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Author's notes: This part barely contains sexual content
as this is a base for the real fun to begin. =)

P.S next story has a better plot as this one was written last
year. I do improve.

"Isaac I love you. I always loved you. TRANSMISSION ENDED"
Just as Isaac video stopped Hammond called Isaac attention.

"Isaac get to the computer core. The tram system went offline
Kendra needs your help with the tram system. It's something
with a data wire. Get down there as fast as you can." Hammond
said with a pissed off expression. "Once you get it running,
get to food storage.There is enough food for us since we have
no ship. Oh, and Isaac, watch your back"

"Man this sucks" thought Isaac to himself. "First I almost
got assed raped by a big mother fucker, now I have to fuck
them all up just for a fuckin' wire. I better get a pay
raise if I make it outta here."

Just as Isaac neared the end of his thought, Kendra
contacted him.

"Isaac, I got half of the tram system working but I
don't know how to re-wire the system. I need your help
and fast. This door has a lot of creatures that need a
foot up ass." Kendra said paying more attention to the
monitor than the RIG chat window."After your done, I
need to talk to you."

The halogram flickered off.

"She needs to talk to me? About what? hhmm..."

Isaac thoughts were poundering about what could
be so important as he ripped off a slasher's arm to
decapitate it's head.

"A talk you shall get." Isaac thought as he still has
no idea what Kandra wants. "A talk you shall get."

Isaac ripped, bashed, cut, shot, dismembed, and stomped
eveything in his path. He wanted nothing to scratch him
for he want to look good for Kendra since he decieded she
"wanted" him. That was what Isaac thought, he thought that
being on this ship, Kendra wanted him. What else could she
need to have a conversation with? Isaac's thoughts continued
until he saw the computer core's doors. With this he saw one
of the biggest necromorphs of all time. Two huge arms with
what looked to be armored. Two inverted legs which looked to
thin to hold the brute upright.

"Oh fuck!" Isaac said grabbing the monsters attention. The
brute then charged at Isaac. The creature missed and Isaac jumped
on the monsters back repeatedly stabbing at it's shoulders.
"Yes!" Isaac said as one of the monsters arms fell off.

The creature roared as it proceded to pick up Isaac and throw him
through the computer core's door. Kendra fell out of her chair as
she saw the door break and Isaac fly through.

"Hi there! Nice day isn't it?" Isaac said smart-assed at Kendra.

"Isaac kill that thing!" Kendra screamed as she hid behind her chair.

"No." He replied

"WHA-" Just as Kendra yelled, the support above the door calsped and
fell on the monster killing it and sealing Isaac and Kandra inside.
"What just happened!?" Kendra said just seeing Isaac's gashed arm.
"Oh my god, hold still Isaac you have a gash."

Isaac looked with eyes open to see his arm cut open."Fuck" he said
as the pain started to kick in.

"Hold still." Kendra said as she bent over towards Isaac's direction
giving Isaac a full view of breasts from the top of her shirt.

"Thank god I have this helmet. She might see me looking at her boobs.
Arrr! This pain! What is she? Oh she's healing me. Could be a little
faster. I can't stay like this without giving myself away." Isaac
thought to himself.

"I see your looking at my breasts" Kendra said seductively.

"Oh fuck!" Isaac thought but realized that her voice was laced in
a seductive voice.

"Isaac no need to hide that. I should of been more careful." Kedra
said no to embaress Isaac. "Nexted time, I'll give you more of
a view. But that aside. I need you to fix this command computer."

"What about the door?" Isaac said carefully not to upset Kendra.

"What about it? We're locked in, so?." Kendra said as she hoped
Isaac would pick up on her hint. With her hope came compleation.
As Isaac's armor gave a "CLING!"

"Well shall you fix the computer or do you want one of your buddies
giving you emotional support." Kendra said as laughed at Isaac.
"Very funny." Isaac replied rolling hid eyes inside his helmet seeing
Kendra still laughing at him. Isaac then grasped four wires, rearnged
them in about 15 seconds the said "Done, now stop laughing as a
necromorph will hear you."

"And?" Kendra said being a jackass.

"And I'm going to let it come after you," Isaac said shutting Kandra up.

"Don't be an ass." Kendra said as she proceded to get up.

I know this part sucks but it sets up as a base for the real fun to
begin. =)

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