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Another tale of a great Ass! Enjoy...
The women at work tend to take up most of my time on a daily basis. I’m kept busy supplying daily production reports and queries and working on their ‘challenging’, ‘comprehensive’ computer issues; like creating shortcuts and showing them where the spell check button is! Yeah, really huge problem solving stuff. I’m pretty much the office whipping boy, managing their every whim and request.
Part of the day consists of rummaging for old project files, case studies, and ‘what not’ from back in the storage room. In this I share the responsibility with the Dept. Administrator Mandy.
Newly hired, Mandy was a welcome change of scenery from the gaggle of old, married, and tired looking women at TMAC. She was taking weekend and night classes at the local JC while working a full 40 hour work week here.
She was my perfect type of girl, big and curvy, around 5’ 9’’, and weighed about 140 lbs. Just an estimate or course; what do I know about judging weight? From what I was able to see, Mandy amounted to a generously curvy treasure trove of creamy goodness.
She liked to wear form fitting, snug sundresses and short, free flowing skirts to work, always in high heels and always without nylons or stockings of any kind.
She had thick, brunette shoulder length hair but colored it black. Her hair was straight, and when she tossed it from her face, you would be treated to her sparkling facial features. Her black hair was a truly sexy contrast to her pale, white skin and piercing light blue eyes.
The high heels she wore, truly defined her smooth, muscular calves and round, firm thighs. If you were lucky enough to be walking directly behind her quick paced strut, your head would no doubt tic tock back and forth to the tempo of her succulent rear end.
There was something about the way she walked that made her ass stick out and move with such purpose. Was it the way her high heels made her legs and rear end flex? Was it her swift tempo that made everything move just so? Something always drew me to her ass and always had me dreaming of things I could do to that sexy thing.
I remember what she was wearing the day she interviewed; a form fitting business suit (skirt instead of pants), buttoned up light, pink blouse that struggled to hold in perfectly shaped breasts.
At one point, walking by her, I recalled glancing down to her chest to see the outline of her smooth, thin bra barely concealing her hard nipples. It was cold in the office that morning as is usually the case.
While being shown around the office, she made no attempt to cover up her protruding, dark areolas. She confidently strolled through the office with her dreamy, silky legs. As she past my cubicle with that hot body of hers, she instantly awoke my wanting cock. Grabbing some files and envelopes (trying to look busy), I just had to get up and follow along. I was trying to catch closer glimpses of her sweet ass and tits, until I couldn’t take it any longer.
Taking a quick detour to the restroom, I raced to an open stall and pulled out my raging cock. I was going to jerk off to Mandy for the first of many more times to come. Her abundant ass and tits were awesome subject matter as I quickly shot streams of cum all over the place. The toilet stall door now resembled a pearl jam colored Pollock painting. I knew my 4 years of high school Art would cum in handy! Pun intended…
Once hired, Mandy and I hit if off right away. I made it an instant demand that if she needed help with anything, not to hesitate to ask me.
This was about the time I started going commando at work. You know, wearing dress pants without any underwear. I imagined, numerous times, sneaking up on Mandy and pressing up against her, rubbing my cock up and down her hot ass. Since all she wore were dresses or light, flowing skirts, I knew the only thing between us would be flimsy layers of thin fabric.
Or, I would dream of walking up to her in her cubicle, bending her over her desk; I would lift up her dress, and pull down her panties. I’d whip out my stiff, ready cock and ram it up the crack of her ass; stabbing her hot pussy, or better yet, cramming my cock into her sensuous butthole.
Weeks had gone by, so the initial, illicit sensation of having my cock rubbing against my pant leg, dreaming of Mandy, had died down a bit…but, just a bit.
One day I walked in on Mandy in the storage room. She was staring at the floor level racks looking for boxes of old case studies. I came across her as she had just squatted down.
Facing my direction, she had adjusted her dress up a bit in order to fully lower herself to read the numbers on the boxes.
If I didn’t know better, you would have thought she was positioning herself to lean back and release a gushing, golden shower of piss my way. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. The site of Mandy crouching down, spreading her legs, pulling her panties to the side, and letting go of a hard, hot stream of urine cause an un-natural desire in me. Subconsciously I was compelled to take a swig from the water bottle I was carrying.
