A wild sexual adventure with the best looking guy in school
My Best Friend David 1

Gay Boy/Boy Mutual Masturbation, Oral, mild Adult/Youth, mild pee, first lover

Getting to Know David…
Since I was 11 I have know that I am equally attracted to both sexes. I didn’t understand the attraction. I just accepted it…and enjoyed it. I never felt guilt about being attracted to guys.

I looked around the class the first day of school. One of the sexiest freshmen in the school was sitting about 6 feet away from me. I could hardly take my eyes off of him during that first class. I have always loved sexy looking blond guys and this guy was exactly the kind of guy that turned me on.

I met him at lunch that first afternoon. His name was David. As we had lunch we discovered we were in most of the same classes.

David turned 13 in August. He was about the same height as me, about 5’7”. His hair was sandy brown with lots of sun bleached streaks. He spent a lot of the summer outside swimming and had a great tan. David was built like a swimmer. He was lean and muscular with well developed shoulders. His eyes were deep blue and he had a very sexy face with a small button nose. David had the warmest smile.

As David sat there looking at me, I noticed that he was checking me out. When we stood I discovered that we are about the same height. He kept looking at my thick jet black hair. I was tan from being out on the lake skiing and swimming all summer. I had a lean muscular build.

We spent lunch talking about what we did during the summer. He was on the swim team at a major swim club, I learned. That explained his tan. He told me about his sixteen year old sister and how close they were. She had her own car and was willing to take David almost anyplace.

As we sat there talking I saw him studying my face and my body. We talked about basic stuff and occasionally he would ask me something personal. It was no big deal since we had come into the cafeteria late and were the only ones at the table. After asking where I lived, David asked me if I shaved. I nodded yes and told him that I shaved my upper lip occasionally.

Cool he said. I wish I needed to shave.

I looked closely at his face and arms. There was no sign of hair. I laughed a bit and said that’s funny. I always wanted to be blond and I like the smooth hairless look. I guess you tend to want the opposite of what you have.

David looked at me and grinned. I was just thinking the same thing. I think your thick black hair and brown eyes are really cool. I would give anything to need to shave.
We finished our lunches and checked out the book store. It was soon time for our English class. David’s desk was diagonally across and in front of me. The teacher used a podium and it was positioned so that David was directly in my line of sight when I looked at the teacher.

I studied his face in profile and found that I was suddenly hard as a rock wondering just how hairless David really was. I couldn’t help studying him during class. I thought everything about him was sexy.

When the bell rang for the end of class, we laughed and talked on the way to our next class. David was friendly and outgoing and we quickly became good friends. We were in class with each other most of the day…including gym class last period.

The bell rang signaling the end of our second to last class. We gathered our books and headed to the last class of the day…Gym.

We were all told to go in a huge open locker room. The coach went over all of the freshman basics. He explained the importance of wearing a jock strap and that EVERYONE was to take a shower after class. Coach told us to hurry up and get changed and head to the gym.

David got a locker next to mine and we began to change our clothes.

David slipped off his shirt and then pants. I found I was holding my breath as he slipped off his briefs.

I got my first look at his naked body and all of my attention was focused on the treasure between his legs. There was a chill in the locker room and it had cause David’s scrotum to draw up tight against his body. His flaccid penis looked like it was the model for sculptures of Greek gods. The soft shaft was three inches and rested on top of his scrotum. It was crowned with a small curly nest of sandy blond hair.

The shaft of his penis looked thicker than mine. The flared head was very cool. The glans was pink, the color of a pencil eraser. I tried to imagine what it looked like fully erect.

We talked the entire time that we were changing so it was normal for us to be looking at each other. As I stripped off my briefs, I watched David’s head turn for a good look at my junk. I wasn’t positive but I thought I saw his penis begin to chub.

He quickly pulled on his jock strap. I didn’t think it was possible but his 13 year old body looked even more amazing wearing a jock strap. He watched as I pulled my jock into place.

We both quickly pulled on shorts and t-shirt. We pulled on our shoes and each got down on one knee facing each other as we tied our shoes. I had the opportunity to inspect his legs close up. His leg was lean with a well developed calf muscle. His shin had a small amount of fine blond hair. I thought it was incredibly sexy.

As soon as we got in the gym, coach had us run laps around the basket ball court. David and I found a nice easy stride and ran together. We were both in good shape. The coach let us work up a good sweat. Coach blew his whistle and divided us into two teams for basketball.

David and I were on opposite teams. Coach had us playing shirts and skins. David was one of the skins. I made sure that I was guarding him. While playing basketball, I noticed as I was guarding David that he had no hair on his upper body. It was completely smooth. As David put his arm up and tried to block my shot, I saw the small wisp of blond hair under his arm. I found that tiny wisp of blond hair totally sexy. I was totally distracted. I imagined his strong sweaty arms wrapped around my naked body.

David guarded me close. As I backed him down toward my basket, I felt his hand on my back and occasionally his pelvis bumping my hip. I spun and put up a beautiful shot…all net.

