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The next chapters about camping with my lover and her daughters
Part 5

As Sarah and I headed to our room, Kelly and Cassie continued to share their bodies with each other. Though Cassie had some understanding of oral sex after experimenting with Sarah, the encounter with her mother was helping her to see just how much she didn't know. She learned how much better it is to actually eat a girl out instead of just licking around her vagina. She learned how exciting it could be to actually make out instead of just play games. And she started to learn how a woman could provide just as much pleasure as a man.

It didn't take long after Sarah and I left for Kelly to throw the blanket covering her and Cassie onto the floor. Kelly pulled her feet toward her ass, spreading her knees wide, giving Cassie better access to her pussy. She held her daughter's hips in her hands and maintained a constant flow of juices by driving her tongue in and out of the tight cunt.

As her mom's tongue drove her crazy, Cassie discovered more about the pussy in front of her face. After tongue fucking her mom, Cassie used her tongue to explore Kelly more fully. She played with the lips with her tongue, and experimented with sliding her tongue up and down Kelly's slit.

Taking a moment to teach Cassie, Kelly shifted her hands from her daughter's hips to her own pussy, sliding them under Cassie's shoulders. She pulled her lips apart and found her clit, urging Cassie to suck on it. Cassie licked at Kelly's button, then sucked at it cautiously. She turned her head, taking the clitoris into her mouth and then flicked across it with her tongue. Aware of how she liked to be rubbed in that area, Cassie gently rubbed her mother's clit with her tongue and lips. As Kelly started to moan and rock her hips, Cassie brought one hand to Kelly's pussy and slid a finger into the hole. Lustily, Kelly told her to use two fingers, and Cassie obeyed. She removed one finger then slid two back into her mom's cunt. Kelly returned the favor, sucking Cassie's clit and fingering her pussy.

Eventually, Kelly sat up, pulling Cassie into her naked lap. She returned her mouth to Cassie's, engaging her daughter in another deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues played while their bodies locked into a tight embrace. Ending the kiss, Kelly leaned back and suggested they go to bed. "I have some things that should help keep us from just falling asleep."

"Like what," was Cassie's quick and excited response.

"Why don't you follow me, and we'll find out, together." Saying that, Kelly stood up, naked, and took her daughter's hand. She pulled Cassie up and into her arms, where she thrilled her with another deep kiss. "You should know how excited I am to share this night with you, Cassie. I hope you're just as excited."

"I am, mom. And I'm excited to see what you're talking about in the bedroom. Can we go there, now?"

"Of course, honey." And holding hands like girlfriends, they headed down the hall to their bedroom.

Closing the door behind them, Kelly led Cassie to the bed and had her lie down. "You look so beautiful, Cassie. I just want you to know how wonderful you are. Now, let me see what we can find for you."

Kelly turned and bent over to go through the bin of sex toys she had smuggled into the room. As she bent, she heard Cassie return her compliment. "Mom, you look pretty amazing, too. I can see why Tom enjoys sex with you." Blushing at the compliment and comment from her daughter, Kelly turned with several items in her hands.

"How about you? Do you want to have more sex with me?"

Cassie's eyes lit up when she saw the things in Kelly's hands. She was curious and excited at the same time. She knew they had to be some kind of sex toys, like the dildo they had found and taken, before. But these looked very different from that one.

Kelly set the collection of toys on the bed. Specifically, she had two different vibrators, one clit stimulator, and a long flexible double ended dildo. She explained each of them to Cassie, who was almost bouncing out of her skin thinking about them. Holding the bug looking clit stimulator, she told Cassie that the original plan was to have me use it with Sarah. "Since they're off on their own, we can use it on you if you want."

Holding up the bullet shaped vibrators, Kelly turned one on and touched it briefly to her daughter's pussy. Cassie jumped as the vibrating toy hit the lips to her pussy, and she grabbed Kelly's hand, holding it to her. Kelly had to pull her hand away to show Cassie the final toy.

Taking the double-ended dildo in her hands, Kelly explained how it could be used. Excited about all the toys, Cassie seemed most interested in the vibrator, and couldn't take her eyes off it. Setting the other toys aside, Kelly took the two vibrators and handed one to Cassie.

"Why don't you lay back and let me show you just how fun these can be, honey."

Cassie laid back on a pillow and Kelly had her put her raise and then spread her knees. Kelly then laid down next to her daughter and leaned in to start kissing her, again. As she worked her tongue into Cassie's mouth, Kelly turned her vibrator on and placed it against one of her daughter's nipples. Cassie jumped, shocked at the feeling of the toy on her chest. But her nipple hardened, aroused by the vibrations. Kelly slid it to the other nipple, then down Cassie's body. Cassie tensed up with sexual energy as the vibrator moved across her stomach and onto her pubic mound. She released all that energy as the vibrator slid into her slit, hitting her clit like a trigger.

