Here's part 2. I'm almost done with part 3. Again this series contains dark and extreme bi pedo action so if you're not into that stuff don't ready. For those of you do enjoy. Also I know the first story was all guys but I promise this one is actually bi. It involves a female hooker who joins in the fun.
Gas Station Rape

Chapter 2: Sammy Gets an Oil Change.

Tom couldn’t believe what was happening. First he helped a complete stranger rape his precious eight year old son, then he pissed all over his boy and made him lick it all up, and now he was standing naked in a roadside gas station about to have gay sex with a man he didn’t know and who outweighed him by at least two hundred pounds. Before he had been an average albeit well to do man. A good father and husband living with his family in a small town thirty minutes outside of the bustling metropolis where he worked. He went to PTA meetings, went to all of his kid’s sports events, and had a somewhat more than healthy sex life with his wife. How his life had taken on this sudden and perverse turn he would never know. He just knew he could never go back.

Trixie pulled into the station and parked out back. She didn’t want her car being seen from the road just in case things went bad. Knowing Josh and Bigs they were up to something a little more illegal than simple prostitution. Not that she cared. She liked to think she was up for anything. She would just rather not get caught.
Trixie was the best whore in the county. Or so Josh thought anyway. She had long, curly, red hair, a face that said 16 instead of 24, and curvaceous body toped off with a wide bubble ass and DD size tits. She was known for her propensity for a wind range of kinky fetishes.
Trixie tried the front door but it was locked so she knocked. After a couple of seconds Josh answered, “Thank god you’re here,” he grinned, “It’s a sausage fest in here. Everyone’s having fun but me!”
Josh grabbed her by the hand and yanked her inside. The sight that greeted her instantly got her juices flowing. While Josh mauled her all over and ripped every scrap of scant clothing she had on off Trixie watched as Bigs slid his sizable cock up the incredibly tight ass off a man she didn’t know.
Tom grit his teeth in pain as the fat man behind him fucked his anus and jerked him off at the same time. When Bigs had first started to push his shit in Tom didn’t think he could take the big cock into his virgin ass. But he did and was starting to like it as his rim widened to accommodate the slab of meat that was raping him. He start to massage his cheeks up and down Bigs’ pole working it further into his rectum. Bigs responded by increasing his speed and began to pump Tom’s ass hard and fast until he came with a loud grunt and pulled out. Both men collapsed on the floor and looked up at the site of Trixie flush with arousal, watching them as she worked her clit with two fingers. Josh was behind her groping her all over. He had managed to get her completely nude by now and was help himself to her supple flesh.
“Well hey Trix!” Bigs waved.
Trix smiled and stopped masturbating for a bit. Josh kept mauling her from behind.
“Hey Bigs, Watcha guys up to,” she grinned like she already knew.
Bigs grinned back, “This ‘ere is Tom. He just dropped in a while ago and we’ve been showing the finer points of perversion. Josh was getting sick of all this fag stuff so I suggested that he give you a call.”
“Well I appreciate that Bigs. I can always use the business and you guys are always a hoot. So Tom how long you been gay?”
“Ha ha. Wasn’t till I came in here!” Tom laughed and grinned.
“Really!” Trixie gaped. “You just walked in here and decided you was gay? Bigs you must have some tricks up you’re sleeve. “
Bigs smiled, “It wasn’t just me. I think Tom here has had a perverted streak in’im for a long time. I just gave him an excuse to let it out.”
Trixie frowned, “Excuse?”
Bigs nodded, “Yah there’s something else we should show ya Trix. Before we get started that is. We don’t want ya to do anything you’re not willin to do….legal wise ya know.”
Trixie grinned, “I knew it! You guys always got something illegal goin on. Well what are we doing this time? A new drug? Bestiallity? You guys got somebody tied up somewhere? I remember that guy we tortured last time. He turned didn’t he? Found he liked it and you still got him on hand as a slave right Bigs?”