We raced to the other end of the court and I returned the favor. I was all over him. I loved the feeling of my hand resting on his sweaty back. I was awesome to feel the muscles in his back move. David spun and put up a beautiful shot. It rimmed out and David followed it and got his own rebound. I was in his face as he went up for the shot he put it up and it went in for 2 points. Coach blew his whistle.

The coach told us that we were all required to take a shower after gym class and we all headed to the locker room. I slapped David’s naked back and congratulated him on the shot as we walked down the steps to the locker room. It had been an intense workout and we were both soaked with perspiration.

As I was removing my sweat soaked tee shirt and shorts, I watched David undress. His lean body looked hot in every sense of the word. The whiteness of his smooth bubble butt was in sharp contrast to the tan of his back and legs. His tan was overall except where his Speedo covered him.

As David slid off his jockstrap, he turned to me and asked if I wanted to ride the bus home to his house. He said he could get his older sister to take me home later.

It was everything I could do to keep making eye contact with him. My eyes kept wandering to his 3” flaccid penis dangling between his two seed filled orbs. His small pubic bush was dark with perspiration. His scrotum was now hanging down because his body was so hot. The two seed filled orbs were dangling inside that beautiful sack. His penis hung down between the two large testicles. I could not believe it but I started to feel some tingling in my jockstrap. I quickly snapped out of it and said yeah that sounded great.

I grabbed the waist band of my jock and let it slide to the floor. I reached down and picked up the sweat soaked garment. As I straightened up, David turned toward me towel in hand. He was clearly checking out my 3” flaccid member. He seemed to be interested in every detail of my coal black pubic hair and rather large testicles. My penis was slightly chubbed…but not obviously so.

David said to hurry up and get in the shower or we would miss the bus.

I followed him to the huge gang shower. I wondered how I would keep from getting hard. As I turned on my shower I looked over at David. David was right next to me talking about the basketball game. His smile was amazing and I thought I could get lost in his deep blue eyes. His body was hot! As we talked I watched him soap his body. As he washed his chest, I noticed that his nipples were brown and the size of quarters.

I started to chub…panic started to set in.

Fortunately the water in David’s shower suddenly got ice cold. David yelled holy crap and quickly backed away from his shower. David backed right into me trying to get out of the icy water. I felt my penis rub against his hips. The cold water hit my shower seconds later. The shower room was chaos as everyone was doused with icy water.

I playfully shoved David’s naked body away. We both started laughing about it and quickly raced through the icy water to rinse the soap off. We walked out of the shower room still laughing and grabbed our towels. Our penises and testicles drew up in the ice cold water. We teased each other about the shrinkage and other guys joined in. We headed back to the locker room. We talked while we quickly dried and dressed. Both of us continued to check each other out. It looked to me like David was partially erect just before his penis slipped back into his briefs. We grabbed our books and dashed for the bus.

At David’s house we just hung out. We grabbed a snack and then shot some hoops in his driveway. We talked about being freshmen and what a pain that was. It seemed like both of us wanted to talk about other stuff but just couldn’t. His sister called out that she was ready to take me home and David rode home with me. When we looked at each other to say good bye, there was something more there.

He called me later to ask a question about homework. I was pretty sure he knew the answer and I thought it was really cool that he called me.

I knew I was sexually attracted to David. Seeing him naked really turned me on. As I got ready for bed that night I thought back over some of my sexual experiences. When I was 10 I showered with dad and he liked to wash me with his bare hands. That led to him “washing” my boner until I had my first dry orgasm. I also had intense sexual experience with my young cousins both boys and girls. I liked sex with guys as much as I liked sex with girls. I didn’t know it had a name…I just knew that I love it.

I was thinking about David that night as I undressed for bed, I just got naked and turned out the lights. My penis was throbbing when I got in bed. I lay on top of the covers and started to imagine David naked on his bed. I knew that I wanted to get sexy with David.

I tried to imagine his hard cock and his hand gently stroking it as I stroked my raging boyhood. I imagined the pressure starting to build in David’s loins as he slowly stroked his rock hard cock. I thought about what that must be feeling like for David. The vision was so real. I thought I heard him moan as he edged toward a mind-blowing climax. I could feel his need to seed and being on the verge of exploding. And then the intense need to seed became too great. David arched his back as the first wave of his orgasm washed over him. The hot boy seed raced from deep within his loins and ejaculated from the tip of his magnificent member. His mouth open in the shape of an O and his breathing was ragged. His face was so sexy as the powerful orgasm rocked his 13 year old body.

I could vividly see the creamy boy seed as it erupted. I watched as it went end over end and then I felt a wetness on my lips and heard my own ragged breathing. I could not help groaning out loud as the hot boy seed erupted from my throbbing member. I had never ejaculated hard enough to squirt my face before. The second jet of seed landed on my nipple and then the last few eruptions landed on my abs.

