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I guess you could say my childhood was a pretty typical one. I was the oldest of five kids, and spent the first 12 years of my life growing up in a Dallas suburb. I attended a Catholic grade school, and our church sponsored both Cub and Boy scouts. When I was old enough to join the Boy Scout troop at the age of 9, I was excited because I could finally go out on overnight and weekend camping trips.

The first few camping trips were a lesson for me in how to set up a tent, build a fire, and time spent hiking and fishing. I wasn’t really close to any of the other boys, but we all went to school together so everyone was on good terms with each other. I especially liked sitting around the fire at night and listening to the older boys and our scoutmasters shoot the breeze about all kinds of topics.

The summer I turned 10 I went on my first extended camping trip. The family of one of the boys in our troop owned a nice piece of property about 2 hours drive from the city. It was about 300 acres with a small lake and a couple of creeks running through it. It was a four day trip, and I was really excited to be away from home for that long for the first time. My parents surprised me with a small pup tent before I left, and after my dad showed me how to set it up, I was ready to roll.

We spent the first afternoon setting up camp and exploring the area. It was June and already hot, at least 90 degrees. Some of the guys suggested a hike to the lake, about a mile or so from camp. I ducked into my tent and changed into my swimsuit and pulled on a t-shirt and sneakers. I set out with the other kids for the lake, there were about 12 or 15 of us, ranging in age from 10 to 15. Looking back, I wonder why I didn’t notice that only half of us were in swim trunks, with the others in their khaki hiking shorts. I was definitely in for a surprise.

When we got to the lake, I wasted no time taking off my shirt and sneakers and waded in the warm water with my friend David, who had just turned 11 a couple of weeks before. We swam out a ways and were chatting when I looked back and saw some of the older kids peeling their shorts and jockeys off and heading into the water naked. I was shocked! I had never seen another guy naked before, and a couple of the older guys were sporting the first pubic hair I had ever seen. I remember looking at David and saying “They’re going in naked!” We were both kind of amazed and tried not to stare but it sure wasn’t easy. I asked him if he had ever gone swimming naked, but he said no. That led to more questions: when does your hair start growing down there, how come his looks different than his…a lot of curiosity.

At the time, I knew my penis would get hard sometimes when I took a bath but wasn’t sure why. I remember I liked the feeling of draping a washcloth over it in the tub, but that was the extent of my exploration. We hiked back to camp and I spent the rest of the day wondering about what I had seen and if it would happen again. I really wanted to see the other guys naked again.

Nothing eventful happened that day, and after a good night’s sleep we spent the morning hiking and fishing. Later that afternoon David and I were out with some other boys gathering firewood, and when I got a chance I asked him if he had ever seen another guy naked. He said he had seen his cousin’s penis once when he was peeing but had never seen a guy totally naked until we both did the day before at the lake.

Later after dinner we were sitting around listening to the evening fireside conversation when David asked me if I wanted a candy bar. His dad was assistant scoutmaster, and I had pitched my tent next to theirs. We were walking back to his tent when Kevin and John, two of our older troop members, caught up to us and asked how late we were going to stay up. I didn’t really know, I liked staying up around the fire until everyone left and so did David. Kevin said they were going to stay up for a little while and asked us if we wanted to come back to their tent for a while. Naturally I was all for it, thinking it would be cool to spend some time with the older guys. Kevin was 13 and John had just turned 14 and both seemed so much older than David and I. We went back to the campfire for while, then after a bit John said he was heading back to their tent to read some comic books. Kevin invited us along, and so off we went to their tent, which was about fifty yards away at the edge of a small patch of woods.

We ducked inside and they broke out their comics and flashlights. We made small talk as we read, but finally Kevin steered the conversation to the skinny-dipping session of the day before. He asked how come we didn’t swim naked, had we ever done it before, and then finally had we ever been naked with another guy. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to say, but David answered for both of us, telling him no. Then they both asked us what we knew about how a guy’s body changes when they got older, and naturally we had no clue. But David said we both saw yesterday that they had hair down there and we didn’t yet. That’s when John asked us if we wanted to it again, and I thought my heart was going to stop. First he asked David, he said yeah, then he looked at me and asked me, and I said OK. Then Kevin said if John was going to take his clothes off then everyone had to do the same. I was scared and excited at the same time - though mostly scared. John told us not too worry, he and Kevin did it all the time but made us promise we couldn’t tell anyone.

The next few minutes seemed to go in slow motion. John and Kevin were sitting across from David and me, and they got up on their knees, unbuttoned their shorts and slid them down and off. I could see a slight point in the front of Kevin’s jockeys, but when I looked at John I was amazed at what I saw. It looked like there was a big sausage underneath his underwear, curving off from the middle of his briefs and off to the side. That was when I realized there was a big difference between a boy’s penis and a teenager‘s…and I had to see it.

