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Prologue: I’m attempting to write an ending to the continuing story series about a California business/vacation trip taken to Southern California by Stacy and her husband. In the series, he has to go for work and she is going to “visit” with her sister Laura and enjoy herself, and boy does she. Read the series by solipsistic starting with “California – The Introduction”. In California, Stacy eagerly gets naked and lets her sister’s boyfriend fuck her and do other sexual acts with her while her husband is watching her and she knows he’s watching. Stacy is enjoying the sex and the added pleasure of humiliating her husband at the same time. She’s very vocal in her enjoyment and during the week, totally ignores her husband. Stacy purposely never converses with or hugs, kisses, or even touches her husband in any way, it’s as though she’s not his wife and he’s just another stranger in the house! She only says two words to him the whole week, while she sleeps in the bed of another man under the same roof.

This story is one way I would have the tale to conclude. The story that comes before this one is titled “California – The Last Day”. It hints at an ending, but there is no finality. I liked the series as a whole erotic adventure. To get the full story, you need to start with “California – The Introduction” and read all five before this one. I tried to get in touch with the original writer, solipsistic, but he was unreachable. I write this for my own amusement and will admit to being a novice. I hope you and he will like my conclusion. I will make one story line suggestion; I would like to read this same series of stories, written from the view of Stacy! Her reasoning, her feelings and her expeditions! Enjoy and comments are always welcome! Please be kind!

Stacy and I enjoy watching porn movies together, but viewing one in which your own wife is in, isn’t entertaining. It’s even less so when you know she isn’t acting, when she tells different guys fucking her to “fill my pussy full of your cum” it destroys your feelings for your wife and your marriage and makes you very angry!

My heart had been cut out and thrown in the garbage! Stacy had humiliated me in every way possible! When I drove away from Laura’s, I just knew that Stacy was at a porn shoot letting a bunch of well hung porn stars gang bang her and fill her pussy full of the cum from many men! Her sister had manipulated her in becoming a cock hungry whore, just like she was!

I pulled into a shopping mall to look for a coffee shop. I had plenty of time. It wasn’t even 2 pm Saturday afternoon and the plane doesn’t leave until tomorrow morning. I’ve got plenty of time to think of some way to make my point and get my wife back to reality! I really don’t want to lose her! I was a realist, though! I knew it was a probable ending to this vacation! I think after years of being a dedicated husband to Stacy, she owed me a lot more consideration than what she gave me this week. She lied and connived with her sister about this so-called vacation trip! This week, she has shown me nothing but indignation and resentment! Stacy’s overt flaunting of her sexual play with Todd was like she was tearing our marriage license to pieces and laughing about it!

When we came to California, Stacy’s reason was to visit her sister, Laura and relax. Now on one DVD, she talked about Laura described to her about her monster cock boy friend and his wanting to fuck Stacy and play with her big tits. Todd also wanted to “pass” my wife around among his friends for them to take turns fucking her too, and my wife was anxious to do this and more! For Stacy’s part, she was anxious to get Todd’s big cock in her pussy and stretch her open! I don’t know if she realized beforehand that her stretching open like that was sure to end our marriage because he was so much larger than me and most of the male population! Now that it has happened, she definitely knows, but doesn’t care!

Laura was totally on my wife’s side and distracted me several times when she saw I was going to intervene and stop the sexual escapades of Todd with Stacy. I may have gotten beat up by that big muscular Californian but I figured I could get in a few good licks and definitely break up the action with my wife! Even if I had to deck Stacy and send her to the hospital with a broken jaw, it would be worth it to save my marriage! Todd and Laura obviously lacked any morals what so ever!

The biggest stake in my heart was my wife’s outlook on doing anything sexual with complete strangers that I’ve tried to do with her myself. I remember recently during one of our love making sessions, after ejaculating in Stacy, I tried to “go down” on her and eat her pussy full of my cum and she slapped the crap out of me and yelled “NO, DON’T” and when I rose up on my knees on the bed to talk and looked at her, she kicked me in my stomach extremely hard and knocked my breath away and I ended up on the floor! When I caught my breath a little while later, very much in pain, she was just lying on bed looking down at me and she hissed at me that I should never try that again. No excuse at all for the pain she caused me and she didn’t want to discuss the act. She simply didn’t want me to lick her pussy at all much less it being full of my cum! There was much sexual pleasure we could have enjoyed together, but she wouldn’t allow it!