Snapping out of that awesome daydream, I chugged aside the water bottle. Walking up to her; adjusting boxes with both of her hands, the insides of her creamy thighs were fully exposed. Here smooth legs lead my eyes to her sweet lace lined pussy and ass crack. Her dress had crept up beyond her hips revealing pretty blue panties. I could see it was a thong since the silky patch covering her love holes and the firm roundness of her exquisite ass were staring me right in the face.
She looked up as I reached her and must have noticed my eyes go from her snatch to her beautiful face. I had to reach down with my hand and place it over the growing bulge in my pants. She smiled but didn’t move her pose. Still moving boxes around, Mandy knew I had a great view of her luscious pussy but made no attempt to cover up.
Stammering a bit, I mentioned the stuff she was looking for was kept on the third shelf in the back corner of the room. She finally stood up, quickly adjusted her dress, and thanked me for the help.
I thought to myself, “No, thank you.”
Most of Mandy’s day consisted of going back and forth to the storage room where a number of items were on racks high above. The thought of holding a ladder or seeing her reaching and bending over for items always brought on instant blood flows to my manhood.
“So Mandy, you uh, need help with the ladder?” I stumbled as I saw her looking directly at the giant swelling in my pants. It was pretty obvious I wasn’t doing a great job of holding back my growing erection. In fact, each time I tried, I involuntarily stroked and squeezed my shaft down the length of my thigh. I was mesmerized by Mandy’s sexiness.
She looked at me with a grin on her face and casually walked by me, brushing her arm on mine, “That would be great Buddy. I’m wearing these high heels today that I don’t think were such a good idea.”
I grabbed the giant push ladder and followed closely behind her.
Mandy’s a pretty strong, athletic girl so usually her choice in shoes wouldn’t discourage in her daily responsibilities. She walks and runs around the office in her vast array of heels confidently, so to see her question her selection today was all the opening I needed.
I looked down and saw she was wearing these amazing blue pumps with the thinnest of high heels. She also had on a matching blue and white, shorter than usual (as I had already discovered), floral print sundress.
Mandy had a way of moving around that her dress rode up and down her thighs, in such a way; I imagined her standing over a subway grate a la Marilyn Monroe in that movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’.
Or, I pictured a breezy draft, shooting from underneath the storage room door; the airstream enjoying and having its way with her, tickling her soft, dimpled thighs as her dress lifted higher and higher. I could picture Mandy cupping her pussy mound and moaning in pleasure each time the hot air drew in.
“Those are beautiful heels you’re wearing. I just love the blue color against your white skin.” I happened to get out. I was captivated in a trance like state by her beauty.
I looked up at her and waited to make sure what I had said wasn’t too forward since my eyes stayed on her legs far too long. I was envisioning my tongue running up and down her silky ankle and calf.
I was safe as she stopped and looked down to her shoe. She playfully tilted her right leg back and adjusted the satin bow on her heel. Smiling, she said, “Thanks, I just bought these for a party this weekend and I thought I’d break them in, but it looks like they might break me in instead!”
I gave her a knowing laugh, but inside I devilishly thought, “The only thing I want to ‘break in’ is your warm ass with my tongue…licking every inch of your juicy crack.”
I reached down and handled my cock again as it twitched to life even more. I was hoping that very thing would happen right here and right now.
Snapping out of my fantasy, I said, “Yeah, you might have a problem climbing up this rickety old ladder. I’ll hold it steady for you.”
Mandy stopped and turned, put her right hand on my arm, and stroked it down to my wrist, “Thank you Buddy, you’re always so nice to me and I appreciate you looking out for me.” She looked directly at me with those radiant, blue eyes and her sincere smile.
As I followed her to the back of the storage room, pushing the big walkup ladder, looking down at her ass (of course), I could see the outline of her blue thong; pressed up against her hips, the middle strap disappearing into the crack of her round, bouncy rump.
As we got to the back corner of the storage room, she proceeded to jump up on the ladder and move her sexy body on up to the third level rack. I held the ladder in place directly behind her. In what seemed like a full slow motion minute, my eyes were treated to the most succulent mounds of flesh I had ever seen.
She reached up on her toes to move boxes around; in doing so, her dress rode up revealing her creamy thighs and exposed ass. Her legs slightly spread; I could see her soft, round pussy mound covered by the thinnest most luxurious looking blue thong. I could see wisps of light, dirty blonde pubes escaping from her fleshy pussy lips.
