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This is my first story. It would be nice to receive some kind of feedback. I’m an amateur, there’s not that much sex in this story, but if you guys like where it’s heading I could add more. I have tons of ideals for stories; I just want to get over the fear of posting them.
Cleveland Rocks

We each took turns throwing our orange prison suits into a burning barrel nearby. It had been less than 6 hours since we’ve broken out of an upstate prison in New York. We managed to make it to Ohio after burglarizing an old man in a small town near the prison. His body was probably still lying in the middle of his living room floor. We took his keys and started out on our way west.

It would be hours or maybe days before someone reported the old man missing, but the guards at the prison would know we’ve escaped by the time the sun came up.

We ran out gas in Ohio, somewhere outside of Cleveland. It was my turn to dispose of my prison suit; I discarded it into the burning flame.

“What now?” I said.

“We find a gas station, and we rob it.” Carter said in an arrogant voice.

He was still brandishing the gun he had managed to scuffle from the officer back at the prison.

“I told you Carter, I’m not like you guys. I was framed.” I said in a low voice.

“Look kid, it doesn’t matter if you did the crime or not, you’re a fugitive now, you’re one of us.” Johnny said.

Johnny tossed his prison suit into the barrel. Johnny was at least 25 years old; he looked 10 years older than his actual age. He spent most of his adulthood in prison. His face had a long scar on the right side, starting from his hairline and stretched to the bottom of his chin; he told me he received that scar while defending himself in prison. He weighed at least 200 pounds of solid muscles and could snap my neck like a twig.

I and Carter had just so happen to be next door neighbors before he was sentenced to life for robbing and killing a clerk at a 7/11 around the corner from where we lived. When I was sentenced to life in prison five years later, I ran into Carter in prison, we started devising a plan to escape. After losing my appeal, I came to the conclusion that I might spend the rest of my life in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. I and Carter had the perfect plan after watching how the prison system operated for about three months. I decided to let Johnny in on the plan since he was my cellmate and protected me from other inmates; he was also severing a life sentence.

“I’m not like you guys.” I repeated.

Heading into Cleveland by foot, we decided it wouldn’t be safe to walk the streets anymore. The escape could be announced on the radio or television at any minute now.

Carter decided to take out the first store we entered, he ordered the clerk to hand over her car keys, and then he tossed them to me. Johnny grabbed a carton of cigarettes from behind the counter and a 12 pack of beer from the back

“Kid, you and Johnny go and start the car; I’ll clean out the cash register.” Carter said with a grin on his face.

A sign displaying the temperature outside explained why I couldn’t feel my toes, it was 10 degrees and began to rain as me and Johnny entered the warm car. The car had a full tank of gas.

Through the rearview mirror I could see Carter pointing the stolen gun at the clerk and saying something, but I couldn’t make out what the words.

The clerk looked around 21, she had college student, trying to pay my tuition, working a shitty job, written all over her face. She looked older than me. I myself was only 19. She had blonde hair and a shirt with the gas station’s logo on it.

The store clerk dropped to her knees, I could see Cater unzipping his zipper. The clerk’s right hand disappeared into Carter’s jeans and pulled out Carter’s semi-erected penis.

“What the fuck is he doing in there?” I said.

Johnny watched along with me.

“He’s been in prison for five years, what do you think he’s doing?” Johnny said in a laughable voice.

“The cops or a customer can pull up at this store at any moment.” I said in a panicky voice.

“And we’ll blast them.” Johnny said in a childish manner.

The store clerk’s head disappeared and reappeared behind the stand Lay’s chips. Carter began to loosen his grip on his gun, and started to smile. He shook his head in excitement as if he was at a rock and roll concert.

Then suddenly his eyes opened, he pointed the gun at the store clerk.

I and Johnny could hear the blast from outside of the store. Carter tumbled out of the store with a hand full of wrinkled bills, his jeans were covered in blood stains. He opened one of the car doors and slid inside.

“What happened?” I said.

Cater smiled.

“Now that’s what I call a blow job.” Carter laughed.

I smashed the pedal to the floor and soon the Cleveland skyline was he behind us.

