Can Joe reconcile with right and wrong? Is his love for Jasmin true? Can he and Susan move past the manifestation of her evil nature? Can Joe love two girls at the same time?
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My Neighbor's Incest Part XVII

Jasmin's lips kissed the top of my shoulder, my neck and then my ear lobe. The smell of Susan's fragrance greeted my nose as my squinting eyes tried to find the source of the noise. I was on my side, Susan's body was in front of me. Her butt nestled in my groin. Jasmin's tits were pressed against my back. Her arm was over me with her hand in Susan's grasp in front of her chest. My arm was under Jasmin's, and my hand was tucked between Susan's legs. I couldn't move.

I peered into the light, searching for the offensive sound. Cindy's large chest and giant dark nipple swung side to side as she pointed her scolding finger in my direction. Her lips were moving, but the horrible racket wasn't coming from her beautiful lips. Jasmin's arm moved and she started poking my shoulder and speaking in my ear, but her words didn't make sense.

"Joe, wake up! You are late for school. Joe, get up and hurry!" My mother's robed body and frustrated face sobered me from my deep sleep.

I pushed the covers back in haste when I saw the clock and realized I had already missed the bus.

"Joe, you slept in your clothes. You have to hurry, your dad will take you to school on his way to work. You got fifteen minutes." My mother's huff wasn't as mad as I have heard it, but it wasn't far from it.

"I'm sorry mom, I don't know what happened, I guess I fell asleep without setting the alarm. No worry, I'm already dressed." I tried to pat down my serious case of bed head as I spoke.

"Joe, I'm worried about you. Stop fooling around! Get your school clothes and get going." My mother left the room in a hurry. I guess the stress of her having to work extra hours through the holidays, at her friends store, had her on edge. It wasn't like I hadn't over slept a few dozen times before.

Within a few minutes of consciousness, I became consumed with the painful reality of my dream. Still, I was ready to go in record time. My dad was silent for the first ten minutes of the ride, but when he finally spoke, I knew he spoke my mother's concerned words.

"Joe, have you been using drugs?" My dad glanced at me as I slumped against the passenger door, and then returned his eyes to the road. He looked more nervous than when he gave me that lame birds and bees talk.

"I promise dad, and please tell mom not to worry so much. I have everything under control. I'll be fine with her being gone so much during the next few weeks." I closed the car door after humbly thanking my dad for the ride and the note excusing me for being late.

I was glad my dad got stuck with the, "are you on drugs," talk, because my dad didn't over react like my mom. He was totally down with the mud in my eyes, and shampoo also, while I tried to shower off the mud. He knew about bike rides and rain. I guess I should be grateful that they cared enough to notice my red eyes and sleeping in my clothes. As I ran to my class I wondered what my dad would have thought if I told him I had been crying with one of my two girlfriends.

How should I react to finding out my girlfriend's cousin was really her sister? Many thoughts consumed my mind during class, and I knew my grades were going to suffer. I had so much on my plate for the next few weeks. Suddenly, drugs didn't seem like such a bad problem to have.

After third period, I ran into Jasmin in the hallway. Without even thinking about it, I hugged and kissed her. My friend stood dumbfounded as Jasmin responded with an even bigger hug. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to attack you like that, it's just...."

"Joe, I understand. Don't worry about it, I would have hugged you first if you hadn't beat me to it." Jasmin's big smile didn't hide her true emotions.

I held Jasmin's hands in mine as I leaned back against her locker. "Are you alright? How is Susan? I know how upset she was last time your dad...."

"You have been hanging around Susan too much. You have got to stop asking so many questions at one time, and then not waiting for an answer." Jasmin looked like she was collecting her thoughts after she mockingly scolded me for my obvious nervous reaction.

"She's going to make it. She's strong, but she needs... shoot, the bell is going to ring. We don't have time now. Can you meet me for lunch?" Jasmin's red eyes started to glisten.

"Sure, ya, of course, that would be great!" I quickly realized I sounded like an over excited dweeb. I couldn't help feeling like a freshman talking to the hottest girl in school because that's what I was. Regardless of what happened in secret.

"Don't seem so excited, it's not like I'm the catch of the day. Remember, I'm the one lucky to have you." Jasmin's lips seemed so much sweeter in the presence of my peers. The bell broke off her kiss and she took off.

"Dude, now you got some explaining to do. That load of crap you gave me last time isn't going to fly this time. You just kissed Jasmin Davis in the main corridor. People noticed, you better have something for me after school!" I might have been troubled by my friend's presumptions, like I had been before Thanksgiving, but there wasn't any vacancy in my head for new worries.

I waited for Jasmin outside the cafeteria with so many thoughts flooding my brain that I didn't even remember the time passing. I knew people had spoken to me, but I couldn't remember one thing they said. Then, after five minutes, all my freshman insecurities returned. She's not coming. You're going to sit here like a dumb ass and she's never going to come.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. My teacher made me stay so he could talk to me about my missing homework. Jeez, you'd think I was stoned or something with all the questions about how everything was. I think they have gone too far with this new teacher awareness crap." Jasmin released an uncharacteristic huff.

"Don't feel bad, not only did I get it from my teacher, but my dad asked if I was on drugs this morning." The word "dad," replayed in my brain after I finished speaking. The glisten returned to Jasmin's eyes and made me feel very insensitive.

I plowed on to try and shift the focus, explaining everything including my mom finding me sleeping in my clothes. "Come on, let's get something that's not turkey." I almost said shit as I grabbed Jasmin's arm and pulled her towards the door. Maybe she didn't miss the turkey. I wished I could never say anything that might upset her again.

