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Jon's plaything is given a thorough workout by her Master
Laurie - Jonathon's Plaything:

He had given me very specific instructions in order to prepare for that evening. I was to be freshly showered and my ass clean. He wanted me to wear a bra, panties, thigh-high stockings and heels, under a robe. The bedroom was to be prepared, with all my toys laid out for his use, the red candle lit so the hot wax would be ready, the bed covered with a sheet to protect the quilt from the wax. I was to have a cold vodka and cranberry juice waiting for him. I was to have the leather cuffs already on my wrists and ankles. He wanted me to be able to remove my panties when he told me to. Lastly, he wanted me to have the vibrating egg already inserted in my pussy, the remote ready for his use.

This was a new vibrating egg, with 10 speeds available on the remote. I knew he was going to enjoy testing all of them. I always enjoy getting ready for my master. I take my time to make sure every detail is as he asked. I am always both nervous and excited in anticipation of his arrival. There's always a pleasant flutter of butterflies in my stomach. Although he always gives me some idea of what he has in mind for me, I never know exactly what will happen. How far he will push me, how much pleasure and how much pain there will be.

I heard his car pull up outside. My clit started tingling. I heard the car door open and shut as he got out. I could feel my pussy begin to get wet. His knock at the door. My hands were shaking slightly as I opened it. He doesn't smile when he comes in, his face is unreadable. I hand him his drink as he looks me over, checking to make sure I obeyed his instructions when I got dressed. I hand him the remote for the new egg. He looks pleased. He nods his head toward the stairway, "Upstairs. Now." he says. I start up the stairs. He follows. I suddenly feel the egg begin to vibrate inside me. The sensation makes me stop and catch my breath. "Keep going" he says. I swallow and take the next step up. The vibration intensifies as he turns up the setting. A shiver runs up my spine and makes me stop and bow my head. "What's the matter?" he asks. "Keep going." The feeling in my pussy is rhythmic and intoxicating. It's hard to think about anything else, but I force myself up the rest of the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. He follows.
He is pleased by the selection of toys laid out on the foot of the bed. Rope, clothespins, nipple clamps, vibrators and dildos, a spatula and wooden spoon from the kitchen. I already have the black leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles as he instructed.

"Take off your robe." I let the blue silk slide off my shoulders to the floor. I am pleasantly self-conscious as he looks at me. His expression is intense and I feel my nipples getting hard. "Up on the bed," he says, I climb up on the bed and sit facing him. I watch as he cuts the rope and brings over two lengths. He threads one through the loop on each ankle cuff. "Take off your panties." I know better than to hesitate. I remove my panties, pulling the lengths of rope through the leg openings. "On your belly." His voice is calm, but firm. I obey. Now I can't see what he is doing. Not knowing what's coming next makes me both excited and nervous; the throbbing between my legs gets stronger. I bury my face in the quilt and try to calm myself. I feel his hand on my ankle. "Spread your legs." He ties the rope from each ankle to the legs of the bed. My legs are now spread wide and I can't move them. My ass and pussy are wide open to his view. He can do as he wishes and I can't do anything about it. I feel a rush of sensation to my clit. I want to touch it, to begin to relieve the pressure, but he is in front of me now, putting more rope through the cuffs on my wrists. He spreads my arms out wide and ties those ropes to the bed as well. I am spread-eagled now, immobilized, helpless, completely in his control. He is still fully dressed, and somehow that makes me feel even more naked, more in his power. I can see the bulge of his hard cock in his jeans as he stands in front of me. I want to reach out and touch its hard warmth, but the bonds on my wrists prevent it. He stands there, just out of my reach, knowing what I'm thinking, knowing how much I would like to take his hard thick cock in my mouth. But that is not what he has planned.

As he begins to work on me I feel myself start to let go, allowing myself to feel the pleasure of being owned. I start to lose track of time, the details blend in the fog of sensation. My concentration begins to slip and abandon myself to the feeling of being in his control.

Jonathon – Laurie's Master:

I began by using a wooden spoon on her ass and thighs. I paddled her in the same spot over and over again until she whimpered. The spoon left a bright red round spot where I struck her. I repeated this over and over again multiple times. Laurie enjoyed it very much. I then attached 6 clothes pins to her pussy lips which were dripping by now. I pulled and twisted them. I asked her if I should keep going and she replied, softly, “Please.” I then grabbed the spatula and swung it hard, landing on her inner thighs near her pussy. I struck her ass many times, and her flanks as well. As I struck her, she began to sweat, and moan. I then took off my belt – pausing to grab a sip from the drink she made me. All the time, the egg is vibrating in her pussy – I would occasionally between strikes, change the speed or turn it off altogether. I used my wide belt on her ass, her thighs, her shoulders, and a little on her lower back. It was about now that Laurie started asking me if she could cum.

