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My early sexual curiousity.
This is a true story of some of my early sexual experiences. They story will include mostly sexual curiosity, masturbation, and oral sex. It has been many years since these events happened, so I will do my best to guess the age that I was.

I will start when I was about ten years old. I had two older brothers, who collected mens magazines, and I loved looking at them. The magazines were a big turn on for me, but these magazines from the sixties were different than pornography of today. The biggest difference is that the photographs of the women showed legs, breasts and butts from the side. You never saw a pubic patch, let alone a pussy or the forbidden back door.

This lack of photographic information made me curious about a woman's anatomy. I'd seen my mom's pubic patch, but still didn't have an inkling as to what a pussy looked like.

Mom's sister, and her family came to visit us about this time. One of my cousins, Bruce, was almost exactly the same age as me. My aunt and uncle were going to sleep in the bedroom that I usually occupied. In the basement, we had a sofa that converted into a double bed. Bruce and I were to share this bed.

I took the opportunity to sneak a few of my brother's magazines and show them to Bruce. I asked Bruce if he'd ever seen a girls pussy, or if he'd ever seen anybody fucking before. Bruce told me that he had caught his mom and dad doing it, but still he didn't have a very good idea what a pussy looked like either.

I can't remember all of the details, but Bruce and I compared cocks. We were both turned on and had boners, at the time we were probably only about four inches long. My cock stood almost straight up, and Bruce's angled forward at a 45 degree angle. I remember thinking that Bruce's cock would probably work better for fucking a girl. In my ignorance, I thought that a girls vaginal opening was higher up than it really is, and that the hole would angle back at approximately the same angle as my cousin's cock.

After comparing cocks, Bruce and I got in bed and started feeling and playing with each others cocks. I never masturbated before, this was a new experience for me. I loved the feeling and soon experienced something similar to an orgasm, but there was no release of fluid. I just remember that my cock started throbbing and that I felt like the bed was drifting and rolling, similar to a boat on water.

The next event in my sexual discovery involves the next door neighbors we had at the time. The family next door had three children, a boy who was my age, David, a girl who was two years younger than me, Cindy, and another boy, John, who was three years younger than me. Dave bullied his younger brother and sister all the time. Cindy and John were really tight and stuck together because of this, they were almost inseparable. Cindy had blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and was just about as cute as any girl you've ever seen.

During summer break, John started coming over to our house about once a day to get a caramel. My mom always bought packages of caramels, and John loved them. One day John was at our house, and I asked him if he had ever seen Cindy's pussy. He told me that he hadn't. I asked him if she'd show it to him if he asked her. John wasn't sure, but he told me that he'd ask Cindy. Every day, John came over for candy, and I kept asking him about Cindy's pussy. One day, John told me that Cindy agreed that she would show her pussy to him, as long as John would show her his cock.

One day, John told me that he had finally seen Cindy's pussy. I then asked him if she would show it to me. It wasn't long and John had it arranged. I went over to the neighbors place for the big event. John, Cindy and I went out to their apple orchard. Although John was the youngest, he seemed to be in charge of the whole event. He told Cindy to take off her shorts, and her panties. John had Cindy spread her legs and show her pussy to me. To my amazement her little slit was surrounded by two soft little puffy strips, and her pussy wasn't in the location that I thought it would be. John then had Cindy turn around and bend over to show me her pussy from behind. John loved the view from behind and thought Cindy's puckered back door was quite an amusing sight. I enjoyed the view also, but for me, seeing Cindy's pussy was definitely more interesting than her puckered asshole.

If I knew then, what I know now, I'm sure that I would have tried to kiss that soft sweet pussy, and do more than that. In reality, neither John or I touched Cindy that day, we just looked. Later after school started, we got released early one day. I tried talking John and Cindy into another show, but they wouldn't do it again. They had more common sense than I did, and they knew that we'd all be in big trouble if we ever got caught.

The next event in my sexual discovery involves another cousin of mine, Allen. Allen is one year younger than I am. I would guess at the time that I was almost 12 or 13 years old. Allen, and his parents came to visit us on the Fourth of July. We went and saw the local fireworks display. When we came home, we set off our personal fireworks.

When it was time for bed, Allen and I ended up in the sofa bed in the basement. I showed Allen some of my brother's magazines and we talked about what it would be like to have sex with girls. Allen and I ended up comparing dicks, playing with each other and masturbating in bed. I can't remember if it was Allen or me who initiated the mutual masturbation, but Allen knew what he was doing. I never asked him if he had done it before, by himself, or with somebody else, but he was good, really good.

It wasn't long and I started getting very aroused. I could feel myself building up to a tremendous orgasm, but the feeling was different than it had been a few years earlier with my cousin Bruce. All of a sudden, I had a feeling that I was going to erupt. I had never ejaculated before, and did not know what was happening to me. I thought that I was going to pee. In a panic, I blurted out, “STOP, STOP, I've got to go piss.” I got up, put on my pants and went to the bathroom. By the time I got to the bathroom, I didn't feel like I had to go anymore.

Well, that put an end to that nights masturbation, but the next morning, I had to figure out what would have happened if I hadn't stopped Allen when I did. I went to the bathroom, and locked the door. Then, I started rubbing myself, masturbating in the bathroom. It wasn't long and the wonderful feeling returned. This time I didn't stop, when my cock felt like it was going to erupt. When wads of white creamy cum started spewing from my cock, I thought it was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever experienced.