"Hey, maybe we can help each other pass our finals?" I wasn't joking, just making small talk, but Jasmin laughed anyway.

"Oh ya, I heard you were a great teacher. But, I don't think anything you taught Susan will be on any of my finals. Although, I'm not totally rejecting the idea of studying with you." Jasmin's smile was weak at best, but I could tell it was heart felt.

We walked around to the back side of the thick patch of trees that sat in the middle of the large grassy area outside the cafeteria. "I'm so glad it's sunny today. Yesterday, was the grayest day." Jasmin leaned back against the tree without finishing her thought. With her apple in her hand, she closed her eyes and looked into the sun. I wonder if this is what Adam faced?

My appetite was replaced by butterflies as I look at the beautiful young lady sitting on the grass. The sun sparkled in her blond hair, and I notice a few tiny freckles under her eyes that I had never seen before. My nerves tingled and my heart fluttered like I was seeing a gorgeous girl for the first time. Somehow, in her broken state she had become a fragile flower and not a goddess. My heart is speaking to me, isn't it?

The Bologna sandwich that I had picked for lunch dropped at my side as I sat in front of her. I pulled my knees up to my chest like hers, and let the tip of our shoes touch. I wrapped my arms around my legs and looked up into the sky to complete the mirror image of Jasmin. I waited patently for her to speak.

The warm sun on my back was soothing and reminded me how much I needed a month of good sleep. "I can't wait for Christmas break." Jasmin's words were followed by a large blast of air that swooshed through her mostly closed lips. It was her second huff of the day, and a more frustrated one.

"Jasmin, everything I can think to say, well, I keep thinking I'm going to put my foot in my mouth. So, can you talk for a little while? I want to know so many things, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable. How is Susan?" Her sister was obviously still at the center of my heart. Is there room for two?

"Thanks Joe. I will explain everything about my family, but that will probably take years. I hope you'll still be willing to listen to me years from now." Jasmin's rhetorical statement made my heart smile and forced my tongue.

"I promise." I zipped my lip and tried to curb my projections about our lasting relationship.

"Susan is going to make it." I watched the top of Jasmin's head holding my thoughts so she could continue when she was ready. Susan's mother isn't Mrs. Davis, it's Jane. Wow.

"She's mostly sad now, I guess, or maybe mad. She really misses her mother. Seeing her and dad together on our trip over the summer might have given her some hopes. Then, having Aunt Jane here with all of us together again must have increased them. But, then this thing with dad and Jesselyn, well it crushed her and set her off." Jasmin held out her hand, but not in reach, so I moved next to her. My shoulder touched hers and my hand rested on the back of her hand. My fingers laced between hers and gripped her hand tightly.

"That's why she gave in to Jeremy. Joe, when we were on vacation at Aunt Jane's house, she was so in love with you she wouldn't let him, you know. He tried too, really tried. But, dad doing that with Jesselyn again, the very thing that had split us all up in the first place, that was the final straw. You saw what happened, but that wasn't the first time. Joe, I'm sorry, they were going at it all day. That's actually the reason I came outside Saturday. I couldn't stand watching her act like me." Jasmin hung her head again as her words trailed off in disgust.

I held her tighter. "Jasmin, it's alright. I don't care about that. You did what you did, that's it. None of this is your fault." I sighed with the realization that I needed a degree in psychology to know what to say. "Follow your heart."

"Joe, I didn't plan what happened Saturday with us. I never expected any of this between us. But, I can't say I'm sorry it happened. I hate myself for coming between you and Susan, but I can't let you go. Joe, I need you, I fuckin' need you. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Jasmin tried to pulled her hand away, like she wanted to escape, but I wouldn't let her go.

"I love you." I waited for some response, but all I got was a squeeze of my hand.

"Susan is really broken up, Joe. She must have had hopes that our family would get back together, or at least wouldn't break up even more. She loves him and hates him. She even thinks she still needs him. She's confused and hurt and it's going to take her some time to work through this. I just hope she doesn't go back to her mother."

"Jasmin, Susan is Jesselyn's sister, and Jane is their mother? I'm sorry, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." I wanted to know, but I didn't want to drive the already distant girl further away.

"It's okay, I don't mind. I'm sure it's hard for you to comprehend all this messed up stuff. I figured you'd know as soon as you saw the two of them together. They look like twins separated by five years, while Susan and I hardly match. Joe, you know I trust you, and I know I don't have to say this, but you can't say anything. I mean not even to Susan. Our lives are such a huge secret we almost forget what's real. It's horrible for me to have to tell you this. Humiliating, really." Jasmin's hand pulled away and she wrapped her legs up tight with her arms. Her face was pressed into her knees.

I squeezed the back of her neck. "You don't have to worry about me. I don't care about whatever happened. I'm not going to say anything and I'll never judge you or your parents. I promise."

"I know and that's why I'm sitting here with you. The reason we all lived together, um, Joe, jeez. Okay, it was like this, my dad got Aunt Jane pregnant, that was Jesselyn. They still lived at home! Kids, they were kids. Joe, we all lived together for years. My mother and my aunt shared my dad." I couldn't see Jasmin's face, but her tone spoke volumes. She was devastated.

"Joe, when we were kids, we didn't know anything was wrong. I called both of them mom and thought that was a normal life. But, something always seemed funny. Especially, when I started seeing Jesselyn and dad playing those games they wouldn't let me play. When I finally got to play, I was so happy, but then that seemed strange. Still, we were a big happy family. My parents had many friends and they all played the same fucked up games. We watched and learned." Jasmin paused for a pained gulp of air as I waited like someone watching a suspenseful movie during a scary scene.

