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A girl on a boy's football team?
When I was 16, the Young Seven ladies soccer team got cut. For the most of us, this meant less time training, and more time with their friends. For me it was the end of everything. Having moved to the city just 8 months beforehand, the soccer team had given me back what I'd left behind, and taken my mind off my assshole father who I'd caught balls deep in his secretary, the whore.
I was good at soccer. I was my talent, the way some girls were dancers, some girls were sluts (but they got all the hot guys). I was a player. I needed football, and I came damn close to slapping Beck when he announced it to us. Being the captain of the team, I could demand why.
"Funding, Ali" he drawled, smoking a cigarette outside afterwards.
"No-one wants to sponser a girls team"
"That's bullshit"
He turned around, and threw the stub to the ground.
"Play nice Ali. I pulled a few strings with Mick Pierce. He needs a goalie, and he's willing to give you a try-out, if you'll stop the bitch act for enough time to flash him your pearlies and twiddle a few balls."
Seeing my expression he added hastily
"Footballs Ali. Footballs."

Four days later I sat in Pierce's office, in our clubhouse. He offered me a seat, which I declined. I was antsy, I needed this playspot more than ever.
He smiled at me when he looked up, over a pile of player registrations.
"Stop looking so nervous Allison. Your try-out was exceptional, and after re-checking the league rules, I'm satisfied that you fit the bill"
He stood up, and offered me his hand.
"Welcome to the Cobras"

A week later, I went to the first training session in the Carlisle Grounds, where the clubhouse was. On the field in front of me there were ten players, running drills, responding to the screams of Mick Pierce, and scratching themselves openly.
Maybe this is a good time to mention that the Cobras was a BOYS team.
Leagues rules have probles with guys being on girls teams, but none with girls being on guys teams - they see it as a setback.
I looked at their loose shirts, and at my tight, boob-hugging shirt, and lost all confidence.
Pierce whistled, and the team jogged in, looks of curiosity flitting from person to person.
"Lads, this is Allison. She's our new goalie. Any stick, and you'll answer directly to me. Next game's in a week, and we have to be ready. Two laps. Reid, stay here."
A tall blonde guy lingered while the rest of the ream jogged away, whispers loud to my ears. I stood there awkwardly while Pierce gave a quick intro.
" Reid, this is Allison Morris. She's a transfer from the girls. Allison, Dave Reid, our star and captain. Join the others. Three laps for both of you."
I did my best not to look peeved. Reid had already jogged away, and I felt I should keep up. The last thing I needed was a soft image. If I was going to be catapulted into their world, I was arriving with style.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things got better. After a week of intensive training, I started to fit in with the lads. I learnt what my place was in line up, and who was who. Dave was the Alpha. He got his own changing room, and was the quiet, hostile type. In two weeks the only words he said to me were:
"Pierce's waiting"
There were also Beckett, Jamieson, Thompson, Davey, Dawes, Tucker, Taylor and Shaughnessy. Decent guys, all of them, but a little love-starved, and too used to all-guy company. They took nervously to me at first, but after learning that I could take a joke (and several t-shirt soakings), they let me fit in comfortably. Except for Reid, who kept his distance........ that is, until the first match, when he didn't have much choice.....
Match day came. I had been kitted out in the Cobras' finest, and I was feeling shit-nervous. 30 mins before kick-off we congregated in the first changing room.
Pierce stood in the centre.
"Lads, get ready. This will be - epic"
A buzz filled the room. I was ready to vomit. It wasn't the most important, or the hardest match I would ever play, but I had never been so nervous. Mick left, to let us change, but suddenly I saw a huge problem, and I mean a HUGE problem. There was no way that I was changing in front of these guys, much as they'd probably enjoy it. I imagined the tiny underwear I had stupidly chosen, the sports bra that pushed up instead of back..... Much as I liked the lads I had no interest in stripping for them.
Pierce shook his head when I explained the situation.
