Princess was a bad little girl
5pm. Finally. It had been along day, between the problems with the servers, constant phone calls from users having all sorts of problems, and the icing on the cake, the Boss. 6 years younger , only worked at the company since graduating high school, not to mention the Napoleon complex, the short little prick had another bug up his ass, mainly due to the fact he was incompetent and relied on his staff to be his brains.
Opening the front door, he barely got in the house when he was tackled. Laughing, he picked up his Princess in his arms and she put her arms around him and squealed “DADDY! You’re home!” He moaned as she ground her crotch against his growing bulge in his pant and kissed him on the lips. “Dinner’s ready, Daddy” He was happy, since he had to skip lunch thanks to work.
After dinner, he flopped down in his chair to relax and watch some tv. A little while later, after Princess cleaned up the kitchen, and finished her homework, she came in and curled up in his lap. He smiled, thinking to himself that he had trained her well. She just wore her little nightgown and a smile as she wiggled her butt in his crotch as she got comfortable. “How was school today princess?” he asked while casually rubbing her thigh with his hand. Her normally bubbly personality suddenly got a little quiet, glancing away, trying desperately to avoid the question. After the day he had, he was in no mood to play her game, knowing something must have happened. He asked her again ‘How was school” a little firmer in his voice, his eyes boring into her. She tried to get up his lap, as she was hoping to avoid telling him about the trouble she got into until after she “relaxed “him some, so he would be in a better mood. Daddy tightened his grip on her soft young thigh, squeezing much harder than she usually liked him to do. Daddy was in no playful mood tonight. She swallowed hard, knowing that she had no choice but to fess up. The look he had scared her, but she knew that although he was going to be very mad, that he loved her very much, and she was a very lucky girl to have a daddy that took such good care of her. Her friends were all jealous of her because her daddy was so much more handsome than theirs, and so much more loving.
“I’m sorry Daddy. I got into a fight at school” She immediately tried to explain what happened, but was cut off as she felt the sting of his hand slapping her across the face, making her tear up. Sobbing she looked at him, his handsome face so red, his eyes burning at her. “AND JUST WHAT WHERE YOU DOING THAT CAUSED YOU TO GET INTO A FIGHT??????” She looked down at the floor, as she answered. “Emily saw me talking to her boyfriend, and got mad at me, yelling at me that I was trying to steal her boyfriend. She called me a whore, just like my mother was, so I punched her”
He thought to himself, “If you’re anything like your mother, then you probably are a whore and trying to steal her boyfriend.” Angered that after all he had taught her about not fighting, that she would do such a thing. Taking a deep breath, he looked at her coldly, standing in front of him, looking good enough to eat in her cute little babydoll nightgown. “You know what has to happen. He leaned back in his chair, watching as she came over and started to assume the position, bent over his knees. Sliding her little gown up, his mouth watering as he looked forward to feeling her soft, white ass cheeks, he immediately felt his blood boil when he realized that he obviously hadn’t trained her well enough, since she knew she was NEVER to wear panties when she was at home. But there they were, those pastel blue cotton panties, hiding what he longed for. His hand came down HARD against her right cheek, causing her to yelp as the stinging and burning sensation set in. She had forgotten all about the fact that she had put on panties earlier, hoping to get daddy a little mad, since she usually enjoyed his little spankings. But this was different. Daddy wasn’t playing. His large hand came down even harder than the first time across her other cheek. He spanked her ass so hard it actually hurt his hand. But he was angry, and wasn’t about to ease up until she learned her lesson. She got 3 more slaps across each cheek, before he made her stand in front of him, tears running down her cute cheeks, sobbing. “QUIT CRYING OR I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!” Her little pussy started to ache as she felt her panties start to get damp, thinking about what he could do to make her cry about. “Stand there in Front of me, and lift up your nightie. NOW” She jumped a little as his voice boomed when he commanded “NOW” Her pussy started flooding her little cotton panties a lot , as she did what she was told, watching the look in her fathers eyes start to look a little less angry, and a lot more lustful, which scared her almost as much. She slowly held the hem of her gown, and lifted it up slowly. Her Daddy started to lick his lips as her cute little cotton covered mound came into view. He admitted to himself that she was very sexy in them, and how the color matched her soft white thighs perfectly. But he couldn’t lose control of the situation so easily. She needed to be punished, so she could learn her lesson. “THAKE THOSE PANTIES OFF NOW! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT WEARING YOUR PANTIES WHEN YOURE AT HOME WITH ME????” She swallowed hard and slid them off, exposing her pretty little pussy, hairless, young, puffy little lips so sexy they looked like they could kiss back. He could smell her arousal, and watched the moisture leave a string between her pussy and the panties, which he could see were saturated. He thought about making her take off her gown, but decided to wait on that. He grabbed her wrist, and yanked her over, forcing her back over his knee. As he lifted the back of the gown up over her back, he smiled seeing the blazing red handprints. She flinched as he caressed her cheeks with his hand, feeling the heat coming off of her ass. She pleaded with him to not spank her again, but that only made him bring his hand down hard again, creating a crack that actually hurt his ears it was so loud. Her body when rigid and straight when he hit her, the pain was almost unbearable. But the only thing that hurt worse at this moment was the ache in her pussy, and the hard cock pressing into her belly. When Daddy could no longer feel anything in his hand from the stinging, He stood her up and yanked the gown over her head. And there she stood. Naked as the day she was born. Well maybe not quite like when she was born, as she was started to grow curves, and those little breasts and nipples didn’t belong to a baby. As she tried to cover herself with her hands, he yanked them away. “On your knees, Princess.” Her little clit tingled as she heard him call her Princess, and she did what she was told. As he stood up, she knew what she was to do, and quickly fumbled with Daddy’s belt and fly, finally getting his work slacks down around his ankles. She saw the wet spot on his boxer briefs that punctuated the throbbing hard bulge. Daddy’s cock sprung out as she yanked them down too. As he sat back in his chair, she moved forward between his legs, dipping down to run her tongue from the base of his balls up to the tip, licking his piss slit, tasting his precum. As she opened her mouth to slide Daddy’s dirty old cock between her hips, she felt his hands hold her head, and shoving his cock down her throat. Her nose was buried in his crotch, and she moaned as she tried to breath. Her involuntary swallowing, trying to get the foreign object out of her throat, made him moan in pleasure that it caused. She looked up at him, with such love in her eyes. No ones Daddy was as wonderful as hers was. Her friends daddies bought them things, let them do what they wanted. But their daddies never cared for them like her Daddy did. And she saw that love in his eyes as he looked down at her, raping her mouth like she was a common whore. Tears rolled down as he made her choke and gag, almost on the verge of vomiting, but knowing she’d better not after what he did to her the last time it happened.
She relaxed, allowing him his will, knowing that if she did good, it would be over soon. Using the spit that was drooling out of her mouth, she scooped it up in her hands, and started stroking the base of his cock and massaging his balls with them. “Daddy thinks he’s in control, but I know better” she thought to herself, since she knew just would make him blow his load fast. Taking her wet finger, she started rubbing his asshole. Not inserting her finger, since she knew he didn’t like that one bit, instead using it like a wet tongue licking and pressing against it. She smiled inside as she felt his cock flex and heard him groan, fucking her mouth harder and faster than she had ever remembered. It went on for what felt like hours, but was only moments. Finally, she knew. She felt his balls retract a little and his body go rigid hold her tight against him. She swallowed, knowing the sensation would push him over the edge, and boy did it. The first shot was so forceful some of it actually came out her nose before she was able to swallow the rest of it. Shot after shot of the thick, hot, creamy cum was pumped down her throat as she moaned, loving every second. His body twitched, as the final waves passed, releasing his death grip on her head, sliding his still hard but very sensitive cock out of her mouth. She made him jump as she wrapped her lips around the head of nasty cock, sucking and licking the last of his cum out of him. He fell back into the chair, looking at her as she licked her lips, wiping off the cum. Deliriously he looked down at his princess and smiled as looked up at him, laid her head on his thigh and said “I Love you Daddy”

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That's just horrible... (not the story)

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wow. ur a fuckin pervert both of you

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wow..loved it. i was in an apartment bldg other day, on the elevator was a little girl...about 5...i pushed top floor...and made her stay on with me. I got off..with her, and took her to the stairs area...took out my hard cock, and forced her to suck me off...ohhh did i cum in her mouth. I made her swallow all my hot sperm. She gagged on it. Then i quicklly left the bldg.

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