"Joe, is this too much? Just tell me to shut up." Jasmin's eyes were still holding back her tears when she glance at me for my reaction.

"No, I'll never tell you to shut up. Susan told me some of this way back, but she never told me about her mother. It must be so hard for her, for all of you."

"There is something wrong with my family. Some kind of evil spirit or something. I hate the way things turned out now that I see how things could have been. I wish we would have met before I went crazy and did all those things with all those people. I can't really understand why you even want to be with me." Jasmin lost the fight with her tears and a few slid down her cheeks.

"Jasmin, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever known. You're funny, smart and kick ass at volley ball! Can't you see that?" I wrapped my arm around her back.

"Thank you Joe, but no, I can't. Will you kiss me?"

My slowly pressed my lips to Jasmin's cheek. My hand brushed her hair away from her ear before I kissed it lightly. "I love you. You're perfect."

Our lips met and our tongues quickly found their way together. My hand slipped under her hair and squeezed her neck, pulling her mouth tighter against mine. Jasmin's fingers worked through my hair as our kissing grew deeply passionate, but not with lust, it felt like love.

When the bell rang I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but our lips were still finding new ways to please each other. I had never made out with a girl that long without wanting more, but I was satisfied to kiss her until my lips stopped working.

I stepped on my sandwich as I pulled Jasmin to her feet. "Oh well. Hey, please stay close. I want to be there for you, but you got to keep talking to me. And, help me to help Susan. You know, I um, I love her too." My face surely must have told how twisted my insides were about Susan.

"I know and so do I. We'll have to keep our relationship the way it was for now." Jasmin smiled like she was admitting she knew I loved her for a while, and she had felt the same way.

"Joe, try and do something to make Susan feel special after school. You know what I mean?" We reluctantly parted ways and headed to our next class. I was pretty sure I knew what Jasmin meant, but not at all sure I could do it.

When I got off the school bus I realized I hadn't learned anything the whole day. Instead, I had daydreamed about Jasmin and our future together. Somehow, even all the unbelievable circumstances surrounding Susan and her life had been minimized by my dreams. Once my second foot hit the dirt it was like reentry into my real life. The life where I had two girlfriends, too much homework, too many finals and a very important birthday present to buy.

"Hi Mrs. Davis, I um, how are you?" I was caught off guard by Susan not answering the phone. I also had no idea how to speak to a woman who had just thrown her husband out for doing it with his daughter.

"Joe, I'm good. I guess you want to speak to one of the girls." The long pause between Mrs. Davis's thoughts seemed to indicate she was more troubled than she could say.

I paused a long time, realizing how sorry I was for my neighbor. There was so little I could say. "Yes, I want to see Susan. I mean, talk to Susan, please." I planned to ask Susan to come over, but figured I had blown my chances when I misspoke.

"Okay, let me get her for you. Bye." Mrs. Davis yelled for Susan while I swallowed hard wondering how difficult it might be for her to face life without a husband and with a baby coming.

I waited for Susan on the front porch after speaking to her briefly. She had seemed ready for my call and her visit. She barely talked and then told me she'd be right over. I couldn't believe her mother suddenly wasn't trying to keep us apart. I wonder what has changed?

Susan had the missing bounce back in her step as she bounded up the steps. "So, your parents are seriously not going to be home until later, everyday until Christmas?" Susan's most mischievous face accompanied her words.

I knew I should have been excited too, but what Susan was alluding to was far from my mind. "Yes, come on, enter my castle!" I swung the door open and headed in.

Susan jumped on my back and wrapped her arms and legs around me as we entered the foyer. "Take me to your bed and make me one of your concubines, my lord."

"Try and do something to make Susan feel special after school." Jasmin's words playing in my head helped me not over react, but I was still troubled by what appeared to be her total lack of concern for what was happening in her life. "What the hell are they teaching you in school?"

When I got to my bed, Susan wouldn't get off my back, so I laid back on top of her. A hot spot formed on my back where her crotch was pressed against it. Her arms squeezing me tight reminded me that she was a part of me. I struggled loose and flipped over. My chin rested between her breasts as I looked up. Her face was alive from the struggle, but her eyes were blank.

"I'm going to make you my princess instead." I lifted up and yanked her down so our lips met.

My lips and tongue searched for the feelings I had that afternoon, or even previously with Susan, but all I felt was passion grown out of my lust. My dick grew and my heart rate increased, but something was missing. Is this my heart trying to tell me something?

I undid the front of Susan's skort and tugged at it. She obediently lifted her ass and allowed herself to be undressed. Her white panties sported a red waist band and a cute Teddy bear head over her pussy mound. I smiled at the sight and pressed my mouth where I expected her sensitive bud would be hiding. I let the hot air from my mouth heat the material and flesh under it.

"That's one lucky bear." My crooked grin revealed my intentions as Susan opened her legs wider.

I inhaled deeply with my nose pressed against the bear. The wonderful scent further clouded my mind and probably my judgment. My index finger tucked under the inside edge of the leg opening, next to her butt. A heat wave rushed to my probing digit as it brushed her puckered hole and slid against the bottom of her slit. I wiggled it back and forth until I felt the hot moisture concealed between the smooth folds of soft flesh.