"Right. Go down to Reids changing room and turf him out. All I can do Allison."
I arrived outside the door, gathering my courage. Dave ws just one of those imposing people. I'm certain even his mother called him "Reid" to his face. I stopped suddenly, cocking my ear.
A low grunting, coming from the changing room right in front of me. Cautiously I pushed the door. It opened just the tiniest amount, allowing me to see.......... David Reid. Our captain.Alpha. Possesor of the only single changing room. And currently jacking off in a room by himself. I stifled a shocked gasp, and backed away, accidently elbowing the door on my way.
It swung open. He had his eyes closed, and was furiously beating his cock, a good 5 or 6 inches, but as soon as the swinging door hit the wall behind it his eyes snapped open and he saw me straight away. I was glued to the spot, fighting the urge to look at his his swollen cock, his hand still wrapped around it.
Before either of us had a chance to say anything I swung the door shut again. I was so embarrassed I could've died on the spot. I changed in the bathrooms instead of facing him again, or the guys, and definately didn't have the courage to go back and tell him he was in my changing room.

We played the match, the first of a shield of three, of which we needed to win at least one to advance. We were recklessly hopeful, dismissive of the facts. Only one? We were likely to win all three! But it then, for the first time, I realized how much the team depended on Dave, the one who scored, the one who set up goals, scared the other team shitless, who took no crap from anyone.
That night, he sucked. He had no energy, or no drive, or both; but he missed easy points, passes, throws he could have intercepted, but didn't. There was no spirit in him. And I knew why.
Everyone has heard of singers, actors and footballers, with extravegant demands before they perform. Even I didn't perform well in a match unless I performed my stretches in a certain order. The same was true for dave. Maybe jacking off was his ritual. Maybe that was why he needed his own changing room. And I had screwed it up for all of us. We lost miserably.
Two weeks later we had our second match. Pierce hadn't mentioned the performance, but pushed us a lot harder than before. And Dave didn't say a word to me. During those two weeks, I couldn't stop thinking of his cock, pulsing and swollen, warm and meaty. I was 16 years old, and I'd left more than my father in the city. 8 months prior I had lost my virginity to a guy I barely knew, who went through me for a shortcut. I tried not to remember it, but when I did, I couldn't help replacing Danny Fitz with Dave.......
I was almost sure I would have to change in the bathrooms, if we had any hope of winning, but when I went to change, Dave's changing room was empty. He was in with the lads. You can guess how the match went. In giving me his locker room, he forfeited any chance of performing his little ritual. Another loss. We were running out of chances.

Third match. Our last hope. I knew something drastic had to be done if we were to have any chance of advancing. So at 11.20, 40 minutes before kickoff, I told Pierce to give Dave back the changing room. He nodded gravely.
"You know about Daves problem?" he queried. I barely nodded. I was already thinking ahead...
Although he had his changing room back, I knew there was little enough chance of Dave, eh, performing unless someone applied some pressure, or gave some encouragement. I hadn't changed into my gear, but instead, when I knew Dave must've been well into changing, I bustled in, dumping my bag on the bench opposite his, in his PRIVATE changing room.
He had his shorts barely pulled up when I entered.
"What the fuck?" he demanded. I turned to look at him.
"Do you really expect me to change with the lads? At least there's only one of you in here." I threw back. He looked dumbfounded, but quickly collected himself.
"Allison, you can't be in here"
I pulled my top over my head, exposing a black satin bra, and my slim abdomen.
"Make me leave" I answered.
I intended on changing into my supportive sports bra, but instead I changed out of my trousers first.
"I'm serious Allison. If Pierce finds us - finds you .... in my...... you really can't"
I just smiled. I had been wearing jeans, and my hands went to my zip, and delicately pulled it down, slipping it over my hips, onto the floor, leaving me in a bra, and underwear.
Dave swallowed.
"Am I making you uncomfortable David?" I asked, folding my jeans, and t-shirt, still near-naked.
