An 11 year old girl's week away.
Amy was being abandoned. The winter school holidays had come around, and with no Grandparents left, she was being shipped off to a baby-sitting centre. With a suitcase in her hands, Amy struggled downstairs to find her Mum sat filling in a form. Name, age, sex. The usual checkbox style questions, but this questionnaire was slightly different. Age only had options for 9 through to 11, and sex had an option for Female, but the Male option was missing. With Amy Taylor, 11 years old and, obviously, Female filled in, her Mum rushed her out of the room, through the door and into the car.

After thirty minutes of silence the car pulled up to a large, Victorian style gate. After speaking into the non-Victorian style intercom system, Amy’s Mum drove through to reveal a house that was definitely not Victorian, and which was modern and homely. A kiss and a goodbye later and Amy was walking up the gravel towards the house. As she watched the, what seemed like, miles of steam rise from the heating ventilation, the front door opened. A woman, middle aged and attired in a dress that was completely unsuited to the season, smiled and beckoned Amy in.

“Hello dear, do come in.”

Amy walked through the door and looked around her home for the week, her extremely warm home for the week. The house was roasting, and Amy now knew why the woman was wearing a dress, which contrasted sharply with Amy’s thick, winter clothes. What she noticed next was the complete lack of, well, anybody. Apart from the woman who was closing the door, the whole lower floor, that she could see, was void of people, and judging from the near complete silence, so was the whole house.

“Where is everybody?” asked Amy.
“They’re all out playing. My other attendants have taken the young ladies for their daily session. They won’t be back for a little while yet, so this gives me a chance to get to know you intimately, and show you around as well. I’m Miss Wilson, and you must be Amy Taylor.”

Amy nodded, and was struck by how different Miss Wilson’s appearance and speech were. She spoke like an upper-class lady, yet looked like the type of woman who was, what Amy’s Mum called, a man-eater. Fairly tall, with blonde, shoulder length hair and a body that looked like it belonged to an 18-year-old girl. Her breasts were huge, and Amy found herself having to drag her eyes away from them, yet feeling almost compelled to look solely due to the size. After being caught looking at least three times, Amy resigned herself to looking at the floor.

“Well, we have a curious little girl. No matter, that’s okay.”

Amy reddened and tried stuttering a reply about how she wasn’t curious, they were just so BIG, but before she could answer, Miss Wilson snapped her fingers and strode away, beckoning Amy to follow her. Amy had to jog to keep up as they went up the stairs, down a hall and into a large room with multiple beds.

“As of tomorrow, that shall be your bed,” Miss Wilson pointed at a modest sized bed by the far wall. “However, on the first night, the new girl always sleeps with an attendant, or even a few of the attendants, to make sure she is not troublesome, you see”.

Amy nodded, not really pleased with this arrangement, but feeling like Miss Wilson wasn’t the type to be argued with. With another snap of the fingers, Miss Wilson walked her down the stairs into a kitchen.

“You may have your supper now,” said Miss Wilson as she put a bowl full of food on the table. “Once you’ve finished, you will be taken to the attendant’s bedroom. It is getting late and you will not be mingling with the other children tonight.”

Amy ate fast. Miss Wilson’s constant tapping on the table made her feel under pressure to finish. After finishing her food, Miss Wilson cleaned up, then took Amy by the hand and led her back up the stairs. This time they went a floor higher than before.

“This is the attendants bedroom, where you will be sleeping tonight. I have to go and round up the children from their playtime, so sit here and do not leave this room, I will be back very soon.”

Miss Wilson smiled, then left the room and shut the door behind her. Amy stood up and walked to the window, from where she could see a large garden. When Amy heard the very faint sound of a door unlock, open and then shut, she expected to see Miss Wilson appear in the garden, but she didn’t. The garden was deserted, and Amy wondered where this playtime was happening. She lay down on the bed, and assumed that it must be at a local park. After falling into a brief daydream, Amy heard the sound of the door unlocking again, so she softly got up, and quietly opened the door. Through a gap in the middle of the staircase, she saw Miss Wilson come out first, followed by five, she counted, women, who she guessed were the attendants. Shifting where she was sat, Amy saw the six of them lined up, from left to right. Straining her ears, Amy could just about hear Miss Wilson talking.

