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Classic Poetry
There is nothing so fine,
As your behin'
Just one look,
Is all it took,
Come over here,
I want your rear,
Just one smack,
Then I part your crack,
I feel your cheek,
And my knees go weak,
I want to caress,
What's beneath your dress,
Bend you over,
And then take over,
So firm and round,
Makes me want to pound,
One look at your butt,
I want to bust my nut,
One look at your tush,
And I want to push,
I look at your rump,
And I want to hump,
Cause nothing's so fine,
As your behin'


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2013-04-24 15:51:42
Thanks for commenting. I am happy to see that you liked our work. If you want to save it, you can doblue click on the wordle so that it is big and save it in your favourites. Why not save our blog as a favourite too?

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2011-06-09 10:41:25
lacks imagination and style. Line after line saying the same thing in a different way.

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