The super intense climax that I imagined for David actually happened to me. I lay there with my naked 13 year old body covered in hot boy seed

I lay there imagining what it would be like to be in bed naked with David. I craved the opportunity to touch his magnificent boy member. As I thought about David naked, I reflexively licked my lips. I was shocked by my first taste of boy seed. It was salty. I thought I should be grossed out, but I found that I liked the taste. I wondered if I would eat David’s boy seed if I got the chance. I was thinking about touching and stroking his boy boner. I fell asleep with a raging erection and dreamed about making love to the sexy boy.

As my breathing settled back to normal, I drifted into a deep sleep stark naked on top of my covers. The pools of cum slowly dried during the night all over my face and chest leaving their crusty evidence.

The Wake-Up Call
I did not set my alarm. When my father did not hear me getting ready for school he came to wake me up. I was still lying on top of my covers naked with the evidence of the jack off session from last night still on my chest. My cock was rock hard and standing proud at 5”. He looked at me smiling and shook me awake.

I awoke with a start. He could see that I was starting to panic. He just smiled and said not to worry. As he fingered the crusted cum on my chin, he said it must have been quite a night. I noticed that he was only wearing boxers and that they were slightly tented. Dad lightly caressed my erection as he said I should cover up because my mom might come in. He turned and went to shower. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to shower with him again.

Breakfast Fantasy
I was sitting at the breakfast table eating. I was thinking about how I could get closer to David when Dad walked in to get another cup of coffee. He told me that we were going to Louisville for the long weekend since we had four days off. Dad said that he and mom wanted to do some furniture shopping at some sort of huge wholesale furniture warehouse.

It sounded really boring.

Initially I was trying to figure out how to get out of going. That was when the idea about inviting David to go with us hit me. I asked Dad if I could take David with me.

Dad said that it would mean that we would have to get two hotel rooms…

I thought…awesome! But I tried very hard to keep a straight face.

Dad thought about it a moment and said okay.

I got rock hard thinking about spending the weekend with David in a hotel room. I only had a few minutes to enjoy my fantasy because I had to run for the school bus. I could not wait to get on the bus and ask David.

The seat next to David was open and I slid in and sat next to him. I felt his leg touch mine. I told him about the trip and asked if he wanted to go. As I was asking him, I was sure he would think it was a stupid idea.

David seemed to hesitate.

I quickly told him that we would have our own hotel room.

David smiled and said yeah…he said he would call his mom during lunch and ask permission to go.

I sat diagonally behind David in Algebra class…which was the last class before lunch. I watched as the fabric of his pants began to tent. I was sure he had a boner. I suddenly had a massive hard on too.

When the bell rang, both of us got up. David had to adjust himself. I could not believe that my blond fantasy boy had a boner. We went down the hall the office to call his mom. David held his books in front of his crotch. I wondered if he was still hard. I told David I would meet him in the cafeteria.

I headed to the cafeteria and grabbed lunch while I waited for the verdict. I sat there stirring my food. When David walked in he had the most awesome smile on his face. He said his mom said okay and she would call my mom and work out the details. We talked about what we would bring with us. We decided to bring some games and card to keep us busy while Mom and Dad were shopping. I silently hoped we would find some new games to play.

The Trip
Thursday afternoon we picked David up. It was a long drive and it was late when we arrived in Louisville. Dad said we would eat at the hotel. After dinner Mom and Dad told us goodnight.

David and I went to our room. We played cards for a while and decided it was time to get ready for bed.

I watched as David pulled something out of his bag. When he laid it out on the bed I could see it was a nightshirt. He set the night shirt on one of the double beds in the room and took off his shirt. I had never seen one of my friends wear a night shirt. I stood behind him and watched him change clothes. I studied his strong lean back as David kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. In one quick movement he slid his jeans and briefs off. That magnificent boy body was three feet away and stark naked. I studied his bare bubble butt. David reached for the nightshirt. I caught a brief glimpse of his penis as he turned toward the bed to grab the nightshirt. He pulled the nightshirt over his head and I watched the hem drift by his beautiful bubble butt. The night shirt was knee length. He looked very sexy in it as he turned around. It was even cooler because I knew he was stark naked underneath the night shirt.

I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had not even started to change clothes. I was still watching David as he turned to face me.

David turned around and looked at me funny. I thought you were going to change clothes. What are you doing?

I blushed and told him that I spaced out. I started to undress. I realized that I was half hard and now had to undress in front of David. As I got down to my underwear, I noticed that David was watching me intently. I pretended to look for my retainer so I could turn away from him slightly.

I dropped my boxers to the floor and grabbed the lounge pants out of my bag. I pulled up the lounge pants and the waist band showcased my half hard penis for a moment. I pulled on a tee shirt. When I turned toward David his gaze was fixed on the bulge in my lounge pants. We lay on top of one of the beds and played some more cards. When David reached for a card I saw the nightshirt draw tight around his body and it revealed the outline of David’s magnificent boy boner. David was hard!

David said he was thirsty. I had some money and I remembered that we had walked by a drink machine on the way to the room.

