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Mr Eddings, a history teacher, finds himself in a sexual tryst with one of his pupils, Meghan. This is my first story here; I hope you like it.
A few years ago, I taught history at King HIgh. It was a dull job; the principal had me on a choke chain, but there was one mitigating factor to that job, and it was Meghan, who had my fourth-period American History class. Meghan was fifteen, with the best body I had ever seen. She had glossy blonde hair that went just down to her shoulders. Her ass was round and pert, and her tits looked wonderful, especially when she wore tight T-shirts. Her skin was taut and smooth, and her body was athletic. She often wore tight, skinny jeans that emphasised that wonderful ass, as well as her calves. When no-one else was looking, I would stare at that tight little ass and those perfect tits from my desk. I imagined what it would be like to fuck her raw, or to lick all over that supple little body.

One lucky day, my dreams came true. After a long, tedious school day, Meghan walked over to my desk with a spring in her step. I knew that Meghan was probably going to ask me about the assignment I'd given her, or something similar, but I fantasised about much more interesting things. Running my tongue over her nipples, sucking them, fucking her tight little ass, fucking her young pussy, fondling that perfect body . . .
'Mr Eddings? I need to talk to you for a second. It's, um, kind of personal,' she said, leaning over my desk. I tried in vain to stop staring at her cleavage. That shirt she had on was incredibly low-cut, and I can't say that I didn't enjoy the view I had.
'Sure, that's fine,' I said, smiling.
'Um, it's..well, I think that this will sound really stupid, but I kind of, like, want to ask you something.'
'There's no such thing as a dumb question. Go ahead.'
'Um, I really like you a lot.'
'Really? Well, I like you, too. Like everyone else I teach,' I said, trying to hide my glee.
'No, I, um, LIKE you. As in, think you're really cute, like you. As in "want to sleep with you" like you.'
'Well, now, that would get both of us in trouble,' I said.
'Not if nobody catches us,' she said. Meghan reached for my tie and fiddled with it, running the silk through her fingers.
'Good point,' I said.
'Um, where should we, like, do this kind of stuff? It'd be cool to do it in here, but I don't know if we'd get caught or not.'
'Let's go somewhere where we're not going to be walked in on. There's a supply room right next to my room.' Meghan and I walked out of my room, and I opened the supply room. It was fairly large, and there was more than enough room for Meghan and me to enjoy ourselves.
I gently guided Meghan to stand back to the wall, and I started rubbing my hands over her tits. I could feel her nipples harden underneath her thin, tight t-shirt.
'Oh, that feels good,' she said.
'I haven't even gotten started, Meghan,' I murmured, kissing her neck and running my fingers through her blond hair. 'Why don't you take off that shirt?' She lifted her shirt off slowly, teasing me as she did it. Up and down, up and down, until she finally revealed her red push-up bra, decorated with little hearts. Those tits looked absolutely divine--even more than they did with the shirt on. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants.
'You have such perfect tits. I haven't seen ones like that in a very, very long time.'
'Well, you get to see mine now. Want to unhook my bra so you can actually SEE them?'
'Well, of course I do.' The bra was a front-hooking bra, so all I had to do was reach and pull the clasp open. Those breasts were utterly perfect. Young, firm, supple--they felt so wonderful in my hand. I took her left breast and made little circles around her nipple with my thumb. She sighed in ecstasy. I then took it and sucked it. This wasn't enough, though. Not at all. This was merely foreplay.
Meghan lay down on the table. I ran my hands up and down her jeans-clad legs, then started unbuttoning them.
'Now, you see, the fun's about to start.' I pulled my own pants and underwear down.
'Wow, you've got a really nice cock,' said Meghan. 'Just like I imagined.'
I could hesitate no longer, as fun as the foreplay was. I thrust myself into that tight young pussy. It was the best feeling I had had in quite some time. This was no loose, stretched-out cunt; this one was wonderfully tight, like a clamp. While I was in her, I started fondling her pert ass. It was just as round and firm as I'd thought it would be.
'Oh, fuck,' I said. 'This is great.'
'I know,' she said, dragging out the word 'know' in an adorable, youthful way. 'It's so much better than when I last had sex.'
'Mm, you've had sex before? I'd thought so; you're obviously experienced, and who WOULDN'T want to have sex with you?'
'Yeah. With my, um, boyfriend. A few other people, too.'
'Mm, tell me about them? I'd like to know how much you've done before.'
'I kind of made out and, like, slept with a girl I met at a party. It was kind of hot.'
'I imagine it was.' I suddenly had lurid images in my head of Meghan kissing an equally sexy nubile girl passionately, then sticking her fingers into her sweet hot pussy. 'I wish I could have seen it.'
'Me, too. I think you would've liked it.'
'Absolutely,' I said. I idly stuck my finger into her tight asshole. Nice and ripe, I thought.
'Ooh, that feels great. Can you, um, actually fuck me up there? I've never tried it before.'
'Of course. I've always wanted to stick my cock in that great little ass of yours.' She changed her position on the table, so that that ripe, taut, bubble butt was directly in front of me. I started fucking it. So tight, I thought. Perfect grip. I could do this for the rest of my life if I could, I thought. I started running my hands over her hard little clit and her wet, warm pussy. I definitely wasn't the only one enjoying this.
I could feel myself about to ejaculate. 'I'm going to come,' I said.
'Come on me,' said Meghan. 'I love it when guys do that.' I shot my load right on Meghan's lovely belly. I heard her sigh with pleasure.
'We should do this some other time,' she said, smiling.
'Oh, yes. Absolutely.'

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2010-07-10 01:24:31
not bad. could have been a little longer. and a little more decriptive

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