When Cory Anderson ran into her neighbors boat after a party, she didn't realise what it was going to cost to fix the damage
Phil was sitting on his porch having a whiskey and water checking out his new helmet-cam
video recorder when he saw Cory Anderson's car coming down the street. Phil always took
note when he saw her car, because he always liked to get a look at the girl. He'd been watching
her since her family moved into the house next door 1 1/2 years before.

At that time she had been 14. And even then she had been a stunner. And as she grew older, she
only got prettier. Now, at 16, she was absolutely gorgeous: red hair, green eyes, 5' 6" tall, 125
lbs, with really nice firm "B" cup tits that she didn't like to stuff into a bra and skin that was pale,
smooth and flawless. She could turn any male head, and some female. And the most attractive
thing about her was, she didn't have a clue just how gorgeous she was or the effect she had on

At first Phil satisfied himself with the quick looks he could get at Cory as she came and went
from her house. He was always subtle about it, so he wouldn't draw attention to himself, but he
always managed to get a good look at her. And that served to fuel a fantasy later as he jacked
off to an mental picture of Cory.

That lasted for a year, until one day Phil was up in his attic looking for something. He was
mumbling and moving boxes around when he happened to glance out the small louvered attic
window that was on the Anderson's side of his house. The Anderson's attic had a window
directly across from his and it also happened to give a great view into the attic bedroom that was
there. He took in the decor of the room and after a few moments decided it might be Cory's room.

Noone was in the room at the time but Phil noticed the blinds were only halfway drawn. and had
a great view of the bed. If it was Cory's room he thought, he might get a good look at her.

Phil decided to come back up during the evening to see what he could see. He brought a chair
and a small table. He also brought up his spotting scope tripod and a pair of low power field
glasses. He fastened the field glasses to the tripod, then focused them on her room. He adjusted
the focus until he had a great view of her bed, then he went down and finished his afternoon
chores. Later that night, around 8:00 PM he climbed into the attic and settled into the
chair to watch her window.

Cory came into her room at a little after 9:00 PM. Phil held his breath as she walked to the
window parted the blinds and glanced out. A moment later he breathed a sigh as she walked
back to her bed, leaving the blinds the way they were. Cory began to strip and Phil focused the
glasses on her. First she pulled her tight top up and off and Phil got his first look at her firm, teen

He pressed his eyes to the field glasses and his mouth watered at the thought of sucking on her
small erasure hard nipples, as well as licking and fondling her firm globes. A moment later she
hooked her thumbs into the band of her skirt, pulled it down to her ankles and kicked it off. Phil
was rubbing the hard lump of his cock through his pants as his eyes fastened on the slight bulge
of her mound and her white cotton panties.

As she hooked her thumbs into the band of her panties, he held his breath, then let it out slowly
as she pulled her panties down her legs and kicked them off. Phil smiled as he saw the fine red
pubic hair covering her pussy. A moment later she pulled on a large t-shirt. She climbed onto the
bed and lay back on a pillow and started to read a magazine. Phil was ecstatic at the view he had.
The foot of her bed was toward the window, so if she parted them, he had a great view between
her legs.

Phil kept hoping she would part them so he could get a good look at her pussy. To his delight, a
few minutes later her legs parted and he watched as her hand slipped down and her fingers slid
between the lips of her pussy. He couldn't believe his luck. She was masturbating! Fingering
her tight pussy and he could see the whole thing!

Phil pulled his cock out and slowly jacked off as he watched Cory finger herself. He would stop
from time to time to keep from cumming, then resume a slow stroke on his cock as he watched
her masturbate. Five minutes after she started fingering herself, Cory had dropped the magazine
and had hand both hands between her legs and all her fingers were busy rubbing her pussy.

Phil saw her hips push up, saw her fingers rubbing furiously at her cunt and knew she was
cumming. He increased his speed and then groaned as his cock throbbed and cum squirted out
onto his hand.

Phil went up every night and watched her. Most of the time she would just get undressed, pull on
her t-shirt, get into bed, read for a bit then go to sleep. But once or twice a week, Cory would
masturbate and Phil saw almost everyone.

By the night he saw her coming down the street, Phil had been watching her, fantasizing about
her and jacking off while watching her for half a year. He was 51, divorced with two grown kids,
so he knew there wasn't any way he would ever get to fuck her, but that didn't stop him from
thinking, and dreaming about it.