David asked if we should get dressed to go get a drink. We decided to go as we were. We ran down the hall. When we reached the drink machine I gave David some change. I watched him as he made his selection and I saw his nightshirt tent out. He looked so sexy standing there. We ran back down the hall to our room.

When we got back to the room I look at David and there was no question that he had a major boner.

David…what is that all about and I took a swipe at it. My finger tips grazed the head of his rock hard penis. David started wrestling with me to keep me from copping another feel. In the process I felt his rock hard boyhood rub against my thigh through the material of the night shirt.

David turned bright red and stammered that he bet I had one too. He was right. I was bent half way over trying to hide my rock hard cock. He made a grab for it and I turned my back to him.

That did not slow David down. He wrapped both arms around me and made a grab for my achingly hard boner. When his left hand missed because I was twisting away from him, I told him he was wrong.

David laughed and said Oh yeah…and then grabbed my throbbing member with his right hand. His left arm was holding me around the waist and his right hand grabbed my cock. He laughed loudly and said, what’s that? I felt his hard cock pressed against my hip.

We were both laughing hard when my Dad knocked on the door and said it was time for bed. I opened the door a crack. Dad said to keep the noise down and get to bed. We both said yes sir and closed the door.

I was turning off the lights and David asked if I was sleepy.

Nope…not the least bit sleepy, I replied.

We both got on his bed so we would not make much noise when we talked.

I was determined to steer the conversation in a sexy direction. I told David about a sophomore that we both knew that told me he got laid by the prettiest girl in school.

We both decided that was bullshit. We got kind of quite.

I told him about my cousin jacking off all the time. He said that one of his friends jacked off two times a day.

I looked at David and said all of this talk was making me really horny.

Me too, David told me.

I hesitated about the next step until I looked over at him and his night shirt had a huge tent in it.

Do you want to jack off? I asked.

David said, sure.

I thought that my heart might explode in my chest it was beating so hard.

We had turned all of the lights off in the room and there was some light spilling out from the bathroom.

We should get naked so we don’t make a mess, David said in a low sexy voice.

We stood up and both stripped naked. I could not believe that I was going to jack off with one of the sexiest guys in school. I lay down on the bed first. When David got in bed he plumped up the pillow and leaned back against the headboard. It was hard for me to watch him and he had a great view of me.

We lay there inches from each other stark naked. We began to stroke our throbbing erections.

As much as I wanted to watch David, he was slightly above me in the bed and it would have been obvious I was watching him. I was afraid it wouldn’t be cool to watch another guy too closely while he stroked off. I was so nervous and I was sure he was watching me.

I was very turned on and stroking fast. Out of my peripheral vision I could see David’s hands and they were a blur of motion. I was getting kind of close and I started to ask David if he was close when suddenly all activity next to me stopped. I stopped too.

Why did you stop I asked him.

I’m done. He told me.

I said bullshit…no way…

This went back and forth several times until David grabbed my hand and plopped it down in a puddle of his cum.

I did it…now you gotta do it. David told me.

I pulled my hand back and it was covered with his wet hot semen. I started to jack my steel hard cock. I had never been more turned on and certainly never more nervous.

David got up and went to the bathroom for a towel. The sight of his sexy sperm covered body should have made me blast a load but as good as the stroking felt I was nowhere near a climax. When David walked back into the room, I looked at his cum dripping down his belly and running into his pubes. That alone should have been enough to rocket me to a massive climax…but I was still too nervous.

David lay down naked beside me. He watched me carefully.

I kept jacking like a madman with no results. I stroked like crazy for 20 minutes with no results. David sat Indian style next to me with his legs crossed and watched me masturbate.

I stopped.

David said what are you doing…did ya cum?

No…not yet. I told him sheepishly.

Well why did you stop?

Cause my arms were about to fall off and my dick is raw.

He said that I had to keep going. He told me there was no way he was going to be the only one that shot a load. He was afraid that I had tricked him into doing that so I could tell our friends about it

Dude I want to cum…but I gotta rest…

David said, you gotta do it now….

If that is what you want then you can jack it for a while, I told him. I was sure that David would never jack me.

David kind of grumbled about it but did not hesitate to reach over and start stroking my still rock hard cock. I had died and gone to heaven. Here was this sexy boy god stoking my raging hard member.

It only took a couple of minutes of David’s intense stimulation for me to build to a powerful orgasm. I felt the tension building in my loins. The need to seed became incredibly powerful. I thought I should warn David…but I did not want him to stop the awesome feeling he was giving me.

I groaned as the hot semen raced up through my body. The first jet erupted from the tip of my boy member and squirted all over David’s arm and leg. I started firing shot after shot of cum. I had never cum so much. Most of the hot boy semen landed on David’s arm and stomach. He quickly grabbed a handful of my hot seed and wiped it all over me. We ended up wrestling around as he tried to rub the seed all over me. David was on top of me pinning me down. His pelvis pinned mine to the mattress while he held my arms still. He was bare ass naked and rock hard.

David got an evil grin and said, I know how to get even.

