17 year old Jake, had plans on a boring Saturday, to go to the local movie theatre and actually watch a movie. But when he lays his eyes on 14 year old Dylan, his plan’s change almost as quickly as he made them.
It had been a fairly boring Saturday. I didn’t do much but sleep in, eat, and watch TV. So I decided to go to the movies, as I normally did when I was bored, and I hoped that maybe I could meet a girl or a boy and hang out. So I made my way to the computer, and I checked out the times of the movies that were playing in our town’s theatre.

I live in a decent sized town, but no one ever really went to the theatre. Most of the times, the theatre was mainly for couples to go to for a date or to just hang out together. But others would make use of the emptiness of the theatre. A lot of boys and girls from school went there just to see if they could get a date. Some even went there to see if they could fool around a little. But me, I normally went there to actually see a movie.

My name is Jake. I just recently turned 17 years old. I am pretty tall, standing at about 6 feet, and weighing in at about 160 pounds. I have short brown hair and brown eyes to match. I have been on the football team for several years, so my body has developed over the years. In school, I was not the typical jock in the sense that my grades were pretty good, and I wasn’t “Mr. Popularity.” I mean, I had a good amount of friends, but I would much rather spend a weekend alone, watching TV or just relaxing. I have known for a good part of my teen years that I have been bi-sexual. When I was around 11 years old, I discovered porn, and since that day I have been hooked. I found a big interest in all sorts of porn, but I spent most of my porn hours watching Gay porn.

It was here that I realized that I loved both boys and girls. And because I knew this, it allowed me to spend some time experimenting on both boys and girls. When I was about 14 years old, I lost my virginity to one of my best friends, Amanda. While her parents were out of town, I spent the day at her house and it ultimately led to us both loosing our virginities. That would also be the first time I was sucked. The entire day is a day I will never forget.

Then when I was 15, I had my first with a boy. I was late to football practice, and so was another one of my best friends, John. John was 16 at the time. When practice was done, we were told to stay and do 10 more laps for being late. When we got into the locker room, all our teammates were gone, and the coach had told us to close up. I decided I needed a shower, and John followed me in. While we were in there, I could not help but stare at Johns cock. I tried to be secretive about it, but he caught me. He saw me staring and started to stroke it. One thing led to another, and by the end of our shower, he was in my ass as I was pressed against the wall. Having his cock in my ass was amazing, but having him cum in my ass was even better. We washed up afterwards and went home soon after.

It would be more than a year after that day with John that I would get involved with a boy again. It also happened in the showers after extended football practice, but this time it was with a 14 year old named Josh. Josh did to me what I did to John that one time. While we were showering I became hard after looking at his practically hairless body, and Josh saw it, and he soon became hard as well. Without even asking him, I knelt down and took his boy cock in my mouth. After a while, I made him lay on the floor of the shower as I fucked him. It had been the first time I sucked a cock, and fucked a boy.

So I have had my fair share of experience in the field of pleasure, and it would all come in handy the day I went to the movies.

After searching for a while, I found the movie I wanted to see. It was over 2 hours long, so it would take care of my day. I grabbed $10.00 out of my wallet and started to walk over to the theatre. When I go there, I paid for my ticket and went inside. When I entered the room I looked around, tonight was even emptier than I imagined. I took notice of a few couples that were already making out. They all seemed to have been sitting in the front of the theatre. I personally liked sitting in the back, mainly because it didn’t mean hurting your neck while trying to watch the movie, but then again I was there to actually watch the movie, not make out.

I took my seat about 4 rows from the back. I leaned into my chair and watched the commercials before the pre-views. About 10 minutes into the commercials, I noticed a young boy walk into the theatre by himself. I could not help but notice him, due to the fact that he was gorgeous. I secretly eyed him as he passed by my row. He was maybe 5’5” tall, about 115 lbs; he had gorgeous long brown hair and sexy big brown eyes. His think body and boy shoulder made him seem absolutely hot. I tried to shake it off as I thought that his parents would be coming in shortly.

With each passing minute, I caught myself looking at the entrance. I just could not get this boy out of my mind. In the back of my mind I said to myself that I was here to watch the movie, but my hormones had other thoughts. This boy seemed to be here all alone. So I looked to the back of me to check if he was alone, and he was, though he seemed upset or sad as he texted into his phone. He was literally in the back corner of the theatre, and I quickly started to feel bad for him. With no body past the 7th row of seats out of 20+ rows, I knew that we would not be seen together if this got interesting.

With this in mind I got up and moved to the row of seats he was in. I sat on the far end though. He noticed me change seats, but did not make much of it. I sat there for about 3 ore minutes before the pre-views started. I made quick peaks of this boy whenever I could. His hair looked so nice, slightly curved to the right. He was in a thin t-shirt with a hoodie over it. He was wearing these cute blue jeans that were tight on him, but not too tight. The first impression I got of him was that he was a skater kind of kid.

