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I was called to do some electrical work and the lady said she couldnt pay it all in cash and I could work the balance off.
Recently I have been doing some electrical upgrading in a property owned by a widow.

I was about half way through the renovations when she told me she was having trouble getting the money to pay me but if I would like to she could pay me about 80% of the quote and the rest she was prepared to offer herself to me to ‘cut it out’ as she put it. She was a good looking woman in good shape and I thought that maybe it might be worth it. I said it would take more than one consultation as I put it to make up the outstanding amount.

She laughed and said you are driving a hard bargain but she said ok – lets say we work it off at $50 a time – and you can have as long as you like.

I worked out quickly that would be at least four times with her and she said she thought that was fair bargain.

She came to me the next day and said tomorrow you can have your first instalment – lets say from 3 o’clock on.

I said that would be fine with me and said I would need to shower before hand as I get very dirty and hot doing the work.

She said that was perfect I could use her ensuite bathroom and she could be ready for me immediately afterwards.

I thought about her all day and wondered what she would be like in bed – she certainly looked young enough and fit enough to provide me with a good workout. At 2.30 I stopped work and went to her bedroom and showered and while I was there she came into the bedroom as promised and hopped into bed waiting for me.

As I got into the bed with her I could see she was naked as I was and she watched me walk from the bathroom to her bed and her eyes never got above my waist. She said now that is something else, I like the look of it I hope I like the way it treats me as much.

I said I havnt had a complaint yet.

She said do you do this often .

I said not really she was only the second time and I still got paid the whole amount – she was just looking for some spice in her life. He husband had a premature ejaculation problem and she occasionally sought another man to give her what she wanted for as long as she wanted it to last. She wasn’t disappointed in what I offered her.

She then said I like some seduction before hand I am not just a body for you to use – I want gravy on my meat.

She came to me and we kissed and she was good and her hands were never off my body and she explored every part of it. After a few minutes of passionate embracing my hand slipped down between her legs and she opened them to give me access and I slipped a finger into her and massaged her G spot and clit. She purred like a kitten as I fingered her gently and suckled on her breasts. She took my cock in her hand and gently massaged it and masturbated me. We were in unison and we were both enjoying being treated like we were lovers.

After she was worked up she said now – I want it now – and I rolled over onto her and she put her legs up and spread them wide for me to get access to her manicured cunt. She had trimmed her hair back to a small V and it looked great – by the look of it she had done it that day. It was completely shaven where there was no hair and no stubble.

I looked down at her cunt and I was pleasantly surprised. It was reasonably small and tight. Her lips were almost right within her and she had nothing protruding . I thought she wasn’t bad for about 40 and I guided my cock into her and it slid in I could feel her vagina completly envelope it and is it went in further and further it felt really good and firm. As I was slipping my cock into her she said that feel really great – I can feel it going in there and it feels good.

I was happy too as her cunt was warm and wet and surprisingly tight for her age. I knew she had one daughter about 17 or 18 who had been around the house when I arrived each morning but I had not seen her since. Obviously the birth had not stretched her cunt.

I fucked her slow and surely and made sure she was getting the sensations she enjoyed and was enjoying the fact we were having good sex. She said your cock is really nice not too long and nice and thick, I can feel it up me and its not uncomfortable hitting my cervix every time you go in deep. She said you obviously don’t have a wife or I doubt you would be doing this with me.

I said I had one once, but she took off with another woman. She became a lesbian and I don’t know why – we always had good sex and she came almost every time but she preferred other womens pussies to my cock. That was just over a year ago. fortunately we never had kids.

After a while she said would you mind if I got on top, I rather like the sensation I get from that.
I said be my guest and she rolled out from under me and I replaced her and she got on top of me and lowered herself down on my cock which she held in her hand. Then she began to fuck me with my cock well and truly planted inside her and my balls hanging down.

I have often enjoyed cowgirl but she was fantastic for her age and could maintain the action she needed to give both herself and myself that wonderful sensation of a cock slipping up and down her cunt. Her physical effort seemed easy as she used her legs to actually fuck me. I had not enjoyed being fucked by a woman like this for ages. My wife wasn’t that bad but she didn't last long before I had to fuck her from beneath.

Any how we fucked like this for about five minutes and then she lay out on top of me and said this is what I wanted and I could tell by the way she screwed up her face she was about to cum and then she started to grunt and shiver on top of me as her orgasm raced through her body and gave her the sensation all women crave. I stared to fuck her harder as well which she was enjoying as I could tell from the way she manoeuvred her cunt onto my cock she was using it to rub her clit and prolong her orgasm as well as she was enjoying the sensation, she was also quite vocal in her orgasmic state. I came myself and filled her chasm of pink flesh with my white creamy semen and very shortly after that she said well I have been well and truly fucked havnt I – that was worth more than$50 for me – but for you it was money for jam I suppose. I said I got my monies worth and would look forward to getting the outstanding balance the same way.