”Ok children, out you come.”

Amy moved again and gasped when she saw five little girls, aged between 9 and 11, knelt completely naked with their hands behind their backs. Amy covered her mouth, scared to make any other noise.

“What was that?” Miss Wilson asked no one in particular. Amy crept softly back into her room, closing the door behind her, then she moved to the bed, and sat down as she had when Miss Wilson had left. Her heart was beating fast and she wondered what she’d just seen. Why would there be five little girls, naked and kneeling for the attendants? It made no sense, but before she could think about it any further, the door opened and Miss Wilson walked in. “Sorry I took so long Amy, the children were being unruly.”
“Where do you take the other girls for their playtimes?”
“To the local park. You will enjoy it very much. Lovely grounds, and oh, it looks so beautiful in the winter.”

Amy smiled, partly out of fear. There was something about Miss Wilson that scared her.

“You will have your bath now. I will run it for you while I get some clean bed sheets.”

Miss Wilson walked to the other side of the room, and opened a door, which lead into an en-suite bathroom. Amy followed and stood while the bath was filling.

“Now, get undressed and I will be back in a moment. Do not get in until I am back, I wouldn’t want you burning yourself, as the water can be very hot. Do you understand?”

Amy nodded, and watched as Miss Wilson left the bathroom. Once she was gone Amy instinctively walked to the door to lock it, but there was no lock. She’d always been used to locks at her house, as her Mum was very private, so she assumed this was what other people must do. Amy started undressing. She took her top off to reveal a training bra, which she pulled off to show her small, firm breasts, with little nipples that hadn’t reached the puffiness stage yet. Her jeans and panties came down, showing her little vagina, with a slight mound of pubic hair covering it. She took her socks off then reached for the nearest towel and wrapped it round herself, waiting for Miss Wilson to return. The door opened a few minutes later and Miss Wilson came in.

“Take your towel off while I check the water”. Amy hesitated and Miss Wilson glared at her. “I said drop it”, Amy shyly unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor, presenting her tiny body. “I see pubic hair, that’s a no-no here I’m afraid.” Amy blushed and looked at the floor. “No matter, we will deal with it. The water is fine, have your bath, and I will be back in ten minutes.”

Amy got in after Miss Wilson had left. Her face still red, partly from embarrassment, partly from how hot the bath was. She looked down at her pussy, what an older friend had told her it was called, and wondered if all girls got rid of their pubic hair. She knew it was natural that it grew, she’d seen the sex education videos, but maybe it wasn’t liked anymore. After quickly washing all over, Miss Wilson returned, in much less than ten minutes.

“Are you washed?” Miss Wilson asked, looking intently at Amy.
“You have not missed a spot?”
“Good. From now on you answer ‘Yes Miss Wilson’ or ‘No Miss Wilson’, understand?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“You also do the same with the other attendants, you will treat us with respect.”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Now, out of the bath and dry yourself off.”
“When you’re stood there?”
“When you’re stood there, MISS WILSON. And yes, Amy, while I am stood here. I hope you do not have a problem with that?”
“No, Miss Wilson”.

Amy gingerly got out of the bath and reached for the large bath towel she’d wrapped herself in before, but Miss Wilson stopped her and picked up a small hand towel.

“I will dry you myself Amy, as the little girls here can never do it properly, and I am sure you will be no different. Now, stand with your legs spread and your arms in the air.”

Amy reddened again, which brought a slight scowl from Miss Wilson, before she stood with her legs apart and her arms straight, above her head. Miss Wilson started towelling her down gently. She moved the towel over Amy’s shoulders, along her neck and down her arms, then moved it along the sides of her body and down her legs to her feet, before moving it up along her thighs and over her stomach. Miss Wilson then turned Amy around and dried her back and the backs of her legs, until they were dry, then she moved to Amy’s plump, firm butt, and dried it in a way that made Amy tingle. Miss Wilson turned her around again, and rubbed her breasts and pussy in the same way, making Amy feel embarrassed, but strangely nice.

