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I got a few constructive comments on my first post, and some claiming that my first story was "bad porn" since the girl got some cum on her face. The stories I am writing are 100% true, with only names and maybe in the future some ages changed. I was thinking about my past sexual exploits last month, and thought it would be fun to write about some of the highlights. If you care to read along, you'll start with my virginity and end, eventually, when I get to the present.
I left my high school sweetheart Sarah behind and moved Southern California to attend a small college in a beach city. Any man who has been to college will tell you that the sex life for a freshman male can be difficult. Add to this the culture shock of arriving in Southern California from a very dissimilar locale which caused me to not fit in very well with most of my classmates.

During the first semester of my freshman year, I did hook up with a pretty, large chested girl from my home town who also found herself lost in SoCal. She gave the most amazing oral sex; sucking so hard that cumming was equal parts pain and pleasure. This oral talent soon made her many male friends over 21 who could buy her alcohol and take her on trips to Vegas, and countless other things that I could not manage at 18 years old. I got lucky with another girl from close to where I grew up who came to my school to visit her cousin, but she was mediocre looking at best, and nothing worthy of writing about.

My second semester started off quite differently. I walked into the first day of General Chemistry, and for the first time saw Diane. Diane was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. She had raven black hair, olive colored skin, and stood 5'11" tall. She was slender. Model slender. She might have weighed 135 pounds soaking wet, most of which was carried in her height, not her girth. I will never forget what she was wearing the first time I saw her; a white button up shirt with the top two buttons opened, giving a tease of her very slight, A-cup cleavage and a pair of well worn jeans which were tucked into black leather cowboy boots.

I am certain every guy who saw her would say he felt love at first sight, but as I walked into the room and her dazzling green eyes looked me over before returning to her book, I knew I had to get to know her. Diane was sitting in the front row of the classroom, and I usually preferred a seat toward the back of a classroom, but I took the seat to her right. My heart was racing, but I was trying to play it cool and not let her catch me looking at her out of the corner of my eye.

The next few weeks flew by. We greeted each other when we took out seats, occasionally shared an eye-roll at another student's stupid question or the size of the homework load given by the professor in a Friday class, but I really was not getting anywhere with Diane, and I was feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of progress I had made.

When the first midterm exams were returned the professor announced that one student had put up a perfect exam score, and thus the midterm was not graded on a curve. Almost on cue, the class groaned and small, frantic conversations broke out. When my exam landed on my desk, my eyes grew wide in shock at the 100/100 score scribed on the top of the front page in red ink. Diane noticed too and gave me a rather unfriendly look. I quickly flipped my exam over so no other students would discover that I was the reason their average exam scores would not be adjusted upward.

When I reached the hallway after class, Diane was waiting for me.

"So, did you get lucky or do you really understand all this stuff?" Diane asked.

"I understand it. I mean, I did not know I aced the exam, but I knew I did well. Sorry about the curve." I said with half a grin as I started walking again.

"Hey, wait a sec." Diane said. "I'm pre-med. C's are not going to get me into med school. Would you be willing to study with me?"

"OK," I said playing it cool, "If you are serious about studying, I will help." I could not believe my luck!

Diane pulled a scrap of paper out of her purse and scribbled for a few seconds. "Here is my phone number. Call me later and we can figure out when to meet at the library."

We studied at the library once or twice, but soon Diane started inviting me to study at her campus apartment. Diane shared the two bedroom apartment with three other girls; and shared a bedroom with Megan. Megan was obviously a brunette who colored her hair. How many blondes have dark brown eyebrows, brown eyes and dark complexions? At maybe 5'6", Megan was of average height, but looked short next to Diane. Whereas Diane was tall and willowy, Megan had the build of a soccer or field hockey player. Curves in the right places, defined calves under scarred knees under thick, toned thighs which were usually bare, as she usually studied in gym shorts and a tank top.

I could not have ed things with Diane any better. Studying together was a springboard talking before and after class, grabbing dinner or a midnight snack as a study break, and spending time together on weekends. As a side benefit, I also got to be good friends with Diane's roommates, especially Megan.

Very late one night, while studying for a lab quiz, the skies opened up and a very rare Southern California rainstorm started. The rain did had not let up by the time we were prepared for our quiz, and I really did not want to walk back to my dorm in such a heavy rain. As I was packing to go, Diane suggested that I just spend the night instead of getting myself and all my books soaked.