As the car came down the street Phil noticed she was going slower then she usually did. Also that
she was weaving all over the road. On impulse, he pulled the head band of the helmet cam onto
his head, turned on the camera and started recording as she drove down the street.

Phil had his 24' cabin cruiser on it's trailer parked on the street in front of his house. He had been
out fishing most of the day and was going to clean and return it to the storage area the next day.

Phil was surprised as he saw Cory try to turn into her driveway, miss and run into the Laurel bush
that edged the drive. He kept the camera focused on her as she backed up, and his jaw dropped as
she backed right into his boat, mashing his 6 horsepower kicker motor into the transom, crushing
the motor and bashing a hole in the transom.

The car sat still for a moment then pulled forward, this time managing to make the turn into the
driveway. Phil jumped off the porch and ran over to the car a it stopped an inch or so from going
through the garage door. He stood next to the drivers door waiting until it finally opened and
Cory climbed slowly out.

"You know you just hit my boat don't you?" He ask as Cory stood up.

Before she could answer, her body swayed and she fell back against the car, then forward finally
stopping with both arms draped over the top of the car door.

"Di I hit yur boat?" She slurred out,"I'm sorry."

Phil leaned forward and sniffed. The overpowering smell of alcohol and marijuana hit his nose.

"You're wasted!" He said in surprise.

"Doan tell my parenss." She said placing her finger to her lips,"They'll kill me...wait...they're
not home....goodie!"

"What do you mean they're not home?" Phil ask,"Where are they?"

Cory looked at him bleary eyed and said in an almost unintelligible slur,"They're....they're gone
to the oshun fer a week."

Phil took her arm and supported her as he walked her to the door of her house, saying,"Come on,
I'll help you inside. You're totally blasted."

When they got to the door Phil said,"Give me your key."

Cory looked up from where she was leaning against his chest, giggled and said,"You're not
gunna try to take advantage of me are ya?"

Phil felt his cock stir as the thought of what she had just said sunk in.

‘Hell she's probably drunk enough she wouldn't remember if I did!' He thought looking down at

Out loud he said,"Of course not! Now give me your key so I can help you into the house."

Cory had her keys in her hand and held them out to Phil. After several tries he found the key for
the door and opened it. He held her up with one arm as they entered, then he swung the door shut
behind them.

When they got to the livingroom, Phil pulled Cory's coat off and threw it over a chair. When he
turned back to her, she fell forward and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I'm really wasted." She mumbled, then began to slip toward the floor.

Phil caught her and realized she had passed out. He sighed and carried her down the hall, up the
stairs to her attic bedroom. He laid Cory on the bed and stood looking at her.

‘I could fuck her right now and she'd never know.' He thought, then thought,'you can't do that!
It's rape. If she ever realized it was you she'd have your ass in jail before you knew it.'

Phil stood there for a few moments, then reached up to scratch his head. His hand touched the
band holding his helmet cam. He realized he had been recording everything since Cory had drove
down the street.

He looked down at Cory and thought, ‘Just one....just one picture of her juicy little snatch and
firm titties. Just one.'

He pulled off her sandals and dropped them on the floor. He reached down and gently
unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then worked them down off her hips, down her legs and
pulled them off. He dropped those on top of her sandals.

When he looked down at her his cock grew even more rigid as he saw her panties. They were a
pale blue lace. He could see the curls of her public hair through the see through lace.

He began to slowly work her top up until both her firm tits popped out. They were just the way
he had seen them dozens of times: her nipples were small but stood up, her areolas were pale
brown and about the size of a half dollar and the rest of her breasts were pale, smooth and looked
very firm. He worked her top off her arms, pulled it over her head and tossed it onto her jeans
and sandals.

Phil licked his lips, hooked his thumbs into the band of her lace panties and began to work them
off her hips. Soon they to joined the pile of clothes on the floor.

Phil stood admiring Cory's young trim form. She was so much sexier now that he was so close.
He stared at her for a long time, then slowly reached out until his fingertips touched her mound.
He let his thumb move down until it slipped between the warm moist lips of her pussy.

