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* * *

It was six o’clock on Friday night when Abigail began to make her way down the street towards the O’Lachlan house. She grumbled under her breath. There were plenty of things that she would rather be doing on a Friday night that didn’t involve babysitting two teenage brats.

Her mother had pressured her into babysitting the O’Lachlan’s kids, though Abigail didn’t see why they needed babysitting. The oldest, Jacob, was 14 and only three years younger than herself. At fourteen, Abigail had been allowed to stay by herself when her parents went out, though looking back on what she got up to when she was on her own, maybe it was best that the kids had a babysitter.

She had known the O’Lachlan kids since they had moved in a few years ago, and had often seen them playing on the street or riding their bicycles. Jacob was tall for his age and already quite muscular, with long dark hair and dark eyes. He was attractive for his age, and Abigail had seen him walking past her house with a number of girls over the years, though from what she had heard from his younger brother, Zack, he hadn’t done anything with them. Zack was the opposite of Jacob, with sandy blonde hair and a leaner frame, but was almost as tall as his older brother even though he was only eleven.

Abigail wasn’t worried about keeping the boys in line, she was sure that she’d find a way to keep them under control. Their mother had said on the phone that they would probably be playing xbox or computer games all night, like they did with the other babysitters. More than anything, Abigail was looking forward to being paid.

Fifty dollars for one night’s work would buy her the black strapless top she’d been eyeing, or go towards her tickets for the Rush Rover concert in May.

As it was a warm summer night, Abigail had dressed lightly. She wore a pair of tight denim shorts and a light pink singlet which clung to her well developed frame. Her blonde, curled hair was pulled into a ponytail, stray strands framing her blue eyes and pretty face. She had put a little extra effort into looking good that night; her friends would be going to a party that night and said that if Abigail left by 11 they might be able to pick her up and take her with them. Beneath her pink singlet she wore her favourite black bra, which pushed her breasts up and gave her extra cleavage. No doubt the boys at the party would appreciate it.

With a sigh, Abigail turned her thoughts away from the party and on to the task at hand.

She had reached the house, bounced up the steps, and knocked on the door. Mrs O’Lachlan opened the door and welcomed her in, called the boys downstairs, and gave her a brief tour of the place.

Mrs O’Lachlan said that Abigail would have living room to herself, as the boys generally spent the night in their room. She had fridge privileges too, which was always nice. Just as Mrs O’Lachlan was closing the fridge door Jacob and Zack trudged in, shoulders slumped and looking at the floor, obviously not relishing the idea of having a babysitter.

Jacob was the first to look up, and the expression on his face was priceless. It appeared he hadn’t been expecting Abigail to be their babysitter for the evening, as his eyes widened and his mouth hung ajar the moment he saw her. Abigail noticed his eyes move from her face to her chest and down her body quickly, and the blush that appeared on his face before he looked away. Zack had a similar reaction, however his was more of surprise rather than embarrassment.

“Abigail! Mum didn’t say who was babysitting us tonight, we thought it would be Janice,” said Zack with a grimace. Janice was their elderly neighbour, who obviously wasn’t the most exciting babysitter.

“Zack, be polite. And Jacob say hello,” said Mrs. O’Lachlan, pointing a finger at her eldest son.

“Uh, hi Abigail,” said Jacob, not making eye contact. However Abigail did see his eyes flash towards her chest once more which immediately made her wish she hadn’t chosen this particular bra to wear.

Mr. O’Lachlan stuck his head around the door at that moment, grinning.

“Oh, hi Abigail! I’m sure the boys won’t be much trouble for you tonight. Mary, we have to leave now if we want to get there on time.”

Mrs. O’Lachlan grabbed her coat off the counter and made her way to the door. “We’ll be home at eleven, Abigail. Our number is by the fridge if you need us. Boys, behave!”

And with that the O’Lachlans hurried out the door, closing it firmly behind them and leaving Abigail with the two boys. She turned to them and smiled, placing a hand on her hip.

“You heard your mom, no trouble please. What’re you guys going to be doing tonight?”

Zack grinned and ran his fingers through his hair, looking upstairs. “Well I’m trying to finish this level of Mortal Beheaded. You can come play if you want!”

