A young family learns the joys of intimate family love.
Family Love Boat
Friday, December 18, 2009

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Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Family Love Boat

Ryan and Christie Miller leaned back in their seats in the cockpit of the Endeavor 42. Ryan leaned over and kissed his beautiful blond wife. Both Ryan and Christie looked like they should have been California surfers. Both were lean, sun bleached blonds with deep blue eyes.

Hanna their 12 year old daughter sat on the opposite side of the cockpit leaning back against the cabin reading US magazine so that she could catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. When she looked up, Hannah saw her parents kissing. She pushed her sunglasses up in to her long blond hair and rolled her deep blue eyes. Are you two…like…going to do IT right here? She asked in a somewhat snotty way.

Ryan momentarily broke the kiss and turned and smiled at her and said, maybe…did you want to get your camera?

Ewwwwwwwww!!!! Hannah replied

Zach stood behind the 4’ high stainless steel ships wheel. He got a huge grin on his very cute 14 year old face as he said, Cool…Go Dad! Zach looked at his parents. They looked very young compared to his friends parents. He wondered what it would be like if they actually did IT right here. Suddenly his 14 year old penis was on the rise.

Ryan leaned back into the seat smiling. I told you guys that this would be an awesome trip and I also told you that a boat doesn’t offer much privacy. Among other things we have a limited amount of fresh water and we have to use it very carefully. We will be bathing in front of each other taking very quick showers. We will use just enough water to get wet and then a very quick rinse. And we will do that two or three people at a time to save even more water.

While Hannah appeared outwardly shocked, she was visualizing taking a shower naked with her brother and Dad. Hannah really wanted a close look at their naked bodies.

Ryan looked off the stern of the boat and began to point. Look West Palm Beach is beginning to fade out of sight. You’d better take a quick look it will be the last dry land you see for a while. After just a few minutes, West Palm Beach vanished from the horizon. All they could see was the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean in all directions.

As they sailed, Ryan pulled out the fishing poles and began to troll as they sailed through the Gulf Stream, a river of warm water that runs through the Atlantic. As Ryan put the second fishing pole in the rod holder, Zach cleared his throat.

Zach had been thinking about what his Dad said earlier…
Ummmm…Dad…umm…would you and Mom really…umm…like…you know…do IT…ummm…in front of us? Zach asked his Dad very hesitantly.

Suddenly another higher pitched male voice was heard from. Do what in front of us???? Noah asked as he and Emily climbed back into the cockpit. They had been riding up on the bow of the boat leaning back against the cabin and watching the cloud formations.

Ummm….oh nothing…, Zach said with some frustration at being interrupted.

Ryan put his hands out and pulled his 11 year old son into a hug. He told Zach, Ryan wants to know if your mother and I will be making love in front of you guys on this trip.

Both Ryan and Hannah looked shocked that their Dad would say that to their little brother. They didn’t think he knew anything about sex.

Noah looked at his Dad very seriously for a Moment and said, I think that would be cool.

Ryan hugged the beautiful tow head boy and looked into his deep blue eyes and said. It might happen.

Noah looked at his Dad. He was much less shocked than his older siblings. Umm…Dad…do you and Mom make love a lot.

Yes we do…as often as possible…it is how we show each other our love. Ryan explained to Noah as Emily sat next to her Dad.

Daddy how does it get hard…you know so you can put it in Mom. Emily asked.

Ryan glanced at the two older kids and saw that they were terribly embarrassed by the discussion. While the conversation embarrassed Zach, he definitely had a serious erection.

That’s a good question Emily. There are lots of sexy things that make a guy get hard. Just talking about sex can make guys get hard. Ryan casually reached down and felt the front of Noah’s swim trunks and felt the hard bulge. Noah has one right now and he nodded over toward Zach who was behind the wheel steering and said that Zach has an erection too.

Both boys turned beet red. Suddenly Hannah sat up but tried not to look too interested.

It is a very normal thing and it happens to young guys all the time. Ryan explained to Emily.