Kelly watched as her daughter started to gasp loudly. Sensing Cassie's pleasure, she gently rolled the shaking toy back and forth over Cassie's clit, savoring the wild reactions. Cassie, unable to take any more stimulation of her engorged, sensitive clit, grabbed Kelly's arm to push it and the dildo further down her pussy. Kelly responded by pushing the vibrator past Cassie's lips and into her cunt. The vibrations from the toy were a new sensation for Cassie, and she writhed in ecstasy as the dildo filled her pussy with pleasant feelings.

Wanting satisfaction of her own, Kelly switched the second vibrator on and handed it to Cassie. She then repositioned herself so her head was near Cassie's pussy. That position offered Kelly's pussy to Cassie and the vibrator in her hand.

Cassie needed no urging to duplicate on her mom the experience she just had. She placed the tip of the vibrator against Kelly's open lips, teasing the clit and rubbing across the entire slit. Kelly gasped as Cassie worked the vibrator back and forth across her clit, then moaned when Cassie shoved the entire dildo deep into her pussy.

As mother and daughter laid there fucking each other with vibrators, Kelly lowered her head to Cassie's slit, sucking the still sensitive clit into her mouth. She pulled on the clit, teasing it out of its hiding place, still working the dildo back and forth in Cassie's cunt. Cassie, realizing she could eat Kelly out while fucking her with the dildo, attacked her mom's pussy in a sexually charged frenzy. She alternated between the clit and pussy, lapping at the juices leaking out of her mom's pussy because of the vibrator.

On the brink of climaxing, Kelly pulled the vibrator out of Cassie's cunt and lifted her own pussy off the toy Cassie was using on her. Reaching as she turned, she grabbed the double ended dildo and positioned one end at the opening of Cassie's slippery cunt. Cassie watched as nearly half of the flexible rubber cock slid inside her. And then as Kelly slid the other end into her own cunt, easing herself toward Cassie until the dildo disappeared and they were laying there pussy to pussy. Kelly started to rock her hips, causing the dildo to move in both cunts. Cassie followed her mother's example, rocking her hips in sync with her mom's.

The image of both girls on the dildo is one I'm sorry I missed. The sight of the dildo buried in their cunts as they mashed their pussies together must have been amazing. Still rocking her hips, Kelly reached between her legs and started to play with her clit, then reached further to play with Cassie's button. With Kelly massaging both clits, she and Cassie were both ready to cum.

Kelly again took charge, telling Cassie to turn over onto her hands and knees. Rolling at the same time, Kelly assumed the same position and started to rock back and forth, pushing on the dildo with even more force. Cassie did the same for a few short moments before her body was hit by an orgasm. She dropped her head and chest onto the bed with her ass still in the air, the dildo continuing to push in and out as her mom maintained the rocking motion.

Seeing Cassie collapse in ecstasy, Kelly moved one hand back to her clit and started to finger herself furiously. The combined effect of the clit stimulation, the dildo in her pussy, and the sight of her daughter moaning in sheer delight was enough to push Kelly over the edge, and she experienced her own climax. Kelly rode the waves of pleasure, continuing to buck her hips against the rubber cock filling her. The constant pressure in Cassie's cunt caused her to have second, smaller orgasm, and she had to twist her body off the dildo as her sensitive pussy couldn't take any more.

Kelly pulled the toy out of her pussy, almost collapsing herself at the feeling. She dropped the dildo off the edge of the bed, and did collapse next to her daughter. Kissing her gently but passionately, tongue probing, Kelly pulled a sheet over their naked forms and held Cassie in her arms. Cassie responded by forcing her own tongue into Kelly's mouth, hungry for at least one final show of affection.

Drained from the night's activities, the two girls fell into their pillows, arms and legs still entwined.

Cassie broke the new silence long enough to say, "I love you, mom. Can I keep the toys in here, tomorrow night?"

Smiling, Kelly fell asleep, her naked daughter sleeping in her arms.

Part 6

Sarah and I woke up to find Cassie and Kelly standing in the doorway to the bedroom, still naked. Both had wet hair, though I didn't know if it was from showering or swimming. "Aren't you two ever going to wake up," asked Cassie. She turned to leave, then added, "After you shower, mom says breakfast should be ready."

Kelly, following Cassie, added, "Oh yeah, clothing isn't allowed at breakfast, so don't worry about what you're wearing."

Turning toward Sarah, I looked at her trying to decide between more sleep and waking up. "Good morning, baby girl. Did you sleep well?"

She rolled into me, replying, "Of course, silly. I liked being in your arms. It felt nice. Like a big, snugly blanket."