Not really thinking about what had been offered, I replied, "I'm too tired to sleep on a couch, I'll just walk fast."

Diane laughed and said, "Who said anything about a couch?"

I looked up, laughing mostly because Diane had laughed, and my eyes met Diane's eyes. We both instantly stood and kissed, passionately. As we kissed, Diane walked backward, pulling me along as we kissed our way toward her bedroom. When we got to the door she broke off our kiss, put a finger across her lips and said, "Shh." Megan was in the shared bedroom asleep.

We tiptoed across the dark room, and I followed Diane into her bed. We kissed and kissed as she unbuttoned my shirt and kissed over my chest. I pulled Diane's shirt off, exposing two delicate breasts with dark, hard nipples as small as pennies. I kissed below her breasts, along the ribs which showed through her slight build. When I got to her left nipple, I took it across my lips, massaging it with my tongue as I sucked hard. Diane moaned loudly enough that Megan stirred in her sleep.

As I moved to the right nipple, Diane whispered, "If you keep that up I'm going to cum."

"Really? Just from your nipples?"

"Keep going and you'll find out." And I did. Diane rejected by attempts to breach the boundaries of her panty lines, but truth be told I was just as happy have my mouth buried in her small breasts. Several minutes of breast stimulation later, Diane's breathing got fast and shallow, her back arched and she smothered her face in a pillow as she screamed through an orgasm.

I rolled to the side of her and gently caressed her stomach, arms and chest with my fingertips.

When she regained her composure, she rolled on top of me, kissing all over my upper body. Diane then undid my belt, opened the buttons of my jeans, and with a bit of my help, got me out of my jeans and boxers. Straddling my knees, I could see Diane's beautiful form above me as she placed both her hands on my shaft. She rubbed up and down slowly, teasingly. She leaned forward, putting her stomach onto my cock and rocked her body back and forth to stimulate me. I was in bliss, but I wanted more.

"Take me in your mouth," I whispered.

I felt her body jerk a bit and she sat up. "Um, I've never done that before."

"So you are a..."


"Are you against the idea of giving oral sex?"

"No, I have just never done it. I'm afraid I would not like it."

"Well, that seems silly. Why don't you try it and if you don't like it, I promise you can stop at any time."

And that settled it. Somehow that was enough to put Diane at ease. She lowered her mouth to my hips, and gently kissed the head and even licked a bit around the corona. She kissed down one side, and back up the other, and then just went for it.

Unlike some of the girls I had been with before, Diane did not "suck" me, but just took me from hilt to head and back again. As she blew me, a thick line of her saliva made its way through from the base of my cock, up my stomach a bit, and was running down my side.

I was eager to cum, but at the same time feel as though I hardly had time to appreciate that I was the first guy to get a blowjob from this gorgeous 19 year old girl. As she bobbed her head up and down my length, the pressure built and I came hard in Diane's mouth. I took several hard breaths and tried my best to stay as quiet as possible as I came. Diane took all my cum and her mouth, swallowed it, and very gently massaged the soft transition from length to head on the underside of my manhood with her tongue. I let out a deep sigh and turned my head to the side, and that is when I saw Megan. Megan was laying on her side watching. When she realized I was looking at her, she snapped her eyelids shut and pretended to sleep. I decided not to mention it to Diane, and fell asleep with her in my arms.

I started the night with Diane after studying and on the weekends, so probably 4 or 5 times per week. She would give me blowjobs, and I would suck on her nipples and eventually she started letting finger and go down on her. Megan always watched. Diane woke up every morning at 6 and went to a gym off campus to workout. She usually did not return until around 9, and never was back before 8 in the morning. Not being one for early mornings, Diane would let me sleep in her bed while she worked out, and would wake me when she got home so we could shower and get dressed together before heading to our classes.

In hindsight, it was obvious, but at the time and based upon my relative inexperience, it meant little to me at the time. I thought we were waking Megan up and she was being a good sport, or maybe that she just like to watch. However, after a couple of weeks of watching, Megan started making strange comments whenever Diane was out of earshot. It started with little comments, but then escalated to comments like, "You know I'm not a virgin, right?" and "If you were my boyfriend, you wouldn't have to settle for head."