Ryan was thankful for the night a few weeks ago when he and Christie talked to the 11 year old twins about sexual development, Ryan could tell that Emily was fascinated by all things sexual. He wasn’t surprised when she continued to ask questions.

Ummm…Daddy…ummm when it gets hard…ummm…what does it look like? I have seen Noah naked…but you know…never hard.

There was an audible gasp from Noah.

Ummmm….Dad…I…um…never…you know...with Emily. Noah said as he turned a deeper shade of red. He was sure he was going to get in trouble for letting his sister see his penis.

Ryan stopped and hugged Noah tight to himself. Buddy if you weren’t curious about all of this stuff I would be worried about you. Playing “show and tell” is normal for kids.

It is? Noah asked in amazement.

Yup…every boy and girl is curious about what each other are like sexually. I told Zach and Hanna earlier that there are 6 of us and we will be living in very close quarters. You will no doubt see each other and your Mom and me naked when we all shower…that is unless you would like to see each other sooner.

Emily looked at her Daddy and hugged him tight around the neck. Yes please Daddy.

Ryan kissed Noah’s cheek and asked him if he was cool with stripping naked in front of his brother and sisters.

Noah nodded shyly.

Ryan slipped his fingers in Noah’s swimsuit and slipped it off. Noah stood there stark naked in front of the family. His small boy boner was magnificent. It was milk white and might be 4 inches. The uncut boyhood had a beautiful deep pink glans that flared out. It throbbed with each beat of his heart.

Daddy can I touch his thingy? Emily asked.

Em…first you need to get naked too. You don’t want to ask Noah to do anything that you are not willing to do. Her father told her as he stroked her shoulder.

Emily tried to stand up but the boat was heeling over as the wind velocity increased. Ryan helped her stand between his legs. As soon as she was stable, Emily grabbed the shoulder straps of her one piece swim suit and stripped it off. Ryan had not seen Emily naked for a while and was delighted to see that she had developed beautiful breast nubbins. Her labia lips were more prominent too. Emily was showing no signs of pubic hair. She was becoming a beautiful young lady.

Daddy…now can I touch Noah, Emily asked her father.

That is up to Noah. Son is it okay with you? Ryan asked his naked tow head son.

Ummmm…Dad…can I…you know…touch Em? Noah asked his Daddy.

Ryan watched the shell shocked look on Zach and Hannah’s faces. Hannah sat up and leaned forward so that she could get a good look at her 11 year old brother’s naked body. Christine sat up and put her arm around her beautiful 12 year old daughter. Christine and Ryan had talked about having this conversation with the kids. She knew that all of this would come as a shock to the gorgeous and very modest 12 year old.

Noah…I think you need to ask Emily. Ryan told the beautiful naked boy.

Before Noah could even ask, Emily nodded yes. She reached out and caressed Noah’s scrotum and throbbing boyhood.

Noah reached out and ran his fingers over his sister budding breasts. His hand went down and caressed her labia. Ryan lightly caressed the hips of the beautiful blond children that stood naked between his legs. They hit a wave and the nude children were thrown into each other’s arms.

Emily looked alarmed and quickly asked; Noah can’t get me pregnant touching me with his thing like that can he?

Her Dad tenderly hugged her beautiful naked body against him and said no he can’t. I guess that I have more explaining to do. Noah’s body is just beginning to develop sexually. During the next year, both your body and Noah’s body will begin to change dramatically. You beautiful breast nubbins and your more prominent labia lips are examples of those changes, he said as he lightly stroked the beautiful lips of her labia. He shifted his attention to Noah. Ryan began to explain that Noah’s penis had grown over the last year. If you look carefully at the base of his penis you will see the first few sandy brown pubic hairs that are a sure sign of his development. During the next year, Noah’s testicles will descend.

Emily looked puzzled and asked what that meant.