He felt the bump of her clit and slowly rubbed it. Her body responded even though she was
passed out and Phil could feel the moisture of her pussy increase. After a short time he let his
thumb slip downward until he found her entrance, then slowly pushed it into her wet hole. He
began to slowly thumb fuck her. After a moment or two he pushed her legs apart and leaned
down so the helmet cam could catch the action of his thumb.

As he watched his thumb slide in and out of her tight hole, felt the pressure of her pussy around
his digit, felt the wet slipperiness of her, he knew he wasn't going to stop. He had gone to
far to stop. As he thumb fucked her he reached down and undid his belt, unzipped his pants and
dropped them to his ankles.

He pulled her towards him, until her ass was right at the edge of the bed. He pulled her legs
up, rested them on his shoulders, leaned forward and put the head of his hard leaking cock
against her glistening slit. Slowly, so he could savor every second, he pushed into her, groaning
as he felt her tight tunnel grip his cock, until his balls were tight against her firm teen ass. He
couldn't believe how good her tight warm, slippery pussy felt as it sheathed his cock. He left it
buried full length inside her, leaned down and began to suck on her nipples, first one then the

He fondled one as he sucked the other, then switched. He sucked, licked and fondled her for a
long time, then began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Even though he wanted to make it last,
it didn't take him long to reach a climax. He groaned as his cock throbbed, pouring squirt after
squirt of cum into her young cunt.

When his cock throbbed the last, he leaned back so he could focus the helmet cam on it and
slowly pulled his cum covered cock out of her hole. As the head plopped out he leaned down
and got a great shot of cum dribbling from between the swollen lips of her pussy and dribbling
down the crack of firm little ass..

Phil got one more good shot of her tits, her cum leaking pussy and her smooth legs, then turned
off the camera. He went to the bathroom and found a wash cloth. He wetted it, returned to her
room and wiped as much cum from her pussy and ass as he could. When he was done he went to
her dresser and searched the drawers until he found a nighty. He got it on her, tucked her into the
bed and let himself out the door.

As soon as he was home he down loaded the video and watched it. The shots of Cory running
into his boat were clear and showed the entire incident. The rest of it was just as clear, and before
it was done, Phil's cock was again hard. All he could think about was how good it felt to be in
Cory's tight pussy. He thought about going back to her house, but realized he had locked the door
behind him when he left.

He finally went to bed, but woke early the next morning. The first thought in his head was Cory's
tight, wet pussy. As he ate breakfast he began to think about ways to again get between her soft

Cory woke that afternoon with a horrendous hangover. As she sat up in the bed holding her head
she became aware of the nighty she had on.

"Damn,"She mumbled to herself, "I must have been totally wasted. I don't remember getting here
or getting into bed."

She slowly climbed out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She took a couple of Tylenol
to ease her headache, then stripped and climbed into the shower. She stood under the water for a
long time, and by the time she climbed out, was feeling a little better. She laid back down and
dosed for the rest of the morning, feeling better and better each time she woke.

Phil waited until late afternoon before he walked over and knocked on her door. Cory finally
answered the door and looked like she very hung over.

"That must of been quite the party you were at." Phil said,"You were pretty blasted when you got

"I wasn't at party." Cory lied, startled by her neighbors comment,"And I wasn't drunk when I got
home. What makes you think I was?"

"Well,"Phil replied calmly,""You ran into my boat on the street, then almost fell out of the car."

"How do you know it was me that hit your boat?" Cory ask, a note of panic starting to creep into
her voice.

"Because I have it all here on video." Phil replied holding up a cd.

"You couldn't have....I wasn't...." Cory began, then tears filled her eyes as she realized
she was caught and said,"Please don't tell my parents! Please?"

"Well," Phil said,"We have to do something about my boat. There's quite a bit of damage. Do
you have insurance?"

"I....I can't file a claim.'s my parents policy and if I file one they'll know about it. And I
don't have the cash to pay you. Isn't there some other way to settle this?" She ask.

"Well,"Phil said, a smile creasing his lips," You don't look well. You must have really partied
last night. I tell you what, since your parents aren't home we don't have to settle this right this
minute. Take a nap, get feeling better then come over to my place later and we can talk about it,
Ok? I'm sure we can find some way to keep your parents out of this."

Cory nodded her head, which caused it to throb. She was glad Phil was being so nice.

"Ok. I'll do that." She said,"I'll see you later this evening."