Bigs laughed, “Yah he’s still here in town and we have once in a while. But no Trix, yer just gonna havta see this yerself. I don’t want to ruin it by telling ya.”
They led Trix back to to the bathroom. Bigs gripped the handle, winked at Trix and slid the door open. Biggs grinned, Tom gasped and his hand went to his cock, and josh giggled at the sight of little Sammy naked, on his hands and knees lapping at the floor with his tongue. The biggest reaction though was from Trixie. Her mouth dropped open as she stared in disbelief at the sight before her. She took a step back, slipped and fell bare assed onto the floor in astonishment. She had half expected that the illegal stuff would involve a person, but a little kid was a shock even to her.
Bigs and Josh laughed and helped Trixie back to her feet. Tom just stood staring at his boy and kept rubbing his cock.
“Told’ya ya had to see it to get the full effect,” laughed Bigs.
“B-but it’s a kid, Bigs! A kid! I don’t know! This is far out there even for you guys. He-he’s just a little guy. Who’s is he?”
Bigs grinned, “That’s the beauty of it Trixie. The kid belongs to Tom.”
“To Tom!! You mean he’s letting you do this to his own kid and he only met you today?!”
Bigs laughed, “Yep! Tom here’s a real perverted bastard. He caught me doing his boy in the bathroom and what did he do? He just pulled out his cock and said ‘keep it goin’! Haha! Didn’tya Tom?”
Tom just nodded as he stared at his little boy.
Trixie just shook her head in disbelief, but her eye’s were still glued to the sight of the tiny boy ‘cleaning’ the floor. She was starting to get wet just looking. Her hand began to unconsciously finger her clit as she watched the pitiful thing.
“He-he’s just so-so small. And n-n-naked, and a kid, and naked, and small, and……” Her words trailed off as she gave in and walked into the bathroom and gathered Sammy up in her arms. She held him tenderly in her arms as he burst into tears against her shoulders. She felt him all over, rubbing his soft skin, playing with his tiny cock and balls. Finally she sliped a finger around his but cheek and inserted it in his ass. Sammy tensed up and his weeping turned into shrieking sobs as he felt himself getting violated in a new place that he didn‘t like. She looked at the men and grinned.
“You haven’t fucked him here yet?”
Bigs shook his head, “Not yet. But I think it’s time we rectified that.”
Trixie’s grin was evil, “Then let’s get to it boys!” She heaved the sobbing boy to the men like he was a piece of meat thrown to wolves.
Bigs caught him and they carried the wretched child to the garage side of the store. Bigs straddled the boy onto a low sawhorse with his tiny cock and balls laid out on the board behind him.
“Tom grab some of that engine grease over there and lube you’re boy up real good.”
Tom dipped him finger in a can of black grease and inserted it into his son’s asshole. Sammy screamed at the sudden intrusion into his bum. He wriggled and kicked trying to get away but the men held him to tight.
Trixie straddled the other end of the sawhorse so the she faced Sammy, “Josh will you please fuck my ass? I want Sammy and I to be violated together. Don’t feel like you have to be gentle.”
Josh eagerly stepped up behind the hooker and slammed his hard cock into her anus. He proceeded to pump her as hard as he could while spanking her cheeks till they were red and raw. Trixie moaned and squealed the whole time while she looked into Sammy’s face.
Meanwhile Tom had opened Sammy’s sphincter as far as much as he could with the engine grease. Biggs pushed Tom out of the way and stepped up behind the eight year old. Sammy trembled as Biggs placed the purple head of his cock at the little boy’s now gaping hole. He started to press into the small opening with his thick rod as the boy screamed in protest. Ignore the boy’s plea’s Biggs thrust three inches of his cock into the oil slicked hole. Sammy squealed and kicked as his ass felt like it was on fire but his dad held him down. Biggs started to pump his cock back and forth raping the eight year old rectum. Blood flowed as he ripped into the boy stretching him further and further open. Trixie came over and over as she watched Sammy’s pain riddled, tear streaked face bob in time to the ass pumping he was getting. Sliding forward a little as Josh pounded her ass Trixie leaned forward and brought her lips to Sammy’s. She kissed him passionately, sliding her tongue into his mouth as they were both fucked.