She said and to be truthful so will I.

The following day was pretty much a repeat of the first time and we both lasted a little longer and weren’t so physical – the second one was more for the pleasure of us being connected the way we were and enjoying the sensation of my cock up her cunt and the feeling we generated together. She didn't last as long cowgirl the second time and I worked on her harder with my cock and she came far quicker.

The third day she was a little different and not as keen to actually fuck like we did before – she was keen enough for the two of us to be naked in bed but there was something different in the way she was approaching our sex together. I was fingering her and playing with her wonderful breasts as I had done before and then she began to kiss me and then as she broke our embrace she slid down my body kissed each of my nipples and then went straight to my cock and without a word took it straight into her mouth and sucked me. I loved the feeling and lay back and moaned softly to let her know what she was doing was appreciated.

After a couple of minutes she took her mouth off my cock and said how am I doing.

I said you are wonderful.

She said I am so glad this is the first time I have ever done this to a man – I have never done it before.
I said keep going I have nothing to complain about I love it – you are doing well.

She said if you want to tell me what you like and I will do it. I have only seen other women do it to men on the porn pages. It looked easy enough but I wasn’t sure what it would taste and feel like in my mouth. I don’t know what I was worried about it is great and no problem at all. She then went back to sucking for a while and then I said before we go much further if this is your first time sucking – how do you feel about me cumming in your mouth. She said I don’t have a problem – I want to know everything about it. Just tell me when its going to happen so I can expect it. I certainly know what it looks like and feels like I have had so much of it inside me over the years. I am so stranger to it – I have just never tasted it. My husband never asked me to do it and I never asked him if I should – we were pretty tame when it came to adventuresome sex. I don’t think he ever bought me to orgasm with his finger either.

How about you did you masturbate much as a boy.

I said I still do, and I enjoy it. I have been doing it since I was 12 and never saw why I should stop.
She said well I was 16 when it happened to me – done to me by another girl who could not believe I had never masturbated and she did it to me and since then I havnt stopped myself and often use a toy to do it with.

I said well seeing we are into new vnures roll over and I will return your pleasure.

She said you are going to do that to me.

I said why not, women enjoy it just as much as men, and you wont be my first either. I have made many a girl happy doing that to them.

She lay back and I positioned myself and began to lick her now very wet cunt and I got my share of her musky tasty sexual juice. I said you taste good – its tastes really nice.

She said does the taste change.

I said it does depending upon what you have eaten and how clean it is. Some women don’t clean up very well after peeing and it can be a bit strong then and if you eat asparagus it can be quite powerful and it can be a bit hard to get started. Its the same with men asparagus would be the worst thing affecting the taste of cum. Some people say pineapple but I find that ok.

She laughed and said I have never heard that ever before – some days I can be a bit strong down there but I put it down to period time or the fact I have been very physical like playing tennis etc. Well I never she said. I am still learning arnt I.

I said you are a great pupil now let me get on with it and I resumed licking and sucking and fingering her all at the same time. She was thoroughly enjoying her first oral experience in her life and a couple of times lifted her ass up to meet my mouth and I suspected she may have been having a mini orgasm or the sensation was building inside her. Then I added my special treat - I slipped my finger into her bum while I had two finger up her cunt and my tongue rubbing her clit. She let out a high sigh and moans all in one. Shit she said that is amazing don’t stop that – I will cum any moment and I continued to finger her cunt and ass holes as well as suck and lick her clit. Then she just exploded and bucked and shook and clamped my head between her thighs as I licked like mad to give her something special and she moaned and groaned and tried to thrash about as I licked her and then she screamed out and I knew I had done what I wanted her to feel – a multiple orgasm – the second one starting about 20 or 30 seconds after her first and she really screamed the house down as the second one made her spasm and cramp up. She pulled her legs back up onto her tummy to ease the cramping and tension in her body. I released her and she virtually collapsed gasping for breath and her whole body heaving with the effect of her first oral and multiple orgasm. I sat up and looked down on her heaving body and her breasts rising and falling as she took in huge gasps of air.

I was happy for her and me. I love seeing a woman enjoy something special and this was for her. I had made her happier than she had ever been.

After she had recovered I realised we had been making love for well over an hour and her daughter would soon be coming home. I said I will have to call it a day I don’t want to upset her daughter. She said fuck her – I want to enjoy that sensation for ever – it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

I got up and dressed and she lay here and as I was leaving her daughter arrived home and I said in a very loud voice hello Sam – loud enough for her mother to hear and I heard the bedroom door slam – she was now aware she had to be careful her daughter didn't realise what we had been doing.

