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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 22
The head of the Hyuuga council was walking through the streets of Konoha with his byakugan activated to make sure he was not being followed.
The Hyuuga walked all the way out in to the forest out side the gates of Konoha; on the eastern side of Konoha there was an abandoned house nobody visited. As he made his way in to the house he could see with his byakugan that there were two other people in the house.
Once in side he went to the lower part of the house and performed a couple of seals revealing a hidden door. When he opened the door it revealed a flight of stairs leading even lower underground.
Once the Hyuuga made it all the way down he was quickly met with two kunais at his throat.
“Calm down it’s just me” said the council member.
“Oh, maybe next time you should give us a notice prior to coming down here, we thought it was some one else” said one of the men, who were also Hyuugas.
“I came to check on your progress” said the council member.
“Everything is going along perfectly”
“Yes but I wish we had better knowledge as to how to alter the seal”
“He’s right having to alter the seal for specific people just so that it can stop their abilities is probably the hardest thing I’ve done”
“So how many seals have you been able to alter?” asked the council member.
“We will be finished with the last two by tonight”
“Good” said the council member, and then he stood there thinking.
“What are you thinking about?”
“I was just thinking that if Kiroshi was still alive this plan would have gone into action long ago” said the council member.
“Why is that sir?”
“Because Kiroshi had already once before altered the seal for a specific person and he did it quickly easily” said the council member.
“I had no idea that the caged bird seal had been altered before, how come council member Kiroshi didn’t leave behind the procedure in to altering the seal”
“Because the branding of that seal was very secret therefore the altering of the seal also had to be kept secret as well” replied.
“Who was the seal for?”
“The seal was altered for one of the Hyuugas own member”
“But . . . . . . . isn’t the seal already for the Hyuugas”
“Yes but the seal was altered so that I could seal up more then just ones ability . . . . . . . but enough of that, once you two are done contact me” said the council member and then left.
“Who do you think it was?” said one of the two men.
“I don’t but I sure would like to know” said the other as they both got back to work.
Hanabi was outside her father’s office, much has happened to her and yet she still didn’t know that Naruto and his daughters had been kidnapped.
Hanabi need to talk to her father about some certain issues, some issues that had been brought up two day ago.
It was late night and Hanabi was at Hinata’s place, her body had been burning up all day. She knocked on the door when she arrived.
When the door opened she saw her sister smiling.
“Hanabi, come in, I just put the girls to sleep” said Hinata.
“Thank you” she replied.
They both sat on the couch.
“Um Hinata I was wondering if um you . . .” Hanabi couldn’t finish, she was embarrassed and her cheeks were turning red.
Hinata knew what she was wondering right away, “Oh um I sorry Hanabi but Naruto is on a mission, he won’t be back till tomorrow, but we could still talk right”
“Um yeah” muttered Hanabi.
“Well you see there something I need to talk to you about, and something I want to ask you” said Hinata.
“What is it?” replied Hanabi.
“You see about three weeks ago Naruto discovered that he has a blood limit, he got it through his mother” said Hinata.
“If he has a blood limit then the girls have it too right” asked Hanabi.
“Yeah, along with the byakugan” said Hinata with a big smile as she thought about her girls.
“Seeing how happy you are being a mother really makes me want to be a mother as well, but. . . . . “Said Hanabi as she though about her situation.
Hinata decided to get back to the issue, “Since the council found out that Naruto has a blood limit that is foreign to Konoha and Naruto being the only male with it the council decided that under Konoha law Naruto should have at least two wives, so that the clan can grow faster” said Hinata.
“T-two wives” choked out Hanabi.
“Hanabi I don’t want to see Naruto with another woman, but because of the law the council says he must look for another wife” said Hinata.
“What are you going to do?” asked Hanabi.
“Well I was wondering if you would be Naruto’s second wife” asked Hinata.
“But you said you didn’t want Naruto to be with another” said Hanabi.