With that he started rubbing his hard cock up and down my cum covered stomach. The cum made an excellent lubricant. I loved the feeling of his naked body thrusting against mine. It was better than anything that I imagined. David’s blue eyes were filled with lust as he rubbed against me. He could tell that I was not fighting him anymore. His eyes were glazed and I knew he was close. David let go of my arms and I got to do what I had dreamt about. I wrapped my arms around his magnificent naked body. I stroked his back as his thrusting intensified. His lips were next to my ear and I heard him whisper…oh god yes…so hot…so good. I felt the heat of his boy essence as it erupted all over my body. It seemed like his orgasm might go on forever. David was shooting a major load of hot boy seed all over me.

As his orgasm subsided, he hugged me back. He pulled us into a tight, sexy embrace. The room smelled of boy sex as our hot cum mixed together between our two bodies. I held him close and stroked his back while he recovered from his orgasm.

This was my dream come true. I was rock hard. Without saying anything, I gently rolled him over. I felt him wrap his arms around me as I slowly started to hump him using our combined cum as lube.

Our cheeks were pressed tightly together as I thrust against his 13 year old hard body. David started stroking the backs of my thighs and hips…the nerve endings fired off like little electric shocks. I felt David’s hands roaming over my body as the intense stimulation had me on the edge. I wanted to make it last longer but my need to seed was too great. Our cheeks brushed together as my pace quickened. As I neared
my climax I lifted my head. Our lips brushed. The tension built in my young loins. I had a powerful need to seed. Suddenly I felt a powerful rush as the hot semen erupted from my 13 year old boy boner. David pulled me into a passionate kiss just as I started my climax. I ground my boy boner against his semen slick belly as we continued our kiss. The climax was so intense I thought the rush of hot semen from my body might turn my testicles inside out with the force of the orgasm. The intensity of our lovemaking had me sweaty in his strong arms as I felt the hot boy seed trickle off either side of his belly. We were drenched in boy semen.

As my orgasm subsided, David rolled on top of me and began thrusting again. It took longer this time. It was painfully erotic because my penis was still ultra sensitive after my orgasm and David was grinding against it hard as he built toward another orgasm. I felt his body shudder and the warmth of his seed as it squirted over me. He groaned and fell against me spent. By this time I not only had recovered, I was rock hard and aching for another climax. I quickly rolled him over and ground my penis against our semen slicked bodies. David groaned with the intense contact against his super sensitive penis. Those groans only inflamed me more. He moaned with each thrust and gasped as the intensity of the thrusting increased with the onset of my orgasm. Another substantial load of hot boy seed jetted from my member.

We just lay there with me on top of David. He stroked my back and legs. I held his head and neck as I continued to kiss him. Our lips parted and I felt his tongue began to probe my mouth. As I kissed him, I felt his penis begin to harden between us. He whispered in my ear that we should clean up and make the next one last. I grabbed the towel and began to wipe our essence off of his sexy body. As I wiped him off I had my first real chance to study his boyhood. I looked at him in the soft light that filtered from the bathroom and saw his beautiful hard cock. I stroked his beautiful erection. It was about 5 1/2” like mine but it was almost twice as thick as mine. It was truly magnificent.

I whispered that we should take a shower and then I bent down and kissed him again. Our tongues quickly did the dance of love. David broke the kiss. My hand was on his throbbing erection. He looked at me and said that if we were going to take a shower it better be quick before he got other ideas. I gave him a quick kiss and took his hand as we headed for the shower.

As soon as the water was warm we stepped into the shower. David took the soap in his hands and worked up a lather. He began washing my body and my cock which was now as hard as his. As soon as he finished, I did the same for him. I did not stop with his front side. I lathered my hands again and reached behind him and began to wash his back and then down his crack. As my fingers passed over his rosebud, I heard a sharp intake of breath in my ear. I continued to play with his rosebud. At one point my soap slicked finger penetrated him up to the first knuckle. My finger was exploring his sacred place while my other hand massaged his throbbing member. David pulled me toward him and whispered that I needed to stop before he shot all over the shower.

When we got out of the shower, David pulled our wet bodies together and kissed me tenderly. Can we try something, he asked.

Sure…anything you want. I told him.

As the water dripped off of our bodies, he looked at me with those awesome blue eyes. Can we take it real slow this time…you know…slowly find all of the pleasure places on each other…see how long we can pleasure each other without having an orgasm.

I kissed him and told him I thought that was an awesome idea.

He dried me off and then I worshiped every inch of his body with the thick bath towel. Before we got in bed he kissed me again.

I think you have an awesome body and I want to pleasure you every way possible, he told me.

David kissed me again and this time I opened my mouth. My tongue explored his mouth as my fingers stroked the nape of his neck. David moaned and I broke our kiss.

Did I find someplace? I asked him.

Mmmmm yeah…he said.

David quickly reciprocated and stroked my neck and then with just the tips of his fingers he began to stroke my back with a feathery touch. It felt awesome.