Well the testicles produce the seed or semen. They need to stay at a temperature of 98.6 degrees to produce the best seed. When a boy’s body is warm they will hang low so that they stay cooler. When he is cold they will draw up close to his body to stay warm. They also draw up close to the body when he is ready to squirt his seed.

Noah’s penis will get larger and so will you breasts.

Ryan reached over and turned on the autopilot. He waved Zach over and told him to sit with them. Zach blushed as he moved around the wheel. His swim shorts were tented obscenely.

Noah noticed and said, Wow! Then Noah saw the wet stain on the front of Zach’s red swim trunks. Ummm…Zach…dude…you are huge and wet.

Zach gave his brother a cross look and was going to say something mean to Noah until his Dad held his hand up for Zach to stop.

Noah it is normal for teenage boys to get very hard when people are talking about sex or they see someone naked. If you are nice to Zack, he might show you his hard penis.

Zach looked stunned. It was one thing for the “little kids” to get naked…but Zach was a teen…

Ummmm…Dad…do you mean get naked in front of Mom and everyone?

Ryan grinned at his sexy oldest son. Yup…I know that your mother has seen an erect penis at least 3 times. As he said that he pointed at Zach, then Hannah and then he pointed at the twins. I don’t think she will be shocked to see an erect penis.

It was clear that Zach was terribly embarrassed. He stood before his little brother and sister and put his thumbs in the waist band of his swim trunks. He had to pull the waist band out in front to get it to clear his 5 ½” rock hard member.

As the trunks slipped down Zach’s legs all Noah could say was: Wow! That is huge…it is so cool. God Zach how big is it. Noah could hardly contain his excitement at seeing his big brother naked.

Emily could not take her eyes off of her brother Zach’s sexy body and his erect boyhood.

For as frustrated as Zach was with Noah a few minutes ago he could not help smiling at his 11 year old brother and rub his back telling him that he would be this big pretty soon.

Ryan could see that Hannah was trying to peer around her big brother’s body to get a good look at his hard on. Hannah had heard her friend Jenny tell her about how she played with her boyfriend’s penis. Hannah wanted to see what all of the fuss was about, but she also didn’t want to look too interested.

Ryan told Zach that he thought Hannah would like to see his penis too.

Before Zach could respond, Hannah said, ummmm…no…uh…that’s okay…ummm.

Zach loved his Dad and he would do anything that he asked him to do. With only a Moment’s hesitation Zach turned and faced his sister.

Hannah could not help herself. God it is amazing, she said. Are they all that big? She asked her Dad.

Ryan had to acknowledge that Zach’s member was pretty impressive. Not only was it 5 ½”, but it was very thick. The head of his circumcised penis flared out and was deep red in color. There was also almost a continuous strand of precum leaking from the tip of Zach’s boyhood.

Ryan told Hannah that Ryan has an impressive erection for a 14 year old guy. He also produced a lot of precum. Ryan reached out and captured some of the leaking clear fluid with his index finger. He invited Noah and Emily to touch it.

See how slippery it feels. He told them. Some guys only produce a few drops. Zach produces a lot. It will help provide lubrication during intercourse.

Daddy…how does intercourse work…I don’t understand. Emily told her father.

Great question Em! Her Dad told her. He looked at Hannah and told her it was her turn.

Hannah looked back with a pleading look. Her Dad just looked at her and gave her a gentle smile of encouragement.

Hannah slipped off a t-shirt and revealed a hot pink string bikini trimmed in day glow yellow. It was terribly sexy. She gave her father a look that said don’t you dare make a comment.

Ryan glanced at Christie and found that her mother had an eyebrow up with a smirk that said I told you so. Ryan said nothing.

Noah who missed nothing saw that the crotch of the hot pink bikini was wet. He looked at his Dad and asked if girls have precum too.

Once again Ryan held his hand up to stop a mortified comment from Hannah. Not exactly precum, but when girls become sexually excited they can also secrete a lubricant during lovemaking.

Christie saw that Hannah was upset. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. She told her beautiful blond 12 year old as she looked deep in Hannah’s amazing blue eyes.