One morning, after Diane kissed me goodbye and headed off to her gym as per usual, Megan got out of her bed and slipped into Diane's bed with me.

"Um," was all I managed before Megan interrupted.

"I'm on the pill," is all Megan said.

While not as visually attractive as Diane, and not really my type at the time, I have to admit that Megan's curves felt good against my body. She pulled at my boxers, exposing my hardening member, and I felt her wet pussy slide into place over it. She rubbed up and down my cock with her warm wetness, and I could not help but grow harder.

"Megan, I'm," I began to protest, but she put her hand over my mouth.

"I promise not to tell." With that, she removed her hand from my mouth and put it between her legs, grasping my wet erection.

Megan put my cock in place and sat down on it. We both gasped. She was tight, every tight...and as soft inside as silk. I started to buck my hips a little to fuck her but she pushed more of her weight down on my hips.

"Stop. Just lay there," Megan cooed.

Her pussy tightened around the bottom half of my cock, help me as tight as a fist, and then relaxed and let me go. Again Megan tightened around me, gripped me, and released me.

"Does that feel good?" Megan asked.

"Interesting." I answered truthfully. I had never felt anything like it in my life. It was not intense, but not unpleasant. It felt good, but not overly so.

"You don't mind if I take care of myself too, do you?" she asked.

"Would you prefer some help?"

"No, I'll just touch myself like I do when I watch you with Diane."

Megan collected a bit of her saliva on the tip of her left middle finger and started playing with her clitoris as she sat motionless, save for the flexure of her inner muscles, atop my hard on. I laid back, closed my eyes, and focused on the sensation. Grab, hold, release. Grab, hold, release. Grab, hold, release.

After what felt like an eternity of pleasant but mundane sensation, I started to feel a tingling in my cock. That tingling started radiating out from the point of sensation into my testicles, and up through my stomach. Megan sat astride me, impaled on my dick, and kept me right on the edge of an orgasm for what felt like and eternity simply by moving her inner muscles.

I was vaguely aware of that Megan's pace started in increase, and all at once she let out a scream. As she came, Megan's vaginal contractions and spasms were random and strong. Feeling her pulsating powerfully as she enveloped me put me over the edge. I started to come inside her and reached up, grabbed the back of her neck pounded my cock into her. I came so hard I almost passed out and my teeth were numb.

"What the fuck!" I exclaimed.

"They're called kegels. Diane works on her looks, I work on my skills."

"Shit!" I said realizing that I had just fucked my girlfriend's roommate in my girlfriend's bed. "Can I get a towel?

"Relax. We have plenty of time and you won't need a towel."

Megan slid up, and I felt the cool air of the room on my cum covered staff. She spread her labia opened and I could see she started to work her Kegels again, as her pink opening was pulsating from wide to narrow like the aperture of a camera. My cum leaked out and I watched as it pooled on my stomach beneath my belly button.

"There is a reason I only kegeled you," Megan said as she moved to my balls, and started to lick them methodically. "I am good at keeping things secret." With my testicles damp and clean, Megan worked her tongue like a cat over my whole penis, keeping me quite hard and even coaxing a few extra drops out of me. She licked through my pubic hair and lapped up the puddle of cum she deposited on my stomach. When she finished to her satisfaction she said, "If you get into my bed tomorrow morning, we can mess up my sheets." With that, Megan kissed me on the cheek and said, "Go back to sleep," and returned to her own bed.

And that was the way of it for the remained of the semester. I would go to bed with tall, gorgeous Diane at night, and wake up to have curvy, dirty Megan in the morning.

If anyone wants to hear the story about how Diane's lost her virginity, let me know and I will post it. Also, I could tell a couple great stories I have with Megan too, but just so you know I never had them together. Otherwise I'll move forward to some other stories next.


2017-11-09 05:40:31
I loved this. I’m not sure if you post on here anymore but I would love to hear Diane’s story

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2016-03-21 11:54:11
Men that was awesome

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2013-12-20 03:07:37
great story. please keep writing

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2010-08-24 04:29:20
good story... i would suggest an indirect continuation featuring both girls if that's the way it went...

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2010-03-21 19:34:06
You should write a sequel. It was very good writing and fuck me, it made me horny. You should be proud. (:

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