This is my first story so i hope it’s good.
Well the day started off slow. I was awaked by my alarm for the third time that mourning. When I finally managed to drag myself out of bed I was already late for work. I got to work bout 8:30. I was suppose to be there at 8:00. From eight to three it was business as usual. At three I punched out and headed home. I was happy to off work. When I got home no one was there. Not my girl or our roommate, who’s a girl.

I decided to take a shower then go on the computer and tinker. I had gotten done with my shower and decided to just throw on a pair of athletic shorts. I got on the computer in the living room. I was checking my email and I saw one that said free porn so I checked it out. I watched this interracial video with a white guy and two black chicks, it was hot. I got a major hard-on from. So I decided to rub one off before either of the girls got home. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and started jerking it. I was about to cum when I heard a key in the lock. I hurried up and put my cock in my shorts and switched back to my email.

I stood up all embarrassed that I almost got caught. The door opened and it was my roommate, Natalie. She flashed a smile my way saying ‘Hi’ as she shut the door. Now Natalie is about five five or five six, she has dark mocha skin, long black hair, and beautiful brown eyes. Her breasts were about a D to a DD and perky. She was almost always wearing a white shirt of some form or another. which she never wore a bra so I could see her brown perky nipples almost all the time. She also loved wearing really short skirts that barely covered her ass. Natalie had really puffy lips. She had her bottom lip pierced and had a curved ring in it with a ball on each end.

‘So what’s up?’ asked Natalie.

‘Not much just checking my email’ I responded.

‘So how was work?’ She questioned, ‘ My day sucked. I had this new guy staring at my breasts all day,’ she complained.

‘Well my day was the same old same old;’ I said dryly. ‘And I’m sorry to hear bout that guy, but I must say they are nice and perky.’ We always joked around sexually.

Natalie blushed and smiled, ‘ They ain’t all that great.’

‘ Hey now don’t undermine them,’ I said with a grin on my face. ‘ Your tits are great to look at. Why if Tina had tits like that I’d be in heaven.’ Truth was my girl, Tina, practically had no tits, but her ass made up for it. See Tina and Natalie were best friends and have been since high school. They were both bi and have had sex with each other numerous times. That was before I came into the picture. Now it’s not that I wouldn’t fuck them both, it’s just Tina didn’t want a threesome with all of us. I on the other hand had wanted to put my cock into Natalie from the moment we had met.

It was then that I had noticed that my cock was still kinda hard and just thinking about fucking Natalie had gotten it harder. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to notice cus I looked up and saw Natalie starring at it, through my shorts. I looked at the time it was now 5:00 and I figured that Tina wouldn’t be home from work for bout another 3 hours or so. So I took this chance to see if Natalie would go for it. I pulled my hard cock out and just let it hang out the top of my shorts. Natalie’s eyes were fixed on it with her mouth open. I get this reaction a lot. My cock is about eight inches long. ‘You like what you see?’ I asked.

Natalie blinked twice and looked at me ‘ What about Tina?’ She asked half baffled.

‘ I’ll tell her bout it later.’ I said, ‘ Now do you want this or not?’

With that being said Natalie came over to me and grabbed my cock. ‘ Oh yeah I want your rock hard cock,’ she said with excitement. 'I’ve wanted it ever since we met and Tina told me you hung like a horse.’ I got a little red in the face. She started to stroke my cock with one hand while with the other she played with my balls. I leaned in and started to kiss her. I was met by her togue. As we were kissing and she was stroking me I had started to fondle her tits, over the shirt. She started to let out soft moans. I then pulled back from kissing her and she let me take off her shirt so I could get a better feel of her twins. Natalie resumed stroking my cock and playing with my balls. I in the mean time had kissed down her neck to her luscious huge tits. I had one in my mouth while my hand was on the other play with her puffy nipple.