Hannah hesitated a few moments as everyone waited for her response. Hanna shrugged her shoulder and reached her right hand behind her top to find the release. As she did the bright pink top fell to the deck revealing beautiful breasts that were beginning to develop some curves.

Zach looked at his 12 year old sister in amazement. The flow of his precum increased. He looked at Hannah and told her she was hot.

She looked back at 14 year old Zach with a complete look of amazement. Do you really think so? She asked him shyly.

Zach took hold of his rock hard member and smiled. Hannah you can’t fake a rock hard boner…I don’t think I have ever been this hard.

Precisely at that moment they hit a calm spot and the boat went from being heeled over by the force of the wind to snapping perfectly up right. Zach lost his balance and fell forward toward Hannah. Zach caught himself by grabbing the seat on either side of Hannah. While Zach did not crash into his sister, his nose was about two inches away from her left nipple.

Zach yelped…oh shit…and as he found himself inches from Hannah’s sexy breasts…wow…those are even hotter close up. Zach laugh as he held himself inches from his sister’s chest. I guess I just needed a closer look.

Zach had never been this sweet to her. Hannah did not know what came over her but she kissed Zach tenderly on the cheek and thanked him.

Zach blushed. He drew back where he could look into Hannah’s amazing blue eyes. Zach wasn’t sure why, but he felt a powerful rush of emotions about his sister. It was confusing. Without thinking about it, Zach leaned down and kissed Hannah on the lips. He then quickly stood up.

Hannah stayed stock still trying to absorb her feelings about the kiss. When Zach stood up she was looking down and saw his sexy boy feet on either side of her bare feet. She didn’t realize just how close he was until she quickly looked up and her cute button nose almost grazed his scrotum. Her eyes were inches from his throbbing boyhood.

Wow…it is even bigger than I thought it was… She looked up at her big brother. His naked boyhood inches from her face and his boy scent were having their impact. She looked at Zach with a look that could only be described as lustful.

Everyone watched as Hannah slowly traced down Zach’s erection with two fingers until they reach the top of his scrotum. Zach gasped and Hannah pulled back her fingers as if she had touched something hot.

Zach reached down and pulled her hand back up to his sex. It’s okay…it ummm…just felt…so good. He told her.

Hannah wrapped her hand around Zach’s throbbing member. Hannah thought that Zach was one of the sexiest boys she had ever seen. His face was so handsome and his smile was killer. Right now she concentrated on the magnificent penis she held in her hand. She slid her hand softly up and down his erection. She looked at him and said, it is slippery. It is very sexy to…you know…to touch you.

Is yours…ummm…slippery…you know…like mine? He asked his half naked sister.

She nodded yes and reluctantly released his throbbing boyhood. Zach held his breath as he watched Hannah reach for the ties on either side of the bikini bottom. In seconds the small triangle of material was removed and he had his first view of a girl’s sex. Her legs were spread. He dropped to his knees in front of Hannah. Zach could see her inner lips and her throbbing clitoris. Zach rested his hands on the tops of Hannah’s thighs. Hannah spread her legs wider. The twins were leaning over Zach’s back to get a good look.

Hannah looked as Zach and asked him, ummm….would you like to…you know…touch it?

Zack looked up at her with a look that could only be described as awe. You mean it…like now…

She nodded.

Cool…more than anything I want to touch it. Zach’s fingers tentatively explored his sister’s sexual treasurers. Hannah leaned back and spread her sex wide open for her older brother’s exploration.

His finger found her ultra sensitive clit and she gasped at his touch. He looked at her and she smiled.

As Zach prepared to probe her sex with his index finger, he heard her father ask Hannah if her hymen was still intact.

She nodded yes in a sleepy fashion as she became completely lost in Zach’s exploration of her sex.

Zach felt his Dad’s hands on his shoulders and listened as his dad told him to be gentle in his exploration and to expect to find her hymen about half way into her vagina. Moments later Zach nodded that he had found it. He gently explored it and was filled with questions.