Cold Chicago

Three inmates from an upstate New York prison have escaped and are believe to be somewhere outside of the Cleveland area. A security camera at a local store in Cleveland captured the three men on tape early this morning. These men are armed and dangerous. If you…

I turned the radio off, the sign in front of us read “Welcome to Chicago.” By now the news was out, we were “armed and dangerous.”

“Stop at the hotel ahead of us.” Carter said.

I stopped at a rundown hotel in a low-income neighborhood of Chicago’s south side. Carter climbed out of the car.

“Are you stupid? Someone will spot you, get back into the car.” I said.

Carter walked to the hotel’s entrance.

“People in this neighborhood probably can’t afford cable, they won’t notice us.” He said.

Carter walked into the hotel, a few seconds later he came out with two keycards for room 211.

“We need to get rid of this car, I just booked us a room for two nights,” Carter said.

Getting rid of the car was no problem, as me and Carter spoke, I could see a kid down the street stealing hubcaps off a car that looked nicer than any other car parked around here.

After settling in the room and plotting every escape possible incase US Marshalls surrounded us, we returned to the car only to find it had disappeared on its own. Two kids down the streets laughed as we desperately looked around for the car. Carter pointed the gun at the kids and they took off running down the street, laughing.

Johnny and Carter decided to have a night out on the town; I stayed in the hotel room alone. I was afraid to use the phone in the hotel, so I found a payphone about three blocks away that I used to call my mother back in New York.

The phone ringed several times before anyone picked up.

“Hello.” A voice on the other end said.

“Ma is that you?” I said.

“Who is this.” She asked.

“Listen, it’s your son. I’m on the run ma but I’m innocent, don’t believe what you are hearing on the radio. I didn’t have anything to do with that murder in Cleveland.” I whispered over the phone line.

“David, come home. Your girlfriend is pregnant.” She replied.

“I can’t ma, these cops probably got our house staked out and would kill me on site if I showed my face in that neighborhood.” I answered back.

“Your brother misses you.” She said.

“Tell him, I miss him. I’ll be home soon as I get my name cleared, but I have to go, mom.” I said.

I hung up the phone. I’m going to be a father I thought to myself.

Maria from The Bronx was my girlfriend. I met her when I was 17. The day before I turned myself in, I went over her house. I didn’t tell her about the murder I was involved in. We had passionate sex, while a porno played quietly on the TV behind us.

I threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her as she unfastened my jeans. We tongue kissed as her warm hands grabbed at my fully erected penis. My penis wasn’t the size of the guys I’ve seen in tons of porno movies, but it got the job done.

Maria was only 5’2, 115, she had the body of an 8th grader. This kind of turned me on; I missed my old school days. Seems like I grew up too fast, sometimes I dreamed about the girls I knew back in middle school. Occasionally I would masturbate to the images in my head. Middle School, 8th grade, those were the days. A normal guy like me could have any girl he wanted, if he had the courage, I didn’t have courage, at least not then.

For some reason Maria didn’t bother to bring up the word “condom” as I aimed my penis towards her opening. Her face frowned in pain, her pussy was tight, according to her I was her only boyfriend she had ever had sex with, and it felt like it.

She was wet, I couldn’t last much longer. Our bodies were covered in sweet. Maria tried to keep her voice down. Her grandmother was fast asleep in the next room.
My pace began to speed up as I could feel my balls tightening as I shot every drop of cum I had into Maria tight pussy.

I pulled my semi-erected penis out and watched as cum dripped from Maria’s wound, then I fell on top of her and slept for the next two hours.

That was the last time I heard from Maria.

I walked back to the hotel to find Johnny and Carter passed out. Carter had another body under the sheets with him and Johnny had a cheap bottle of liquor cradled in his arms.

I walked to the sink located in the rear of the room, on the counter was a suitcase; I decided to have a look inside. I slowly opened the suitcase. I was staring at a suitcase full of twenties, neatly stacked.

“Where the fuck did you guys get this” I yelled.

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2013-01-29 00:57:49
Goldie Hill. Her awful imititation of Goldie was hauiriols. You have to remember that it was around this time the rumors started about her husband Carl and Goldie, who he ended up marrying. But I'm she June was hurt a lot by it and that was her way of easing some of the pain.

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