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couple goes on honeymoon in thailand and finds a rare sex convention for the upper class. they get caught in part 2....
To begin, let me tell you a little more about me. i'm 23year old Asian female. 5'5" 135lbs. naturally attractive without make up and long long black hair. my husband is a white male about 6' and 200 lbs. blue eyed and he works for the military. We've been married for less than half a year and my husband finally has some time off of work to take me on our honeymoon. i'm kind of a sexual deviant and had my heart set on Thailand. especially after my husband told me about his "adventures" there.

shortly after he proposed i revealed to him that i had once been a prostitute. it wasn't like the sleezy street walking kind but i had sold my body for money in college. part-time girlfriend sort of deal.... the thought of a man paying me for my body (because i turned him on soo much) was exciting to me. after having told the man that i love this, i couldn't bare to look him in the eyes. i thought he would throw me away but i didn't want this to come up and haunt me later. so i braced myself for the worst. there was a long pause and he began telling me about his stories of "soapies" in japan and even a few "massage parlors" downtown in the city we lived in. then finally after seeing my fascination with the subject. he revealed to me his stories of thailand. amazing strip clubs where gorgeous young women had sex on stage. there were cheap drinks and free lap dances. you'd go in and you'd pick out the girl you wanted and and pay the bar fine of 15 American dollars and have her hangout with you the rest of the night. each girl carried a medical card showing doctor's visits and std test results. then if you wanted sex, you would negotiate the price. 30 dollars was average. they even had a name for him "butterfly man" because he went from flower to flower to flower. he was only there for 30 days.

it wasn't long after he told me about thailand before i started fantasizing about this place and even masturbating to it. i loved watching my husband fuck. his powerful legs and clenched jaw made him look animalistic. i was tall for an asian woman and i wanted to see my husband over power and take a small frail girl or many small frail girls. i wanted him to be surrounded by so much beautiful pussy that he is forced to the brink of losing his mind. i begged him to take me there. it was dangerous but i wanted it soo badly. he finally gave in because he still had a friend living there that knew his way around that we can stay with. even with that i could see that he was very worried about the trip but i assured him that it was only going to be for 4 days and i wouldn't leave his side.

i was so excited that i even held off having sex or masturbating for a month..... something my husband was not too happy about. we took a nap on the plane so that by the time we got there, we were both awake and ready. his friend helped us drop off the bags at his place and then took us out to eat. the food was amazing but to his friend's amusement i was very ready to go to the strip clubs. he kept mentioning how lucky my husband was for having such a beautiful and sexual wife. i didn't think much of the comment then other than it being a simple compliment. we arrived and though it didn't look like much, the girls were sexy and the drinks flowed openly. my husband stayed rather silent but held my hand firmly. his friend started explaining to me the details of the industry and each girl's talent. he knew them all by name. i explained to him what it was i wanted during my stay here and with a big smile he called over several girls and that night we had an amazing orgy. i wish i hadn't drank soo much because i don't remember alot of it. but i do remember being naked and pressed up against a soft body like my own. somewhere below someone was licking my clit and i was sucking on my husband's dick while making out with another girl. i remember being fucked out of my mind in what seemed like a sea of soft bodies and tongues. i remember scissoring with a tongue between our clits and hands all over my body, violating every hole i had. i remember screaming out an orgasm and finally falling asleep watching my husband and his friend finish off with a couple of the girls.