I started moving my hands down her sweet mocha skin. Over her stomach and down to her waist. As I reached for the snap to her skirt she stopped me and said, ‘ Just a moment you don’t getta see my stuff till I am ready to let you.’ And with that she got down on her knees and started to give me head. Her lips felt so good around my cock, and with her lip ring running down the underside of my shaft it was amazing. She hadn’t quite got my whole cock in her mouth yet but she was working on it. With each up and down motion she took more of my cock in. Soon she had my whole cock in her mouth and I could feel it down her throat.

While Natalie was sucking my dick she had started to play with my balls. She pulled her head back and said, ‘ god your cock is so big.’ With that she hungrily took my whole cock in her mouth in one motion. For the longest time she just stayed that way using her togue to move up, down, and around my shaft. Slowly she started moving and quickly got into a rhythm. I knew if she kept up like this I was gonna lose it, and sure enough I came. I put a load down her throat. She just kept going like I hadn’t came yet. She finished sucking every last drop of cum outta my ball as my dick went limp. She then stood up and smiled.

I leaned in and kissed her. Again our tongues met, but instead of playing with her tits. I went right for her waist. In one fluid motion i pulled her skirt and panties down. She was completely shaven. I moved my hand over the outside of her sweet pussy lips, which were somewhat wet with her juices. I then parted her slit and started to massage her clit between my thumb and forefinger. She let out a small gasp at first, but soft moans followed. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Natalie’s touch was so gentle and soft that I started getting hard once again. I stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed her by her arms I threw her on the near by couch and pulled myself over her. I started kissing at her lips and worked my way down spending sometime on each breast before continuing down her stomach. I spread her legs to reveal her luscious slit. I took my time and gently traced her inner thighs with my tongue. First the right, then the left. Each time going higher until I reached her pussy. Natalie was now pretty wet. I started licking her pussy lips with long, gentle strokes. I then stuck my tongue into her slit. Her pussy tasted so good. I moved it around tasting every inch of her pussy. Then I slowly started to move my tongue in and out.

She started to moan and coo at every motion I did. I then moved up to her clit. She gasped as I took it into my mouth. I gently flicked it with my tongue and she twitched. I released my hold on her clit and started moving my tongue over it. First slow, then gradually faster. Natalie started breathing heavy and moaning louder. This turned me on more and caused me to quicken my pace. She started to hump my face and I knew she was getting close. I sped up even more. Suddenly her body stiffened and her hands went to the back of my head pushing my face deep into her pussy. She arched her back and screamed, ‘ DON’T STOP!!!’ I obliged and kept eating her at my same pace. When she relaxed and let go of my head I stopped.

She lay there for a long time not moving. Natalie then sat up and said, ‘Give me that big cock of yours. I want every inch of it in me.’

She pushed me back and ripped my shorts off me. She straddled and when she was in position grabbed my now hard cock and inserted it into her pussy. Natalie then slammed down on my member with such force that I sank into the sofa a bit. She started riding my cock like I have never been ridden before. Her titties were bouncing up and down right in front of my face. I grabbed both of them in my hands and massaged the nipples. She was going up and down on my cock so hard that I was starting to bounce up and down with her. Natalie stiffened again as she orgasmed. Her pussy tightened around my cock and felt like it was sucking me off. I started to pound her pussy hard through her orgasm. When she relaxed I picked her up and stood up. I grabbed her ass cheeks and started moving her up and down.

With each downward motion she screamed for me to fuck her harder and faster. I picked up the pace. I then felt a tingling in my balls and knew I was going to cum. I started pumping her faster. Then suddenly I shot my second load of the day deep in her pussy. I stood there holding her for several minutes and I pumped load after load into her. When I was done I let her down and she knelt down to lap up the remaining cum. It was now 7:30 and I figured I better take another shower before Tina got home. ‘I’m going to jump into the shower care to join me?’ I said to Natalie.

‘Sure we can clean each other up,’ she said with a smile.

So we went and showered together. We had fun lathering each other up and she gave me head again. After the shower I sprayed air freshener in the living room and sat back down at the computer. Natalie came into the living room sat down and turned on the t.v. Tina came home bout 9:00 and was never the wiser about what had occurred in her absence.
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