Tom let go of Sammy as he realized that the boy was too broken to fight anymore. He stood back and masturbated to the sight of his son’s rape.
Suddenly Biggs grunted as he came and filled the boy with cum. Pulling out he motioned Tom over to take a turn.
Sammy looked back to see his father looking at him hungrily while aiming his paternal cock at Sammy’s already abused hole, “No Daddy! No! Please!”
Toms cock twitched at his son’s plea’s, “I’m sorry son I can’t help mySELF!”
On the last sylable Tom thrust his meat into his little boys ass easily sliding in the hole torn open by Biggs. Sammy started to whimper and cry again as his father stroked his insides. Trixie leaned forward and started to kiss the young boy as she came for the eighth time.
After another five minutes of fucking both Tom and Josh came at the same time filling their respective sluts with yet more cum. After they were done Trixie slid off the bench and pulled Sammy to the floor where she held him tenderly to her. Sammy just clung to her and wept. She smoothed back his hair and ran her hand over his private parts.
“What a dirty boy you are!” She exclaimed, “I’m going to have to clean you up!”
Saying this she flipped Sammy around so she could get at his cum and blood soaked ass. Holding his legs around her neck she dove her tongue into his defiled rectum and sucked the juices out. After a bit she wrapped her own legs around his head.
“Time for you to return the favor Sammy Boy. Lick the juices out of my pussy right now.”
To tired to fight her Sammy began to lap at her cunt. Trixie squealed as the eight year old tongue clean her up. The men all stood around and jacked off their pricks at the sight. Before it was over Trixie and Sammy were cleaning even more cum off of each other’s bodies as the men sprayed them with white cock juice.
When they were finally finished Trixie took Sammy back into the store to get his clothes and to try to clean him up some. After dressing the men discussed what they were going to do next.
Biggs leaned back in his chair as he looked at Tom, “Well bud , what do you think you’ll do now?”
Tom shrugged, “I’m not sure. I’d like to keep this up but I have a wife and daughter at home. It’s not going to be easy to hide keeping my son as a slave from them.”
Biggs looked thoughtful, “Do you think you could get them to join in with it?”
Tom shook his head, “No idea Biggs. This is completely new to me. I can’t imagine how they’ll react. I might be able to convince my wife. She’s always been very dominant in bed. Sometimes almost cruel. I think I might be able to get aroused and then hand him to her.”
Josh nodded, “The way I see it your wife is the only one we need to convince. What about you’re daughter? She pretty? Since you’ve already done the boy might as well break your daughter as well.”
Tom considered, “Well Julie’s fourteen now. She’s really cute and something of an early bloomer physically. It’ll probably, actually be a lot of fun to break her.”
“If you need any help we be happy to assist,” Biggs offered, “Even if your wife doesn’t agree we can always break her to or maybe just help you keep her clueless.”
Tom nodded, “I’ll see boys thanks. Will just have to wait till we get home to find out.”
At that time Trixie led the broken and defeated boy into the room and gave him to his dad, “He’s such a little sweet heart. I’d love to play with him again sometime. I won’t even charge you.”
Tom nodded and smiled, “We’ll have to get you two together sometime. So you really seem to like’em young Trixie.”
“Yeah Trixie,” Josh agreed, “I never knew you were a pedo.”
Trixie grinned at the boys, “Neither did I ‘till today. I guess it was a line I just never crossed before.” She leaned over and gave Josh a sultry kiss, “Thank you for introducing my to that side hun. I geuss I’ll only charge ya half this time.”
Josh grinned as he counted out her money, “Anytime Trix. Glad I could show you something new for once.
After that everyone said their goodbye’s and Tom bundled his son into the truck and Trixie took off in her car.
On the drive home Sammy just sat in his seat and silently wept. Tom ignored him and thought about how he was going to explain all this to his wife.

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