Amanda's turn
Amanda is a 16 year old blonde, blue eyed happy go lucky girl. She is athletic,
wears a B cup and has long muscular legs that match her 5'6" frame. Guys check her
out at school all the time. Amanda's best friend at school is Jackie who hangs around
with some other girls that Amanda doesn't really know very well. Their names are Cindy,
Patty, and Becky. All of them are in junior high school except for Cindy who is 17 years
old and is in high school. They all play sports so they have similar bodies. Cindy, being
older, is more developed and has bigger tits but otherwise more or less the same frame
as the rest of them. Jackie, Patty, and Becky are all 16 and play sports with Amanda.
Jackie and Cindy are blondes while Patty and Becky are brunettes.

One day after a soccer game, Jackie was talking to Amanda, Patty, and Becky. She asked them
if they wanted to have a sleep-over at her house this weekend. They all looked at each other
smiling. Becky said it sounded like fun and to count on her. Patty said she would go. Amanda
said she would check with her mom but was sure she could join them since Jackie and her are best
friends. The other 3 girls looked at each other and smiled even more. During the week Amanda
confirmed to Jackie that she could go so the sleep-over was planned for Saturday and they could
all go to Jackie's after Saturday afternoon's soccer game.

Jackie could remember sleeping with Amanda at a sleep-over when they were younger. She never
told Amanda she liked the feel of her body against hers because she didn't want her to think she
was weird. Now she couldn't wait to get in bed with her. The only thing was that Cindy always
got first crack at the new recruits since she was the one that had started the "lez club". Cindy
was really the only one that was strictly a lesbian though. The others still liked to go out with
boys. It is just that they have acquired a taste for pussy since being seduced.

Saturday came around. The girls won their game and were all hugging after the game. Jackie gave
Amanda a bigger hug than usual and her pussy was already wet in anticipation. Jackie's mom drove
them all to her house. The girls all went to Jackie's room and put their bags away. Jackie's mom
was ordering pizza for them. Jackie said there were 2 bathrooms in the house and that they needed
to take showers before eating. Becky looked at Patty saying "let's go shower in the other room" and
they walked out. Amanda looked at Jackie and laughed. "Are they going to shower together"? "Yea
probably. No big deal. Just like showering together in the locker room except they will share the
same shower now. Come on we should do the same so we can hurry". "No go ahead. I'll wait". Jackie
took a quick shower then Amanda took her shower. Jackie could wait because she knew what was going
to happen tonight. They all went downstairs and Jackie's mom brought out the pizzas and sodas.

As they sat down to eat the doorbell rang. Jackie got up to get it and opened the door. "Oh hi
Cindy. Come on in and join us. we just sat down to eat. Hey everybody - Cindy is spending the night
also". Everyone said hi. When they finished eating they watched a scary movie. When it was over
Jackie's mom said it was time for bed so they all went to Jackie's room. Everyone knew what to expect
except Amanda. "As you can see there are 2 beds and one mattress. We will draw cards to see who gets
the beds and who gets the mattress. I automatically get my bed and will share with one of you. The
girls with the high cards get the beds and whoever draws the low card sleeps alone on the mattress."
"I can sleep on the mattress" Amanda said, "No we will do this like we always do at sleep-overs"
Jackie said.

"Ok everyone take a card and show it". Cindy showed an ace, Amanda a king, Becky a queen, and Patty
had a jack. "Ok - Cindy and Amanda got the 2 highest cards so they will share that bed over there.
Becky you share my bed with me and Patty you get the mattress over there. Good night everybody. See
you in the morning". Cindy went over to the bed. Amanda was still standing there. "Come on Amanda"
said Cindy. Amanda went with Cindy to the bed. "I hope you are ok with this. We always share beds
and pair up by choosing cards like we did". "It's ok". Cindy got in bed and Amanda followed. Amanda
laid head first opposite of Cindy so her feet were even with Cindy's head. Amanda lay there for a
good while. She later looked up and it appeared Cindy had fallen asleep so she tried to do the same.

