Waking up that morning, there was absolutely no way I could have predicted what the next 24 hours had in store for me. It was just a normal day, ya know? Birds were chirping, the sky was clear; the perfect day.

I spent a big chunk of that perfect day bored to tears inside the local public school system. At 17, I had no desire to learn anything. I thought I knew it all.

Although I was normal in the sense that I was a hormone-ravaged teen, my actual experience was a whopping 0. I guess it wasn't actually that bad. I'd made out with girls a few times and fingered one. I even managed to get a hand job once. I thought I was doing ok.

Girls were definitely on my mind that day, but when weren't they, really?

My school supplied a great selection to choose from. Blondes, redheads, asians, african-americans, just about anything you could imagine. I'd spend all day looking at these beauties and try my best to remember every inch of them at night for that special 'me' time.

I'd gathered some good images for the evening and was truly excited about getting home.

When the bell finally rang, dismissing the students, I made my way home. I spent over an hour finishing my stupid pre-cal homework, effectively bumming me out.

Finally finishing, I set my sights on enjoying the nice day by relaxing. Truth be told, that's how a lot of my free time was spent.

As the night pressed on, my parents and I settled in for the evening.

Around 8 p.m., my mom's cell phone rang. It was my uncle, her brother. He'd gotten into some huge fight with his wife and needed a place to stay. With open arms, my mother welcomed him.

My uncle also had two daughters from a previous marriage. There was Brittney, who was my age (older by 4 months), and Megan, who was two years younger than we were at 15.

Since they weren't actually her kids, my uncle's wife wanted them gone as well.

Around an hour or so later, they arrived. They had all had enough of the wife's shit and just couldn't take it anymore.

At school, Brittney and I had a few classes together, but we weren't really close. We'd talk a little a few times a week, but that was the extent of it. I had an even worse relationship with Megan.

I remember Brittney growing up. She was such a tomboy. Being a star athlete, I'll admit she had a great body. Her light brown hair came down to her shoulders, but was always pulled back into a pony tail. She'd had her run with the boys but never seemed to be able to hold a steady relationship with any of them. Word around school was that Brittney was by no means a virgin. She wasn't a slut, but it sounded like she liked sex just fine.

Looking back, I can't believe I never had the slightest interest in her.

Up to this point, I hadn't figured out how the sleeping arrangement was going to work. I never even thought about it.

My mom offered my room to Brittney, reasoning I could just sleep on the couch. Megan was actually going to stay with a friend and my uncle said he had something else to do first. My guess? Hitting a bar.

Brittney folded her arms, her head down, and made her way up to my room. I knew she was probably upset. She'd seen it all before.

When everything had settled down, my parents went to bed. I realized I hadn't even gotten a shower yet and my clothes were up in my room. Great.

I crept upstairs knowing Brittney might be sleeping. I didn't want to disturb her slumber.

Even though it was my room, I was totally lost in the darkness. I always fell asleep with the TV on. Brittney apparently needed total darkness.

I felt my way around the room, looking for anything familiar. Finding my dresser, I eased the top drawer out to grab some boxers. Another challenge in the dark.

Almost finished with my mission, I was surprised when the lights came on. I turned around quickly. Brittney, clad in the finest grey sports bra, stared back at me through squinty eyes.

"Oh, it's just you." She said.

"Yeah. I just need some clothes. My bad." I answered.

She waved me off like it wasn't a big deal before she let out a long sigh.

"You ok?" I asked as she ran her hands over her face.

"Yeah. I'm good." she lied.

I sat my clothes down and walked to the bedside.

"Step-mom just being a bitch?" I asked, hoping she'd smile.

"You have no idea." She answered as she laid back down on her back. I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice the tight pink panties that clung to her. I also noticed for the first time that she'd gotten her belly button pierced. Looked good.

"Alright, well..." I stammered, "I'll let you get back to sleep. Sorry about waking you up. Night."

Brittney smiled at me and held her arms open. She probably really did need a hug.

Smiling back, I bent my body down and wrapped my arms around her. She had a sweet smell. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. I kissed her on the forehead and told her it wasn't a problem.

That's when it happened.

As my lips left her forehead, I noticed her eyes were deadlocked with my own. We still had our arms around each other with no signs of letting go. She seemed to be getting closer and closer until I could feel her warm breath against my face.

My lips puckered involuntarily. I didn't make them, I didn't know they did. They just did. Same with my eyes closing.

Our tongues touched. It was insane. I had taken my by such surprise, our kiss had ended before I could react. She smiled, her teeth perfectly straight from braces. My chest was burning. What was I to do?

I smiled back.

"Ya know," she said quietly, "it's not fair that you have to sleep on the couch. It's your bed. You should have it."

"Oh, no. It's fine. Just rest." I said.

The bed really was plenty big. Brittney was petite and I had a queen size.

"Well, then you can just sleep here to. No biggie." She smiled.

I couldn't speak. Instead, I stupidly nodded my head. She kissed me on the cheek and released her hug. My legs shook as I walked back to where I'd discarded my clothes and took them up.

I shut the light in my room off as I walked back down stairs. Damn, was I horny. A hot, experienced girl just rubbed her tongue against my own, and now she wanted me to spend the night laying next to her. Awesome.