Jacob was obviously much less comfortable around Abigail than his little brother, and she thought she noticed him trying to cover his crotch with one hand. She blushed, but at the same time felt a tingle between her legs. At fourteen, Jacob was as tall as she was, and as muscular as many of the boys in her year.

“I’ll probably be hanging out in my room I guess,” said Jacob.

“Okay,” said Abigail as she watched the boys turn and disappear up the stairs.

“I’ll be watching TV if you need me! You guys have had dinner, yeah?” she called up the stairs.

“Yep!” the boys replied in unison, followed by the sound of two bedroom doors closing.

With a sigh, Abigail flopped onto the couch and flicked on the television. There wasn’t anything interesting on the TV that night, so she made do with some B grade movie about vampires. Rather than watching it, Abigail spent her time thinking about the party and what her friends would be wearing, who would be going, what they’d be drinking.

Soon her thoughts drifted to the boys upstairs, and whether she should check on them. The way that Jacob had looked at her had made her shiver with glee; most boys at her high school were used to seeing attractive girls, but obviously Jacob wasn’t. Or maybe he just wasn’t used to seeing a pair of fully develop breasts.

After about half an hour of watching the vampire flick, Abigail had had enough. She left the television on and made her way upstairs to check on the boys, her feet padding silently up the carpeted stairs.

Opening the first door she came to, she found Zack sitting on the floor with a controller in front of the television which was blasting metal music and the sounds of bloody zombie deaths. He looked up as she stuck her head in, glanced at her breasts for a second, before turning his attention back to his game.

“Hey Zack, you okay in here?”

“Yeah I’m fine, I’m just...” Zack paused as he mashed the buttons of his controller heatedly as a ‘Game Over’ sign flashed up on the screen. “Trying to beat this stupid level,” he said.

Abigail could tell that he didn’t particularly need a distraction right then. “Kay, have fun!”
she said, closing the door behind her.

At the end of the hall was Jacob’s room, and as she stood outside the door she could hear faint sounds from within. Curious, Abigail knocked on the door lightly. When she got no response, she opened it a little and stuck her head in. Jacob was sitting on his bed, magazine open beside him, headphones on and oblivious to the world.

His hand was stroking his erect cock slowly, and Jacob was panting breathily as he did so. Abigail gasped, but it seemed that Jacob didn’t hear her. He must have his music up loud, she thought to herself.

She knew that she should close the door and let him be, but the sight of the young teenager playing with his cock, and the fact that she was probably the reason for his excitement, turned her on.

His cock was large for his age, at least six inches, and as Abigail watched he flipped a page in the magazine with one hand while beginning to stroke faster with his other. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, obviously enjoying himself.

Just as Abigail was trying to force herself to close the door and walk away, Jacob opened his eyes and saw her standing in the doorway. He gave a yell of shock and grabbed a pillow to cover his cock, pulling his ear phones out and glaring at her.

“What’re you doing in here?!” he yelled at her.

Abigail stepped inside the room and closed the door, hoping Zack wouldn’t hear his brother yell. She could hear the noises of his game from down the hall, so she guessed she would be fine.

“Sorry, I just wanted to check on you guys...” Abigail bit her lip and walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge. “Are you okay in here?”
Jacob pulled his leg away and made sure the pillow was covering him. He looked as if he didn’t know what to do with himself, glancing from Abigail’s face to her cleavage and then down at himself.

He blushed scarlet. “Y-yeah I’m fine, I, uh...”

Jacob squirmed. Abigail was sure that he still had a hard on, and after watching him play with himself she was as turned on as he was. She tried to stop herself, but knowing that his bare cock was so close was more than she could bear. Abigail hadn’t had sex in weeks, and it wasn’t as if Jacob didn’t want her...

Abigail leaned forward, purposefully giving the fourteen year old a good view of her swelling chest. “Are you sure? You look like you could use a hand...” she said, placing a hand on his leg.

Jacob gulped and looked down at her hand, pushing the pillow against his erect cock more firmly. “What’re you doing?”