He didn't answer, just stared at my moving body. I smiled secretly, before turning around to face him again. Typical teenage guy. High morals, but everthing melted away when he was confonted with a girl.
Pulling my sports bra out of a side-pocket in my bag, I placed it on the bench, and reached around to unhook my bra, fumbling with the clasp, making it awkward to open.
"Could you give me a hand Dave?"
Instead of waiting for him to walk over, I walked over to him, showing him where the clasp was twisted slightly out of my reach.
He nodded, and hesitantly stretched his hands over to unhook it. His hands were cold, and I shivered at the touch of his fingers. He was quick though, and i felt the tension break, and the bra straps slide over my shoulders. I let it fall to the ground.
"Thank you David" I said turning around to face him, my breasts bare, decent 32D cups. I was proud of them, and relished his eyes raking over my body.
I reached up to thumb one of my nipples. They were rapidly becoming erect, due to the changing room's temperature.
I caught his stare.
"Do you like my titties?" I teased, seeing that he was getting turned on.
Another swallow. No answer though. I decided to force one.
I walked forward, right up in front of him, so the tips of my nipples were pressing against his chest.
He nodded. I smiled, satisfied.
I snaked my hand down to grasp his, hanging by his side, and pulled it up, between us, letting his hand linger on my right breast, on the pert nipple.
It was as if I could hear his thoughts, and all I heard was "Ah, fuck it, why not." He lent forward and caught me off guard with his sudden kiss, his hot lips bruising mine, his tongue brushing against my lower lip, seeking access to my mouth. I granted it eagerly, wrapping my hands around his neck. He was one good kisser. I collected myself and tried to remember what I was doing in the first place. I had to push on.
His hand was massaging my breast when I broke the kiss to pull his t-shirt over his head, exposing his taut, firm body, broad shoulders, muscles and flesh.
"Not bad Reid" I murmured, running my hands over his toned chest.
His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. When he had begun to kiss me again I snaked my hands down to find the hem of his shorts and pull them downwards. He sighed as the fabric brushed past his cock, still hidden under briefs.
Catching his eye, I bent downwards, in front of him, and slid my hand into the front of his underwear.
"Fuck." was my only answer- he was undoubtably the thickest cock I had ever come across.
He let out a near-laugh.
"Fuck" I said again, sliding his dick of his underwear. I was no virgin at the time but...... this was something completely differant.
A smile crept onto his face, as I stared as his cock. There was no denying that he was seriously blessed in the downstairs department.
Time to shine Ali, was my only thought, but how the fuck am I supposed to get that down my throat?
I lent forward slighty, so that the very tip of my tongue was tounching the very tip of his cock. Drawing my tongue along the head, I licked my way to the tip, where already, some precum was glistening. Wrapping my fingers around the base I worked it like a joystick, slapping the tip off my tongue, before rapidly moving my tongue along the shaft, up and back again, down to where I was thumbing his balls with my left hand. His breath was steadily getting faster.
Suddenly I enveloped his dick between my lips, and rested the tip on my tongue, before pushing forward as far as I could. I wanted him to feel my throat contracting around him, but I started to gag earlier then I usually did. I scolded myself-'Get a grip girl. It's not that fucking big', but I knew I was lying to myself, but I shoved forward again so I could feel all of him in my mouth and throat, and could feel his hair tickling my mouth and nose. I was making choking noises, but Dave only groaned, and started thrusting, fucking my throat. It felt so godamn good.... but I wanted all of him, in all of me. My plan of just making him cum was replaced by my own slutty desires. I hadn't had sex for months, and I wanted to try Reid's tool.
I pulled my mouth off him with a popping noise, and stood up, my saliva still glistening on his cock.
"I want you to fuck me Reid" I said , low-toned.
"I want you to fuck me right now"
His face was priceless........ In less than 10 minutes we had gone from not speaking to graphic sex talk. And I knew he wanted it as much, if not more, than I did.