Just as she closed her eyes she felt something on her leg and noticed Cindy's hand had come to rest
on her thigh. Amanda tried to move away but the bed was too small. She tried to move up a bit but
it only made Cindy's hand slide down her leg. She moved back down a little and Cindy's hand rode up
her leg more. This made Amanda fidget a bit as she felt her pussy start to tingle. She didn't know why.
As she tried to move Cindy's hand fell between her legs. Amanda froze. Cindy smiled and every time she
felt Amanda move around she would purposely ride her hand up her legs toward her pussy. Amanda was
fidgeting more now as the tingle in her pussy grew and she felt her pussy getting wet like when she
masturbated. She purposely moved now so that Cindy's hand would come in contact with her pussy. Again
Cindy smiled inside and let her hand move around Amanda's pussy each time Amanda moved. Soon she
heard Amanda moaning and knew she was going to cum. Amanda pressed her legs against Cindy's hand as her orgasm hit her.

As she was winding down from that incredible orgasm, she felt a hand slip inside her shorts which
startled her. She popped up on the bed and saw Cindy looking at her with a smile. Cindy turned
around and came over to face Amanda. "Did you like that? I want to give you even more pleasure so
lay back down and enjoy it". Cindy kissed Amanda lightly on the lips and pushed her back down.
Cindy kissed Amanda on the lips lightly again. "Take your clothes off Amanda". Still in shock Amanda
took her top off and then her shorts. Cindy kissed Amanda again a little harder. She kissed her way
down her neck and chest. She sucked on one of Amanda's tits while massaging the other. Amanda was
leaking pussy juice all over the bed. Cindy then sucked on the other tit as she rode her other hand
up and down Amanda's legs. Amanda spread her legs a bit as she felt Cindy kiss her way down her
belly toward her wet pussy.

As Cindy got to her pussy, Amanda arched up toward her mouth. Cindy immediately bit her clit and
Amanda started to cum again as Cindy began to lick her pussy. Amanda spread her legs and closed
her eyes. Cindy stuck a finger in Amanda's pussy then a second and a third as she finger-fucked
her while all the time licking her clitty. Amanda was thrashing her head back and forth moaning as
she began to cum for a third time tonight. As she opened her eyes she suddenly saw the other girls
standing around the bed with smiles on their faces. Jackie then leaned down and kissed Amanda
passionately on the lips as Becky attacked her pussy. Jackie drove her tongue in her mouth and Amanda
responded as she arched up at Becky's mouth. Cindy and Patty started to lick Amanda's tits as she came
for a 4th time. Jackie broke their kiss and looking at her said "welcome to the club". "You all planned
this"? "Do you wish we hadn't"? "Hell no. I've never come so many times in a row ever".

Jackie walked to her dresser and came back saying "we aren't finished yet". Amanda then saw Jackie
putting on some kind of belt and as she turned around she saw it had a huge dick on the end. "Oh my God".
"Spread 'em baby, I am going to give you the fuck of your life". As Amanda spread her legs Jackie climbed
up on the bed between them and put the head of the cock at the entrance to her pussy. Then she shoved
forward as she slowly drove the cock into her. Once she had it all in she started to fuck Amanda. As Jackie
got a good rhythm going, Amanda arched up to meet her thrusts. Patty leaned down and kissed Amanda on
the mouth driving her tongue in. As they passionately kissed and Jackie kept the fucking going, Cindy attacked
Amanda's tits. Becky went back to Jackie's dresser and came back with a vibrator. She turned the vibrator on
and placed it against Amanda's clit. Amanda's pussy shot up. Only Becky's mouth on hers kept her from yelling
out as another orgasm hit her.

As Jackie pulled the cock out of Amanda's pussy, Patty got up on the bed and straddled Amanda's legs. She
began to grind her pussy against hers seeking to make sure she grinded their clits together. Amanda barel had
time to come down from her last orgasm when she began to moan again. "Eat me Amanda". Jackie then sat on
Amanda's face as her friend began to eat her pussy. Patty worked her way toward an orgasm grinding hard against
Amanda's clit. As she started to moan Cindy planted her lips on Patty's mouth and drove her tongue in. Becky, not
to be left out, stood in front of Jackie and placed her pussy to her mouth. As Cindy heard all the girls moaning toward an
orgasm she broke her kiss with Patty for a moment. She grabbed the

vibrator and drove it into her cunt returning her lips to Patty's. Patty grabbed Amanda's leg and lifted it
as she ground herself harder against her clit. She began to cum. Amanda felt Patty's juices and began to cum also
making her bite on Jackie's clit which made her start to cum. Jackie in turn bit on Becky's clit which made her cum.
Cindy heard all the moaning going on and running the vibrator across her clit came also.

All the girls fell on the bed against each other. They all laughed and drifted off to sleep with arms and legs entwined around each other.

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