Noah was in awe. What is it like he asked?

Zach reached around and pulled Noah around in front of him. Zach was sitting back with his hips resting on his heels. He set Noah’s naked bottom down on the top of his left thigh. It was the perfect seat that left the naked 11 year old at eye level with his 12 year old sister’s sex.

Zach took Noah’s index finger and helped him explore Hannah sacred place. Noah looked first at Hannah and then at Zach. He was speechless. He looked at Hannah and asked her what they hy…thingy was all about.

Hannah ran her fingers through Noah’s shaggy windblown blond hair and lightly caressed his face. She told him that if it is missing it usually means that the girl is not a virgin.

Noah looked puzzled.

You know…it means she has had sex with a boy.

Noah still looked puzzled.

His Dad tried to help. Noah when a girl is penetrated for the first time by a guy the hymen stretches or tears. That is when a girl loses her virginity.

Noah nodded. Dad does Hannah have eggs yet?

Yes she does.

Can I see one? Noah asked.

The fishing pole suddenly bent over and the line started to sing as it ran out. Ryan grabbed the fishing pole and began to reel in the fish. He told Christie and Hannah to reach into the lazarette compartment under the seat and grab the net. A few minutes later, Ryan boated a beautiful mahi-mahi.

Dinner is going to be awesome, Ryan announced as he put the colorful fish on ice. Ryan suggested that they take a lunch break. They looked at the satellite navigation system and saw that they were about half way to Grand Bahama Island. Ryan watched Zach as he sat down beside Hannah. That never would have happened at home. The two seemed perfectly comfortable sitting next to each other naked.

Ryan and Christie went below to fix lunch. He held his beautiful wife and told her how much he loved her. Christie felt the front of Ryan’s shorts. She hugged her husband.

Oh good…I am not the only one totally turned on being with all of these naked kids, Christie whispered to him.

No you aren’t…god they’re hot! Is this the best day ever? Ryan asked her.

She kissed him passionately. I had no idea of how this would work out when we talked about it…but this is way better than my wildest fantasies about how it would turn out.

Ryan…you know they are going to ask us to…you know. Christie told him.

Ryan took his gorgeous blond wife in his arms and he kissed her passionately. He looked in to her eyes and asked her what she thought they should do.

With a look of mischief in her eye, Christie said she would like to…you know…do IT. She laughed and hugged him. She whispered in his ear that she needed him pretty soon…it is getting mighty wet down there. He hugged her and then they started to hand lunch up to the kids.

The salt air and the sexual adventures left the kids ravenous.

Christine watched Hannah and Zach sitting together behind the ships wheel eating their sandwiches. Christine marveled at the fact that Zach was still rock hard and leaking. Hannah obviously noticed the same thing.

Hanna giggled and reached over and played with his throbbing boyhood. Why won’t it go back down? She asked him.

Zach looked at her beautiful body and told her the truth. It is because you are too sexy.

Noah asked Zach if there is anything that would make it go down.

Zach gave his Dad a questioning look about how to deal with the question. His Dad gave him a subtle nod.

Zach looked at his little brother and told him there was a way to make it go down.

Noah asked how.

Zach explained that a guy can make himself have a climax and that usually makes it go down. None of the other three kids understood what he was talking about.

Ryan took Zach’s lunch stuff since he was finished. Zach asked his Dad if he wanted to explain it.

Ryan grinned and said he thought Zach was doing a great job and he should continue. As he gathered the rest of the lunch stuff up, Ryan enjoyed Zach’s halting description.

Eventually Hannah has an Ah Ha moment and realized what her brother is talking about. She asked him if that is when guys play with themselves or someone else does and the guy cums.

Zach grinned and told her yes that is exactly what happens.

Hannah looked at her big brother and said, I understand kind of what happens but not really…you know…how it actually works… How does it work Zach, she asked her handsome brother.

Ryan spoke up and said this might be a good time for another lesson. He told Zach to move to a seat on the starboard side of the boat and had the other kids gather around their big brother.