Her luscious ass was conveniently at my eye level as I instinctively positioned my head closer to her and took in a deep, silence breathe in. She smelled of wonderfully sweet sex. My face was no more than inches from her gap as my mouth watered and my wanting tongue ached to taste her.
Mandy was reaching up and around for boxes but couldn’t find the one she needed. She was bouncing up and down on her tippy toes, teasing my cock with each rebound. I was in heaven.
“I think that’s the one…I can see the number on the side, but I can’t reach it. Can you get it for me?...uuuuhhh, Buddy?” She smiled and looked down at me.
I was staring longingly at her exposed ass cheeks with my mouth agape; my right hand slowly stroking my cock through my pants. I finally looked up to see her smirking and licking her bottom lip.
“Huh, yeah of course…sorry.” Snapped out of my rapturous gaze, I slid myself up to help. I thought to myself, “It is on! I’m so gonna be inside of her…one way or another.”
Deliberately sliding up her back, I inhaled her hypnotizing pheromones from every goose bumped pore of her body; up her thighs, up the crack of her succulent ass. I ran my nose up the small of her back and spine. I drew in again as I reached her hair and neck and took in whiffs of her sensual aroma.
She had struggled moving boxes around, so I could see her milky, white skin was moist and damp from the slight perspiration. Turning her head, smiling and with her warm breath inches from my face, she pointed and softly said, “That one, over there…” She looked over to the box but made no attempt to move aside and in fact steadied herself on the rails of the ladder.
In a swift motion, I unclasped my belt, undid the top button of my pants, lowered my zipper, and let my pants slowly fall down my thighs as I leaned into Mandy.
Reaching for the box, I bent forward, pushing myself up against her softness. I was pressing and rubbing the shaft of my cock up against her yielding, warm body. She was now feeling my hot, thick cock brushing up against her soft ass.
As I reached one last time, Mandy on her tippy toes knowingly lifted and pushed back with her protruding ass. She moaned and gasped as my now full, rigid cock plunged in between her warm, supple ass cheeks.
I groaned and flexed my torso back and seemed to lift her up with the sole strength of my rock hard shaft.
With my right hand steadied around her waist, I reached up and gently massaged her heaving bosoms and engorged nipples. She tilted her head back and softly cooed, “I knew you would ‘cum’ across my ‘hot box’ Buddy. What took you so long?” That’s all I needed to hear as I reached up and kissed her warm, sultry neck.
I steadied myself and reached down with both hands and ripped off her lacy thong. My heart raced as I placed my right hand back around her waist. I plunged my left hand up her ass crack to her already dripping wet pussy. She moaned and shook as I worked my fingers in and out of her soaked cunt and around her fully engorged pussy lips. “God that feels so good…I want you inside of me right now.” She whispered, placing her head back onto my shoulder.
I was trembling with anticipation as I reached up to her chest and undid her dress buttons down to her waist. Her lacy, baby blue bra undid in the front. She easily worked the latch open, releasing her warm tits into my caressing hand. I pinched and worked her nipples and with each squeeze of my right hand, I thrust and worked her hot pussy and clit with my left hand. I stuffed my face into her soft hair, taking in her every scent, “You’re so hot Mandy…I’m gonna fuck you so hard right now.”
She steadied herself up against the ladder as I reached down with my right hand and positioned the head of my cock up against her warm pussy. I playfully traced the lips of her snatch with my cock, up and down, covering it with her hot moisture. She pushed out her ass as I rammed up inside her with such ease; her hot box was so wet, my cock engulfed every inch of her.
I started pumping her ass faster and faster. With each thrust, she moaned and shoved back, enjoying her sensitive pussy being filled to capacity.
I held onto both rails of the ladder now and just kept ramming her ass violently. The sound of my thighs smacking her ass was echoing throughout the room, but we were in no harm of being caught since none of the old broads ever went into the storage room unless their lives depended on it.
As I stroked in and out of her, looking down at her luscious crack, I could see her milky, white love cream covering my shaft.
I reached down with my right thumb and scooped up some of her juices and began playing with her succulent asshole. She shuttered and waited as I slowly pushed my thumb into her pink hole. “Ahhhh…oh yeah, work my asshole. Uummm…that feels so good.” She was enjoying herself just as much as I was. “Fuck me Buddy…fuck me hard and make me cum.”
I was pounding her pussy with my cock and working her anus, knuckle deep, with my thumb. She moaned and cried out in ecstasy as I inched my thumb deeper and deeper.