My aunt and uncle returned to their home, about 40 miles away, but Allen remained. He was going to spend the week with us, and I couldn't wait to show Allen my new discovery. We lived on a farm, and that afternoon, Allen and I went out to a small smokehouse, and crawled inside. I pulled my pants down and started masturbating in front of Allen. It wasn't long and I proudly started shooting my second load of the day, showing Allen his first viewing of a cum shot.

A year or so later, Allen and I spent the night sleeping on a stack of straw, we wanted to watch the mid August, Perseid meteor shower. We also wanted to jack each other off like we often did. On this night, when I felt Allen's cock throbbing in my hand, my hand started getting wet, and Allen ejaculated for his first time. It was a big thrill for me to feel him cumming in my hand.

Allen and I continued masturbating each other for several years. We always laid side by side and masturbated each other at the same time. It worked fairly well, since I am right handed, and Allen is a lefty. We never talked about or tried anal, personally, I never wanted to.

The final event that I'm going to tell in this story, involves Allen again. Allen and I went with his mom to visit relatives in a neighboring state. We drove the 250 miles to our relatives home in a neighboring state. When we got there, Allen and I learned that we were going to get the guest bedroom with two separate single beds. Allen and I talked it over, and after everybody went to bed, we would lay on the floor and masturbate each other like we had done hundreds of times before.

When we went to bed, Allen and I quietly got on the floor. Allen whispered to me, “I want to do you first.” This was fine with me, and I laid down on the carpet face up. Instead of masturbating me from the side, Allen got between my legs and grabbed my throbbing cock. The room was dark, very dark, I couldn't see a thing. Allen started masturbating me, and his new technique was the best hand job that I'd ever had. I couldn't understand exactly what Allen was doing to me, but it was truly exceptionally good. I tried to look and see how Allen had his hand wrapped around my cock, but it was too dark. I whispered to Allen, “how are you doing that?” Allen whispered back, “you know!” All of a sudden, the light bulb flashed, and I realized that Allen was sucking my cock. It was good, better than any hand job of his had ever been.

It wasn't long and I could tell that I was going to shoot a big load. I whispered to Allen, “I'm getting close.” Allen didn't stop, he kept on giving me his wonderful blowjob. It was only a few seconds after my first warning, and I couldn't hold back any longer. I whispered, “I'm going to cum.” Allen kept on sucking, and I started throbbing, I grunted as quietly as possible, shooting a big wad of cum in Allen's mouth. Allen kept sucking, and I kept throbbing, two, three, four, fives shots of cum, and Allen eagerly swallowed every drop.

When I was spent, I told Allen, “that was GOOD, REALLY GOOD!” Then I asked Allen, “do you want me to do that to you?” Allen did, and I knelt between his legs and grabbed his rock hard cock. I rubbed Allen's balls and wrapped my lips around his cock, and tongued the ridge on the shaft of his cock. I wrapped my puckered lips around his cock and sucked lightly, bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. I don't remember if he warned me if he was going to cum or not, but I wanted to give him just as good as I had gotten just minutes before.

Soon I felt my cousin's cock throbbing in my mouth, and tasted the slightly salty, slightly bitter cum in my throat. It wasn't my favorite taste in the world, but it really wasn't that bad. And, I loved the feeling of his cock throbbing in my mouth. I knew my cousin was enjoying my efforts just as much as I had enjoyed his.

I drifted off to sleep that night fully satisfied. Several hours later, I woke up and found myself thinking of what happened earlier that night. It wasn't long and the thoughts of what happened a few hours earlier had me standing at attention again. I crawled out of bed and poked my head under the covers of my cousin's bed and started rubbing his cock. I thought that the blowjob that my cousin had given me earlier in the night was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. I was eager to thank my cousin with another cock sucking. My cousin soon was shooting in my mouth again, and I eagerly swallowed every drop.

My cousin and I continued giving each other blow jobs for years, into my early 20's. After we started sucking each other, I don't think we did it any other way after that. After we started getting serious with girl friends, and I got engaged, we stopped having sex with each other.

I still see my cousin occasionally, and my family really enjoys doing things with him. My family and I went to a baseball game with him this summer. My wife would be shocked if she knew that we used to suck each others cock. My wife loves receiving oral sex, but she says that she'd gag if she ever tried to give oral sex. My cousin and I haven't talked about our masturbation and blow jobs in years. I'll bet that he still thinks about them. I know that I do. If I ever get the chance, someday, I'll suck his cock again, and I'll bet that he'll do the same for me. I still yearn for a good blow job, in my book a good blow job is as good as sexual intercourse, maybe even better. And, I love licking pussy too, but sometimes, I find my mind drifting back, thinking of my cousins cock, throbbing in my mouth.

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2016-04-27 20:54:21
I can't get my wife to suck my cock either she said she doesn't like the taste of cum!!
I have been bi-curious for a long time and wondered what it'd be like to have another man's cock in my hand !!
Maybe someday I'll find out before I die !

The Mentor

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2015-07-16 02:46:37
Get a life scumball!!!! "Does anyone want to sucky dick?" Seriously you are totally fucked up or like twelve years old to Sk something soooo fucking stupid and ignorant!!!!!!

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2011-06-14 18:50:51
does anyone want to suck my dick ? please leave me your email if u do!

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2011-06-14 18:50:51
does anyone want to suck my dick ? please leave me your email if u do!

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2010-11-11 06:05:44
not bad at all, have never been with another male but do find two friend's jerking and sucking each other a turn on.

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