With my mouth on the tiny wet spot forming on her panties, I tried to taste her. I licked at the groove that was swallowing her panties. Susan fidgeted impatiently, not being used to having to wait so long. I continued to torture her by licking at the edges of the material that covered her sensitive flesh. Then, I slipped my tongue tip slightly underneath. A dark wet spot formed quickly where her crotch was being split by fabric.

When my fingers finally gripped the waist band of Susan's panties, she exhaled and lifted her eager ass off the bed. Standing, I held Susan's feet in front of my face, taking her underwear past her toes with my teeth. I paused with an ankle next to each ear, staring down Susan's skinny legs and up her flat stomach. I paused when I found her eyes, like her sister's, blood shot. Still, their sweetness captured my heart.

Resisting the urge to drop my pants and climb between her legs, I kissed my way down her legs instead. I watched her face every inch of the way. The closer I got to her need, the more intense her face grew. I had never seen her lust grow second by second before. I normally had my face buried between her legs or was off in a sex zone. It was amazing to watch her respond to each kiss and lick. Like a wave reaching shore, her pleasure grew every time I advanced.

By the time I nibbled on the tendon that ran from the inside of her thigh to her groin, her whole body was trembling. I could smell her strong nectar, and see the excess rolling into her ass crack. My own needy cock was throbbing, but I didn't want to let her slip over the edge yet. I knew what had helped Jasmin feel special, I wanted to do the same for Susan. My lust would let me fuck anything, but only my heart could help me make love.

I quickly tossed the unsuspecting girl unto her stomach. I admired the sharp curves on her beautifully forming ass. My mind cringed at the thought of the brutal assault her tiny hole had received the day before. I kissed each cheek. I kissed the top edge of each thigh. The thought of Mrs. Davis's tongue licking through my ass crack made me shiver. My lips pressed against the very top of her crack. I just wanted to make her feel good.

The heel of my hands rubbed the stress from her lower back and the top of her ass. Her soft moans and relaxed posture let me know I was hitting the right spots. I wanted the sweet little girl under me so ready, that she would simply explode when I finally got her off. I imagined her fluid would burst out of her and blow me across the room. She'd be so satisfied, she'd never have another need.

Her ass jerked up towards my face as my tongue toyed with the soft tissue between each cheek. I shoved my mouth deep into the gorge as her body forced upward. My tongue circled her hole. It licked at the sensitive skin between her ass and pussy. Her hands and teeth gripped the bedspread as her crotch humped the edge of the bed. My tongue darting against her forbidden fruit made her rock wildly.

With my mouth still working at her ass, my finger found her gooey center. The molten pussy hole drenched my finger, and then spilled out onto my hand as a muffled scream rang into the bed. Susan's body shook from head to toe and her butt muscles tightened, sending her legs straight out like just used diving boards. I took a mouth full of her left cheek and sucked it hard, leaving a bright red love bite.

I laid on top of her body, pushing all of her hair up over her head. I kissed my way around her neck until I found her ear. "You feel like a princess yet?"

My body absorbed hers under me as my heart grew warm. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and I felt at peace with the disturbed girl under me. I felt like I had thrown myself over her to protect her from the explosion in her life.

Without answering my question Susan tried turning, indicating she wanted to get free from her pinned position. I lifted and let her roll over under me. Her eyes had that familiar glow as her face emerged. A smile spontaneously sprang to both of our faces and our lips shared a tender kiss. I suddenly felt like I could cry looking into the face of my first love. My heart twinged with the pain of love, confused and divided. How can I ever choose?

When our lips finally separated, a peaceful look had settled on Susan's face. "What can I do for you?"

"You have already done it. Let's just leave it at that for now." It wasn't that I didn't want to get off, rather that I didn't want to give her a chance to feel less satisfied.

"I love watching you dress! Undress too, but there is something about seeing you putting your clothes on that is nice." My thoughts weren't clear in my own mind, and I was sorry I tried to express them.

"I wish I could see you dress every morning. Susan, I'm sorry I'm not making sense. Hey, if you need to talk to me, about anything, please do. I'm sorry your mom and dad are fighting again." Why I couldn't just keep my mouth shut I didn't know, but I was sure mentioning her mom was going to cause a problem.

"I guess Jasmin told you that my dad is out again? I was pretty upset yesterday and I'm sorry I acted like a nut. I just didn't know how to respond. I hate him and love him. I love my aunt and my mom both so much, but I don't know how I can choose between them!" Oh, how true her words were.

We hugged as hard as we could. I was trying to comfort Susan while she unknowingly comforted me for a reasons eerily similar. "Susan, we're going to make it through this. I promise."

I wasn't sure what I meant by, "we're going to make it." I didn't know anything else in her arms, except I loved her and I hated to see her hurting.

By the end of the third day of having lunch with Jasmin, all my friends wanted to know where I got the magic dust I had used on her. I down played the whole thing as much as possible, mostly because I still was in love with two girls. It wasn't getting less complicated, either. The only saving grace was Jasmin knew about Susan, and let us spend time together alone after school. I was also fortunate to see Jasmin at school everyday. Each day, our make-out session behind the trees had gotten a little more intense. Wednesday, Stacy and her senior, football star boyfriend joined us. Jasmin still kissed me in front of them, which almost made me not feel like a freshman dweeb.

"Wow, this has been a long week. I think I might salvage a few B's still, but my parents aren't going to be happy. I'll probably get the, 'are you on drugs,' talk again. If I'm struggling this week, you must really be having a challenge." I took Jasmin's hand in mine and gave her a sympathetic look. She leaned back on the tree and sighed.

