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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 23
‘She paralyzed me, I lost track of her again’ thought Naruto.
“It’s over” said Pein as he charged at Naruto with a Kunai in his hand ready to strike his heart.
Right as he was about the stab Naruto, Naruto moved out of the way leaving behind in his place what looked to be a shadowed figure, and it was the shadow that was paralyzed.
Pain’s kunai went right through the shadow.
“What is that?” said Konan as she looked at the figure stuck in her paralysis jutsu.
“That’s my shadow, like I said before it has many uses, my shadow give me a way out from any restraining jutsu” said Naruto.
“Yes, but now that you don’t have your shadow you can use that jutsu any more” said Pein as he smiled at Naruto.
Naruto quickly turned around just in time to dodge a smashing hit from a giant wolf smashing into the ground. When Naruto landed on the ground he was quickly slammed against a three by the tail end of large snake.
When Naruto hit the floor Konan quickly charged at him, still on the floor Naruto brought a leg up and kicked her before she got any closer. Naruto jumped out of the way as another summoning went passed him and crashing in to Konan.
With the wolf charging at him, Naruto flipped over it and made a summoning of his own, “Summoning Jutsu”
A large frog came crashing down on top of the giant wolf crushing it in to nothing.
“Gamataratsu . . . . OIL!” screamed Naruto, “Inferno Blast Jutsu” Naruto puffed fire so intense it turned the giant snake in to ashes.
Naruto put his hand on Gamataratsu “Transform” in place of Gamataratsu Naruto was holding a sword. He stood still looking for the third summoning that seemed to be hiding. Naruto looked to the side as a huge pile of paper was headed his way.
Naruto slashed his sword at the same time shooting out chakra in the same motion as the sword splitting the pile as it fell to the ground with a loud thud.
Naruto moved his free arm and hand up in to the air when he did the rain became very heavy and began to fall faster and harder. The rain also became as sharp as a blade and as the rain came down it began to puncture through anything in its way.
The rain caught Konan of guard not expecting anything out of it as each drop made holes through her body, in an instance her body was obliterated by the down pour. Knowing she was done Naruto closed his palm as the rain went back to normal.
“Looks like it’s just you and me now” said Pein smiling; a barrier protecting him from the rain surrounded him.
Naruto remembered there was still one more summoning, he around and grabbed the demon like creature jumping at him and pounded him in to the ground then slashed his sword down cutting him in to two.
Naruto stood up; he was completely drenched and covered in dirt and mud. He looked at Pein who still looked clean despite being hit several times.
‘Now this is better . . . . . one on one’ thought Naruto, as he got ready to continued fighting.
“COME on please” said Saya to Hachibi.
The four were still heading south, but the girls got tired so they stopped to rest.
Hachibi just shock his head at Saya.
“If you keep begging him he might just cave” said Kyuubi then smirked at Hachibi.
“Pleasepleasepleaseplease” Saya continued to say, Hachibi brought up a hand and motioned her to stop.
“It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, it’s that you can’t learn it, it’s a special demon ability, you have a lot of chakra to be able to do it, but you don’t have the ability to do it” said Hachibi as he patted Saya on the head.
“Awwwww” said a disappointed Saya.
“The Hyuuga blood in you allows you to extract chakra from any point in your body, but it doesn’t allow you to create an entirely separate entity” said Hachibi.
“Your wrong Hachibi” said Kyuubi.
The other three turned to look at him.
“Why is that?” asked Hachibi.
“Hachibi you know like I do that many blood limits derive from demon abilities, right” said Kyuubi.
“Yes I do, but if your suggesting that their Byakugan is similar to my abilities I would disagree with you” replied Hachibi.
“No I’m not talking about the Byakugan, just like you know that many blood limits derives from demon you also know that many others are evolutionary, they evolve from other blood limits, like the sharingan there is no demon that has abilities similar to it, that because the sharingan evolved from the Byakugan” said Kyuubi.
“Where is this going” said Hachibi.
“You see the little ones have another blood limit they inherit from their father” Said Kyuubi.
“I see . . . . . . . and judging from your words I’m going to guess that the abilities of this blood limit are similar to my abilities” replied Hachibi.
“Elemental Manipulation, once the body gets a taste of any element it can create and manipulate it in any way, they can use it for defense, for added power to ninjutsu, to increase damage in taijutsu, or as weapons on there own” said Kyuubi.
“I don’t see how that is similar to Cerberus?” asked Hachibi.
“Well in order for them to manipulate the elements they have to be able to mold and control chakra that is in no way connected to their bodies” said Kyuubi.
“Well if they can mold a large amount of chakra independent from their bodies I suppose they could create their own chakra based entity” said Hachibi.
“How do you know daddy has a blood limit?” asked Emi.
“I’ve known your father since he was born I know what runs through his veins” said Kyuubi.
“So that means you can teach me right?” asked Saya.
“Can you teach me too? Please” asked Emi.
“I guess I can teach you both while we still have time” said Hachibi.
“YAY” screamed both girls.
Yuri sat in her home drying her semi-wet hair.
“It sound like its getting worst out there . . . . . right girl” Yuri asked her dog, momo only responded with a bark.
“Well at least we were able to finish what we set out to do” said Yuri.
Since they arrive back home momo had been staring out the window, then suddenly she began to bark several times.
“What’s wrong girl?” she asked momo.
They dog moved towards the door and began to claw at it.
“No way, we are not going back out there, I can still hear the rain” said Yuri.