Here in California, with a complete stranger, Stacy orders Todd to “eat my cunt” right after she’s just told him to “cum deep in my pussy!” She encourages Todd to tongue her ass hole and to fuck her ass with his large cock thus stretching her ass hole open and she totally denied me ever touching her ass in any way! On another day, while I’m at work, she takes a big black cock in her mouth to suck and swallow his cum seconds after seeing the guy or his cock for the first time and yet she spits my cum out, after rarely ever giving me a blow-job! Because of all this, Stacy is now disposable, a non-wife, who is more slut to me now than wife!

The devil got into my thoughts! Why should I just leave! I needed to make a vivid impression upon Stacy and Laura for what they did to me! This tragic week was no accident; all of it was done with malice of forethought! I started reviewing my life with Stacy, thinking about all the ups and downs and considering that maybe Stacy just married me because I asked her and it was convenient for her. Did she really love me, did she ever? Stacy and Laura came up with this horror trip! What could I do to make my point of how much they tore my life and marriage apart! I had time! I wanted some payback!

I didn’t need to be at the airport for another eighteen hours! No one knew I’d left the house or why! I could make my plans and all I needed to do was to be at Laura’s when they returned late this evening around five thirty! I had several hours to spin my web of payback! I could think of a few drugs that I could use to make their future quite miserable!

What I needed to do was to find a friendly veterinary pharmacist that would sell me what I needed. After several tries, I found a pharmacist who was willing to help me. I explained that I needed to chemically castrate six male dogs and I was going to drug them at their nighttime meal with knock out drops and give them their shots while they were asleep, I didn’t want to get bitten. He sold me something to make them sleep for the whole night and put it in a small eye dropper bottle. I also purchased some insulin type needles and a castration drug that needed to be injected, which I found comical, in that it was in the same drug family that kept women from ovulating so they wouldn’t get pregnant.

I arrived back at Laura’s and got the front key out from its hiding place. I took my luggage back into the guest room, but left the DVDs out on the coffee table. I wanted them all to be well aware that I’d seen them and I wanted them to tell and show me today’s events. I was very certain that they had made new DVDs of today’s fucking and sucking! It was very easy to show my curiousness about what went on today behind my back. I knew they didn’t go to any beach! I felt I could get Laura to show me the discs because she was proud of the way she’s guided her older sister’s way into being a total slut willing to suck any dick presented to her mouth and fuck any dick inserted into her pussy man or beast! Laura was after all, the cheerleader who graduated from high school with the reputation of letting every player on the football team fuck her at least once during the football season in her senior year!

I prepared myself for their arrival. I had the Mickey Finn drops in my pocket in a small eye dropper bottle. I didn’t need much. Everything else was in my luggage, out of sight.

I was trying to decide what to do about Stacy. Should I leave her or try to take her home? If I took her home, her stretched out pussy would be a big problem! As a married couple, we could not ever have normal sexual intercourse again! My own penis would be too small and would never satisfy my wife! Not only that, I couldn’t trust Stacy any more. She’d probably start night clubbing our home city canvassing for large cocks to service her stretched pussy or she could easily empty out our bank accounts and hop a plane back to California to meet Todd and his buddies’ big cocks!

I sat in the living room and waited for Laura, Todd and Stacy to arrive back. I thought about what to do to make my point. I wasn’t going to kill anyone or cause any bodily harm, well maybe a little! A baseball bat would make my point, if I had one!

A few minutes after six Laura’s SUV drove up in the drive way. Todd and Laura got out and helped my wife out of the back seat. I went out to greet them. Laura looked at me funny! I think she expected me to be gone for some reason. The plane home didn’t depart until Sunday morning, why should I be gone.

Stacy could hardly walk from the fucking she had received from all the cocks on the set! She was helped to the couch by Todd and Laura.