As we crawled in bed I noticed that it was almost 2 am. I was totally energized. I could not get enough of this magnificent 13 year old sex machine.

As we lay in bed, I stroked David’s back I kissed my way down to his nipples. I wasn’t sure what David would think, but I really wanted to kiss and suck his nipples. I only hesitated a moment and hormones took over. I was enjoying my first taste of David’s turgid flesh. He stiffened for a moment as the first contact surprised him. As I began to suck on the nipple, David groaned with pleasure. I continued to suck and nip his erect flesh while he cradled my head. My leg was draped across his body and was on top of his thick shaft.

After a few minutes of intense nipple stimulation and having his raging erection rubbing against my leg, David pulled back and said he needed a moment…he was right on the edge. David turned around in the bed and as he did he told me that he wanted to get a closer look. His face was inches from my throbbing shaft.

I realized as we lay there facing each other’s boy boners that for all of our orgasms, we had not really explored each other’s penises.

God that is so cool, David said as his index finger tentatively explored my sex for the first time. He traced the length of the shaft. The pad of his index finger found the wetness at the tip of my member and used it to provide lubrication for a slow sensuous trip around the corona. The pleasure was so intense I was actually holding my breath. My penis had never been this hard.

David’s finger explored the texture of the skin on the glans. Each nerve ending sent off exquisite bolts of pleasure. I was suddenly gasping for breath. It was my turn to tell David I needed a minute.

While David fondled my sex, I studied the magnificent boy shaft only inches from my face. I touched the shaft with my index finger. Ever so slowly I discovered the silkiness of the throbbing shaft.

It’s so soft and silky, I told him. I love the way it feels in my hand. I told him as I wrapped my fingers around his boyhood. Wow…it is so thick and so hard. His turgid flesh was so ram rod hard that it required some effort to pull it away from his abdomen. I loved the feeling of his pulsing flesh in my hand. I was careful not to stimulate it too much because I did not want this moment to ever stop.

David groaned and so I let go of the shaft and began an exploration of his seed filled…well maybe not that much seed after 3 orgasms…orbs. They fascinated me and excited me. During my exploration I found the intensely sensitive spot right behind the scrotum. David gasped when my finger lightly danced over it. I felt his body tense as my finger continued back. I circled his rosebud several times before I actually touched it.

Oh my god….soooooo good. He told me. I continued to lightly stroke his rosebud and with my other hand I grasped his member.

David told me he was on the edge. He took hold of my erection and scrotum and began fondling them. The nerve endings sent jolts of pleasure to every part of my body. I had never experienced anything like this.

David gave off a raw sexual boy scent that I could not get enough of. I leaned closer to his sex to inhale deeply. The stimulation of his sex made his pelvis thrust forward. I felt his throbbing shaft grazed my cheek. I loved the feeling of the contact with his raging boyhood against my face. I cupped my hand around his member holding it tight against my soft cheek.

The thought of rubbing his boy boner all over his friend’s face was too much for David. It pushed David over the edge into the orgasmic abyss filled with indescribable pleasure. His boy member ached for intense stimulation as his boy orbs strained to release some of his precious essence. He cried out…Oh shit…oh fuck…so good…gotta.

It was a magical experience and seemed to be happening in slow motion. I felt his body shudder as the shaft of his penis ground hard against my cheek as he drew back for another thrust. I felt his shaft and then the head of his rock hard boyhood go across my lips.

Fuck…sorry…can’t stop…need…

David thrust forward and as he did I felt wetness on my lips as he ground his member against them. David had squirted a tiny bid of his essence on my lips and cheek. He continued to thrust against me groaning and yelping with the intense pleasure of his orgasm.

I began to thrust wildly in response as the need to seed overwhelmed me. Some of my thrusts were against his face and neck. Soon we were both completely spent.

As we lay there in the afterglow, my tongue found his boy nectar on my lips and I loved the taste.

David groaned and started apologizing for dry humping my face. I said nothing and quickly turned around taking him in my arms and kissing him passionately. He started to apologize again when my lips smothered the sound with another kiss. This time when I broke the kiss I looked at him.

Dude…that was fucking awesome…noisy…but fucking awesome, I told him as I snuggled tight against him and pulled the sheet over our intertwined naked bodies. I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 4 am. We snuggled against each other’s naked bodies and slowly drifted off to sleep. As I lay there on the verge of sleep, I thought about how we had just spent two hours exploring our bodies trying to discover every tiny pleasure center. It was awesome. The sleep was deep and dreamless.

Well…it was really more of a nap…we both awakened at 6 am and I felt David’s erection pressing against my side. I put my hand on it and we both laughed. We each had 4 orgasms in the past 10 hours and David was hard again. He just couldn’t get enough. I kissed him as he began to explore my growing penis. Soon David had me as hard as a rock.

David kissed me on the cheek and whispered that he was not in a hurry this time…He wanted time to explore my body more. I kissed him deeply and we flipped around into a 69 position so that we could fully explore each other. Again, we were touching and feeling each other and telling each other what felt good.