As the hot water poured over my equally-hot body, I noticed how hard I really was. I was in pain!

Gripping my cock, I pumped myself imagining the hand belonged to Brittney. Oh, how she smiled as her soft hand circled my shaft. I tried to imagine just what was underneath that sports bra and pink panties she had on. My God...

I felt the hot, sticky cum ooze onto my hand as it shot out. Even though the water was pounding me, I was definitely sweating. My mind was racing with images of what could be.

As my orgasm subsided, reality started to set in. Maybe she didn't mean anything by the kiss. Maybe she was just tired. Maybe I should just stay down here and sleep on the couch...

All the second-guessing was driving me crazy. As I started getting dressed, I noticed I was in a pickle. I had grabbed my boxers and a tank top...but nothing else. I pretty much had to go back up to my room.

Creeping back up the stairs, I hoped Brittney had just fallen back asleep and the chance of an awkward encounter would be 0. No dice, though.

As soon as my feet hit the carpet of my room, she spoke.

"Ugh...I can't sleep." I heard her say.

So...awkward situtation...go!

"That's too bad." I stammered, thinking I was suave.

I felt my way over to my dresser again, seeking some sweat pants or something. Perfect timing, she flipped the light on.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Just grabbing some sweats." I answered.

"For what? It's not even cold." She smiled.

"Yeah, but I don't want to just sleep in boxers." My voice was beginning to shake a little.

"Oh, you're fine," She said, "come to bed."

Closing my drawer, I turned around and walked to the bedside. She was taking up the side I usually slept on (laying down, it'd be the right side of the bed, closest to the doorway) so I just plopped down on the opposite side.

"Set?" She asked.

I nodded.

Brittney raised her body up and twisted it toward the light switch, using the arm closest to me, furthest from the switch itself. I couldn't help myself. Just before the lights went out, I caught a glimpse of the pink fabric clinging to her tight, tan ass. Mmm. Boy shorts.

With the lights out, I laid on my back and stared into the darkness of the ceiling. I could tell the Brittney had shifted and was now laying on her side, facing me.

Out of nowhere, I felt her fingertips dancing around my chest. She started scooting closer to me...her knee was pressed against the side of my leg, her full forearm draped across my chest.

I was in the process of adjusting my body to allow myself to be a little more comfortable. My right arm went out for a split second. In that time, her head found my shoulder and I had no choice but to wrap it around her back.

Her hot breath tickled my neck.

"I feel good here." She said, quietly.

"Good." I squeaked out as she grabbed my left hand.

"I want to feel good here, too." She whispered as she guided my hand to a warm spot between her legs.

I was completely speechless. She just kept my hand there, waiting to see how I'd react. Instinct kicking in, I rolled onto my side and began pressing my fingers around against her panties.

"Yeah..." She whispered into my ear.

I started rubbing around on her, listening to see what she liked. Her lips hit the corner of my mouth. Turning my head, our tongues were reunited.

Brittney was being forceful. She pushed me onto my back and slid on top. Her legs parted over my crotch, and her chest pressed against my own while our kiss continued.

Pressing off of my chest, she sat up. Her hands slid down my chest to the top of my boxers. Peeling them back slowly, my hardened member sprang out.

She slid her hips forward, trapping my cock between my body and the warm spot hidden by her panties.

Rocking her hips back forth, tiny moans began leaving my body. Every movement was fluent and graceful.

I wasn't sure how much more friction I could take. Luckily enough, she suddenly dismounted. I was trying to figure out what was going on when I felt her hands start yanking the boxers from my body.

I laid there, naked from the waist down, not knowing what to do. It seemed like a long time before I felt the mattress bend, signaling Brittney's return.

Placing herself back on top of me just as she had before, I knew something was different. Her clothes were gone!

Her lips found mine again. My cock was aching, being trapped between my body and her pussy. Feeling fingers on my shaft, my body shook. She pulled it out of it's prison and began to take aim. As my head poked at her lips, I had to say something.

"Wait." I said. "Maybe we shouldn't, Brittney..."

"Shhh." She whispered, throwing her tongue into my mouth.

My cock felt as if it was being pulled in. First the head, then the shaft. I was in.

"Oh my God..." I trailed off.

Brittney started to giggle as her hips began rocking back and forth. My palms gripped her thighs. I had nothing to compare it to, but damn, she felt tight.

Bringing her chest back down to mine, her hips were free to pound up and down on me. The hot, slick trap my cock was in was amazing.

Being my first time, I knew I couldn't last much longer.

"Brittney," I grunted, "Brittney, I'm gonna cum!"

In a flash, I was out of Brittney. She was still laying on top of me, but she'd turned around and her legs were now spread right in front of my face. Her hand was pumping me fiercely. Oh, how I came.

I felt like gallons of cum were shooting out of me. My body must've been over 100 degrees. My ability to breathe was gone.

As I calmed down, my breathing, although heavy, returned. I wrapped my arms around Brittney's body. Given the position, it was around her mid-back.

Her hand kept pumping me, but slowly.

I lifted my head up and kissed her pussy. The first time I'd ever done something like that. It just felt right. My kissing led to some tongue-poking. Brittney seemed to appreciate it.

"Man," I sighed, "thanks, Brittney."

"You can thank me later." She giggled. "When we're done."

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