He asked Hannah to spread her legs for a moment. Hannah was shocked when her father put his middle finger in her vagina. He stopped after a moment and told each of the other kids to feel the inside of Hanna’s vagina. I want you to feel the texture.

Zach went first and inserted his finger. It is slippery and rough, he said.

Noah and Emily went next and were wide eyed at the experience. Noah looked at his dad and wanted to know if he had touched Hannah’s eggs.

No…buddy…I will explain how all of that works in a little bit.

The penis is filled with lots of nerve endings that make it very sensitive. The head of the penis is very sensitive he told his young audience that was hanging on his every word.

He had Zach stand up and face his brother and sisters. Ryan pointed to the glans and corona on Zach’s penis and he told them that this was where the highest concentration of nerve endings are located. Ryan made a loose fist and told the kids to imagine that his fist is Hannah’s vagina. As Zach puts his penis in the vagina the slippery rough surface stimulates the corona and glans. It feels awesome to the guy.

Ryan looked up at Zach while his fist was still wrapped around the 14 year old boy’s rigid member. He told Ryan to thrust his erection in and out of his fist.

Zach did as he was asked. Wow that feels awesome. Zach reported to his siblings as he continued to thrust his member in and out of his dad’s fist.

Ryan lightly stroked his son’s hips. Ryan reached around and lightly stroked the underside of Zach’s scrotum. Earlier when Zach got naked his scrotum hung down lower and you could see the shape of his testicles. See how his scrotum is drawn up close to his body now, he asked the kids.

The other three kids nodded in unison. Well that means that Zach is getting close to having an orgasm. His seed is produced in his testicles. When his penis is stimulated rhythmically by thrusting it in a vagina or stimulating it lots of different ways with a hand, it causes the semen to become ready to be ejaculated from the body. Stroking the penis feels really good. When the body is close to orgasm, the guy gets a really strong feeling deep in his loins. It is an intense pressure along with an awesome feeling. When boys feel like that they crave more stimulation on their penis.

The whole time Ryan described this he slowly stroked his son.

Ummm…Dad…I ummmm….you know….getting real close…

And how does that feel?

Ummm….awesome…and like I am gonna…

When guys feel like that they usually like to thrust or stroke their penis faster.

Dad!....I am right on the edge….

They get to the point of no return or on the edge of a climax. Once they pass that point they cannot stop themselves from having an orgasm.

Oh SHIT Dad…cumming!!!!!!!!!

Ryan felt his son thrusting his hard teen member in his fist and watched as his hot semen squirted out and landed on his brother’s chest. Zach’s body shuddered and convulsed as the powerful feeling rocked his body. He shot jet after jet of hot seed all over the deck and his Dad’s hand.

Noah went ewwww….Zach peed on me.

No buddy, his dad said, that is his seed. It is called semen. Ryan told Noah as he scooped the hot semen off of the boy’s chest.
So is that what makes babies?

Yes it is…and there are millions of seeds in every drop. If Zach were having intercourse he would have squirted millions of seeds into the woman’s womb. That is where they try to find the woman’s egg. There is usually only one egg per month. Ryan looked at Emily and Noah. In your case there were two eggs released and my seed fertilized both eggs.

Wow that is awesome. Noah said. Can we feel a womb?

Their Dad told them that they could put one finger in Hannah. Noah went first. Ryan told him to carefully go through the opening in Hannah’s hymen and feel the back of the vagina. Do you feel a slit back there?

Noah nodded.

That is the cervix and it is the entrance to the womb. Imagine the tip of Zach’s erection pressed against the cervix as his penis squirts his semen. His seed would squirt into the womb.

Emily took her turn feeling the cervix.

Hannah looked at her big brother as he knelt before her to take his turn. Zach carefully fingered his sister and looked up amazed as the tip of his finger found her cervix.

Ryan noted the glazed lustful look in Hannah’s eyes as her big brother fingered her.