“See, look how dry you are, that is the way it should be done,” Miss Wilson stood back to admire her work, and then caught something that dampened her smile, “Oh yes, the pubic hair, that will have to be shaved. Lie down on the floor, on your back, and spread your legs. Do not let me catch you hesitate either.”

Amy did as she was told while Miss Wilson reached into a cabinet, and pulled out a razor and some shaving foam. She got on to her knees in front of Amy and rubbed up and down Amy’s slit, staring at it with a longing look in her eyes. Amy started feeling creeped out, and she almost shuddered, but managed to stop herself before Miss Wilson noticed.

“This needs to be wet, for lubrication,” Miss Wilson said as she patted Amy’s pussy. Miss Wilson knelt further forward and then spat, before rubbing the saliva into Amy’s mound of hair. She did this a few more times, making it a sticky mess, until she sprayed the shaving foam on and lathered it up. “You have no hair anywhere else on your body, so this will not take long.” It didn’t take long, and after shaving for a few minutes, Amy’s pussy was completely bald. “Now your cunt is perfect”, Amy nearly gasped again, she knew this word was bad, but luckily she stopped herself from making any noise. “I just need to clean you up, then you’re all ready for bed.” Miss Wilson spat on to Amy’s cunt again, and again, until it was covered in her saliva, then she roughly rubbed Amy’s lips and clit until the shaving foam was washed off. When she’d finished Miss Wilson harshly slapped Amy’s pussy, which made Amy moan in pain. Miss Wilson looked at her, with a mix of pleasure and annoyance in her eyes. “It’s bedtime now Amy. It’s far too hot to wear anything to bed, so we all sleep nude. Also, you will not be meeting the other attendants tonight, they have business to attend to, so you will just be sleeping with me. Now, brush your teeth then join me in the bedroom.”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Good girl, you remembered how to properly address me.”

After Miss Wilson left the bathroom, Amy brushed her teeth and reflected on everything that had just happened. She’d lived a sheltered life and had no idea how other people did things, so maybe this was all normal. The lack of a lock on the door, fine, people obviously weren’t as private as they were in her own house. Miss Wilson seeing her nude, ok, she must not be embarrassed like her Mum would be. Shaving her pubic hair, spitting on her pussy and rubbing it in a way that felt quite personal was pretty strange, but her own Mum never talked about or brought up anything like that, so maybe everyone else was just more open. The one thing that Amy couldn’t get out of her mind were the nude little girls, knelt down in front of the attendants. They looked only as old as her, and younger. Some had small boobs like hers, others had flat chests. But then Amy remembered lying down and daydreaming while she waited for Miss Wilson to return. It must have been a daydream. Amy had no idea why she would daydream something like that though. Snapping out of her thoughts, Amy realised she’d better go into the bedroom or Miss Wilson would get annoyed. So she gargled some water, and then walked into the bedroom, where Miss Wilson was lying naked on the bed, her huge boobs drawing Amy’s eyes to them once again.

“That took too long Amy, you will have to get faster in future.”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Now, come into bed with me, little girls need lots of sleep.”

Amy laid on her back on the bed, next to Miss Wilson, but Miss Wilson rolled over, and then rolled Amy over, so Miss Wilson was spooning her. Amy lay there, wondering how she would get to sleep in this position, when she felt two fingers rubbing softly along her pussy.

“Miss Wilson…”
“Yes, Amy?”
“What are you doing?”
“This is what all women and girls do! Has your own Mother never done this with you?”
“No, Miss Wilson.”
“Well, I am very surprised. All the other girls who have come here have done this before. You must be a very strange girl, so I will make it my personal task for tonight to make you normal. Do you understand?”
“I do not want to hear you say any words other than ‘Yes Miss Wilson’, when I ask this again. As I was saying, you are a very strange girl, so I will make it my personal task for tonight to make you normal. Do you understand, Amy?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“See, you can be a good little girl, can’t you?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”

Miss Wilson started rubbing Amy’s pussy again, rougher than before. Feeling along her pussy lips, and brushing up and down over her clit, Miss Wilson was annoyed to feel no wetness on her fingers, so she thrust a finger into Amy’s little cunt hole. Amy moaned in pain.