The next day she came to me and said this afternoon we start after lunch – I want this to be the most wonderful experience in my life – I am a real sex maniac now thanks to you after all these years now I know what it can be like. If I had known what it could have been like all those years ago – and he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it for me – I would have been somewhere else looking for it. You have opened my eyes to what sex is all about – believe me I will be looking for anew man that can do what you do for me and he will be mine for life. I masturbated for hours last night trying to recreate what we did yesterday. I must have cum seven or eight times.

I said where do you want to start- maybe suck me off first.

She said thats sounds good to me and she began to lick and suck my cock, she had learned a lot in the past few days and she was now putting all her recent learning into practice. After about three or four minutes I said lets try something new and she just stopped sucking waiting for me to guide her. I then said ok, now turn around and get over the top of me. She soon realised what I was suggesting and she said is this right and we were in the 69 position and I said thats perfect – now you can resume where you left off and I can begin to lick you out at the same time.

She said this is unreal, I love it. It is so much fun, I don’t know what I enjoy most.

I said I can enjoy this but I actually prefer one on one – this way you cant concentrate on giving and receiving at the same time. I like to make sure I am giving the best performance I can.
She said I don’t mind – this is heaven for me – god I wish I had met you 18 years ago. I have wasted 18 years of great fucking on him.

After a while I came and as I was cumming she was swallowing and in her ecstasy she started to cum as well and the two of us virtually came at the same time and had our orgasms together giving and receiving.
After she got off me she had cum running down her chin and said I know what you mean now – I couldn’t concentrate of sucking it all out of you as my cunt was in spasm, I think we might do that for a while but I would like to be finished off as you say one on one.

I said come here and I kissed her and licked my cum off her mouth. She was most impressed.
After that she just positioned herself for a fuck, she was getting used to our sex sessions now and she was beginning to enjoy our fun together rather than experience her new found way of enjoying sex itself.
I got on top of her and slipped my cock into her and slowly began to fuck her and she lay there and just let it happen, relaxed and just enjoying the pleasure of a man inside her and fucking the walls of her cunt with a cock. It was far better than her finger she told me.

I enjoyed her body at the same time kissing her lips lightly and squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples, sucking and biting them every now and again sending signals between her nipples to her clit which I could tell she liked by the unspoken response I got from her body. As I fucked her slowly and gently she said I could do this for ever. After about 15 minutes she said speed it up I am getting warmed up and I will cum in a minute or two.

I began to fuck her hard and fast as she enjoyed and her tits were wobbling around as I really shagged her hard and she started to moan as I hit her body with my cock buried deep inside her. She was telling me in great detail what she was feeling and the more she talked the more she got excited and began to fuck me as I fucked her and she moved her body up to meet my cock pushing down into her. We were fucking like mad and the sweat was dripping off my face onto her tits.

Then she came and started to scream with the pleasure of her orgasm which from what I could determine was her best yet. She really le herself go screaming and swearing like I had never heard before and she was using every ounceof effort to maintain her orgasm and I kept pumping my cock into her hard and fast as I approached my orgasm and then I hit my high and released and flooded her cunt with cum again, the top of my cock was so sensitive----only she began to grunt and moan and wriggle under me – she managed o say between breaths I ---amm---ugggg ----cummmming----ugggg-- again-----fucking -----hell this is --uggggg----fucking unreal.

The two of us worked on our own pleasure with my cock still embedded in her cunt. Both of us were
making the most of this fuck for our own pleasure using each others bodies to achieve it.

By the time I had exhausted myself I was completely out of breath and so was she – her whole body was heaving as she gulped air into her lungs and her tits were rising and falling as she sis and it was so erotic, I nibbled her nipples and she hugged me to her and we kissed as best we could both out of breath.
I rolled off her and lay beside her holding her hand. The two of us had fucked ourselves into a state of complete exhaustion. I said that was amazing I cant remember cumming that hard since I was a boy and had my first real experience with a married woman who knew exactly what to do and she nearly killed me.

After that we just lay there and didn't realise the time.

About five minutes later her daughter walked in and found her mother and I completely naked and my flaccid cock lying on my stomach and her legs spread apart and her cunt covered in the cum and sweat we had made when we fucked.

She just stood there with her mouth open- shocked at the sight. She said what the fucking hell have you two been doing. I said nothing

Her mother just sat up and said what does it look like – I have been fucking him and believe me I could do this for the rest of my life – he is fucking amazing. OK now piss off and let us clean up – make a coffee and we will be down shortly. She left.

While we were drinking our coffee her daughter was saying she could not believe what she had seen. Her mother said she was sorry she had to find us like that and know we had been fucking. She said you may as well know we have been at it for 3 days. The two of them discussed the fact she had enjoyed sex for the first time in her life.

After another few minutes she told us both she would be away for the weekend and I said I would be finished tomorrow anyhow.

Then she said would you mind coming back to pick up the cheque and I said I woldnt have a problem and said 3 pm.

She said I will be ready willing and waiting and we all laughed.