I was still staring when Kevin said c’mon you guys, your turn. David got up on his knees, and I laid back and we both took our short off, leaving all four of us in our jockey shorts. John asked me if I knew what a boner was, and I truthfully said I didn’t know. He told me that’s when your dick gets hard, it happens to guys all the time. He told us it can happen by itself or you can make it hard yourself and it feels really good. He said it’s called jacking off and we would start doing it a lot like he and Kevin did. Then David asked them if they got boners a lot, and they said sure, all the time. Kevin asked us if we were ready to get naked with them, and we said yeah, OK. Kevin was first, he leaned back and pulled his jockeys off, sat up, and threw them in my face! I sat there a little shocked while the other guys laughed but immediately checked out Kevin’s penis. There was something strange about it I couldn’t figure out. He was about half hard and there was something unusual about the end of his penis. He was uncircumcised and I had no clue that I was looking at a foreskin. He was sitting and leaning back across from me with his arms behind him propping him up, his semi-hard penis pointing at me just a few feet away. That’s when he said OK, everyone needs to get naked.

I remember John on his knees pulling off his briefs, and I turned to David and looked at him for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. He got on his knees and began to pull off his jockeys. I was looking down at him, I really wanted to see his penis. While I was watching I felt a hand slide under the waistband of my underwear and begin to push them down. I looked up and Kevin was looking at me while he undressed me. In just a few minutes we were both naked in the tent with John and Kevin.

I had been so fascinated with Kevin’s penis that I hadn’t really checked out John. When I did, I couldn’t really comprehend what I saw. Although John and Kevin were older than us, they weren’t big for their age and were relatively skinny. But if I was fascinated by Kevin’s uncut dick, John’s penis looked huge on him. He was almost fully erect, and I was totally mesmerized by his pubic hair, ballsac, the upward curve, the blue veins that encircled the shaft, and the big reddish purple head. I didn’t know it at the time, but at fourteen he had a man’s cock.

I was also surprised at David, his penis was hard and pointed straight out from his crotch. It stuck straight out from his crotch like a long straight carrot. Of course it wasn’t nearly as thick as Kevin’s or John’s, but it was a lot longer than mine and a little thicker.

Now that we were all naked, Kevin took over as the director and showed us how to jack off with John joining him. They were both fully hard and I watched both them stroke slowly, then faster, then play with their nuts. They told us to copy what they were doing, and my masturbation education was in full swing. After a few minutes, John reached over and started playing with Kevin’s dick, with Kevin returning the favor. I can still remember Kevin’s foreskin sliding up and down over the head of his dick and wishing mine was like his.

David and I continued to play with ourselves while watching them, and then Kevin told us to play with each other’s dicks. David reached over and wrapped his hand around my little hardon but I froze. Kevin scooted over to me, took my hand, and wrapped it around David’s penis at the base and moved my hand in his up and down a few times. I didn’t need any further encouragement. I was amazed at how far my hand went up his shaft before it went over the head of his dick, his was a lot longer than mine. I asked him if it felt OK and he smiled and said yeah. I felt his hand squeeze my penis a little harder, so I gripped his harder while I jacked him. I was in heaven and didn’t want it to stop.

We continued with the mutual masturbating, my attention divided between David’s penis and the John and Kevin’s awesome dicks. After a while Kevin asked us if we knew what a blowjob was, and of course neither one of us had a clue. When he told us how it felt even better with a mouth on your dick than your hand, I was shocked. David said aren’t you worried about peeing? John explained that when you had a boner, you couldn’t pee. Kevin said they had done it lots of times and told us to watch. My heart was pounding as John leaned back with Kevin’s hand around his big throbbing dick. Kevin then leaned over, brought his face down to John’s dick, and then licked the tip a few times. Then he pulled it sideways toward him, lowered his head, opened his mouth and started sucking the head of John’s penis. After a few seconds he began to slowly bob his head up and down, and I couldn’t believe that I was watching half of that big dark penis slide in and out of his mouth. Kevin sucked him for maybe a minute, and then he leaned back while John sucked him and played with his balls. After a bit they both sat back up and were stroking each other, and Kevin asked if we wanted to try it. I know I was too scared, so was David so we said no. Then Kevin asked me if I wanted to jack him off for bit and he would do it for me. Before I could answer he scooted over next to me so that our legs were touching and he reached over and took my dick in his hand. He took my hand and put it on his rock hard erection. He showed me how to grip it, stroke him, and play with his foreskin which was amazing. By then John had David next to him showing David how to play with his big dick.

I didn’t want it to end, but Kevin explained how things had to come to a happy ending. He told us what would happen when they came and had an orgasm, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened. John came first, shooting four or five times, and not knowing what semen was and seeing the look on his face, I was convinced he had really hurt himself. But when he smiled I figured he was OK. Kevin leaned back and shot his load on his stomach a minute later, and after they cleaned up we talked for a while and they answered some more of our questions. My last question before we left their tent: can we do it again?

I became totally obsessed with my penis after that night and couldn’t wait to see more of John’s, Kevin’s, and David’s dicks. John and Kevin turned out to be great instructors, and David and I became fast friends.

Hope you liked it, more to follow.

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there are special circumstances for 9 year old to move from cub to scout

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Reminds me of my boy scout camping trips. :-)

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