My second story, and a sequel to my first story: Jordan and I.
We were sitting in his basement, playing Super Street Fighter II on his old-school Super Nintendo. I was fighting as Ken, the only character I'm good with, and he was fighting as Blanka. We were doing a five-out-of-seven wager; whoever lost, had to blow the other and swallow his load. Jordan was a good opponent, using a character he was familiar with. Fortunately, and a little unfortunate I thought, I was better with Ken.

It was the final match. We were both completely naked, sitting on his couch, boners at the ready. It had been three years since our first fuck, and it had just continued from there. We fucked at least four times a week, finding different places to do it; once, in a fit of passion, we fucked in the bathroom at school. He rode me like I was a rodeo horse in the stall, and I had to stuff his underwear in his mouth to keep his cries and moans from reaching outside ears. But, that's a different story for a different time.

In addition to being taller, our cocks had grown and were different. His had shot up like a cornstalk, going from two and a half inches to a solid five and a half with a nice amount of girth; when he ass-fucked me, I could feel every glorious inch (and half-inch!). My cock was slightly longer than seven inches, nice and fat. I loved being fucked nearly as much as I loved fucking him; my true passion lied in sucking his cock, though. I loved going ass-to-mouth, and I swallowed every drop of his cum that I could. He loved it when I came in his ass. Sometimes, I would suck the cum from his ass, then snowball him with it.

I looked over at him with a grin as I saw Blanka hit the ground, defeated from my final Shoryuken. I had won, he had to suck me off, and he had to swallow every drop. He smiled at me, his eyes glancing down at my hard cock. I stood up, and stretched, making sure to extend my pelvis as far out as I could. I took a deep breath as I watched him drop in front of me. He took a hand and slid it around the shaft and slid it all the way down, clutching at my hilt. He stuck his tongue out, licking the head very gently.

I could feel my body starting to shiver from anticipation. Jordan gave wonderful head. He gently caressed the head with his tongue, giving every individual part of my cock attention, sometimes even sticking his tongue right in my piss-slit, which drove me wild. I'd often had fantasies of us fucking and pissing all over each other, but had never mentioned it. I didn't want to freak him out, which was odd, considering some of the stuff we did.

He was beating my cock against his tongue, knowing that it drove me crazy. He slid it over his cheek, his tongue darting out to tease the shaft. I couldn't take it anymore. I gripped the side of his head and slid my dick over his face again. He opened his mouth and I slid my cock all the way in; I heard him gag on it, but he liked it. And I loved it. My balls were resting on his chin, and his tongue was slipping and sliding around every inch they could reach. His hands slid up the back of my legs, eventually gripping my ass. He squeezed my cheeks as I started to fuck his face, my nuts slapping on his chin.

Saliva was spilling out of his mouth, splattering on the floor of his basement, soaking his chin and the top of his chest. It slid down his chest, coating one of his nipples in it. One of his hands slipped away from my cheek and started to rub his nipple, moving it up to his face, letting the saliva cover his finger. I knew what he was going to do. My body shook in anticipation and I felt my orgasm starting to grow in my balls.

His finger didn't even bother to circle around my asshole. He slammed it right in and I gritted my teeth to keep from howling. He fingered back and forth and I couldn't take it anymore. "Get ready to swallow!" I slammed my cock all the way into his throat, holding his head, hearing him gag on it. His finger slammed all the way into my ass and I fired my load.

I watched my seed spill out of his mouth, splattering across his chest. He started swallowing what he could, and I pulled out of his mouth; he was still coughing and sputtering, his face red. He pulled his finger out of my ass and I collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. Cum was all over the floor, all over his chest, and he was wiping what he could onto his finger and licking it off, trying to honor our wager. I leaned back and closed my eyes as I felt him sit next to me. "All right, we're going again; best three-out-of-five this time!"

I opened one eye and glanced at him. "You're on." I grabbed my controller, selected Ken, and wondered if I should just throw the matches so I could get the manchowder I so desperately wanted. In truth, I loved sucking his cock. I had jacked off to it when I couldn't actually do it; I loved every bit of it. I loved the taste of his dick in my mouth, the way his pubic hair smelled, how his cum felt when it slid down my throat; it was like being in heaven. His cock was nearly perfect, and it would only get better from here, when I thought it couldn't. Remember, readers, we still have four years left unexplored.

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i know they will get better

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i know they will get better


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