Stacy looked towards me and Todd and moaned. “Oh, I’m so sore, too many big cocks, so much cum, too much, but I loved it!”

I think I shocked them when I immediately spoke out that I wanted to watch the DVD they made today. Stacy stuttered, “WW W What DVD?” She had yet to realize that I’d spent the day watching all of her DVDs.

“The DVD you made today, just like these I’ve been watching all day! You mentioned on the last DVD that you wanted to go to the porn shoot on Saturday to be gang banged by more porn stars! That’s the DVD showing you being fucked in the ass by Todd and a black guy with a cock larger than his fucking your pussy and you odering him to shoot his cum into your pussy, your unprotected pussy, MY WIFE! I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU DID TODAY, STACY!”

Sitting by myself waiting for them, I subconsciously had gotten madder and madder! By this time I was ready to physically take on all three of them and beat them to a pulp! I was glad that I had no weapon like a baseball bat! It could have been very messy!

As I said this, I put my face right up in Todd’s face and scowled loudly, “I WANT TO SEE THE DISC! I’VE SEEN THE OTHERS! HAND IT OVER, NOW!!!”

Laura, seeing how angry I was, reached for the DVD camera and took the disc out and handed it to me.

I got in her face and glared, “ARE THERE ANY MORE?”

Meekly, Laura replied, ‘No, that’s it.”


Todd replied softly, “There are two more DVDs, but we don’t have them. The production company owns them. We’ll get a copy of the final edit when it’s ready for distribution. There are enough scenes for two movies to be produced and marketed!”


“Yes, that was what Stacy agreed to and signed a contract for.”

“STACY, YOU BITCH!!! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!! IF MY BOSSES SEE ANY OF THOSE DVDS, AND THEY WILL, MY JOB IS GONE!!! THEY’LL HAVE GROUNDS TO TERMINATE ME!!! YOU STUPID BITCH!!!” I now knew that I had no choice but to divorce Stacy as soon as possible because if I didn’t I’d be terminated on the company’s morals clause! I might even after the divorce if they proved she starred porn movies while we were still married

I started to sit on the same couch as my wife to watch the DVD, but she pointed to the chair and told me to get away from her, “I DON’T WANT YOU NEAR ME! AND IN CASE YOU HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS, I’M SPENDING MY LAST NIGHT IN CALIFORNIA WITH TODD, NAKED!! I’M NOT SLEEPING WITH YOU IN YOUR BED! I HAVEN’T ALL WEEK AND I’M NOT GOING TO START NOW!”

I’m now glad that I found a key to the master bedroom door lock before they came home. They can all go fuck in the master bedroom, but my plans won’t be deterred! Stacy just told me in so many words that she no longer wanted me for her husband! She wants to fuck Todd! I wonder if Stacy realizes that the only emotions from Todd are physical sex and nothing else. He feels no emotions, love or attachments! He told me the first night when we talked, that he was an actor and he had to learn to detach himself from his feelings in order to be able to act. All the sex is physical, nothing more!

We sat together in the living room and watched today’s DVD of mostly Stacy. Todd and three other men were in the first part with a small breasted pretty blonde. Laura videoed the action of the four of them because her boy friend was in the action.

We stopped the movie and fixed some sandwiches for a light supper. Wine was their drink of choice. I drank some lemonade; I really didn’t care to drink wine. Later I managed to pour wine for the three of them while their attention was focused on the porn and I got to add a few Mickey Finn drops to their wine. The scenes now were more Stacy and Todd doing the same things they’ve been doing here at the house all week. Todd was filling my wife full of his cum while she tells him to stretch open her pussy and fill her full of cum! My plans were now put in motion!

The DVD continued as cock after cock pounded Stacy’s pussy and ass ejaculating cum into her. Stacy was continuously vocal, saying for the guys to “cum in my ass” and to “fill my pussy with your cum!” Her favorite position seemed to be with two men, one in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time!