The continued to claw at the door and bark louder, Yuri sigh in defeat, “Alright alright . . . let me get the umbrella”
Once she fetched the umbrella the two left as momo lead the way.
‘I have to finish this now’ thought Naruto as he looked at Pein.
Naruto charged at Pein and Pein did the same, Pein dodged an attack as Naruto swung his sword. Pein kicks Naruto’s hand making him release the sword then thrusting his palms into Naruto’s chest pushing him back.
Naruto raised his hand and quickly waved it down as thunder came crashing towards Pein, Pein dodge the thunder, but with a wave a Naruto’s hand the thunder was redirected.
“Shield of Darkness Summoning” Pein performed a summoning as the thunder came crashing in to him. With the impact of the thunder there was bright flash for a second then Pein went slamming in to a three.
Pein stood up with out any damage then walked towards Naruto and stopped about thirty feet away.
“You’re strong, stronger then I thought . . . . . . and still you’ve yet to use any of the demons chakra” said Pein.
“That’s because I don’t need it” replied Naruto.
“Are you sure about that” said Pein.
Naruto nodded.
“Well my purpose is to obtain the demons and in order to do that I have to beat you . . . . . . . so it makes no difference to me if I beat you at your strongest point or . . . . . . At your weakest point” said Pein, then ten other Pains appeared all around Naruto.
Naruto charged at them attacking them all, his punches went right through them, and then when he tried to perform jutsu nothing happened.
‘What the hell’ thought Naruto.
Pein stood right in front of Naruto, who was just standing there staring off in to space, “Did you get him?”
“Yeah, I got him during the impact of the thunder” said Tobi as he appeared next to Pein with his sharingan activated.
“What happened with Itachi” asked Pein.
“I lost him” answered Tobi.
“No matter, knock him out so we can get start extracting the demons” said Pein.
“Here?” said Tobi.
“Yes, I don’t want to waste anymore time” said Pein.
Tobi walked up to Naruto putting his palm to his head then Naruto fell to ground unconscious.
“Where are the others?” asked Tobi.
“Konan is dead and it’s likely that the others are also dead” replied Pein.
“If were going to do this quick and only you and me it will take almost all our power” said Tobi while Pein performed a summoning jutsu. The ground began to collapse as a huge statues rose from the ground.
Naruto lay still while the other two stood there giving their power to the statue, minutes went by as the statue extracted the demons.
Pein suddenly stopped what he was doing, “Nothing is happening . . . . . . . . . why aren’t the demons being extracted?”
Tobi went up to Naruto and kneeled down putting his hand on his stomach. After a while he looked back at Pein.
“He has traces of the demons chakras and a little bit of their presence, but not in their entirety” said Tobi.
“Is that the reason why nothing is coming out” said Pein. All Tobi did was nod.
Pein then remembered something Naruto said to him before the fight, ‘No but there will always be a part of me there to protect them’
“Their in the girls” said Pein.
“Inside of them?” asked Tobi.
“I don’t know I just know the girls have them in some way” said Pein.
“Are we going after them?” asked Tobi.
“Yes” said Pein as the huge statue sunk in to the ground.
“What about him?” said Tobi.
“Kill him” replied Pein as he headed south towards the girls.
Tobi took out kunai and stabbed Naruto right on his lung, and then he stood up and left. With every second that passed his lungs filled up with blood.
Kyuubi, Hachibi, and the girls were on the move again after having finished some training.
“Can I ask you something” said Emi as she looked at Kyuubi.
“You said that many blood limits derive from demons . . . is there any that derived from your abilities” asked Emi.
“Really?” said Saya.
“It’s true, there are no blood limits that have derived from Kyuubi’s abilities, and much of his abilities are still a secret” said Hachibi.
“How come there are no blood limits with abilities like his?” asked Emi.
“Because he’s the king of demons he’s different from all the other demons, his abilities can be passed down in to a blood limit but not in the same was as the others” said Hachibi.
“Then how?” asked Emi.
“I’m afraid that’s all I can say” said Hachibi.
Kyuubi came to a stop and the others followed.
“What’s wrong?” said Saya.
“Someone is headed this way” said Hachibi.
“Do you know who they are?” asked Saya.
“Don’t worry there here to help you” said Kyuubi.
“Should we just wait for them” asked Emi.
“Yeah . . . . . . . but I think I’d be best if we go back” said Kyuubi to Hachibi.
Hachibi nodded, “You girls stay here . . . . . . and remember when ever you need us just summon us” with that Kyuubi went back in to Emi’s necklace and Hachibi went back in to Saya’s.
After a couple of minutes the people arrive and right away the girls ran towards them.
“NEJI” they both yelled and hugged him.
“Saya, Emi are you two alright?” he asked them.
“Where’s Naruto?” asked Jiraiya, the girls pointed in the direction they came from.
“He said he was going to stay and hold the mean people back” said Emi.
“Then we should go help him” said Lee.
While everyone headed in the direction that Emi and Saya pointed, two figures watched them as they hid.
“Looks like we’ll have to wait, there’s to many of them” said Pein.
“Not one of them looks to be weak” said Tobi.
“Well have to keep our distance or we’ll be spotted by the Byakugan” said Pein.
Once everyone arrived to the location of the battle they all looked around for Naruto, but he was nowhere to be found.
“Are you two sure this was the place?” asked Kakashi.
“This is the last place we saw daddy” said Emi.
“A battle definitely took place here” said Shikamaru.
Neji activated his Byakugan and looked around.
“I don’t see anyone” said Neji.
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