I stood right in front of her, pinning her to the tree. My lips kissed each eyebrow, the bridge of her nose, each cheek and then her lips. "I miss you." My words seemed so stupid as soon as they left my heart and passed through my brain. I have seen her everyday this week!

"I know what you mean. We haven't really been together since Saturday, and that was so special. I don't think I'll ever forget that day." Jasmin's anxiety seemed to wash away with the memory.

"Hey, I know this might sound stupid, you about to be old enough to drive, but you want to go for a bike ride tomorrow? Susan told me she was going to spend the night at that wild chick's house. So, she'll be gone most of tomorrow." I didn't know where the stupid idea came from, but it was too late to take it back.

An uncharacteristic, childlike smile grew on Jasmin's face. "Joe, the wild chick? You mean the one whose ear you came in?" Jasmin's smile was replaced with a giggle.

"Great, another historic moment for my archives of embarrassment! Does Susan tell you everything?" My brain scanned for anything else I might not want Jasmin to know.

"You got nothing to be embarrassed about, that's for sure." Jasmin's hand playfully clutched my crotch.

"Joe, I got two more embarrassing things to say now. First, I'm not going to drive until I'm seventeen. Second, and even worse, I'm not sure I remember how to ride a bike. But, that does sound romantic." Jasmin's childlike face lasted for a wonderful minute.

I spontaneously kissed her. "That's perfect, I'll teach you. You know what they say, it's like riding a bike." I got excited at the thought of doing something that normal teenagers do together.

"What's like riding a bike, and why does that relate to me killing myself on a bike?" Jasmin looked more playful than I had seen her for what seemed like too long.

"I don't know, just be ready by ten tomorrow."

"Joe, whatever you have been doing for Susan this past week is great. She's still talking about wanting to be with her mother, but she seems a lot better. I know it's hard for you. Well, really I don't. But, I can imagine this has been hard. Susan told me you haven't done anything except please her in every way she could imagine." Jasmin's hand on my cock wasn't playful anymore.

Her hand massaged all around my swelling dick, and under my tingling balls. "I've wanted to do this all week. Your kindness and tender kisses have set my heart on fire, but hearing Susan talking about what she does over at your house has set more than my heart on fire." Jasmin's hand guided my hand to her burning crotch.

We stepped around the tree with my back to it. "I know this is crazy, but you just watch for people."

My zipper dropped and Jasmin scooped my balls and cock out of my underwear. Her lips touching my sack sent an electrical pulse through my groin. She licked each testicle. She sucked one, then the other, and then both inside her hot mouth. I stared down into her caring eyes as she took her time to make sure it felt as intense as possible.

Her fingers traced my bulging veins as her mouth held my nuts captive. Her tongue swirled around my sensitive package. I had held my load all week and now I knew it was my turn to be pleased. I pictured my explosion going off and knocking Jasmin to the ground.

I knew I was supposed to be watching, but instead I watched Jasmin's beautiful cheeks suck in and out as she tortured my balls with pleasure. When I glanced up I saw Stacy through the trees and knew she would be on us very quickly. My hips started jerking and I knew my release was coming soon. I gulped at the sight on Jasmin's mouth opening wide in front of my throbbing tool. All I needed was a few seconds. Please Stacy, please don't notice us.

A loud grunt escaped when the tip of Jasmin's tongue touched my dick slit. My knees shook as her lips locked around my shaft, just below my head. Her tongue circled my nerve center and I felt my sperm hit the boiling point. "Oh, shit. Are you going to be embarrassed if Stacy gets here while you're doing that? It's just going to be a few more seconds. um."

I meant Stacy would be a few more seconds, but I think Jasmin thought my load, so she kept working my head in her inferno of a mouth. Stacy appeared in my peripheral view, so I held up my hand in her direction, hoping she would just stop and turn around. Jasmin pushed ninety percent of my cock in and out of her mouth, faster with each trip down my shaft. I saw Jasmin's eyes glance in Stacy's direction, but she never even hesitated.

Jasmin's fingers slipped under my balls and traveled back and forth from the base of my balls to my ass hole. Her mouth sounds were almost as loud as my panting. I gripped the tree behind me so I wouldn't forcefully impale Jasmin's head in front of her peeping friend. Even though I tried to hold it back, a loud groan escaped my mouth as my sperm filled Jasmin's head. To my embarrassment, I moaned and groaned excessively as my balls kept supplying Jasmin's over loaded mouth.

My cock became so sensitive I had to push Jasmin back. I exhaled a long hard breath. "Holy shit! My, phew, that was, oh wow." I stopped trying to speak and just watched as my amazing girlfriend tucked me back in my pants and zipped me up.

Stacy was along side her friend watching her. "Man, that was something. Right here at school, you are something girl."

Jasmin extended her hand and Stacy pulled her up. To my shock, and probably that was the point, Jasmin kissed her friend with an open mouth. Stacy savored my ball juice and giggled. "You spilled a little." Stacy pointed to the two small cum spots on Jasmin's chest.

Jasmin turned to me with a huge smile. "I thought you were trying to drown me. Thanks, that was more fun than I expected. Now, I know something I can get an A at in this school." Jasmin's laugh was followed by a quick kiss.

That night, I imagined what Susan might be doing with her sexy Italian friend, Mary, as I headed for my bedroom. I stripped down to my underwear and pulled back the covers. At the last second, in a bold move, I discarded my shorts too. The soft sheets on my naked body wiped Mary and Susan from my mind.