I noticed that on the disc I got from Stacy’s luggage, that she was very quick to take the black guy’s cock in her mouth and suck it and right afterwards, she got him to cum in her unprotected pussy. In this DVD, there were several sets of three black men servicing Stacy in all three holes at the same time and the look on her face was one of pure pleasure! Again, in none of these scenes did any of the men use a condom! They all ejaculated in her pussy and she swallowed when her mouth was full of cum! I was surprised that she could get a cock that large in her mouth and down her throat. She showed great talent in deep throating a very long cock, some longer than Todd’s monster! I remember that she’d always have some excuse NOT to suck me in the past! I guess all the practice she’s had this week is paying off! I was impressed at Stacy’s new found talent, but I knew it’d do me no good! My wife demonstrated all week that she didn’t want me in any way, she only wanted other men!

Stacy got her pussy stretched even more on this DVD. Twice in the movie, two guys at the same time fucked Stacy getting both of their cocks into her enormously opened pussy! Since it was already stretched, it opened up even more accommodating the two cocks! Once she tried to get two cocks in her ass and her pussy at the same time, but they didn’t make it all the way into her ass, just half way, but all the way into her pussy!! She was disappointed, but did get four cocks to fuck her at the same time! Stacy was going to be very very sore going home, but she didn’t care! She wanted to be stretched open as much as she could be! Engaging in as much sexual activity with as many porn guys as she could was her only goal for her vacation!

In the next scene, Todd came forward and started asking Stacy some questions to which you could hear her answer, “Yes, yes I want him to fuck me!” Stacy stepped back as a cage was moved into place. In the cage was a slow moving Orangutan sporting an extremely long thick penis.

Todd paused the DVD and started explaining to me that he had told Stacy that this was not a real Orangutan, but a guy in a monkey suit and he would be fucking Stacy. It really was an Orangutan and Todd had seen this animal used before and the Orangutan was extremely gentle and well trained and knew what he was going to do. The Orangutan knew he was going to be able to fuck a human female. In fact he loved to fuck and could fuck all day if he wanted too. His penis was a little thinner than Todd’s and about eighteen inches long. He would stretch Stacy even deeper than she’s ever been!

I kept my anger inside. Here my wife was willing to let some strange guy in a monkey suit fuck her and all week she hasn’t even given me a hug! I didn’t want to let on and let my plans go astray. I seemed interested and I was actually curious to see what happened.

Stacy went up the steps into the cage and Todd padlocked the door behind her. She faced what she thought was a man in a Orangutan suit and the animal put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him and inhaled a large sniff of her. His teeth and the grunt gave him away and Stacy screamed loudly as she realized that this was a “Real” Orangutan and that he was going to fuck her! She pushed on his shoulders trying to shove him away, but no, he was too strong! As Stacy screamed more and more, the Orangutan turned her to face him and shoved her on her back lying on the straw in the cage! He placed his nose in her cunt and took in a deep breath, smelling Stacy’s odor, he knew what to do next! She tried to kick him, but he grabbed her legs and spread them apart, her pussy wide open for him to explore! Spread eagle, Stacy was ready to be penetrated by the beast! She realized at that moment that the monkey WAS going to fuck her whether she wanted him too or not! He moved up between her legs and positioned the head of his penis between the lips of Stacy’s pussy and thrust forward, spreading her pussy lips open and plunging into her already juicy pussy with one thrust! He pulled out some and thrust back into Stacy and this time he bottomed out against her cervix as she screamed from the pain and pleasure! The Orangutan stepped up his humping Stacy and she actually was enjoying his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. “OOOHHH, OOOHH FUCK! FUCK MEE MONKEYYYY! OOHHH SHIT OOHHH!” The Orangutan held on to Stacy as he emptied his first load of hot cum into her! He wrapped his large arms around her and held her tight! Looking around at the movie people, who he was used to seeing, he
rubbed Stacy’s big tits with his large hands! The Orangutan was not going to just let his new mate go that easily! He moved around the cage slowly, hauling Stacy in his arms! Then he turned Stacy around and slid his erect penis back into her to fuck her again! Stacy just went with the action and allowed him to take what he wanted, a willing female! She cooperated with the monkey like she did with Todd! In the video, Stacy again started moaning “Aaahh” and voicing her pleasure in the fucking she was receiving “MOOOORREEE, OHH GOD I’M CUUMMINGGG! FFUUCCGGKKK MEEEE!!!”