I walked around the bed and made Laurie look into my eyes as I swung the belt. I slapped her face with the belt as well – not too hard – but hard enough for her to feel it. I then put a dildo into her ass. I ultimately ended up putting increasingly larger dildos into her ass during this session which forced the vibrating egg onto the front wall of her pussy, making her desperate for relief. I permitted my plaything to cum several times as I worked on her.

Back and forth around the bed finding different angles to strike her, looking for ways to increase her pleasure – at one point I took my cock out and let Laurie touch it, which made her cum again. Taking my time I looked around the room for something else to use on her, a new sensation, a new way to give her the pain she wants. The pain she needs to create the pleasure she craves. I found a plastic rod from a set of window blinds, lying on the dresser. I whipped it and it made a swishing sound through the air. It was perfect. Approaching Laurie I swung and struck her ass, hard. Immediately there was a bright red line and a welt. Laurie squealed and cried out. “I know that hurt.” I said. She bit her lip and struggled. I struck her again and again, over and over the rod found its mark. Red welts appeared and Laurie came again and again.


Then he untied my ankles and had me roll over onto my back. My memory gets a little foggy at this point. I know he pulled my tits out of my bra and licked and sucked the nipples, because that sent me into heaven. I remember him hitting my face with his belt, or was that earlier? I liked it in any case. It felt dangerous but great. I remember him making me roll to one side, and he hit my thighs and ass. With what? His belt? The wooden spoon? Then he had me roll to the other side and did the same thing. I know I came again. More than once.

Then I remember him untying my wrists and I got off the bed. He had me stand at the foot of the bed and bend over. I think he used the dowel on me then, a lot. The egg was providing this constant background of arousal and I was walking a tightrope, so aroused, so close, but not enough to cum. He played with the settings, producing a variety of sensations that kept me off balance and continuously stimulated. I remember that he made me look at him when he hit me with the dowel. I remember watching his arm come down, fast, and realizing he was really swinging it hard. As in that microsecond before I felt it, I remember being really scared and when it hit the sensation vibrated through my whole body in waves. He made me look at my ass in the mirror so I could see the welts and the bright red color. He made me watch in the mirror as he hit me again. At some point my head just went somewhere else, where there was just sensation, and arousal and the pain and the pleasure were all mixed together and each was essential to the other. I remember looking up in his face, at that intense stern look in his eyes and realizing that he was still completely in control, even though I was no longer tied up and should have been able to move away if I wanted to. But I couldn't. And I didn't want to. I just felt completely owned at that point. Like my existence sprang from the look in his eyes. Like I would have turned into a puff of smoke and blown away like I never existed if he had broken my gaze.


I untied Laurie and allowed her to enjoy a drink and relax a bit until I was ready to start again.

At this point she was in a daze, kind of overwhelmed and feeling very lightheaded. I had her kneel before me and take my cock in her mouth. I forced her head down on my cock and she gagged. I made her look into the mirror by her bed as she sucked my cock. I forced her to watch me fuck her mouth. Helpless now and completely under my control, Laurie just let me use her mouth as my fuck toy, her arms down to her sides, I pushed my hard thick cock in her mouth over and over again. She received my cock as she should – as my whore. I did not cum in her mouth but held that reward for another day. I left her then, crumpled and disheveled, used and sated. I was already planning how I would use her the next time.

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2013-01-23 11:17:50
Laurie's Mom Helen and my Mom Carol were school chums and my Mom was alawys getting Helen introuble. When both ladies married and had children (Laurie and myself) we would have get togethers so the old friends could chat and reminise while we got into all sorts of trouble. My greatest recollection was of my brother and I setting Laurie and her sister adrift in a rowboat w/ no oars in the surf of Cape Cod Bay. Laurie's Dad asked us what had happened when we returned to the house drenched and we made up this whopper of a tale about a wave breaking too close to shore and getting us all wet! Laurie and I had just recently reconnected now that we were both west coasters transplanted from NY and she was a great source of support when I lost both my Mother and my brother within 7 months of each other. Even though we never reconnected in person I alawys felt she was no further than an email away. I will miss her, pray for strength and healing for her family and treasure her as one of my fondes

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2012-10-02 19:57:23
Finally! This is just what I was loiokng for.

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2010-05-09 11:33:33
that was hot and scary i dont trust no one that much

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