"Since your mom and sister seem ready for breakfast, how about we get up and take our shower? And since your mom didn't say everyone had to have their own shower, how about we share ours?"

"Really, Tom? That would be cool. I used to take baths with Cassie, but a shower with you sounds a lot more fun."

Rolling out of bed, I held out my hand for Sarah to follow me, and she jumped up taking my hand in hers. We headed toward the bathroom, and Sarah yelled to Kelly, "Mom, Tom and I are taking our shower. We'll be out in a bit."

I guess she was excited about the idea of showering together, and wanted to make sure her mom and sister knew what she was doing.

We found towels and washcloths set out, and I had thrown my shampoo and soap in the shower the night before. As I started to run the water, Sarah told me she had to pee. I pointed out the toilet, and told her she could go right there, or wait until she was in the shower and do what boys do. "Ew," she said, "You pee in the shower? That's gross."

"Not as gross as you might think, but you can go before the shower."

"Right in front of you? Aren't you going to leave?"

"Sarah, think about everything we did, last night. You peeing while I get the shower ready isn't a big deal."

She thought about it, and must have decided I was had a point, because she turned and sat down on the toilet. I started the shower then turned to watch her when I heard water flowing into the toilet. Sarah blushed as she felt me eyes on her, and I held her gaze while she continued to pee. When she finished, I stopped her hand as she reached for the paper to wipe herself.

"I'll wash you in the shower."

Still blushing, Sarah stood and flushed, then stepped into the shower as I held the curtain aside for her. I followed her into the shower, and hugged her to me. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about when you go pee." Trying to distract her, I leaned down and kissed her softly, briefly touching her lips with my tongue. As I pulled back, Sarah leaned into me, standing on her tip-toes trying to maintain the kiss. Given her response, I leaned back down, allowing her to set the tone for the shower.

As we kissed, blood started flowing to my cock, and I could feel it start to harden. As my cock responded to Sarah's kiss, my hands started to wander over her body. Pulling her with me, I backed into the warm flow of the shower. Sarah's tongue danced with mine as my fingers found her nipples, then slid lower to the smooth slit between her legs. I made one quick pass across her pussy lips, then broke off the kiss.

I grabbed some soap and suggested we start by washing our bodies. Sarah took the soap from me, set it back down, and countered with washing up later. Grabbing my now solid cock in her hands, she looked up and almost purred, "I want to practice what I learned, last night."

She leaned over, moving her mouth toward my cock, and learned another lesson, instead. Don't bend over in the flow of water. Sarah stood right back up, water from the shower flowing off her hair and face. She sputtered as she tried to get the water out of her nose, mouth, and eyes.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing, but did reach up to direct the flow of water toward the wall, and stepped away from the spray. Using a wash cloth, I dried Sarah's face, and asked if she was okay.

"I'm fine. But I feel pretty dumb."

"Don't worry, honey. I'm not laughing because you're silly. I'm laughing because I've made similar mistakes, myself. And I didn't have a beautiful girl to blame it on, just myself. Would you like to try again? We can pretend that never happened."

Undeterred by the watery mishap, Sarah again bent down toward my cock. Free from the splash of the shower, Sarah quickly took the head and most of the shaft into her mouth, making the most of the wet skin. With frightening ease, she lubricated my shaft with her saliva, and I was again treated to the sight of my dick sliding in and out of Sarah's mouth. She sucked with a passion that surprised me, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling.

"Sarah, remember what happened last night? Do you want me to stop you before that happens, again?"

Sarah interrupted the blow-job long enough to say, "No, I want to see what it's like when I know what's going to happen."

Before she could return her mouth to my shaft, I sat down on the edge of the tub and had her kneel between my legs. Short as she is, that positioned her almost perfectly to continue lavishing attention on my cock. Resting her hands on my legs, Sarah resumed her blow-job, and I started to play with her hair, caressing her head and neck as she worked her way up and down the shaft of my dick. Knowing Sarah wanted me to cum in her mouth, I did nothing to try and hold back.

I was, in fact, concerned about my ability to climax again, so soon after sleeping with Sarah, last night. Between that first blow-job and actually fucking her, I'd had two orgasms. Of course, that was balanced by the fact that I once again had this beautiful 10-year old girl doing an amazing job of sucking my cock.

As Sarah became more comfortable with things, she took more of my shaft into her mouth, careful to avoid a repeat of the gagging of the night before. Still, she was taking most of the length, and I became lost in the feelings. I could not believe what was happening, and couldn't imagine spending the entire weekend with these girls.