My wife was enjoying the fucking that the Orangutan was giving her; so much, that she had an actual orgasm! Me, she had no thoughts of!

He would make one final deep thrust to plant his hot seed inside Stacy again. Orangutan’s cum was hotter than a human male and made for a stronger organism in the female. This was just what the producer wanted, a human female enjoying being fucked by an Orangutan! Everything was going as planned and this would be a great selling porno!

The Orangutan thrust deep, hard, and erupted a large load of cum inside Stacy and she screamed, not in pain, but in joy and pleasure of the organism as the Orangutan’s hot seed spurted into her womb coating Stacy’s insides! Stacy screamed more and more. “Fuck me, yyess, yyess! Oh, I love it! Deeper! Fill me full of monkfeyyy cuummm!” The screen went blank, that was the end of the disc.

Now isn’t this the ultimate insult to me! My wife doesn’t even hug or kiss me this whole vacation week, but has starred in a porn movie enjoying a live monkey fucking her and shooting his cum in her pussy and wouldn’t let me, her husband, even touch her!

I asked again, “You’re telling me that you’ve been gone all day, and that’s all you recorded?”

Todd replied, “There’s more but we didn’t have any more blank discs to record on. Everything was recorded by the production company and we’ll eventually get full copies from them. They have some fantastic close-ups of Stacy getting fucked!”

As the DVD ended, Laura took it out of the player and walked off towards the bedroom with it, just as Stacy spoke up asking if that wasn’t her copy. Laura looked at the disc and said it was number one and Stacy replied, “That’s mine!” I now knew I could later find and take home a copy of today’s action! I might also take home Stacy’s first DVD.

Later that night, just as everyone was heading for bed, I overheard Stacy and Todd talking at the kitchen counter. Todd told Stacy that he was glad she decided to come for the week and he really enjoyed being with her and hated to see her leave.

Stacy then said, “Todd, Laura and I talked it over and I’m staying. I can’t leave, I’ve found a man that can really satisfy me and I’m staying with Laura! So you now have two women in your life, sisters to fuck and share with your friends!!”

“What about your husband?”

“He’ll get over me! He’ll find someone else! I won’t be tied to a shrimp dicked naive lover any more! He won’t try anything new to satisfy me!”

Truth be told, formally in our marriage, it was Stacy who was the na? lover who denied any advengerous sexual activity asked for by her husband! Getting Stacy to try something new was impossible! She’d invent all sorts of reasons why she didn’t want to try anything new!

No one said anything to me, and I headed to the guest room by myself. Later, there was a light knock on the door, for the first time, and I answered come in. Laura entered and asked me if I enjoyed the DVD and I replied that I did. Good, Laura said, “I know that Stacy enjoyed making it. Afterwards on the way home, she asked when she could do another. My sister loves to fuck! Anybody, anytime! Look, I’m really sorry the way things worked out! The original plans were for Stacy to let Todd fuck her while you watched, distracted by me, so she could let Todd stretch her pussy and get his whole cock inside her! She couldn’t believe that any woman could fit a cock as large as his and after I assured her that I could, she wanted to give him a try! You liked porn and Stacy figured you’d love watching her let a porno star fuck her! The rest of the week while you were at work, she could fuck all she wanted with Todd and his friends and you’d never know! All this week was supposed to be was a fun vacation filled with sex! Stacy wanted to be naked the whole week and fuck porn stars and let you watch her when you were home! Nothing else! I’m really sorry! Stacy crossed the line!

This wasn’t meant to destroy your marriage! I’m so sorry! I’m sorry too about the porn contract. The producer gave it to Stacy and told her that if she signed it he would make sure she got the best fucking of her vacation or he’d tear it up! She couldn’t sign it fast enough! I told her not to, but she did it anyway! Sorry! Maybe after you two get home, you can talk and straighten out your marriage! I can’t tell you enough how sorry I am! If there’s anything I can do to help you, just ask! I’ll do anything you want me too! Well goodnight, I’m sleeping with Todd and Stacy tonight! Tonight being Stacy’s last night in town!” Then she shut the door and went to the master bedroom.