I pulled his thick penis toward my lips and I kissed the tip. I felt the drop of precum on my lips. I licked it off as David watched. He did the same to me.

I opened my lips and took his glans into my mouth. He tasted wonderful and a little salty from his last orgasm. My tongue started to explore him. I started licking him like an ice cream cone. I paid a lot of attention to the underside and the corona because I knew it felt so good when he touched me there.

Soon David was moaning and running his fingers through my hair. I took him back in my mouth and I sucked him deeply. I forced my self to take him to the pubes. I was still having some problems with gagging, but I didn’t care.

David warned me that he was going to cum, but I held his hips and drew him in further. I knew he was beyond the point of no return. I tasted a few drops of his precious essence as they jetted up through his ultra hard cock. We had cum so many time he did not have much to give me.

When his orgasm subsided, he took my cock and began to lick the precum off of it. It was so sensitive; I did not know how long I could last. I was moaning so much David knew I was close and he took me deep in his throat.

I went over the edge and held his head while I fucked his face. David played with the back of my thighs and that only made me thrust harder and more often. The orgasm seemed to last for ever. When I finished, I was gasping for breath.

I turned around and kissed David and we probed each other’s mouth. Our cum mixed together as we kissed. We kissed and hugged and ran our hands all over each other. David whispered in my ear, That was amazing!

We hugged each other tight until we drifted back off to sleep.

At 9 am David awoke with my hard cock pressing against his belly. He laughed and said that I couldn’t be hard again.

Sorry Dude, I said, I woke up and was just looking at you and got hard again. I kissed him and poked him again with my rock hard boner.

David bent his head and began to suck my nipples. Then he traced his way to my belly button and it tickled so bad I could that I could not stop giggling. He kept it up and started to tickle me too. I told him he had to stop before I pissed myself.

He said, you wouldn’t.

If you keep that up I won’t be able to help it, I told him.

He gave me kind of an evil laugh and said that he would have to remember that. He then started to lick his way to my pubes. David licked my cock all over. Then he started to gently lick my scrotum. While he was at that he found the ultra sensitive place behind my nuts. The pleasure was so intense; I didn’t think I could take it.

David looked into my eyes as he lay between my legs. He pulled my cock up and began to suck me very slowly. He would let me build up to the edge of an orgasm and then stop. He wanted to see how long he could keep me on the edge. My testicles ached and strained to release seed. My 6th orgasm in 12 hours was dry. But the feeling made it one of the most intense climaxes I have ever had.

My hand found David’s throbbing boyhood in the darkened room. I began to suck it. David’s hard boy flesh tasted amazing. I stroked his orbs as I intensely sucked his penis. It did not take long. I felt his body stiffen and shudder again and again as he struggled to seed my hungry mouth. David gasped and groaned as his body convulsed with pleasure. I tasted only a small trace of his precious essence. I gently nursed on his rapidly deflating member until the stimulation became too much for him.

I took him by the hand and we went to the shower to wash off the night’s pleasure. I stopped to pee before I got in the shower. My flaccid penis was tender to the touch after 5 orgasms. I felt David wrap his arms around me and was shocked as he took hold of my penis as a strong stream of urine began to fill the bowl. David wasn’t very good at aiming me and it sprayed all over the place as we laughed hysterically. I looked at him and told him that I would not be hiring him to be my official pisser. I told him I was my turn to try and I held his flaccid member as he relieved his bladder. David started to get hard and he was still slippery from our sex. His penis slipped out of my fingers and he pissed all over the tank. We couldn’t stop laughing. David grabbed our cum towel and we cleaned some of it up.

We got in the shower. I gently washed David’s penis and then kissed him as we stood under the warm water of the shower. Both of our cocks were raw and swollen. Our nuts ached from having so many orgasms.

I continued to kiss him and fondle his penis. He pulled back and said, I love this…but I am starving….your cock was tasty this morning but I need something more substantial.

I rapped him lightly on the nuts and told him he would pay for that comment later. That brought on a little nude wet boy wrestling. It ended with a passionate kiss in front of the door. Our wet bodies were pressed together and hard penises were sandwiched between us. The maid forgot to knock and just opened the door. I was sure that it was locked as we turned and watched the door knob turn. She opened the door to find to naked, erect 13 year old boys staring at her. She stood there for a moment with the door wide open in shock. She apologized profusely in Spanish and backed out of the room.

We both were stunned and then lost it. I gave David a quick kiss and then we finally settled down and dried off.

I watched as David pulled his jeans on and a v-neck sweater with no underwear. So I did the same thing. We slipped on our loafers with out socks. I grabbed the room key and we headed for the dining room. As we walked across the lobby, I told him in a low voice that I was not sure how I was going to keep my hands off of him during breakfast.

Mom and Dad were having breakfast. Mom wanted to know if we were taking a shower in the middle of the night. I told her no…it woke us up too. Somebody seemed to be making a lot of noise last night.