The next day I went in to finish off and pack up. The daughter was there the whole time and checked up on me a couple of times to see how I was going and when I would be finished. I said about lunch time.
I had cleaned up and was finishing up loading my gear into my truck and the daughter said would I stay for lunch – she had made some pasta.

I said I could as I had nothing planned for the afternoon.

She said I gather you planned to have the afternoon with my mother again.
I said I wouldn’t have minded – we realy enjoyed what we had between us.

She said is it serious.

I said I didn't think so – not on my part anyhow – maybe your mother may like me to come back occasionally to check up on things. I certainly enjoyed the time I had with her and was so happy she had enjoyed our time together.

After coffee she said before you go could I have a look at a switch on a radio she had in her bedroom and I said sure.

We went up to her room – I led the way and when we got there she shut the door behind us and I realised she was bare breasted – she had removed her shirt on the way up and when I just stood there looking at her and was about to say what the hell was going on when she said if its good enough for my mother its got to be good enough for me and the age difference is nowhere near as great – I cant be more than a few years younger than you and whats more I bet I am a better fuck than my mother.

She said now lets get this straight I want you to fuck me like you fucked my mother – thats all she could talk about after you left yesterday, I would like to see for myself, and I am sure you wouldnt mind doing a comparison. After all not many guys get to fuck mother AND daughter.

I said shit what sort of a family is this.

She said well it seems I was making up for my mothers innocence and it seems she has caught up and I wouldn’t mind finding out how.

As she was talking to me she was removing the rest of her clothing and she said what are you waiting for, come on get it off and lets get into it.

She was absolutely beautiful standing there naked apart from her socks. She had the best body on a girl I had seen for a while. Beautiful breasts firm with a lovely uplift and beautiful areola and nipples on the tip. Her pubic hair was cut back to a strip and had been manicured recently as there was no stubble. Her ass and legs were just perfect. The sight of her had me hard in a second even though I was fully clothed.
I undressed and as I did she came to me and took my cock in her hand and felt it and said now thats one great cock, I saw it yesterday but it was soft and flaccid. Now its in it finest hour, I am going to enjoy that. Without a word she just bobbed down and began to suck it and I could not believe how good it felt. I had shown her mother how to do it but she needed no training she had her hand around it stroking me as she sucked gently and rimmed the tip with her tongue. She was extremely capable.

I said fucking hell – you certainly know what you are doing. She said I had a good trainer – he used to live next door and was married and he seduced me about three years ago and turned me into a nymphomaniac, I could not get enough of him. In the end she found out what we were doing and they left virtually overnight. Everybody thought they had done a midnight flit to avoid debt collectors, but I knew why – she caught me sucking him off naked and full of his cum. He was the one to get me onto the pill to save me from getting pregnant.

Dont worry I could probably teach my mother a trick or two – now lets see how good you are.
Within a minute she was on the bed ready for me to fuck her. My cock was still wet from her mouth. I didnt hesitate and went straight into her. As I did she said thats better, I needed this. Then she just lay back and relaxed and said lets see how long we can last – normally I am pretty quick but I think I can make you happy.

Just the way she responded to me fucking her turned me on – she really knew how to fuck and make it good not only for her but for me too. Her cunt was warm and wet and as I fucked her I could feel the walls of her cunt firmly surrounding my cock and making my fucking of her realy great. I though her mother was firm but she wasn’t as tight as Susie, her daughter.

She really knew how to fuck and I said whoever he was taught you well. She said I am well aware of that, a few guys have commented on my abilities. Mike – thats the guy next door was amazing and I always thought he had been a porn star – he could keep me going for hours and I would cum time and time again.
He was amazing and there was not one time I ever regretted letting him fuck me.

We fucked together for the best part of an hour. I came three times and she came about 4 or 5 times.

After it was all over and we showered together she said I enjoyed that – but don’t come back for more – my mother may like it but I want someone young and prepared to give me a good time and spend money on me – you don’t fit the bill. I just wanted to see what mom got out of it. You pass but only just.

I thought selfish bitch but said nothing.

There was no way I could have kept up to her so I said thanks for the opportunity. I may see you around if your mom wants anything else fixed.

I did go back at moms request - and all she wanted was sex - she made no bones about it when I got there she said straight into the bedroom - thats all I want - and if its not good enough send me a bill. If I had done so I know how it would have been paid. I spent many hours turning her light on as she called it and I still go up there at least once often twice a month.

The daughter has moved out thank heavens so the two of us can do what we please any time we like.

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This is the best sex story thaatI have ever read

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Believe it or not - I am fucking a mother and daughter in similar circumstances - the daughter has no idea I am fucking her rmother but her mother know I am fucking the daughter and is determined to be better than her daughter. I love it.
Mum is 45 daughter 22 and I am 30. Dad is nowhere to be seen.

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