What Laura said about tonight being Stacy’s last night here in California didn’t jive with Stacy’s earlier statement to Todd that she had arranged with Laura to stay and live with her. I also wasn’t too sure I could depend upon Laura being honest with me. If Laura hadn’t written Stacy about Todd, all this would never have happened. In any case, in order to keep my job, which I loved and was good at, I had to divorce Stacy and the sooner the better. I opened my laptop to email my lawyer with a brief deion of the problem Stacy has gotten me in and that he proceed with a divorce and a lawsuit for money from any of Stacy’s movies to compensate me for the loss of my job. I knew it’d happen because someone somewhere would see the Stacy’s porn DVD and then the company’s board would know and I would be terminated.

A lawsuit for money from Stacy for making a porn movie was completely justified in court because she knew about the morals clause in my company. She, as my spouse, had to sign the papers along with me under my employment contract agreement.

I was too anxious and mad to get to sleep. I looked at my watch and marked the time so in a couple of hours, I’d make my move to drug Todd and the sisters.

The standard injection of the female birth control drug would make Todd impotent and sterile for three months under normal circumstances, but I had plenty of the drugs. I planned on giving Stacy and Laura each a double dose injection and Todd a triple dose, or more. I thought about using all that I had left from the sisters on Todd! The girls simply wouldn’t ovulate and that would scare the hell out of them because they’d both think they were pregnant! Todd would have hell, he wouldn’t be able to perform with his cock at all. I would love to see his despair at not being able to get a hard on! That’d be sweet! And my wife, so anxious to fuck Todd and now he’s only going to be able to lick her pussy!

I went to the door of the master bedroom and turned the knob and surprise, it wasn’t locked. I opened it slowly to check the room and all three of them were sound asleep together. Todd was in the middle with one of the sisters on each side of him. I first went to Stacy’s luggage in the corner and searched for the DVDs. I found three and took them all. I was expecting two; I wondered what the third one had on it. I used an insulin syringe with a small gauge needle to inject Laura and my wife. The needle is so thin; they didn’t even flinch with the little stick. I then filled another syringe to stick Todd. After that dose I had a little left, so I used another syringe and finished it off. Putting the syringes in a bag, I looked around to be sure I hadn’t left anything and closed the door. I then went to the kitchen and put the key to the bedroom door lock back where I found it. Then I went to the guest bedroom to relax until early morning when I’d leave before any one awoke. My thoughts were on a letter I wanted to write to Stacy telling her how disappointed I was in her actions and how much she hurt me.

In a letter to Stacy: I told her that I was leaving her in California and flying home. This week, Stacy, you have hurt me more than you could ever know! I now know that I can no longer trust you or depend on you in any way to be my wife! You had no right to have sex with Todd like you did and destroy our marriage! If you hated me that much, I would have given you a divorce if you had simply asked. I wouldn’t have wanted to because I love you so much, but I would have let her go. I thought you were happy in our marriage, I had no idea you were so dissatisfied! Stacy, you could have talked honestly with me and told me anything! You didn’t have to lie, conceal and plan with Laura behind my back. At this point in time, the only thing left for me to do is to leave and file for a divorce! This week you’ve demonstrated to me that you can’t be a passionate, loving wife; you want to be a common whore fucking dozens of men each week! A loving wife doesn’t go out letting a bunch of porn stars gang bang her!

I hoped divorce proceeding against Stacy wouldn’t take too long and hope I could do it fast enough to save my job! I signed the letter and left it on the night stand! I just signed “Your ex-Husband” hoping she would get the message. I loved her, but I had mixed emotions right now. Taking her back and forgiving her was a thought in my mind, but it was fading fast! I could never again trust Stacy!

I had plenty of time in the morning to find a dumpster and throw the knock-out drops and syringes away before finding a restaurant for breakfast.

Revenge is Sometimes Sweet!

An old thought comes to mind: Big Problem for Todd and Stacy: Try to shoving a limp wet noodle up a wild cat’s ass!

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