“Except you Hanabi, we have already share many moments and I trust you, I know you’ll treat Naruto the way he should be, you’ll care for him the way I do, you’re the only other person I want Naruto to be with” said Hinata.
“Um are . . . are you sure” asked Hanabi.
Hinata just nodded, “If it’s not you then it’ll be some one else, and I would rather it be you”
“Are you sure . . .” said Hanabi.
“Will you?" asked Hinata, Hanabi just nodded.
Hinata quickly hugged Hanabi, “Thank you”
-End of Flashback-
That night minutes later Naruto had arrived early from his mission and Hinata gave him the news.
Hanabi knocked on the door.
“Come in” said Hiashi.
Hanabi entered while her father motioned for her to take a sit.
“What do you need Hanabi” asked Hiashi.
“It’s about the position as head of the clan” replied Hanabi.
“What about it” said Hiashi.
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to take that position father” answered Hanabi.
“Why is that?” asked Hiashi.
“Father Hinata told me that Naruto has a blood limit . . . “ Hanabi said.
“Does he . . . . I don’t remember the fourth having one” replied Hiashi.
“That’s because he got it from his mother” said Hanabi.
“Let me guess they implemented the bigamy law on him” said Hiashi.
“Yes . . . . . . Father Hinata . . . Hinata asked me to be his second wife” said Hanabi.
“Did she? . . . . . and that is why you can’t be the head of the Hyuuga” said Hiashi, with a confused look.
“You don’t think its weird father?” asked Hanabi.
“Me? . . . your the one who will be sharing a husband with your sister, anyway tomorrow you will be turning eighteen so you can do what you want and if it makes your sister and yourself happy then so be it” said Hiashi.
“Are you mad at me?” she asked.
“No, but now I need to find someone to take over as the head” said Hiashi.
“Father what about Neji” replied Hanabi.
“Yes but if I choose Neji I would need to remove the caged bird seal, and I can’t just remove the seal on one branch member I would have to remove it from every branch member, and the council won’t agree to that” said Hiashi.
“Removing the birdcage seal is the only way, I’m sure if you look closely you can find a way the have it remove for good” replied Hanabi.
“Yes I agree . . . . . . . . . If that is all you go” said Hiashi.
“Yes . . . thank you father” said Hanabi as she left the office.
Around the corner of the office stood an elder Hyuuga who had been listening to the conversation.
‘A foreign blood limit uh, if we don’t know what that blood limit does then we won’t be able to control Uzumaki, but I guess it won’t matter if the reports are right Uzumaki won’t be present during the council meeting, and as for the future leader of the Hyuuga there is no point in having a girl who want to abolish the caged bird seal’ Though the Hyuuga elder and then walked away.
Naruto stood in between the three members of Akatsuki. The rain poured down on all four, while thunder roar across the sky.
Naruto quickly charged at Pein, once he was in front him Pein threw a punch at Naruto but it went right through him and Naruto just vanished.
Naruto appeared behind Konan and quickly ducked as she turned around with a punch to his face. Naruto punched her sending her flying and in the process he slashed his arm forward and as he did a long thin sharp rock gushed out of the ground headed right at Konan, but before it hit her she split in to several pieces of papers and the stake went passed her striking three and splitting it in half.
Naruto was slammed in to a tree by a kick from Pein, before Pein struck again Naruto performed a jutsu; “Inner Shadow Jutsu” making his shadow disappeared.
When Pein landed a punch to Naruto’s stomach it didn’t affect him, Naruto grabbed his arm and twisted it making him fall to his knees in pain, then Naruto put some chakra in to his hand and punched pain.
Pein hit the ground splashing up water and skidding several feet away from Naruto, ‘What was that, that bastard punched me twice, but he only threw one punch he definitely couldn’t have move fast enough to punch me twice . . . . . . .’
Naruto heard water splashing and turned to see Konan already launching her attack; Naruto dodged punches and blocked other, Naruto waited for a chance to counter.