I guess I was staring at him for a while, because he caught me staring at him. He didn’t seem upset at the fact that I was looking at him, nor did he seem nervous. I decided that this was to be my first move. I got up and moved to the seat next to him. He stared at me the entire time I walked. I sat down and looked at him with a small smile.
“Hey.” I said.
“Hi.” He simply replied.
“What’s up?”
“Nothing I guess… how are you?”
“Not to bad.” I said, and then I resumed to watching the pre-views. He jut stared at me, obviously confused. After a few silent seconds between us, I resumed speaking.
“Are your parents here?”
“Nope. My mom is shopping across the street. She gave me 10 bucks to watch a movie.”
Across the street, there was a mini shopping complex with a fashion store that women loved to go into.
“Dude that sucks. That used to happen to me all the time, but my mom always dragged me along.”
“Wow. Yeah it’s not fun over there.”
I laughed. “So what’s your name anyway?”
“Oh, I’m Dylan.”
“Nice name. I’m Jake.”
“So how old are you?” he asked.
“17, 18 in two months. You?”
“Oh cool. Hey sorry if I creped you out before. I just looked back and you looked upset.”
“Oh it’s fine. You didn’t creep me out.” He giggled.
“So what’s wrong?”
“Nothing…” he said, but I wasn’t convinced.
“You can tell me if you want. A lot of my friends tell me their problems. They say I am a good listener.” I winked at Dylan.
He smiled and giggled a little. “Well I asked this girl out yesterday and she said no. So I’m still a little bummed…”
“Shit man. Sorry to hear that. But you know what, it happens to everyone…”
“Hell yeah. If I had a list of all the girls that I asked out and they denied me, I would be reading the names an hour past the movie!”
He let out a louder laugh. That was obviously a joke, but it seemed to work. “Yeah I guess, but she’s not the first girl to say no to me. I don’t know what it is about me. Am I ugly or something?”
“Oh my god, no. Actually Dylan, you are quite a cute kid.” As I said that I put my right hand on his left knee. He sort of drifted off, and just stared at my hand. He came back into focus a few seconds later.
“You think so?” he said. There was a quiver in his voice. He was nervous.
“I really do. Can I tell you something?”
He nodded.
“When I saw you come in the theatre, I could not get you out of my mind.”
I nodded.
“But I’m a boy…”
“So? I don’t see anything wrong with admiring a cute boy.” I winked at him again, which brought his smile back. I then proceeded to gently rub around his knee.
He was about to say something, but he couldn’t find the words.
“Go ahead; say what you were going to say.” I encouraged him.
“I was going to say… you look nice too.” He said with a smile that displayed his beautiful set of teeth.
“Thank you Dylan.” I started to move my hand farther up his thigh, but not to far. I took a peek at his crotch to see if he was hard in his jeans, and he certainly was. But his face still seemed a little nervous.
“Dylan… you don’t have to be nervous.”
“I’m not…”
I continued to rub his thigh. I took notice of his breath, which had picked up since I began. Now when I looked at his flawless face, I saw a sense of comfort. He was enjoying this. So I took it a little farther and move to the top of his thin thigh and eventually to the insides of his thigh. I didn’t brush or rub against his cock, but I was close. He gasped very quietly.
“Just tell me if you don’t want me to do this. I will stop.”
“No. It’s ok…”
I looked at his serious face and smiled at him. He returned a smile.
As I rubbed and felt up his thigh I made little conversation with him.
“Dylan, do you ever play with yourself?”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you masturbate?”
“Yeah sometimes.” He answered, but he seemed embarrassed.
“Yeah me too,” this calmed him down again, “and can you cum?”
“Yeah but not a lot. Do you cum a lot?”
“Oh yeah.” I gave him a grin.”
“Ha-ha, cool.”