Hannah shudder as her big brother continued to finger her.

Zach looked as his Dad. She ummm…just got real wet.

I think she had a small orgasm, his Dad told him.

Hannah just nodded and spread her legs wider for her brother. Ryan slid in next to Zach. He pointed out Hannah’s erect clit. As Zach started to touch it with a finger, Ryan cautioned him to be very gentle…it is very sensitive. It is one of several places that a woman’s body is easily stimulated.

Zach gently explored his sister’s hard clit.

Hannah moaned with the pleasure her brother was giving her.

Son I want you to feel her nipples.

Zach touched the nipples and reported that they were hard.

That means that she is excited. Now I want you to gently begin to suck and lick your sister’s nipples.

Zach began to suckle on his sister’s beautiful breasts. He continued to finger her and lightly play with her erect clit.

Hannah began to moan and thrust her sex at her brother’s hand. Oh….god…yes…so good. Hannah cried out as the electric jolts of pleasure raced through all corners of her body. It felt awesome.

Zach looked back at his Dad and Ryan gave him a nod of encouragement.

Before Zach could turn back to Hannah’s turgid nipple, Hannah cried out…Zachy…pleeeeeeezzzzzzeeee don’t stop. Pleeeeezzzzzeeee….oh god yes…right there…so good…yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach felt his sisters body shudder again and again and he felt her vagina contract around his finger. Then Hannah grabbed his hand roughly and pulled it tight against her throbbing clit. She thrust her sex against the palm of her big brother’s hand.

Zach felt her sexual juices flow across his finger as her orgasm peaked.

All Zach could think about was how much he wanted to put his hard penis in his sexy sister and fill her with his hot seed.

Oh….wow!!!! That was amazing. Hannah told her Dad. I have never felt anything like that.

Hannah leaned forward and kissed Zach on the lips and then hugged him tight. You are an awesome big brother, she told him as she hugged him.

That was so cool Hannah, Noah told her. You were…ummm….like…in another world. Can I…ummm…you know….touch you again????

Hannah smiled and pulled Noah tight against her. She started playing with his erection as he explored her sex.

Zach saw that Emily felt left out and he sat down beside her and put her hand on his throbbing erection. Zach began to finger his little sister. She was moist and his finger slipped in easily.

Ryan looked out over the horizon and only saw one sailboat several miles ahead of them. Ryan stood up and dropped his swim suit to the deck. The kids watched in amazement as their father stripped naked. He sat next to his very sexy wife Christie. They began to kiss passionately as Christie caressed his member. Ryan hands pulled down her bikini bottoms. He then fumbled with the clasp on her top until Christine’s magnificent 34 C breasts were released into his hands.

The kids watched in amazement as their mother straddled their father and his thick 7” member began to disappear into their mother’s sex. All four of the kids held their breath as they watched their mother ride their father’s magnificent member.

Oh Ryan….need you so bad….so hot…fill me with your sexy boner…

Ryan sucked his wife’s magnificent nipple until it was achingly hard. God you’re sexy he told her.

How would you like another baby to teach about sex? Christie asked him as she settled on his pubic bone and ground her clit against his pubis.

You mean….

Yes I am off the pill and I want you to fill me with your seed.

Zach took Emily’s hand and began to jack himself with it as he listened to his parents.

Are you fertile now? Ryan asked Christie.

She told him that she was getting close to the middle of her cycle…kissed him passionately…then told him she might not be fertile yet but if he worked at it hard he could make her pregnant by the end of the week.

Oh yeah…I am all about that. Ryan told his sexy naked wife.

Fuck me hard baby…fill me with your seed. She begged.

The kid watched their Dad thrust his hips up off the seat and bury his thick cock deep in his wife’s pleasure core. He held her tight as he rubbed the sensitive tip of his member against her cervix. He felt the tip begin to open the entrance to her womb.

Ryan’s pubis was grinding roughly against Christie’s clit. Oh…god…baby…so close she told him.

