at Brittany.
“Sure but we are waiting for the jungle juice to come out. Lucky said it was gonna come out after the first keg is gone,” Brittany replied.
“I’ll be right back.” I walk over to my friend and ask him for the key to upstairs so I can piss. I grab three red cups and head upstairs to find the Gatorade jug filled with jungle juice on the counter. I fill them all up and go downstairs and lock the door behind me and pocket the key thinking, ‘could come in handy.’
I walk over to the girls and smiling give each of them their drinks. “So that’s where you went,” Brittany said smiling and took a drink. “It was starting to get boring, thanks for the drinks.”
We started talking and playing some stupid drinking game that I hated but went along with for the time being. When Brittany finished her drink she frowned like she wanted more. I slid my still full cup over to her and smiled. “Fuckin finally,” I said. “Been holding this for you forever now I can drink my beer.”
“What’s that mean? Am I slow drinker?” she jokes.
“Yes you are. Until you can show me otherwise.” And with that she began taking big gulps from her drink.
“Well don’t you feel better?”
She looks down at the cup and finishes it. “I will soon. Umm did you go to John Adam’s High? I recognize your face.”
“I was thinking the same thing but no I didn’t. Oh well.” Just then one of those brothers that I really don’t like come up all drunk and started talking with us. Quickly getting annoyed I ask if she wants to dance. While heading downstairs we see the juice is now out and she helps herself. While this is going on Dan comes up to me.
“I don’t know Mike. She’s not that great,” he says.
“If I have to try at all I’ll just stop.”
She comes back to me and we move towards the speakers. Not many people are dancing but she doesn’t seem to mind and suddenly there is an ass grinding into my groin. My hand goes to her hips and we start moving as she really pushes into me. ‘I’m not gonna have to try at all,’ I think. After maybe a minute I move her hair to the side and kiss her neck and give it a slight bite just to let her know I’m not being sweet about things. Her hand goes to the back of my head and holds me there as I suck on her neck a little bit.
People around us start watching and I guess decide we look like we are having fun and start dancing. With all the movement going on I feel free to let my hands roam going close to her chest and down onto her bare legs and up a little under her dress. Suddenly I grab her and spin her around and lean forward. Not being surprised she leans in too and our mouths crush together. Not the nice sensual kiss but the lusty tongue war that comes from two drunken 19 year olds.
I turn her a bit and pin her up against the wall and I attack her neck again. She continues to move with the music and I slip a leg in between hers. I look at her for the first time in a while and see her eyes glassed over from alcohol. At that point I noticed she was dancing much harder now with her crotched pressed hard against my thigh. I realize how wet she is on my thigh and I push up slightly give her more pressure and she moans.
We dance in that awkward position for a bit and continue to make out. Then her hips start moving much faster. At this point I turn her back around and press my now hard cock against her ass and dance. She grinds hard moving up and down milking my cock. Just then I reach around in front of her and move my hand way up her dress. Her hand moved like she was going to stop me but my fingers found her mound, pushed hard and began rubbing. I must have had her clit somewhere in there because her hand flew again to the back of my head and squeezed as her body stiffened. Realizing how wet my hand was I smile knowing I just made her cum.
I move close and whisper, “Follow me.” I grab her hand and lead her out of the basement grabbing a beer out of a friend’s hand and yell back, “THANKS!” We move quickly passed the drunken crowd and to the front of the house. I let go of her hand for a second and she immediately tries to lunge after me. “Hold on just a sec,” I tell her. I pull out the key I still hadn’t given back, unlocked the door and hurried her through the entrance.
Once upstairs I hurried her towards the bathroom for the floor. “The bathroom?” she asked.
“Only room not locked,” I tell her just before pushing her against the wall and kissing her hard for some encouragement. Keeping the kiss I open the bathroom door and pull her in. Once inside, I lift her by her ass and place her on the sink counter. Even before kissing her I reached up and grabbed her chest. She gasped and leaned away only for a second before enjoying and letting out a low sigh.
We kissed for a few minutes and I lifted her off the counter. She leans against me and thrusts her hips forward into my groin. ‘Fuckin great time not to have a condom,’ I think. I kiss her hard again for a few seconds and move my hand up to her shoulder and pushed down hard enough so she would know what I was suggesting.
Looking up at me she says, “I don’t know.”
I grab her hair and give it a light pull and attack her neck. She immediately begins moaning and pushing into me. I stop and look at her. Smiling she begins to move down to her knees. I help out by undoing my belt but she quickly takes over and unbuttons my jeans. My jeans sliding down, my cock springs out at full mast. He hands find it quickly and give it a few light rubs before she moves her head down to my groin. To my surprise she does not start at the head but takes it fully into her mouth.
My eyes close as she begins sucking my cock. Her head goes up and down at a steady pace making me feel very good. I reach over and pick up my beer and take a drink just as she pushes my cock deep into her mouth and holds. I look down wondering why the stop and I feel the tongue moving back and forth on the underside of my cock. This feels amazing and I start thrusting my hips back and forth to make it feel better for me.
Brittany allows this for a few moments then grabs the base of my cock and takes control of the motions. As her head goes up and down her hand goes in the opposite direction and twists around the entire thing. She takes her mouth off and licks the head briefly before looking up and me and jerking my cock fast and hard. “I want you to cum,” she says to me and goes back down onto my cock.
She continues to jerk and suck hard now milking me for my cum. I feel the urge to cum building and I hold off as long as possible as she works harder moving her tongue hand and mouth all at the same time. I decide to be the nice guy and tell her I’m about to cum. Her mouth moves to my head and she jerks me off and I erupt into her mouth moaning loudly.
“I’m gonna clean up and pee so I’ll see you downstairs,” she tells me smiling. I go downstairs and see my friends chugging a beer.
“It’s only 1 you guys wanna grab a slice and then come back?” I ask.
“Sure,” they say and we leave for food. When we came back I went downstairs and saw a really cute blonde I knew from a class last year and began dancing with her. Didn’t see Brittany till the next Wednesday in calculus. I found out where I had seen her before.
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