Sarah was going at my cock with passion, using her arms to help with the motions, sucking as hard as she could, creating a tight fit between the roof of her mouth and the tongue supporting my entire shaft. Watching that cherubic face with my rod sliding in and out of her mouth, "blow-job from 10-year old" won out over multiple climaxes. I moaned a quick warning and again shot my load into Sarah's mouth.

This time, she was less surprised, and she managed to take the cum without being shocked. In fact, I don't think she lost a drop, swallowing it rather than letting it leak out her mouth. She continued to suck, apparently wanting every drop of cum she could get. The extra attention on my overly sensitive cock was extremely ticklish and I had to pull her off.

Still on her knees on the floor of the tub, Sarah asked, "Did I do it right, that time." I looked at her lovingly, and told her she was perfect. Pulling her toward me, I caught her in a deep, probing kiss. As our tongues played, I lowered my hand back to Sarah's pussy. Wet from all the excitement, she caught her breath as I drove two fingers into her cunt. Fucking her with my fingers, we continued our kiss. Sliding my other hand toward her pussy, I slid it into the top of her pussy and rubbed at her tiny nub of a clit.

Having received such loving attention from her mouth, I was determined to make Sarah climax, and I was going to have to do that without actually fucking her. Still, from her breathing, I could tell she was enjoying my fingers, and I kept up the pace, jamming my fingers deep inside of her. Her kiss became more frantic and forceful as I toyed with her clit while finger-fucking her.

After several minutes, I felt Sarah's body tense as she pushed harder against my mouth. Her breathing became forced, and she started to quiver as my fingers continued to pleasure her pussy. I kept up the stimulation until she pushed my hand away, her body once again too sensitive to go on. As my hand came away from her cunt, Sarah grabbed hold of my body, hugging me tightly as she recovered from the orgasm.

As she relaxed, I stood up and repositioned the shower nozzle so we could actually wash up. I picked up the soap and asked, "Is it okay to use this, now?" Sarah, still coming down from her sexual high, said nothing. I lathered the soap up and pulled her near me so I could was her body. I started at her neck and shoulders, washing and massaging her body as I worked my way down her back. Once I reached the small of her back, I turned her around and did the same to her front, my hands lingering on her flat chest. I gently washed her belly and abdomen, then moved my hands lower, washing her pussy. I moved slowly, with a light touch, knowing she was certainly still sensitive. After making sure her pussy was clean, I moved down, washing her inner thighs and legs.

Lathering my hands with more soap, I had Sarah turn back around so I could continue washing her. Starting at the small of her back, I moved toward her ass, working my fingers into the crack, lightly brushing against her anus as I thoroughly washed her backside. Moving slowly to give myself time to caress her ass and anus, I worked my way to the back of her legs to finish. I then had her stand directly in the flow of the water and continued to fondle her tiny body as I helped rinse away the soap.

Sarah held her head under the water, wetting her hair down as I grabbed the shampoo. As she stood in the water, I lathered shampoo into her long blond hair. As I massaged the suds into her golden mane, I leaned in and kissed her, allowing her tongue to probe into my mouth. As we kissed, she tilted her head back so I could rinse the shampoo out of her hair.

As the final bit of shampoo ran down Sarah's body, over her pert little ass, and down her thin legs, I stepped back and said , "There, I'd say you're clean."

Sarah reached down to pick up the soap and replied, "Then it's your turn." She traded positions with me and started to lather soap in her hands and on my chest. Following much the same pattern I used, she caressed my body as she washed. She paid special attention to my cock, ensuring all evidence of the past 12 hours was washed away. She was cautious around my balls until I told her that she wouldn't hurt them so long as she was gentle. She played with them for a short while before squatting down to wash my legs.

She then had me turn so she could wash my back. She quickly lathered soap across my shoulders and back, then moved onto my ass and legs. As she finished washing my body, I washed my hair, then rinsed off all the soap and shampoo.

Once again clean, Sarah and I came together in a tight embrace, kissing with an intense passion. Our tongues danced together for the final time of the day, then we broke off the kiss.

I shut off the water and grabbed towels so we could dry each other off. We took our time, savoring the sensual touch of hands and towel on our bodies. Once dry, I hugged Sarah to me, again, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I loved our time together, Sarah, and want you to know how much I love you."

"I love you, too, Tom. I had fun, too."

And with that, we left the bathroom and headed into the living room, naked as requested by Kelly. Still holding hands, we joined Kelly and Cassie in the kitchen. Both were naked, themselves.

Looking at the clock, Kelly joked about the time. "We were starting to wonder if you were ever going to get out of the shower."

Looking Kelly in the eyes, I responded, "We had a lot of cleaning to do. You might find yourself in need of a long shower, tomorrow."

Kelly caught the meaning in my comment, smiled, and turned back to the stove. "Breakfast is ready, so let's eat, then we can figure out the rest of the day."

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