Around the time the movie was about to begin, I started to rub his thigh a little harder and more frequently. Though the movie was decently loud, I could hear his heavier breathing and slight moaning.
“Hey Jake…”
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“How do you know if you’re gay?”
When he asked me this I was very happy. I just met this boy, but he already felt comfortable around me to ask me a serious question.
“Well do you ever think about doing things with boys?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I also think of girls. I don’t know which I am…”
“Well you know you can like both right?”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah of course. No body can tell you what to like. I like both boys and girls.”
“Wow. Well how else can you tell?”
“Well do you like this?”
“What you’re doing now?”
He nodded.
I smiled. “Then you could be bi-sexual like me.”
He smiled back and went back to watching the movie. I guess I answered his question.
A few more minutes later, I checked Dylan’s crotch. He was still hard.
“Hey buddy…”
“He looked at me.”
Playing dumb I asked, “Are you hard?”
Even in the darkness of the theatre I could tell he blushed, but he nodded his head regardless.
I waited for his response and then abandoned rubbing his thigh. Instead, now my hand was just touching his hard-on. This caused him to gasp again.
“Want me to stop Dylan?”
He shook his head “No.”
I ran my fingers up and down his rock hard boy boner. I could see and feel him shivering in excitement.
“Feel good?” I said in a teasing voice.
“It does, doesn’t it? How big are you? My guess is 5 inches.”
“I’m not really sure, but I think you’re right…”
I rubbed his cock some more. I soon started applying a little pressure. Dylan’s moans were picking up. I rubbed up and down his shaft, not forgetting to get his small balls. I rubbed and massaged all around his little crotch, and I remembered to rub his butt a little. I continue doing this to him for several minutes. As I do it, I watch his cute face. He was making these funny, but adorable faces as the pleasure overtook his young body.
“Tell me if you are about to cum. We have 2 hours; I don’t want you finished now.” I said as I laughed.”
“You do like this don’t you. What do you like best?”
He seemed nervous to answer.
“It’s ok. Tell me what you liked best so far.”
“When you… rubbed my balls…”
“I thought so.” I went back to rubbing, touching, and occasionally gently squeezing his small balls.
“Oh god…” Dylan moaned.
I couldn’t help but giggle. It was always fun watching other people orgasm because of you.
“Is this the first time someone has done this to you?”

I decided to take a quick look to make sure that no one was watching us. But when I looked, I saw this girl, about my age; look at me, then at Dylan. She was several rows in front of us. She was taking a second break from kissing her boyfriend. She did not make a scene, but when she saw me with my hand down below, and then she saw Dylan as if he was in heaven, she giggled and winked at me. I smiled but put my finger near my mouth as if to say, “Shhh.” She smiled and gave me the OK sign, and went back to kissing her boyfriend.

I gave my hand a rest from Dylan’s boner to go underneath his shirt. I rubbed his belly, and I was pretty shocked to find out that he had no hair on his belly. But this made me very happy, mainly because the softness of his skin felt amazing. I made my way up to his nipples, which were almost as hard as his dick. I brushed over them a few times. This gave me a new reaction. His arms sort of twitched. I laughed and continued to rub them.
“You like having your nipples rubbed?” I asked.
“Yeah dude. It feels amazing…”
“Lift up your shirt for a second. Lift it past your nipples.”
He did as I asked and leaned over and took his little nipple in my mouth. I pressed on it and rubbed it with my tongue. I didn’t want to stay like this because the risk of getting caught was too high. So I gently nibbled on his nipple and brought him closer to me so I could do the other one. After only about 1 or 2 minutes of this, I moved his hands away so his shirt could drop back down.
His cock was still rock hard after I was finished with his nipples. So I went back down to his cock and rubbed it a few more times before taking his zipper in my hand.
“Can I unzip you?”
“Will anyone see us?” he asked.
“Nah, we are to far back.”
Convinced, he replied “Ok then.”
I took his zipper and slowly opened his fly open. His dick, which was still in his boxers, sprung right out of the fly hole. I took a hold of his boy cock and started to jerk him off through his boxers. His moans did not only quicken, they also got louder. But luckily the movie was playing, so now1 could here him.
“Ohhh… Jake…”
“How does it feel bud?”
“It feels so good. Do it harder…”
I quickened my pace. Dylan started to naturally hump my hand as I jerked him off. I did it a little harder, but not to hard. I didn’t want him to cum yet. Occasionally I would stop and just play with his cock. I would pet it as if it was an animal, and I would poke at it, just to tease him.
“I’m going to take it out now, ok?”
I took a hold of the button that kept his cock in his boxers, and I undid it. I watched as his cock sprung out of his boxers. I was actually a little shocked that he was cut. I had never been with a cut boy. But I do not think words can explain what his cock looked like. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen and even dreamt of! It was the perfect size, perfect girth, and perfect shape. It looked so smooth and untouched. No big veins going across it, so long pubic hair at all, and the cock head was a perfect size. I honestly don’t know how long I stood there looking at it, but he said something and I missed it.
“I’m sorry, what did you say Dylan?”
“I was just wondering if something is wrong.”
“Wrong?! Dylan, you have the most amazing cock I had ever seen.”
“Hell yeah… That girl who turned you down is missing a hell of a lot.”
He giggled.
I took his cock in my hand. The smoothness was even more than I imagined, and the warmth was driving me nuts! I began to move my hand up and down his beautiful shaft, but not as if I was jerking him off. I just wanted to feel it. I ran my finger up and down the length of his cock. I played with the head of his cock. And then finally, I started to jerk him off. I could not take my eyes off of the cock I was pleasuring. Dylan practically had his eyes behind his head. I took his cock into my fist, squeezing, but not hard.
“Hump my hand buddy…”
Within a second of me telling him to hump my hand, he started. With each hump came a moan from his still developing voice.
I started to talk dirty to him, which seemed to make him even hornier.
“Yeah that’s it… fuck my hand! Do it boy, fuck harder…”
“Ohhh… fuck… uhhh…”
“Yeah curse you dirty little boy…”
“Fuck dude… it feels so fucking good!”
After doing this for a while, I suddenly let go. The expression on his face was priceless. He was obviously about to cum, and that’s why I let go. I noticed his face and commented.
“I know you wanted to blow, but I have another surprise for you.”
“What is i-” he tried to say, but the words left his mouth when I started to suck his cock.. I took his entire cock right into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down his cock while I sucked. I took his cock out to lick it like a lollipop. I rubbed my tongue up and down his shaft several times before resuming the sucking. I don’t think I ever sucked as hard as I did with Dylan. But it seemed that as soon as it began, it ended.
“Jake! I’m cumming…” he whispered into my ear.

