Aly's face twisted into a naughty grin. She seemed to be just as up for the adventure as I was. That's what I always loved about her.

Lifting her lower body up just a little, my cock flopped out, resting on my lower stomach.

My hands rubbing her ass cheeks, we began a pretty hot post-fuck make out session.

"Mmm. I could fuck you again." I said between kisses.

"I hope so." She giggled.

I thought about doing just that. I started making subtle moves on her, a kiss on the nipple, a finger sliding up and down her slit.

"Where's the bathroom?" Aly asked.

"Here, I'll show you." Sam answered, lifiting herself from Jett.

I watched the two naked asses disappear around the corner. Fucking awesome.

"Holy shit." Jett sighed, sitting up. I smiled.

"How was it?" I asked.

"Dude...fucking great." He said. "Just amazing."

Jett ran a hand over his chest and one down between his legs.

"I really owe you, dude." He said.

"For what?" I asked.

"I would have been lost as fuck if you didn't let me do Aly." He said. "It really gave me a boost."

I nodded my head.

"Plus," he started, "I can't think of too many friends that would let me lay some pipe in their girlfriend."

We both laughed.

"Sam's pretty hot, huh?" He asked.

"She's fuckin' beautiful, dude." I replied.

"Well, I mean, you let me do Aly. So, if you ever want to..." he trailed off as the girls reappeared around the corner. They were holding hands.

"We've been talking." Aly said. "We think we should do this again...soon."

"Except we think it would be more fun if we did things...together." Sam chimed in.

My eyes widened and I noticed Jett's jaw was somewhere on the floor.

"Fuck yeah!" Jett just about screamed. "There's a nice, big bed back there. Let's do it."

"We'll have to do it tomorrow or something." I said. "Aly and I need to get back to my house."

"What's the rush?" Jett asked.

I thought about how I'd been wanting to fuck Aly's ass.

"Nothing...just, ya know, figured we'd get home early." I mumbled.

"Ah, shit...If it's late, just crash here. Sam's staying the night too, right?" he looked to Sam.

She smiled. That meant hell yes.

"I'm fine with it." Aly smiled. So that settled it.

"Come on. Let's go back to the bed." Jett said, standing.

I stood slowly and followed the group. When we walked into the smallish room with the huge bed, Jett turned to us and put his hands up.

"Alright," he said, "now before we do this, everyone needs to understand something. We're doing this together. That means no one gets mad at anyone else or breaks up or any of that shit."

We all nodded that we understood.

"Alright. Then just to prove we're all in this together, why don't we just go ahead and switch parners?" A smile wanted to claim his face.

I couldn't figure out if Jett wanted to fuck Aly again or if he wanted me to get a chance at Sam. Honestly, it was probably a little bit of both.

Again, we all nodded. Aly walked from my side to Jetts. A smiling Sam walked to my front, her breasts pressing against my chest.

"Hey." She said quietly.

"Hey." I answered as Jett's tongue found it's way into Aly's mouth. His hands were squeezing her ass. My ass.

Sam and I walked over and sat down on the bed and began making out. She was pretty good. My hand cupped her breast closest to me as her own hand encompassed my shaft. Her grip was tight. It had a purpose.

My mind couldn't help but race. I knew that at any moment Aly was going to jump between us, changing her mind.

I really did wanna fuck Sam. She was smokin' hot. The kind of hot that you don't date, you just screw...and that's what we were about to do.

I finally realized that Aly wasn't going to jump in when I looked over and saw how much of Jett's cock was in her mouth.

Removing my hand from her breast, I used my fingers to tickle her legs apart. She leaned back easy. I couldn't help but notice how excited she looked.

My body seemed to hover over hers. I could feel my smile stretching my face to the point I was sure it would rip in half.

As Jett sat down on the mattress a little ways away from me, his blowjob continued.

I stared in awe at the body below me. My finger ran slowly up and down her slit. I lowered my head and gave a long, slow lick. I didn't care that Jett had just blown his load inside a litte while earlier. Made no difference to me.

As her legs parted more, my tongue shot inside of her. Sweet, sweet pussy. Her eyes closed slowly as her lips parted and curled inward. Her breathing was picking up about the same time faint moans began sliding out of her body.

I would have loved to keep my face buried in her all night, but I wanted her. Bad.

Bringing my tongue back into my own mouth, I slid up Sam's tight, tan body. Our smiling lips met as I pushed my hips down, my cock pressing against her pussy lips.

Staring deeply into each others eyes, I pushed in. God, what a feeling. The taboo of fucking another girl with my girlfriend right beside me excited me like nothing I'd ever experienced.

I couldn't believe how far Sam could spread her legs apart. It was truly amazing. With our heads always touching, I began thrusting in and out of her.

Taking my eyes off of Sam for just a moment, I looked over and saw Aly had made her way onto the bed as well. She was on all fours, Jett plowing in behind her.

I had known Sam for a few years since we went to the same school. Never, not in a million years, did I think I'd be fucking her one day. It blew my mind.

The wet, hot, tight feeling around my cock made me happy to be alive. I kissed her lower lip as I drove into her deeper.

I could hear Aly moaning in pleasure behind me. It sounded real. It had to be. Jett was really getting the hang of it.