Phil smiled and headed for his house as Cory shut the door. Cory took several more Tylenol, laid
down on her bed and instantly fell back to asleep. She woke three hours later, feeling a lot better.
She got up and went to the kitchen. She was feeling hungry, but wasn't sure she could eat quite
yet, so she drank a 7UP.

By 7:00 that evening Cory was feeling almost normal. She had drank several glasses of 7UP, and
had even managed to eat some crackers and cheese. She glanced at the clock and figured she had
better go talk to her neighbor.

She knocked on the door and Phil opened it a few seconds later.

"Please," He said with a grin,"Come in."

She followed him to the livingroom and sat down on the couch. He sat down on the opposite end.

She waited for a few moments then said,"I'm really sorry about your boat. I looked at as I came
over here. I did mess it up pretty good, didn't I?"

"Yes, yes you did." Phil replied.

"Aw, like I said, I don't want my parents to know. So can I pay for it in installments? A little at a
time? I'll pay for all the repairs." Cory said.

"You could do that."Phil said, then took a deep breath and said,"But how are you going to fix
your car? The bumper is mashed in. Your parents will be sure to see it."

Cory looked shocked and tears began to trickle down her cheeks as she said,"It is? I didn't even
think about that! I haven't got the money to fix it!"

Phil slid over and put his arm around her shoulders and said,"Relax. I think I have a way to get
everything fixed and your parents will never know."

"Really?" Cory said looking up with tear filled eyes,"How?"

"Well, I can have my boat fixed. I have some spare cash and friend who does fiberglassing. Your
car is a little bit more of a problem. But I have a buddy who does body work and I think we can
make a deal with him to fix it."Phil replied, pulling her closer,"But all of us will need to be
reimbursed for our work."

"I will!" Cory replied,"I'll pay you back. It will just take some time for me to earn the money."

"I didn't mean pay with money." Phil said.

"What else can I give you?" Cory replied puzzled.

"You are a very sexy girl." Phil said,"And I haven't had a woman in a long time...."

It finally dawned on Cory what Phil was hinting at.

For a moment she sat gaping at him, then she jumped up sputtering,"You want me want
to...I can't do that!!"

"Fine." Phil replied, a harsh tone edging his voice,"But think about this. You have two choices.
You can have sex with me and we'll take care of this problem between us, or if you chose not to,
I'll turn the video over to your parents and the police."

" can't do that! You can't ask me for''s gross! I'll tell my parents
that you did!" Cory sputtered.

"Ok, fine." Phil replied,"Tell them. But when I show them the tape, they're going to figure you
only said that to keep from getting into trouble. And the police might believe you..and they might

Cory stared at Phil, then tears began to fill her eyes.

"You can't tell my parents! Or the police! Please? I'll be in so much trouble!" She said through a

"All you have to do is what I ask." Phil replied,"It won't hurt you. You might like it. Who
know's, you might even have fun. Compare that to telling your parents and the police. Have you
ever had sex before?" Phil ask.

"Ye....yes." Cory replied through a soft sob," boyfriend and I have done it a couple of

"So did you like it?" Phil ask.

Cory didn't answer for a long moment, then she slowly nodded her head.

"See?" Phil chuckled,"So do you want to do that, or face your parents and the police after they've
seen the video?"

Cory's mind reeled. She didn't know what to do. She felt trapped. She was trapped. She had to
decide, have sex or try to explain the video to her parents. After a few moments she knew she
didn't want to face her parents, or the police. That left only one alternative.

"O...ok." She said in a low defeated whisper ,"I'll....I'll do it."

Phil stood up, his cock already bulging in his pants at the thought of again fucking this sweet,
sexy girl. He took her hand, pulled her to her feet and lead her through the house to his bedroom.
He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her around in front of him.

"Kick off your shoes."He told her.

Cory stood still for a moment, then tears trickled down her cheeks as she said,"Please, I don't
want to! Can't I find another way to pay you back? Please!"

"I'm sorry, but this is the payback I want." Phil replied with a grin,"I haven't had a woman in a
long time and I need some pussy. Do you know I've watched you since you moved in next door?
I've dreamed about fucking you? Do you know that? Of course you don't, but it's true. I've
watched you walk around with those short little skirts on and no bra, wondering what it would be
like to suck on your firm little titties, fuck your tight little pussy. And now that I've got the
chance to, I'm not going to let it slip past. Do you think I'd pass up the chance to fuck one of the
sexist girls I've ever seen? Not hardly!"