I practically ignored him as I continued to bob my head up and down his cock. Within seconds of his announcement I felt his body quiver, as he orgasmed into my mouth. I felt one rope of cum hit my throat, one more land on my tongue, and a third just dribble onto my tongue. I moved to the top of his cock and sucked his head as I squeezed whatever cum he had left into my mouth. Even when I got all the cum I could get, I still sucked on him. I sucked his perfect cock until he was limp. With his cum still in my mouth I lifted my head to show him. I then swallowed to his amusement.
“You drank it?” he asked.
“Was it good?”
I took a second to catch my breath. “The best fucking cum I had ever tasted!” I almost shouted.
We sat there both trying to catch our breath. Dylan’s dick was still sticking out of his pants, but it was limp. His right hand was just touching and twirling it around. He then looked at me.
“What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Don’t you want to cum?”
“Yeah, but it’s ok. I can just do it when I get home.”
“No, that’s no fair. Can I jerk you off?”
“Are you sure?”
“Well ok, if you want to.”
He quickly reached for my jeans, unzipped them, pulled my boner out of the fly, unbuttoned my boxer’s fly, and grabbed my cock. His smaller hand wrapped perfectly around my 7 inch uncut cock.
“Wow you have a big one…”
“Thanks bro. Yours is nicer though.” I said giving him a wink.
“It feels so strong…” he said as he gave my cock a squeeze.
“Wow that felt good… I won’t be long Dylan, so just give me a few good pumps and I will erupt.”
With his soft left hand on my hard cock, he tugged. It really did only take a few pumps to make me cum. With me still sitting on the seat, my orgasm looked like a mini fountain. My cum went flying in the air and landed all over the place. Some on his hand, some on the chair in front of me, and some on my lap. The feeling made up for the mess I just made. He watched with his eyes wide open as rope after rope of my cum shot out of my cock. When I was done cumming, he squeezed my cock a little more and then moved away.
“Some of my cum is on your hand, do you want to try it?” I asked.
He looked at it for a few seconds, and then shook his head, “No.”
“Ok.” I said as I took a hold of his left hand. I licked each of his fingers one by one until all my cum was gone. I licked his palm, his wrist, and in between his fingers, which he enjoyed most of all.
We zipped up our limp dicks and lay back for a few minutes before talking again. Our conversation did not go back to the previous events. Instead we just watched the rest of the movie.
When the movie was over we stood up and stretched.
“So Dylan… how was it?” I asked.
“It was the most fun I have ever had!” he said as he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it dude.”
Once I was finished saying that, he received a text message.
“It’s my mom. She said that she is done, and if the movie is over we can go home.”
“Perfect timing then.” I said with a smile.
“But I don’t want to leave…”
He was so cute when he said that, and I felt bad. I did not want this to be the last time I saw him. So I grabbed his phone and entered my phone number.
“Whenever you want to hang out with me or see me, just give me a call. I have my license so I can come and visit you whenever you want.”
A huge smile took over his face. “Ok I will! Bye Jake!” he said as he hugged me again.
He soon took off.

As I was about to leave the theatre, the girl who had saw me pleasing Dylan before came up to me.
“Did you have fun?” she said with a big laugh.
“Yeah I did,” I returned the laugh; “he is a very cute kid.”
“I see that. I bet he had a nice one.”
I just grinned.
She leaned closer to me and moved next to my ear.
“You have a little something something on the side of your mouth.”
Quickly I wet my finger and wiped off some of Dylan’s dry cum.
She just laughed as she watched me quickly clean off the cum. “Boys are so cute.”
She then saw her boyfriend and left the theatre soon after.

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