He allowed me to push him backwards onto the corner where two benches met at 90 degrees. I pulled my underwear off, leaving me completely naked, as he was. There was a draught in the room, and a spray of goosebumps cropped up on my breasts and arms. My nipples were completely erect, as was Reid by that time. If he had looked big before, he looked huge now. And it only made me want this more.
He sat back on the wooden bench, my hand still lightly grazing his chest. He breathed out slowly.
"Ready?" I stood in front of him, proud, almost defiant.
"Fuck yes" he grinned for the first time, almost a smirk.
I moved to straddle his thighs, just in front of his hard cock, pressing against my stomach, still glistening from my mouth. His eyes were on me as I lifted myself so that my boobs were in line with his eyes, and my enterance was hovering over the tip of his cock. He took control and placed himself between my lips, feeling the wetness that was pooled there. I grinded the very tip of my pussy against the very tip of his cock, eliciting soft groans from Reid. Then, very slowly, I pushed downwards, enveloping as much of his considrable length into me, until I grinded to a halt, almost tickling his hair.
"Oooohhhhhhhhhh" I let out a long drawn-out sigh of pleasure.
"Oh this is so good"
Dave's head was tilted back, against the wall behind him, his eyes closed. I knew what he was feeling.
I lent forward and gently caressed his lips with mine. His eyes opened and he returned the kiss with fervour. I imagined the lads, just on the other side of that wall in their changing room, laughing, messing, oblivious to what was happening just beyond the bricks.
I pulled myself upwards, slowly sliding off him, until he was just about to slip out of my pussy, before sliding back down again. I couldn't believe how full he made me feel, and I felt my entrance widening to allow him access. Dave was starting to meet my thrusts with his own. I ran my hands up into his hair, still sucking on his tongue. A low groan came from his throat, and his hands came up to cup my breasts, thumbing the nipples. It felt like his cock was getting longer and longer inside me, pulling up and down on the thickness of it. I braced my hands against the wall as Dave started thrusting harder and harder, moaning louder each time, into his mouth.
"You are so fucking sexy" he murmured into my mouth. A smile played across my lips, and I paused when Dave was fully in me, grinding my clit against his base of his dick. I caught his chest hair in my fingers, pulling him forward against me, rubbing back and forward.
I couldn't believe he hadn't cum already, but suddenly he grabbed my waist, and still enveloping his dick, lifted me into the air, and lay me down on the cold tile floor, lying ontop of me. Supporting his weight on arms, he pulled back, and suddenly slammed forward. I was too surprised to even scream, before he was pulling back, and slamming forward again.
"Tell me that you want it whore. Call my name." he demanded, thrusting again and again.
"Fuck Reid!" was all I could choke out, the air knocked out of me.
"Shit you are fuck-ing in-cred-i-ble....." his thrusts intercepted my words, knoocking me back.
My moans were constant now, one with every thrust which were coming long and hard.
"Fuck me Reid! Fill me up!" I couldn't really believe these words were coming from my mouth, but I had never felt THIS before - sex, good sex, needing sex, and there was a thrill in being a whore, in being Dave's whore.
"Shit Allison" he grunted. "I'm gonna cum..."
With one last slam, he forced himself in to the hilt, and started cumming inside me, brushing my lips with his own.
"You were so good" I murmured against his lips. He slid out of me slowly, and rolled over onto the floor beside me, breathing loudly.
Our slight calm was shattered by a series of bangs on the door.
"Reid! I don't give a fuck what you're doing in there, I want you out on the pitch in 3 minutes with the rest of the lads." Pierce's voice rang through the thin door.
We froze, until we were certain that he had walked away, and let out a relieved laugh.
"That goes for you too Allison." we heard Pierce shout from down the hallway.
I blushed scarlet, and all Dave said with a grin was;
"Doesn't miss a trick, Pierce"

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