Cory was stunned. People had always told her she was pretty, and cute and some even said sexy,
but she never really believed it. Now here was her neighbor telling her he had been watching her
for years and that he thought she was one of the sexist girls he'd ever seen. Cory became aware
of a funny pressure in her tummy and a tingle between her legs. It felt much like what happened
when she and her boyfriend made out and had sex. As if from a distance, Cory felt herself kick
off first one, then the other shoe.

Phil reached forward and took hold of the snap on her jeans. With a twist of his fingers he
unsnapped it, then slowly pulled the zipper down. He hooked his thumbs into the band and
slowly worked them down over her hips until they fell to her ankles.

"Step out of them." He said in a husky whisper.

As if in a trance, Cory pulled one foot out of her jeans, placed it on the floor then pulled out the
other. Phil licked his lips as his eyes focused on the black lace panties she had on. He hooked his
fingers into the hem of her tight t-shirt and slowly pulled it up.

"Raise your arms." He said.

She raised her arms as he continued to pull it up, until finally both firm globes of her breasts
popped out. Phil pulled her shirt up off her arms and threw it to the floor, never taking his eyes
from the sight of her the globes of her firm, smooth tits in front of him.

He leaned forward and sucked one erect nipple into his mouth. This brought a gasp of surprise
from Cory. Her boyfriend had fondled her breasts before, but he was always rough and she
had never felt anything like the sensation coursing through her as Phil's mouth engulfed her

Phil sucked and licked first one then the other of her eraser hard nipples. Cory stood perfectly
still, in shock at how good what he was doing felt. As he sucked her nipples Phil worked his
finger under the crotch of her panties and slipped it between the moist lips of her warm, tight
snatch. As his fingertip touched her clit Cory groaned and her hips involuntarily hunch forward.

Phil grinned around her nipple as he felt her reaction. He began to gently rub her clit, which
brought a series of moans for Cory. He continued for a few minutes rubbing her clit and sucking
her nipples, then pulled his finger away, hooked his thumbs into her panty band and pulled them
to her ankles.

He stood, moved her to the bedside, then gently pushed her back onto the bed. She lay with her
legs off the edge. Phil dropped to his knees, then pulled one of her legs over each shoulder.

Cory lay still wondering what he was going to do. Phil used his thumbs and gently spread her
labia, then leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue tip from the bottom of her slit to the top.

As Cory felt his tongue touch her, she jumped, then as he licked upward and the incredible
sensation intensified, she groaned and involuntarily raised her hips towards his probing tongue.

Phil found her clit and gently sucked it into his mouth. He began to suck on it and lash it with his
tongue. As he did Cory groaned and Phil felt her hips push upward even harder towards his
questing tongue. He slipped two fingers into her tight tunnel and began to slide them in and out
as he licked her.

Cory was submerged in totally new, intense and fantastically pleasurable feelings. Having sex
with her boyfriend had been pleasant, but she had never felt anything like this. She could feel the
pleasure getting more and more intense, until she was sure it couldn't feel any better, then as a
huge climax thundered through her body, she tensed, groaned, then grabbed the back of Phil's
head and pulled his face tight against her pulsing sex.

Phil was taken by surprise as he felt her hands grab the back of his head, but a moment later as
he felt her pussy begin to pulse, he realized what was happening. He rammed his fingers as far
into her tight hole as he could, curled them and began to rub her G spot as he sucked hard on her

Cory was in the throes of a monster climax as she felt him shove his fingers farther into her, felt
him begin to suck harder at her clit. As he sucked at her clit and rubbed her G spot, another
even stronger climax shot through her body like a bolt of electricity.

Her body stiffened even farther and a high pitched keen came from her lips. She began to twitch
and shake, then she let out a short sharp scream and fell limp as every thing went black.

Phil slowly pulled his fingers out of her slippery hole when he felt her go limp and realized she
wasn't moving. He looked up at her face and it took him a moment to understand what happened.

"Damn!" He said in awe,"She passed out!"

A moment later Cory stirred, her eyes opened and she looked at Phil with a blank look.

That lasted only a moment or two, then her eyes grew wide as she whispered,"Wh....what
happened to me?"