I felt relieved that I had survived the first week after the strangest weekend of my life. I had spent a lot of time with Jasmin at school and Susan after school. I knew so much more about my neighbors. My love for Jasmin had grown tremendously. Susan and I were carrying on like nothing had happened. Although, there was still an invisible wall between us. I didn't know if I was building it thicker, or tearing it down. I still love two girls.

I leaned against my long pillow and hugged it against my skin. I smiled at the memory of my lunch time treat and the anticipation of my bike ride with Jasmin. Within minutes, I was in dream world.

The next morning came in an instant. I sprung from bed excited about my bike ride.

"Come on, it's like riding a bike. Just put it between your legs and ride!" Jasmin gave me the look that should have followed my unintentionally erotic words.

Jasmin slipped the seat of my mother's ten speed between her round ass cheeks and started pedaling. After four feet, she fell over. "Is that why you're not going to drive until you're seventeen?" I laughed as Jasmin flipped me the bird.

"No, actually that was my dad's rule. Maybe." Jasmin's words ended abruptly at the realization of what might never happen.

"Let me help you. There is no way someone as good at sports as you are can't ride a bike." My hand couldn't resisted the opportunity to get between the seat and her body.

"Funny, like that's going to help!" Jasmin swatted at me.

"Just get me started and I'll be fine. I used to ride a bike, but it was a long time ago." She mounted the bike and I balanced her as she got started.

I took a few squeezes of her rump and then watched her pedal down the driveway. Within two minutes it all came back to her. "Hey, this is easy, come on."

Thirty minutes later we sat at the top of the widow maker. "Come on, it's not dangerous. Just use your breaks to keep from going too fast. It's a rush!"

"I'd rather not die today if it's just the same with you, Evel Knievel." Her tone was light, yet firm.

"If we don't go down here, then we have to go all the way back around to Jupiter St. to get to this section of the neighborhood below. I want you to see all the rich people's houses. Okay, I'll ride you down and then I'll run back up for your bike." I put on my most pleading little boy face.

"I promise, this is going to be like the best sex you have ever had." Jasmin's hand rested over my crotch.

"If you crash, you'll never have sex again!" I took her warning seriously.

Halfway down the hill Jasmin's finger nails punctured my flesh and her scream ruptured my ear drums. But, I kept the speed coming anyway. At the very bottom of the hill we went through the dip and over the hump at full speed. That amazing rush flew through my gut as we defied gravity for a split second.

"Wow, I'd still rather have sex with you, but that was great." Jasmin looked excited and terrified at the same time.

I wanted to show off as I came down the hill on her bike, but I remembered my skinned knee in front of my cousin Cindy, and I held back. I was having too much fun with Jasmin to mess it up.

I turned onto the trail leading into the woods, where I had masturbated that one time. The cool damp air, under the thick canopy of trees caught my attention. The smell and the feel of the air, sent a thrill through me. Maybe, they just connected me to the last time I stopped here, or maybe it was something about nature?

We sat on a large tree that had fallen over. Jasmin inhaled deeply, "um, there is something about the feel of this place that excites me. Is that weird? Something about the thick woods and hiding out, that makes me horny."

I pointed to the tilted tree twenty feet away, and made my confession. "If you weren't here I'd probably do it again. I felt excited as soon as the atmosphere of this place grabbed me."

First Jasmin mocked me for using a big word like atmosphere, then she said, "As much as I'd like to see that, I have a better idea."

A nervous excitement that exceeded any rush created by the big hill, coursed through me. My hand pushed Jasmin's hair behind her ear. My lips touched hers while my eyes scanned for approaching enemies. I had swept the princess in distress away to my enchanted forest, but I still had to be on edge. I wanted the girl in front of me more than I had ever wanted her before, but there was a fear associated with taking her. That fear created a roar in my pants.

My hand moved from Jasmin's knee, slowly up her thigh, and stopped between her legs. I felt like I had just stolen third base as her legs responded to my touch. My fingers rubbed hard on the corner of her pubic bone, arousing my maiden's most primal nature. Her hand gripped the hard lump in my pants and her throat purred with pleasure.

Nervously, I lifted her to her feet as I searched for a place to lay her down. Nothing but nasty leaves, sticks and bugs. My hands fondled her ass like it was the first time as our kissing passed passionate. "Joe, I need you. I have waited all week, I can't wait anymore." A frustrated breath blew from Jasmin's mouth.

"Can you do it standing up?" My awkward question was answered with a, what do you think, look.

There was nothing romantic about it as we each removed our own shoes and pants. We each had a need, one that couldn't wait another minute. Jasmin braced her back against a tree while I tried to figure out how to do something I had only dreamed about while yanking my own cock. I slipped my hand between Jasmin's legs and her over excited state was obvious to my fingers. An expectant moan sounded in my ear as I parted her lips. My engorged penis head pushed through the wetness and opened her body.

I dipped down and lifted up, sending my flesh into paradise. A simultaneous groan was released from our deepest parts. My hips worked in an unnatural back and forth, up and down humping motion to get as much of my pounding cock inside Jasmin's needy hole as possible.

Jasmin didn't seem to mind the lack of depth, because the awkward angle was grinding her clit against my shaft. Her pussy lubricated my dick and spilled over to my balls with each thrust. Within thirty seconds I could feel her insides jerking against my plunging tool,while her fingers abused the flesh on my lower back.

When I finally settled into a good rhythm, it consisted of short circular hip motions. I worked half of my cock in and out of Jasmin's gushing hole at four sightly different angles. Her whole body responded to each motion as she got lost in her orgasms. Soft whimpers wisped past my ear as I worked toward my own satisfaction. My blood raced through me as I got lost in the wild excitement of fulfilling my fantasy life.