I couldn’t stand it anymore. I just had to suck and eat that awesome ass right now! “Oh Mandy, I want to lick and suck on your hot ass. Spread your legs and stick out that fabulous ass of yours!”
She moaned and gasped as I crouched down and grabbed onto her full ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her wanting cherry butthole.
I pressed my face into her cheeks and kissed and sucked and licked every inch of her opening and crack. I was lapping up her hot juices and jamming my tongue deep inside of her butthole. She tensed and released with each thrust of my tongue.
“Stick your cock in my ass Buddy. I want to feel your hot cum inside my asshole.”
My eyes lid up. I stood back up and lapped up some more of her milky white pussy juice with the head of my cock. I slowing positioned my dick right up against her wanting hole. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks with both hands and eagerly waited as I pushed in the head of my cock. I worked my shaft slowly inside her ass until I was fully contained by her velvety gap. She let out a long sigh and whimper as I began to slide in and out of her asshole.
Mandy was taking all of my cock like a true champion; bouncing her backside up against me, each and every time I thrust into her.
She reached down to her pussy with her right hand and began working her clit really hard. She was moaning and letting out a low, settled squeal. She sopped up some of her pussy juices and reached back to my waiting open mouth. I sucked on her fingers as she let me taste her sweet, tangy fluid.
My head raced at the thought of arousing Mandy’s inner desires and hunger for sex. I was now in the middle of one of the greatest fucks I ever had in my life.
I returned to pounding her ass faster and faster until I could hold out no longer. She was close to coming too as her fingers were back to working her clit feverishly.
I was going to cum so hard. I felt my fully engorged cock stiffen; I screamed out, and plunged deep into her ass. I slowly thrust back and forth as I shot load after load of hot cum into her stretched asshole. She was so hot and wet now; our bodies completely felt as one as I slid in and out of her, panting and gasping with each thrust.
Working her clit like a pro, she also came really hard as her whole body shuttered and twitched with mine.
We pressed up against each other as I licked the sweat off of her neck and kissed her soft white exposed shoulder over and over again.
Completely spent, I pulled out of her ass, pulled up my pants, and stepped back down the ladder to the floor. I watched as, holding onto both rails, she collapsed and squatted down with her legs spread apart. She reached down with her right hand and deliberately massaged her engorged pussy lips, slowly working every last shudder of her explosive orgasm. Totally exhausted, cum was dripping out of her asshole and collecting in a puddle on one of the ladder steps.
I drew closer to her and blissfully watched, licking my lips, as she waited for my cum to leave her extended pink opening. I helped a bit too by reaching down and licking her spent asshole again with my hungry tongue, causing her to flinch and moan with the remaining twitches of her orgasm.
“You taste so good…I could eat your ass forever.”
She looked back at me and smiled, “I’m going to hold you to that. My ass is going to need daily attention to make up for all the lost time we could have had in here.”
We cleaned ourselves up as well as we could, under the circumstances, and casually walked out of the storage room as if nothing had happened.
With the box of case files in hand, I walked over to Mandy’s desk and placed them on the floor right next to her chair. I waited and watched as she walked closer to me. She looked around and adjusting the backside of her dress; her ass now panty less, she glided back to her cubicle.
With a devious smile, she stood closely facing me, and with a quick reach down underneath the front of her dress, she inserted a finger into her hot box, coming out with some of her warm pussy juice. Placing her finger in my mouth, she gave me a knowing wink. I reached up, held her finger in my mouth, and proceeded to stroke and suck her finger dry. I laughed as she took another dip into her pussy and licked and sucked her juices as well.
With a giant smile on my face, I shook my head and tapped her ass one last time. I gently reached underneath her dress and lovingly squeezed her ass cheek. With my knees slightly buckling, I walked slowly back to my desk.
I did nothing constructive for the rest of the day. Mandy and I did exchange emails with details of meeting up after work at her place. She wanted to parade around her apartment in her underwear, showing me some more high heels she had just bought. I could think of nothing better…that is until the next time we look for ‘out of the way’ boxes in the storage room.

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Wow that was a hot story I ever read, but it took you a long time to get that ass after all the sing she gave you to make your move to fuck her, but I can wait for the sequal to come out, part 2 of this hot story? So get to it Now, I wish I could fuck my aprentice I got in my job, since she is a cock teaser , boy will I like to get that ass for my self, to fuck her hard?

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