I stopped pumping into Sam and pulled her from the bed. Sitting on the edge, I motioned to her what I wanted. Turning away from me, she sat down slowly on my cock.

As I wrapped my arm around her stomach, I saw that Jett and Aly were switching it up too. Aly smiled at me as she laid onto her back. I watched Jett's cock disappear inside of Aly, followed by an awful lot of tongue wrestling. Didn't bother me.

I brought my attention back to ass moving around in front of me. It felt so fleshy and smooth in my palms. Sam's moans began to reach my ears. She was doing a great job, and as far as I could tell, she was enjoying herself.

Sam was starting to lose some strength in her legs and chose to back it up onto my lap. Turning her body what little she could, one of her arms rested behind my head, giving my mouth access to her gorgeous tit. I sucked it in while my hand massaged and fingered the top of her slit.

"Oh, God, fuck me..." she whispered between breaths.

Well, hell, I was doing my best. I tried to make it better by bouncing on the mattress. It did help, somewhat.

What we needed was to switch it up, I pulled her back onto the mattress. She slid off the top of me and to my side. I rolled over half way, facing her. With her legs still in the air, I pushed in sideways as we kissed.

I started pumping hard. How badly I wanted to shoot a hot load into Sam's tight snatch. She seemed more than willing to comply.

I tried so hard to concentrate, but Jett's constant shouts and moans made it difficult. Still, always being one to never give up, I kept ramming my cock into Sam.

I got excited as I felt my balls start to tighten up. I knew I was close.

"Ah, Shit!" Sam moaned loudly. She finally got her orgasm.

I could feel her hot juice flooding the head of my cock. I was in ecstacy when her pussy started clamping down on me. Just one problem. I didn't cum.

I couldn't believe it. I was so horny. Sam was so fucking hot. And I didn't cum.

Breathing heavy, I pulled out of Sam. We started making out, but, damn, I was disappointed. She thanked me silently.

We stared over at Aly and Jett. Jett was just getting onto his back, Aly mounting him.

"C'mon." Sam whispered. "Let's have some fun."

Sam crawled over and straddled Jett's face, facing away from Aly. With his hands on my girls waist, Jett's tongue went to work on Sam's slit.

Aly was grinding her hips all around, bucking up and down, anything she could to get off. When she leaned forward, her head to the side of Sam, I saw my chance. Now or never.

My cock was already wet from being inside Sam, and I hoped it was enough.

I snuck up behind her and gripped her ass cheeks tightly. Her head turned back to me and she smiled.

Pressing the head of my cock against her asshole, I pushed so slowly you'd have thought it was an NFL replay.

She moaned so loudly. It turned me on. As Aly quit moving, Jett took up the fucking. It's a strange, strange thing to feel your best friend's cock moving in and out against your own with only a thin wall separating them.

Every movement of mine was calculated. I didn't want to inflict any unneeded harm. After a little while, it got easier to slip in and out.

It didn't feel better than Aly's pussy. But it sure as hell didn't feel worse.

I was getting so into it. I knew that if we kept going, I'd finally get my shot off.

The site in front of me: me fucking Aly, Aly fucking Jett, Jett licking was all too much. I knew it was time.

The chain reaction that followed should have been caught on film. I exploded into Aly. I mean exploded.

Aly moaned loudly as her body shook. Jett screamed loudly. We'd all came together.

A large mass of sweaty flesh collapsed onto the bed. What followed was disgusting, teenage lust. Aly and I wrapped our bodies together, Jett and Sam did the same, and we all expressed how much we loved each other.

The whispers slowly faded as we all let the sleep come over us. It was pretty much a dream. I was laying between two beautiful, naked girls. It went Jett, Sam, Me, Aly in order.

I woke once in the middle of the night and couldn't figure out why. It didn't take long before I realized ' dick's being sucked'. I smiled at how Aly couldn't help herself.

But it wasn't Aly. Looking to my side, I saw her staring at me. Looking down my body, I saw my cock slipping between the lips of Sam. What a gal.

Jett was fast asleep on the other side of my body. I began making out with Aly as Sam sucked me off.

Once I blew that load, Sam simply licked around for a moment and crawled back beside me. Asleep.

I woke up again a few hours later. Jett wasn't asleep this time. I saw he was busy laying on top of Sam, plowing into her. I thought about doing the same with Aly, but my little angel was asleep. Oh well...

When the sun came up, we all got up around the same time. We all felt sore and still a little tired. Looking at the clock, Aly and I decided to go ahead and get dressed and head out.

Jett and Sam stood around back in the main room as we got dressed. They didn't bother. They knew they were about to do it again, anyways.

It was probably the greatest goodbye ever. I kissed Sam goodbye. Sam kissed Aly. Aly kissed Jett.

As we walked to the door, Jett and Aly were sitting down on the couch. As we waved goodbye, Jett was just pushing into her.

As we walked down the road, Aly and I laughed at the night we'd just had.

"So you comin' over now?" I asked.

"I need a shower." She said.

"Well...ok, then." I sighed.

"You can come over if you want." She looked up at me.

"I don't know." I mumbled.

"Oh, come on, Grumpy." She laughed. "My bed's still a virgin."

Hand in hand, Aly and I walked to her house...

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