"You climaxed that's what!" Phil chuckled,"I've never seen anyone pass out when they climaxed
before! I told you, you might enjoy it.. Apparently you did. But now..."

Phil stood and dropped his pants to the floor, he stepped out of them, then pulled his boxers
down and kicked them off. He stepped forward holding his hard cock in one hand. He put Cory's
legs over his shoulders and placed the head of his cock against her tight hole.

"....It's my turn." He said as he pushed the head of his cock between the glistening lips of her

Cory was in a warm state of after glow as she felt Phil's cock slide into her pussy. She closed her
eyes and let the sensations fill her. As he began to fuck her, as his cock slid in and out of her,
Cory could feel the building pressure of another climax. As it grew she began to moan.

Then she heard Phil's whispered voice,"Oh God that feels so fucking good! You have such a nice
tight pussy! You're such a great fuck.....oh shit....I'm gunna cum.......of it....comes!"

Cory felt the wonderful sensation of his cock throbbing inside her. As it did she groaned for it
triggered another huge climax for her. A few moments later as his cock twitch it's last, Phil lay
still, his cock buried balls deep in her pussy.

"Wha.....what did you do to me?" Cory croaked, stunned by the feelings that had just assailed her

"You my sweet, sexy little girl, have just been well and truly fucked." Phil said with a grin as he
slowly pulled his deflating cock out of her.

As he looked down at her pussy, cum dripping down her ass onto the bed, it hit him that she
could get pregnant.

"Shit!" He said.

"What?" Cory ask wondering what he was cussing about.

"Are you on the pill?" Phil ask.

"The pill?" Cory replied puzzled.

Phil felt his stomach churn at her reply.

‘She doesn't even know what that means!' He thought.

"Birth control!" He grated,"Are you on birth control!"

"Oh!" Cory replied as her eyes grew wide,"That! Yes, I am. I got a shot from family planning
when my boyfriend and I decided to start doing it."

Phil sighed and relaxed.

"Come on." He said,"Let's shower and clean up."

He pulled her up off the bed, took her hand and lead her to the bathroom. He turned on the
shower, adjusted the temperature, then stepped in.

He looked back at Cory and said,"Come on."

She slowly climbed in with him. She had never bathed with anyone, so it seemed strange to be in
a shower with another person. Phil grabbed the soap and began to lather her, starting at her neck.
He lathered her arms, then switched to her breasts. He washed each in turn, slowly, gently,
rubbing her nipples between his fingers as he did.

Cory could feel the pressure inside her return as his fingers rolled her nipples. She leaned back,
closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling.

Phil stopped soaping her and said,"Turn around, put your hands on the wall and spread you legs."

Cory looked at him puzzled, wondering what he was going to do.

"Go on," He said with a half smile, "I haven't hurt you yet have I?"

Cory turned and put her hands against the wall, then spread her legs shoulder wide. She felt his
hands slide down her back, then cup her ass cheeks. She felt his fingers probe between them,
then gasp as she felt his fingertips rubbing her rectum. For an instant she was appalled, then as
his fingertips probed and rubbed her rosebud, she groaned as the pleasurable intense feelings of it
filled her.

She felt his fingers slide downward, to her crotch. Again she groaned as he gently rubbed her
labia, then her clit. He took his time washing her pussy with slow strokes of his hand. From
time to time he would allow his fingers to slide up inside her, which brought a moan of pleasure
from her.

As he fingered her tight cunt with one hand and fondled one breast with the other, he leaned
forward and put his lips to her ear and whispered, "Does it feel good sugar pussy? Do you like
my fingers siding up into your tight little cunt? Like the feel of my hand squeezing your tit? Tell
me you like it....tell me.....tell me...tell me..." He chanted the last hypnotically.

Cory closed her eyes and floated on a sea of sensation. His hands and voice gently pushing her
closer and closer to a climax. Finally it crested. Her stomach tensed, her pussy pulsed and she
quivered as the waves of pleasure washed through her body.

And through the whole thing, faintly, as if from a distance, she heard his voice urging her on,
adding to her climax as he whispered,"That's it sugar pussy cum for me....cum for daddy. You
like it when you cum for me...that's it....squeeze my fingers with that wonderful tight
pussy....cum for me baby....cum for me....."

Finally, her climax came to an end and she slumped against the shower wall, weak and spent.