They offered for us to go furniture shopping with them. We said thanks but no thanks. David and I went back to the room. We were both so tired and sexually spent that we got naked and climbed back between the crisp fresh sheets. I loved the feeling of his warm, naked body against mine. In moments we drifted into a deep sleep.

We both slept soundly until about 1:30 pm. We were each in the same position as when we went to sleep except David’s hand was resting on my hard cock. He quickly removed
it as if he had been caught doing something wrong.

For a moment I was worried. Then David said, you errr..uhhh didn’t want to do anything did you?

I laughed and told him that despite what my cock was trying to tell him it was done for a while.

He smiled and said, Good! My cock is kind of sore and swollen.

Mine too, I told him.

We decided we would go for a swim in the indoor pool. David pulled on some board shorts and I pulled out a Speedo. As I pulled on the Speedo, David got rock hard.

Dude you are fucking hot in that thing, he told me. I am not going to be able to swim laps because my boner will be dragging on the bottom of the pool.

I kissed him and told him that sounded awesome. I would just swim underwater a lot and admire his junk.

We had the pool to ourselves. We swam around and would dive under the water and grope each other. What we didn’t know was that there was a window in the pool and the other side of that window was in the bar. The bar was not open yet but the young bartender was setting up. He watched as David pulled down my Speedo right in front of the window. My feet were braced against the glass as David fondled me.

The door rattled and I quickly pulled up the Speedo.

It was the bartender with a tray and two Cokes. He came over by the pool and warned us about the window. We looked at him and his pants had the outline of an awesome boner. He looked like he was in his late 20s. He told us we were both really sexy. He groped himself as he talked to us. There was a men’s room beside the pool and after he set our drinks down, he went in the men’s room.

We grabbed the side of the pool and levered ourselves out of the pool. The door was unlocked and he was waiting for us. He told us his name was Trevor.

Are you going to jack off? David asked Trevor.

Trevor nodded.

Cool can we…ummmm….like…you know…umm…watch? I asked shyly.

Trevor reached over and locked the door. He unbuckled his pants and shoved the pants and his boxers to the floor. He unbuttoned his white shirt and soon stood completely naked in front of us.

Trevor started to slowly jack. He asked if we jacked off much together.
We told him the stuff we did last night and he got very turned on.

Could I see you guys naked? He asked us.

David shrugged and I put my thumbs in the waistband of the Speedo. There was no hiding the fact that we both had major boners. David watched as I pulled down the Speedos. When he didn’t take off his board shorts, I flipped my Speedos up in his face with my foot.

David laughed and dropped his board shorts to the ground.

Trevor asked if we would feel each other up. We did and we could see that he was jacking faster.

Man I am getting close, Trevor told us.

You two are so sexy…oh SHIT…oh man…

A big jet of semen squirted from Trevor and shot across the room. It hit the wall between David and me. Trevor kept jacking and shot seed all over the bathroom floor.

He grabbed paper towel and started to clean himself up. While we pulled on our swim suits, Trevor asked us how old we were.

We’re 13, David told him.

Oh shit…oh Jesus…I just thought you looked young…I am in big trouble…please don’t tell anyone about this…I could go to jail.

I laughed. Yeah…like I could tell my parents over dinner…we met this cool dude and stripped naked for him so he could get off. Don’t really see how it is going to come up during dinner.

Trevor looked more relaxed. You guys are really cool.

You’ve got a really cool looking dick…I hope mine looks like that when I am older. David told him.

Yours looked really cool to me. God I wish I was your age. I would love to hang out and…ummm…you know feel you guys up and stuff.

David untied his board shorts and pushed them down his legs a bit and took Trevors hand and put it on his boner. You can feel me up a bit…but we’ve gotta go pretty soon.

Trevor felt up David junk and I stood next to David and dropped the Speedos again. Trevor put his other hand on my cock. It felt amazing. I leaned over and kissed David.
Dudes…you’re gonna make me cum in my pants. Trevor reluctantly let go of our rigid boners and we pulled our shorts up.

Trevor said thanks and unlocked the door and headed back to the bar. We grabbed towels to cover our throbbers and headed back to the room.

Mom and Dad were just getting back. We ran into them as they unlocked their door. David unlocked our door. Dad asked what else we had been doing besides swimming and we told him playing games and stuff…of course they probably were not the kind of games he was thinking of.

He followed us into our room. Fortunately the maid had used an air freshener so the room didn’t smell like a cum factory. Dad looked around and asked if we took a nap. We said yeah we had. He clearly noticed that only one bed was messed up. He raised an eyebrow but never said anything. He suggested we take a quick shower and get ready for dinner. He told us they were taking us to a nice restaurant.

Dinner was awesome. We went to a great Italian restaurant. David sat next to me and he took his shoe off and rubbed my leg with his bare foot during dinner. Dad got some extra glasses from the waiter and poured David and I a small glass of red wine in a water glass. It was a very romantic dinner. When we got back from dinner my parents blew us off pretty fast. They went to the bar for a drink and my guess was they had plans for later. It was okay…so did David and I…

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