i was the first to wake up the next day. all the girls were gone and i was curled up in my husbands arms. his friend was laying close by and was naked. i blushed at looking at his genitals. i haven't seen another man naked since i've been with my husband and i was pretty sure my husband made it a point that i didn't fuck his friend last night, because i was drunk and not completely aware of all that was happening. thank goodness for my husband! i am loyal and i did not wish for another man's penis inside me. i got up, got dressed, went into the living room and popped in a movie. The events of last night still tingled on my clit. tonight i will focus on pleasing my husband, i thought. the friend awoke first. strutting in naked then leaning against the wall he asked if i had fun. i nodded and smiled at him as innocently as possible. making sure not to look down at his genitals.
"i'm going to take a shower. will you help me wash my back?" he asked.
trying to keep things on the light side i responded laughing, "what? like a soapy?"
"oh so your husband has told you about that too huh?" a smile crept over his face.
i shrugged and smiled hoping that this was the end of the conversation. he turned around and headed for the bathroom but then stopped and turned as if he had just thought of something.
"did he ever tell you about the sex slave conventions they'd have out here?"
"no" i said feeling a little betrayed.
"oh really?... thats right he left before it started about 5 years ago. OH MY GOD, you have to go. i mean if you like where we went last night, you will love this. in fact, i would find myself a bad host if i didn't get you in before you went back to america. cause this is a once in a life time sort of thing. i promise you will never forget it."
sex slavery? i thought it was fun to fantasize about but i don't want to see the beaten and battered faces of young abused girls. i guess my face showed this because he automatically responded.
"No no its not that bad. its high class shit. these girls like what they do... they have that inner slut in them" he said winking. "you'll like it, i promise. just let me take a shower and i'll make some calls to get us in. i know the people who run this."
after that i crawled back into bed and nudged my husband awake. i started telling him about what his friend had said and how badly i wanted to go. after some convincing he finally said yes. though i have alot of kinks and fetishes, my husband doesn't.
it was 3 pm by the time we all got up and showered and ate. his friend was in his room making phone calls. all of which were in Thai. at one point he was almost yelling in an argument. we waited in the living room for him to come out and let us know what the plan was. i crossed my fingers hoping that he could get us in. finally he came out of the room and my heart sank as he looked cross.
"Well here's the situation. they won't let you in because you are a free woman. only slave women or women pimps may enter."
my heart sank.
"well what if i pretended to be a slave"
"i donno, this place is kind of uptight. the security is high since alot of the men who attend are very wealthy and have a reputation to protect. you would have to be very convincing."
"i can do it, what do i have to do?"
i was pleading by this point. i imagined scenes from "eyes wide shut" and "the story of O". oh how i wished to just see something like this in real life.
the friend looked up in thought and went back to his bedroom and made a few more calls. he soon came out with a list of instructions for me. I don't remember them all but it was basically to be naked under a red cloak. i had to hold my head down at a 45 degree angle. My hands were tied behind my back and i was to be walked around with a leash and collar.
At exactly 6 pm a black vehicle showed up in front of the apartment. i was instructed to act like a slave even in front of the driver. It was a long drive there. i snuck my hand over and held on to my husband in anticipation and excitement. it surprised me when we arrived because the building was on a long deserted road. It looked like an old abandoned factory building with boarded up windows. it was dark outside and i wasn't even sure if there'd be lights inside the building. The friend gave us a reassuring smile as the black car pulled away.
"The car will come back when we are ready to leave. remember this place is meant to look abandoned." said the friend.
he gestured towards the door. my husband took my collar and we walked to it. The friend opened the door. it led to a small room with an old dirty looking man sitting behind a glass panel, something you'd imagine that can be seen at an ordinary factory. the friend started speaking in Thai and gestured at my husband and then at me. Then the door clicked and the friend opened it. Light flooded the small room as he did so. The room that opened before me was massive and lavishly decorated. Rolls of chandeliers hung from the ceiling, leading to a giant one in the center of the room. I haven't seen hotels decorated this well. Black silk hung 50 feet from the ceiling acting as curtains for big circular beds. some were open for you to see the beautiful women and men making love on them some were closed. there must have been at least 20 of these strategically placed around the room. if you looked on either side there were small stages along the wall displaying different forms of erotic play. directly infront of me,at the end of the room, were a row of breasts. all of which were perfectly big and round and they seemed to be in order from darkest to lightest. in the center of the room right under the chandelier was a big stage. no one was on it. This was no crappy hole in the wall place, this place was extravagant and awe inspiring. The men all seemed to be in suits and lounged around on cushions set up in sections on the floor. all of the women were naked and beautiful in every way and from every race. there were also servants everywhere. all clean cut and hurried about in a graceful manner. there was a faint sweet smell of hookah tobacco mixed with who-knows-what and exotic music in the background. these were the first things i noticed.
"i told you it was worth it. didn't i? come lets get a drink. i think that is where we should start."
we walked towards to the row of breasts. it became clear to me then that the room was actually separated into groups of merchants. but it all looked very relaxed as women lounged around with wealthy looking men. they stared at me as i walked by. It then occurred to me that no one else was wearing a red cloak or even the color red. I started blushing realizing how badly i stood out. I wondered what would happen if they found out that we weren't supposed to be here. we arrived at the row of breasts. i was surprised to find that they were all real. the friend grabbed one and began inspecting. finally after groping and pinching a few to check the color and consistency of the milk that leaked out, he placed one in his mouth and began to suck. He then gestured at my husband to try it. I watched with fascination as my husband latched onto a breast and started drinking. after a few seconds the friend pulled him off and gestured for a servant to come. His instructions were all in Thai. i was left wondering what would happen. the waiter bowed and led us to be seated on a group of pillows on the floor. I was seated between the friend and my husband, it made me feel a little safer between the two. The friend leaned over and while obviously staring at my tits he said, "there are alot of interesting things that go on here. you see that stage in the middle? that is for specialty shows. believe it or not big name stars who want to make a couple hundred million dollars would come out here and get fucked. britney spears, the olsen twins, and even miley cirus have been on that stage and fucked like the little whores that they are. I've seen it with my own eyes!"
the drinks arrived. warm milk with honey and some expensive delicious liquor.
"Anyways as i was saying. you see those little girls over there?" he pointed at a side stage where a group of little girls Stood. there was a man inspecting one of the girl's vagina. They couldn't have been more than 10 yrs of age. As i was watching, the man inspecting the girl tickled her on the inside of her leg and she giggled happily. "Its like this, these girls weren't captured or kidnapped. they are bred and raised to be sex toys. their moms are ex models and high end beautiful women who needed some extra cash. those girls are treated like princesses, well... sexual princesses. they have been trained from birth to crave sexual attention from any man who touches them and all of them are virgins until they are bought. adoption papers are drawn up and they will go and live in their new homes."
"what happens to them after that?" i asked
"well most of these girls want sex and so they will probably be 'deflowered' and as they get older i've heard a few different things about what they end up becoming. nothing bad. like servants or even wives... like woody allen for example. Most of them get sold back here to become prostitutes or future breeders. even so most of the women here won't be here long. 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off. they have alot of freedom."
i admired at how circular and well operated this place seemed to be. None of the women here seemed to be here against their will. they seemed to enjoy the fruits of being beautiful and sexual. how wonderful their life must be. I'd like to be one of them. i looked over at my husband and i think he knew what was in my mind because he looked pissed and shook his head with a "no". *sigh* but a girl can dream....

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2013-11-21 04:44:38
Yes its true a lot of guys go there just to do young girls and the parents do rent them out for like 150 us dollars for the whole weekend

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2011-07-20 19:31:48
i have read about the girls of Thailand. Parents rent their daughters out to foreigners lots. Most girls are first fucked as preteens. Sometimes the father breaks them into sex at around 7 or 8 years of age. It is true. Foreigners come from all over to fuck preteens there.


2010-06-14 08:08:23
i want a girl like that or a slave .....

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