Phil grinned, and pulled her gently out of the shower. He toweled her dry, then picked her up and
carried her back top his bed.

"You''re not going to fuck me again are you?" She whispered in a small, tired voice,"I
don't think I can...please....let's rest....just a little."

Phil put her onto the bed, climbed in beside her and pulled the blanket over both of them.

"Sleep a little,"He said, stroking her hair,"Then we'll get to the rest of it."

Cory didn't pay much attention to anything other then the word sleep. She was still feeling
the effects of the hangover she had and was totally exhausted from the sexual work out Phil had
put her through. She managed to keep her eyes open for a moment or two, a thought or two
running through her mind about it being a weird night, then before she could think about where
she was, or what she had done, she was sound asleep.

Cory didn't wake until the next morning. And when she did finally swim up out of the deep sleep
she was in, it was to the delicious feeling of someone fingering her pussy. She lay still, cocooned
in that time between sleep and waking, resisted coming completely awake, not wanting to know
if it was real or a dream.

She could feel a climax building inside her as the fingers in her pussy made it blossom. She felt
them pull out, and groaned in protest, then felt a body move between her legs. She finally opened
her eyes to see Phil's grinning face above her just as he pushed forward and shoved his cock full
length into her tight hole.

"Well good morning sugar pussy." He said as he pushed her legs up until her knees touched her

He began to fuck her with long slow strokes and her eyes grew large as the feeling of his cock
rubbing her G spot pushed her closer to a climax. She closed her eyes and relaxed, sinking back
into a half dazed state of sexual bliss.

It seemed like he fucked her for hours, and as he did her climax grew, and grew until she gasped,
her pussy clamped down on the hard shaft inside her and she came.

When Phil felt her pussy milking his cock, he began to hammer into her, wanting to cum too. A
short time later he groaned, stuffed his hard rod deep into her slippery, warm cunt as his cock
throbbed filing her with spunk. Phil rolled off and stretched out beside her.

Finally awake, the full impact of what had transpired since last night hit Cory. She couldn't
believe what she had done, couldn't believe she had sex with a guy as old as Phil. And really
couldn't believe how good it had been. Her mind, like an animal in a trap, dashed from one
thought to another, until finally, like an anchor, it clamped onto the statement Phil had made
about her having sex with him.

"So," She began, her voice almost breaking from the fear and confusion she was feeling
,"That....that was what you wanted from me, the sex right? So....we're done?"

Phil chuckled and replied,"Oh no girl! We're just starting! I figure we have the rest of the week
before your parents get home. And I plan on using all that time to have you as many times as I

Cory lay still absorbing what he had just said, a war going on in her mind. Part of her was
disgusted that she had fucked and old man and wanted to jump up and get the hell out of there.
Another part, the part that had enjoyed it, was demanding more. The conflicting thoughts were
pulling her back and forth. The part that wanted to run made what had happened feel dirty and
cheap, the part that wanted more made it feel like it was natural, fun and made her remember
how good it felt when he fucked her.

She was finally shaken out of her inner war by Phil saying,"Are you hungry? Go shower and in
the meantime I'll fix us some breakfast."

He climbed off the bed, took hold of her hand and pulled her to her feet. He lead her to the
bathroom and said,"Towels are in the closet there. Anything else you need it's in one of those

Cory turned on the shower and climbed in under the cascading water. She stood with the water
pouring over her, her mind still locked in a silent war. The water finally started to turn cold,
which jolted her. She turned it off, climbed out and slowly toweled herself dry.

She walked slowly back to the bedroom and found her clothes lying on th floor. She got dressed
and made her way downstairs.

She walked into the kitchen and Phil nodded at the table and said,"Sit."

Cory sat down and Phil placed a plate in front of her with a omelet and buttered toast saying with
a grin,"Eat. You're going to need your strength!"


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When I was 45, the girl next door used to come over and use my pool. I would stare at her from my bedroom as I masturbated. She would wear smaller and smaller bikinis and soon she would not tie them tight and then eventually she would tan topless. I found out she knew I was watching. By the fall she had seduced me and we fucked for the next four year until she went to college.

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The story is well-told, but I can't help wishing that Cory will eventually find a way to make Phil stop blackmailing her into being his mistress. Does she know anyone in the police department?

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Piece of shit guy

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Great story. Part two??

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