“Do you want to be a good little girl, Amy?”
”Remember what I said, Amy.”
“Yes, Miss Wilson, I want to be a good little girl.”

Miss Wilson wiggled her finger about in Amy’s pussy, while the other hand rubbed Amy’s clit. Amy could feel Miss Wilson’s warm breath on her neck, then Miss Wilson’s lips, softly kissing her cheeks and chin. Miss Wilson moved one of her hands from Amy’s clit and pulled Amy’s face towards her, sticking her tongue into her mouth and roughly kissing her. Sucking her tongue, while her finger worked away inside Amy’s pussy, she started fingering her faster and rougher, while stopping Amy’s pained moans by kissing her. After a few minutes of hard fingering and kissing, Miss Wilson abruptly stopped, removed her finger and pulled away from Amy’s lips.

“Now that is what all the little girls here have done before, but you, being a strange girl, had never done until now. Because I am kind, I will teach you a few more things, which will mean you know more than the other little girls. Would you like that, Amy?” Miss Wilson looked at her in a way so Amy knew there was only one answer.
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Good girl. Lay on your back, and spread your legs as wide as they will go.”

Amy did what she was told and Miss Wilson positioned herself between Amy’s legs, and was glad to see there was a little bit of wetness. Miss Wilson placed her arms either side of Amy and leant over her, looking up and down her body, breathing softly over it, but not touching it, until she tenderly kissed her cheek, then her lips, moving down her neck and over her breasts. “You have lovely titties for a little girl, Amy”. Miss Wilson licked at Amy’s nipples and caressed them with her hands. They took a while to get hard, but after a lot of attention they both finally hardened and she kissed down her stomach. Getting to her thighs, she lapped at them, then after a few minutes, reaching up and feeling her pussy, Miss Wilson noticed that Amy wasn’t as wet as she should be, so she stuck a finger in her pussy and started sucking on her clit. Keeping Amy’s clit in her mouth, sucking on it, licking it, while fingering the tight cunt with the only finger she could fit in, Amy started to get wet, and looking up, Miss Wilson noticed she was breathing heavily and her face was awash with pleasure.

“Good little bitch,” Miss Wilson remarked, and Amy felt so good she barely noticed what Miss Wilson had called her. Having her pussy and clit played with for a few more minutes, Amy started to moan aloud. “Cum for me you little cunt,” Miss Wilson said before attacking Amy’s pussy and clit with even more passion than before. Amy was so wet; Miss Wilson was able to slip another finger inside her pussy, then she fucked her and sucked her and licked her until Amy’s whole body shuddered in a massive orgasm. “Good whore, that’s it”. Amy stopped cumming, then laid back, tired and ready to sleep, but happy.

“Did you enjoy that, little girl?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Are you ready to sleep?”
”Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“You’re not finished yet, little girl. Lay back, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

Amy did as she was told, and Miss Wilson positioned her pussy over Amy’s tongue, then lowered herself down and started riding her face. Amy could barely breath, but kept licking away as Miss Wilson rubbed her pussy all over her tongue, her nose and the rest of her face. Miss Wilson started moaning with pleasure as she grinded back and forth, with her head thrown back and her screams becoming loud.

“Eat me you little bitch. Lick my fuckin’ cunt you dirty whore.” Amy couldn’t believe what Miss Wilson was saying but she did what she was told. Miss Wilson rode up and down Amy’s face a few more times, before letting out a massive scream, pulling off Amy, and squirting all over her. “Keep your mouth open, cunt,” Miss Wilson moaned, while rubbing her pussy and drenching Amy in her juices. Exhausted, Miss Wilson collapsed beside her, than after a few minutes of composing herself, sat up.

“I’m sleeping in one of the dry beds, you, little girl, will sleep in this bed. You will stay drenched in my pussy juice for the night. Do you understand?”
”Yes, Miss Wilson.”

Miss Wilson got up, beckoned Amy to look away, before walking to the bedside table, getting out a key, going to the door and locking it, then hiding the key and laying in another bed.

“Do you think you’ve learnt a lot today?”
”Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Good. You will learn lots more this week. Good night.”

Amy laid back, still drenched, and wondered what else she was going to be taught this week.

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