Abigail shrugged and shuffled further onto the bed. She moved her hand a little further up his leg. “Well, have you ever done anything with a girl before? Have you let one touch your cock?” she said, her fingertips reaching the edge of the pillow.

The boy shook his head and looked down, embarrassed. “Have you ever seen a pussy? Or do you know anything about sex?” she asked, tickling his inner thigh gently.

Again Jacob shook his head, his eyes drifting towards her breasts. Obviously he wanted to continue getting off, but didn’t know how to do it with her in the room.

“Let me touch your cock,” she breathed, her hand creeping up his leg. He gulped once more, looking at her in the eye, and shook his head.

By the look of it, Jacob wanted nothing more than to let her see his cock, but wasn’t sure whether she was joking. “If you don’t, I’ll tell your parents I caught you wanking.”

After a moment’s thought Jacob lifted the pillow and put it aside, sitting awkwardly with his hands on his thighs. His cock stood erect, it’s head glistening with precum. It already looked rock hard, veins protruding from the taught skin.

Leaning forward, Abigail lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock and licked it lightly. Jacob let out a low groan. “What’re you doing?”

Abigail moved down his cock slowly, taking it all into her mouth, massaging his dick with her tongue. Lifting her head up again, she said “It’s called oral. Do you like it?”

The boy simply groaned in delight, not willing to say a word. Abigail closed her hand around the base of his cock and began to suck deeply, her head bobbing up and down over his thick, meaty shaft. She felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down every time she came up. Jacob began to moan with pleasure, and in a very short time indeed he grabbed her arm.

“Ugh... I’m going to come,” he said.
Ignoring the boy, Abigail continued the blowjob, if anything going faster. She used her other hand to cup his balls, massaging them and coaxing his cum out.

With a gasp he let go of the back of her head and bucked his hips, shooting his warm cum into her mouth. Abigail swallowed it all, licked her lips, and sat up. Jacob was sprawled on the bed, grinning happily.

“Whoa, that was amazing!” he said, his bashfulness gone for the moment.

“Mmm, you taste pretty good. Now, do you want to see a pussy?” she asked.

He nodded eagerly, sitting up and staring at her tight shorts. With a smile Abigail stood up, unbuttoned her shorts, and slid them down over her pert bum and thin legs to the floor. Her little pink panties outlined her slit, a damp patch visible between her legs.

She slipped her panties to the floor then, revealing her moist, pink slit. Sitting down in the bed, she spread her legs a little and leant back. “Touch me,” she said.

Moving forward on the bed, Jacob’s fingers came into contact with her pussy lips. He touched her gently at first, having not been between a girl’s legs before. The way he touched her folds made her shiver, which made Jacob stop immediately and look up.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked, worried.

“No, that feels really good! Keep going...” Abigail murmured.

Encouraged, Jacob slipped the tip of his finger inside her, and then all the way in. “It’s so warm!” he said, and from where Abigail was sitting she could see that his cock was already getting hard again.

“Do you see the little bit at the top of my cunt?” Abigail asked. She wanted him to get her off fast, she had been turned on for way too long.

“Yeah,” said Jacob, “What is it?”

“That’s my clit. Touch it and play with it gently for me, please.”

He brushed against it gently, which made her groan. Her clit was so sensitive right now, that even the smallest movement brought her closer to coming. Eagerly, the boy tickled and toyed with her tender clit and Abigail groaned and spread her legs further, feeling her orgasm coming fast.

“Now lick it, like I licked you. You remember how good that made you feel.”

Like a keen puppy dog, Jacob bent his head down and began to lick and suckle on her clit tenderly. Then, as she moved her hips up against his head he began flicking his tongue over her clit faster and faster.

It was too much for Abigail to bear, and with a loud cry she grabbed the bed and felt herself orgasm, her body shaking with pleasure.

“Did I do it okay?” said Jacob, worry wrinkling his brow.

“You did it perfectly!” she said, and turned her attention to his cock which was now swollen once more. “Now...”

It was at that moment that both of them heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps in the hall. Abigail immediately realised that the sounds of Zack’s videogame had stopped. He was about to walk in on them!

“Are you guys okay?” said Zack from outside, “I heard voices.”

* * *

Stay tuned for part 2!

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