The time went past without measure as my balls responded to Jasmin's most intense orgasm. Her convulsing pussy walls demanded my seed. I grunted as I felt it coming. "Oh, god, Joe, don't cum in me. My, oh, my pills ran out."

Jasmin's words were like someone yelling in a hurricane to my euphoric state. I felt like my lustful arousal could lift Jasmin's body into the air. Like I could lift her and suspend her on the end of my powerful cock. Pills, cum, don't I yanked my throbbing missile from Jasmin's body with a loud groan.

"I'm sorry Joe, I should have warned you sooner. Did you get it out in time?" Jasmin spoke as she used her panties to wipe my errant cum shot from her under carriage.

I had pulled out well after my sperm had been released from my balls, but I hoped before it had reach Jasmin's baby factory. My juice had launched on her pussy, in the crack of her ass, on her pubic hair, and down the inside of both her thighs. Not to mention on the tree behind her.

"I'm sorry I made such a mess. I don't think I got any in you." I hoped my uncertainty wasn't spelled out on my face.

"What happened to your pills? Why do you have them anyway?" My question seemed stupid, but I didn't know, so I asked. I couldn't even imagine asking my dad for some condoms.

"I guess mom forgot to get them with everything going on. She put me on them when she realized I was a slut." Jasmin looked around nervously.

"Shut, I mean don't say that. You shouldn't talk about yourself like that!" I remembered I said I wouldn't tell her to shut up, but my words were still harsh.

With her head hung down, Jasmin mumbled, "well."

"Jasmin, if you loved yourself as much as I do, you'd never say that. There is nothing wrong with you. You amaze me more everyday." I tried to sound kind, but I was really mad to hear her talk about my girlfriend like that, even if she was talking about herself.

I slipped on my sneakers as Jasmin tugged her pants up the rest of the way. She glanced in my direction and caught me admiring her. "What?"

I didn't speak, I just took her in my arms and kissed her. The tips of our noses touched together as we looked into each other's eyes. "I do love you, you know that, right?"

Jasmin hugged me tight. "Joe, I'm learning about your kind of love. The love I have always known isn't like yours. I feel different with you than I have ever felt. I'm learning, don't lose patience, please."

As we headed out of the woods I realized another one of my craziest fantasies had been fulfilled. Still, nothing I had done so far compared to laying peacefully in bed with Jasmin. "Next time, I'm taking you in my castle."

Jasmin's questioning smile told me she didn't completely understand, but she didn't need an explanation. We rode home filled with the feelings of satisfaction and love.

"Hey, I got to take a shower. My stuff feels a little nasty for some reason." Her face painted a vivid picture for me as she touched her crotch.

I smiled wide with an image in my mind. "I wish I could come with you. That will be my next fulfilled fantasy."

I sat in my room, and took a deep breath with my shirt held against my face. I knew that musty woods smell would always take me back to that place in the woods with Jasmin. It would probably always cause my dick to stir.

After a shower and a nap, I called the Davis's phone number. I knew I had a two in three shot of getting someone I wanted to talk to. My purpose was to talk to Susan, but my heart was secretly hoping for Jasmin's voice.

"Hey, did you have a good time? What did ya'll do all night?" I was happy to hear Susan sounding cheery on the other end of the phone. She still hadn't opened up to me about her dad, or who her mother was. It was possible Jasmin told her I knew, but I was pretty sure that wasn't so.

"Well, we talked and did girl things. It was good." Susan's tone seemed to indicate there was more that she didn't want to say, or couldn't say. We talked for about ten minutes before she said she had to go.

I felt a little sad that she didn't want to come over. I should have been hoping she would lose interest in me, so I could devote everything in my heart to Jasmin. But, my heart strings were still tied tight to Susan.

Several days later I really started to get concerned about Susan. I had been steeped in homework and studying for finals, but I still felt the void in my afternoons. Susan had been so excited that my mother wasn't going to be home after school, everyday until Christmas, I figured she would be there as much as possible. I tried to keep Susan out of my time with Jasmin, but I couldn't wait any longer. I asked Jasmin at lunch where Susan had been. "Is Susan okay? She still hasn't opened up to me about anything. She barely even admits that your dad is gone, and now she doesn't even come see me."

Jasmin's face showed concern, but not a hint of jealousy that I could see. "Joe, she's grounded."

I was hesitant because of Jasmin's tone and lack of details, but I pushed on anyway. "What do you mean? What happened? Can't she call me?"

Jasmin smiled and shook her head. "You still got that problem you caught from Susan. You can try and call her. Mom might let you talk to her, but she's not even supposed to talk on the phone. Susan will have to tell you what she did. I don't even know."

I figured Jasmin must have known, but was being respectful to her sister. Half sister. That's weird. My brain was still trying to wrap around everything I thought I knew that wasn't actually so. One of these days I'm going to ask why their grandfather was in prison.

"Hello, Mrs. Davis." I took a long pause after she said hello, trying to figure out what I should say to her.

"How are you, is there anything I can do for you?" I didn't have training on consoling women in her situation, but my heart was in the right place.

"Joe, you're a sweetheart. I hope one day there is, but for now, all I want is for you to continue doing whatever you're doing for Jasmin. It's working and I can see her changing. Thank you." A tear filled my eye as I pictured Jasmin's happy face riding a bicycle.

"I will, I promise. Now can I speak to Susan?" I suddenly missed Mrs. Davis, like she was far away in a sad land. I imagined her swollen belly filled with new life, yet her own must have been so painful.