Naruto grabbed one of her punches and pulled her forward making her stumbles in that direction as she did Naruto with the other hand threw a punch at her and before it hit her his arm and hand were covered with ice as hard as diamond.
Pein looked at Naruto and noticed his shadow was gone, ‘Where is his shadow . . . . . . . that’s it, it’s was his shadow that hit me the second time, and because the shadow is being overlapped by his body I can’t see it. Any attack he lands will be felt twice‘
Konan hit the floor hard with the hard punch to her back. Naruto looked over a Tobi who seemed to just be standing there, “What’s the matter to scared to move” said Naruto to Tobi. Tobi still didn’t do anything.
“Exploding Thunder Jutsu” Pein tried to catch Naruto off guarding sending a huge thunder down on him.
Naruto lashed out his arms as he started to drain the thunder leaving only a small amount surrounding his arms. He punched his arms in to the ground and extended the thunder in his arms out like tentacles.
‘In order to have a better chance I have to get rid of them one by one’ he thought as he looked over at Konan who was still on the ground. He lashed the tentacles out towards her; ripping out of the ground the tentacles took hold of Konan, once in his grip he slammed her to a three only to see her turn to paper.
‘Crap” thought Naruto, as he lost track of her.
“Summoning jutsu” Pein summoned a giant chameleon, once there it charged at Naruto, Naruto dodged it by jumping in to the air, he got ready to perform a jutsu when Konan slammed her leg on his back sending him straight to the ground.
“Payback” said Konan still feeling the pain in her back.
‘Where the fuck did she come from’ thought Naruto.
At a distance a figure stood on a three branch holding his hand steady as he performed a seal.
“Naruto I’m afraid I can’t help you much more then this” said Itachi with his mangekyo sharingan activated.
Naruto stood up from the ground with out any pain.
‘How can he get up like that, that attack should have dealt some damage, but he looks unfazed’ thought Konan.
Naruto saw the confused face on Konan, “The inner shadow jutsu I performed has many uses and one of them is that it reduces any damage I take to the minimal”
“AHHHHHHHHHH” everyone looked at Tobi as he screamed, he had broken loose from the jutsu he was on.
“ITACHI” he screamed as he looked around spotting him right away and quickly charging at him. Itachi knowing he was spotted quickly left as Tobi chased him.
Naruto was confused, especially since he didn’t know that Itachi was against Akatsuki, ‘Oh well one down’
With out Naruto knowing now three chameleons were charging at him. Naruto turned his attention from Tobi back to the fight and saw the three summoning charging at him. Before the three chameleons reached him Naruto again waved his arms around and suddenly the ground opened up in to three huge mouths swallowing up the three summoning.
Naruto turned and caught a punch from Konan then flipped her and I the process slammed her to the ground. Then he flipped forward slamming his foot to her stomach, as his inner shadow doubled the pain.
As Naruto got up Pein made his move, Pein disappeared and appeared behind Naruto. Naruto turned around but before he could do anything Pein grabbed him by the face and pounded it in to a tree, with the other hand he punched him repeatedly.
Naruto kicked him away and while Pein stumbled back Naruto spat oil in his face. Naruto charged at Pein and as he got ready to punch him fire started to flare up around his arm and hand. Naruto punched Pein as hard as he could in the face, his face full of oil started to burn fast
Once the rain help put out the fire Pain’s face was heavily burned.
Pein could feel the burns in his face and it made him angry, “When the other return with the little girls I’m going to kill them right in front of you and then I’m going to kill you”
“That’s if they returned” said Naruto.
Pein cupped his hand together gathering rain that fell then he splashed it on his face. After he removed his hands his face was completely healed from any burn.
Naruto tried to move and take his stance, but when he did he couldn’t move a single muscle.
“What’s wrong can’t move” said Konan.
Naruto turned to look at Konan who had her hands performing some seals.
‘She paralyzed me, I lost track of her again’ thought Naruto.
“It’s over” said Pein as he charged at Naruto with a Kunai in his hand ready to strike his heart.

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