Ryan began roughly thrusting his manhood deeply in his wife until she cried out with her passion. Oh…Ryan…cumming….fuck me hard…fuck me.

Ryan thrust as hard as he could deep in her molten core. He felt the flood of her juices as she hit her peak.

Zach cried out as he used Emily’s hand to stroke himself to a powerful orgasm as he watched his father try to inseminate his mother. Hannah was using Noah’s hand to bring herself off too.

Ryan cried out as he felt he seed filled orbs release his man seed. He pumped jet after jet of his potent seed deep in his wife’s womb. He groaned with pleasure as his seed filled her. He hard member pounded against her cervix injecting the semen deeply in her womb.

As Christie slipped off Ryan’s still erect member, the kids could see their combined juices leak out onto their father’s erection. Christie sat on the seat and the kids could see her exposed sex with evidence of their father’s thick creamy seed deposit leaking out of her exposed labia.

Christie saw that Zach had an explosive orgasm and he and Emily were covered with his seed. Emily was playing with a puddle of Zach’s semen that had pooled in her belly button. She looked so sexy covered in her brother’s seed.

Christie looked over at her beautiful naked Hannah with her legs spread wide and her little brother’s hand in her sex. She was using Noah’s hand to masturbate herself. Hannah’s eyes locked with her mother’s eyes.

Oh Mommy….I am so close… Hannah thrust her 12 year old sex up against Noah’s hand to cause more friction. Oh yeah…Noah…right there….you’re making me cum…oh shit….so good…yes….ahhhhhhhhhh!

She hugged her little brother tight and pulled him into an embrace. Noah was between her spread legs. She held his hips tighter and felt his boy member slip inside her sex. Noah reflexively thrust forward as the good feelings overwhelmed him. They both felt the snap as his boy member thrust through her hymen.

Oh…my god….mom Noah is like in me…all the way.

Noah looked terrified sure that he was in horrible trouble.

Christine knelt beside her beautiful children and kissed both of them knowing that her youngest son was still embedded in his older sister.

She rested her hand on his naked hips and lightly stroked them. She felt them flex in response. She continued to stroke his hips lightly and watched as Noah thrust into his sister again and again. Christine watched the two beautiful children knowing that she should stop them…but it was just too beautiful. Ryan knelt behind her and penetrated her sex from behind. He was rock hard and began thrusting immediately. Ryan told Zach to pleasure Emily. He told the 14 year old to get on his knees and lick and suck her clit.

Zach began to pleasure Emily and she groaned with pleasure. Her twin brother was thrusting uncontrollably into Hannah as he approached the point of no return. Hannah cried out as the powerful good feeling washed over her again in waves as her little brother pounded his member into her again and again. Noah cried out as the pleasure of the good feeling hit him. It was his first orgasm. His orbs ached and strained to release seed but they were not mature enough to produce seed yet.

Emily cried out as she was rocked by her first orgasm. Zach continued to suck and finger her until the spasms of pleasure subsided.

Ryan groaned as his body release more potent seed into his beautiful wife. As the last spasms of pleasure subsided, Ryan saw the first hint of the coast line of Grand Bahama Island.

He stood up and grabbed his swim suit. He could let his crew bask in the afterglow of orgasm a while longer while he checked his navigation chart for his approach to West End on Grand Bahama Island. As he looked around at his naked crew, Ryan thought this must be the adventure of a life time. He looked at his beautiful wife and the semen that trickled down her leg. She was so beautiful. Zach came back beside him and put his arm around his Dad. He leaned up and kissed Ryan’s cheek. Ryan heard him whisper…Thanks Dad…awesome day.

Please let me know if you would like for me to continue this story.

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The writer must be messed up but the story is hot

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Please continue the story with these characters. YOu've made a great start.


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Story was good, but you don't know much about virgins. The Hymen is right at the entrance to the Vagina, not about half-way in. This seems to be a common fault - I wonder how many of you guys have ever actually been with a virgin - I suspect not very many.

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