"Hum, well she's grounded, and I shouldn't, but you got five minutes. Make it good. Bye, sweetheart, good bye." A lonely voice trailed off to silence.

"Joe, thank god! I can't believe she let me talk to you. I'm grounded until Christmas break! That sucks, doesn't it?"

"Susan, I miss you. Are you sure you can't get out early for good time? What did you do anyway? It's got to have something to do with school." I took a breath and smiled at my own rambling. I really did miss her and hearing her voice made me happy.

"I don't think so, she seemed pretty serious. I've just been upset and my mind has been all over the place. I just haven't been doing what I'm supposed to do. Yes, it's something with school. I'm really sorry I messed up this time for us. It was stupid, but some times I don't act right. That's no surprise, is it?" Susan sighed at her own disclosure.

"Joe, there is only one thing I want to hear you say, and then I got to go. I don't want to get time added to my sentence." Silence indicated my opportunity to say the wrong thing.

"Susan, most beautiful, wonderful Susan! I love you!" I might have been presumptuous, but it seemed like the safest way to go. Maybe I should have added how much I want to...

"Oh, you are my prince. I love you too. At midnight I'll throw down my long hair from the tower and you can climb up and plunder me." The young girl's giggling voice made me laugh more than her pornographic fairy tail.

My thoughts stole my sleep from me that night as I imagined all the ways my current life could turn out. None of them were a happy ending for everyone, except in my dream, sandwiched between two happy sisters.

The next week, I sat on my bed staring across the room at Kermit's bitch. Sitting on the chair, Ms. Piggy had been broken in several pieces. After years of putting green and coins in her, $447.47 came out of her. All my savings from allowance, lawn jobs and birthday money amounted to less than $500. Well short of my corvette, yet plenty of money for Jasmin's birthday present. Cindy's idea of a bracelet seemed better each day that I didn't come up with something else. I wanted to make it the most wonderful birthday I could, but was limited by my lack of a driver's license, my low budget and the fact that I was clueless about what girls liked. Or, at least what they liked from the store.

When my mother dropped me off at the mall, I wished I was as old as the life style I was living. I wanted to be a rich man who could take Jasmin away on a plane, and make love to her for her whole birthday weekend. Yet, there I was getting a ride to the mall from my mother, and I'd ride public transportation home.

Why are there three jewelry stores in one mall? My thoughts were interrupted by a screaming kid, or was it fifty screaming kids? As I entered the third jewelry store, I had all but given up hope that I was going to find the bracelet that told Jasmin how much I loved her, without depleting my money completely. Four baby strollers blocked my way, and reminded me how much I hated the mall. Actually, the amount I hated the mall was multiplied by what seemed like millions of Christmas shoppers, clogging the corridors. Note to self: next year get Jasmin's present during the summer.

Even in all the aggravation of the holiday shoppers; I was excited about the idea of having a girlfriend to get something for, and the idea of making her happy. I was also wishing Cindy was here helping me, or at least Susan. The days not seeing Susan had gone by quickly, but with each passing day, I missed her more and not less. I loved Jasmin more everyday, but I didn't love Susan any less. Like I had hoped.

"Gold, let me see the gold one, please." The stunning college age girl behind the counter opened the display case and pointed.

"This one?" She stood up from her crouched position and presented the bracelet at the end of her lovely arm.

Instantly, I could picture it at the end of Jasmin's arm. It was bold, yet delicate. Every other link was the shape of a heart. Each heart was connected by three interwoven oval loops. And, one large solid heart hung from the continuous connection of hearts.

"It's beautiful." I broke away from my relieved stare at the bracelet and looked to the voice.

"You, um, it's, it is." As if I had just seen her, the girl behind the counter reduced me to my fourteen year old self. Her flame red hair and heavily freckled face, gave way to blazing blue eyes. Her blue silk blouse bulged open between her hefty breasts, and her nipples looked like the were trying to poke through the material.

"Do you like it? I mean if I was your boyfriend, would you like it?" Damn it!

"What I mean,.."

The beautiful young lady was obviously accustomed to people stumbling over her. "That okay, I know what you mean. Yes, I would. It's the most wonderful gift you could get her. Whoever the lucky girl is."

I smiled like a crazy person at her words. I was so relieved at my find and her approval. I was instantly picturing the look on Jasmin's face.

"Okay, so what do you want to have engraved?" The smiling girl stared at me like I had a brain.

"Wha, what do you mean, engraved?" I looked at her blankly as I suddenly felt reduced again to a silly boy.

"You know, her name, or a special message. Up to nine letter are free, and we can have it done in an hour or so."

I looked into the sea of freckles and felt sweat form on my brow. Without using my brain, I said the first thing I felt. "I promise. Can you make it I promise?"

A sweet smile crossed her face at my words. "Sure, we can do that. Lucky girl." Her last words faded as she turned, but thundered in my heart. "Whoever the lucky girl is."

"Two, I need two! Can you make two?" The confused lady turned back with a crooked look.

"I'm sorry, I need two. Can you put Susan on the back of one and Jasmin on the back of the other one?"

"Alright, so that's I promise on the front of both, and Susan on the back of one, Jasmin on the back of the other?" She wrote it on the order slip and showed it to me.

"Perfect, that's perfect." I gave her a smile and stole a peek of her cleavage.

The questions on her face couldn't go unasked. "So, you have sisters?"

My face almost cracked as I answered her. "Yes, that's it, sisters."


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