Hey everybody. This is my first story, so I’m looking for a little CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It’s kinda long, and I’ll admit it takes a while to get to the good parts. This is the precursor to another story I’m writing, so know that this is just setting up some characters. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it. Mysterioso
Kelli was walking to her dorm room after her last final of the semester. She was happy that she was done with school for a month, but she was really happy that she was going to get to stay in town for a while this year. She didn’t hate home, but college was so much better in her mind. As she left campus for the short walk to her apartment, she felt like there were eyes on her. She shook off the feeling because she knew that she was attractive and guys stared at her all of the time. She was 5’4” and weighed 120 pounds soaking wet. With her auburn hair and bright green eyes, she had been told that she was a knockout several times. It was bitterly cold outside, as it was December, but she was still able to look sexy all bundled up.

As she rounded the corner leading to her apartment, she saw a van sitting on her side of the street. That would not normally set off any alarms, but this van was running, and it was facing into oncoming traffic. Not that there was any traffic, she had chosen her apartment complex for that reason. She slowed ever so slightly until she saw a logo on the side of the van. She assumed it was just a delivery van that was in a hurry; or, more likely, driven by one of the foreign students that usually needed to work to be able to afford school. As she passed the van, she glanced inside the driver’s window and smiled at the, rather handsome she thought, man sitting behind the wheel. He looked American, so she wondered why he was sitting there on the wrong side of the street idling.

She passed the van and continued to her building, pulling out her keys as she approached her door. As she was about to put the key into the lock, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She looked around quickly to see if she was being watched, but saw no one. She opened her door and walked inside. She closed and locked it behind her, heading to her bedroom. She set her bag down and quickly removed her winter garb as she kept her apartment rather warm. She decided to shower to help her relax after a really stressful final. She disrobed completely and grabbed a towel as she headed to her bathroom. She was not normally so cavalier with her body, but her roommate had already left for Christmas break, so there was little need for modesty.

She turned on the shower and took care of nature’s call while she waited for the water heat. When she finished, she checked the temperature and found that it was perfect. She climbed in quickly, eager to start her break off the right way. She washed her hair, spending extra time massaging her scalp. She then moved on and lathered on her body wash. She focused on her 32b breasts, massaging and kneading the flesh there. She slowly moved her hands in circles around her small areola leading to very small nipples. One of her few boyfriends had once called her petite, he didn’t last very long after that. She finally reached her nipples and stiffened slightly as her fingers grasped them. She pulled, flicked, and rolled them in her fingers. She kept this up for a few minutes, setting herself on a low simmer, until her right hand slowly circled its way down.

As her circling hand inched closer to her womanhood, she increased the pace of her left hand on her breasts. Finally her right hand slid over her shaved slit, finding it dripping wet without help from the shower. She softly stroked up and down on the outside of her outer lips for a minute before she pressed slightly in with her middle finger. It barely fit between her lips to rest in her bright pink inner lips. She caressed her folds with her middle digit while her palm made fleeting contact with her small clit. She decided that she was ready to move from simmer to full on boil, so she took her middle finger and pushed it into her tight cunt. She moaned loudly and threw back her head when she penetrated herself. She started slowly pumping her finger in and out of her tightness, but wasn’t able to keep up the self-torture long. She sped up her ministrations on both her pussy and her very sensitive tits. She soon pushed another slim finger insider her soaked love tunnel and felt absolutely full to the brim. She then brought her other hand down from her tits to work on her clit.

She rubbed it firmly, now deep in the throes of passion. Her left hand became a blur while her right pistoned into her with all she could muster. She took her right hand out of her pussy and reached up and pinched her nipple. That was all she could take and she moaned loudly for the duration of her orgasm. She quickly braced herself against the wall to keep from falling over. Her knees felt weak and the aftershocks of her pleasure made it hard to balance. She finally regained full control over her body and finished her shower.


She got dressed and headed out to her kitchen to get something to eat. As she passed her phone, she saw that there was a message on it. She checked it, and found it was for her.
“Hey, Kells, it’s Megan. I just met this really cute guy that I think you would really like. The only thing is, he’s a bit older. I told him about you, and he was very interested in meeting you. Call me!”
Kelli wasn’t shocked that her best friend Megan had called to tell her about some guy that she thought would be perfect for Kelli. Megan had done this before, and each guy that she’d been hooked up with had been nice, but not for her. She picked up the phone to call her friend as she walked into the kitchen to get something to eat.

“Hey, Kells. Did you get my message?” Megan always knew when it was Kelli calling; she claimed it was ESP, but Kelli figured that the caller ID was a much more likely source.

“Yeah, I got it. Who is it this time?” She sighed slightly, resigned to her fate. If she knew her best friend, she had already been set up on a date.

“He,” Megan exaggerated the word, “is only like the greatest guy of all time. His name is Derek, and he is some muckety-muck at Tanner-Phillips, you know, the law firm. He’s really sweet and good looking, especially considering his age. He’s almost 35, but he looks like he’s in is twenties.”

Kelli sighed. “All right. Where is the date, and what time do I need to be there?” She had long ago learned to go through on these blind dates that Megan set up. She envisioned herself a matchmaker, and Kelli didn’t have the heart to decline. Besides, she usually had fun on her dates.

“I didn’t set one up yet,” Megan said coyly. “You have to call him to do that. Here’s his number. Let me know how it goes. I want every detail.” Megan was in a very committed relationship, but she loved to talk about dates and dating with Kelli. Kelli thought that Megan was living vicariously through her just a bit, but didn’t mind. They chatted for a bit longer, and then ended with Kelli promising to call Megan and give her all of the juicy details.


Kelli made herself lunch, and then decided to call him.

She was about to hang up when he answered.

“Hi, is Derek there?”

“Speaking, who’s this?”

“Um, hi. My name is Kelli. My friend Megan gave me your number.”

His voice brightened significantly when he heard who it was. “Oh, hi Kelli. It’s nice to hear from you. Megan spoke very highly of you.”

“Same for you.” Kelli felt rather awkward talking to him like this.

“Well, that’s good I guess. Would you like to go out to dinner tonight?”

“Sure, dinner sounds great. Where do you want me to meet you?”

“I’ll come pick you up. I do like to play the gentleman every now and again,” he said jokingly.

“Um, okay. Let me give you my address.”

He wrote it down and then asked if she had any preferences for dinner.

“No, I’m fine with going anywhere.”

“How about Charlie’s?”

“That sounds good.” Charlie’s was one of the nicest restaurants in town. Kelli had never been there, she was, after all a poor college kid.


As it neared seven, she got ready. She put on her black dress that highlighted, but didn’t flaunt, her features. She put on a light dab of perfume and put her hair up in a simple, but elegant style.
At seven o’clock on the dot, there was a knock at her door. She opened it tentatively to find a man standing there. He looked to be in his mid forties, was short, fat, and balding. She smiled at him, but thought that she was going to have to discuss the meaning of the words “good looking” with her best friend.
“Ms. Williams?” The man looked her in the eye and seemed a bit nervous to be at her door.
She found it odd that he called her Ms. Williams, when earlier that day he had called her by her first name. She shrugged it off as nerves.

“Yep, I’m Kelli. You must be Derek. It’s nice to meet you.” She extended her hand to shake.

“Oh, no, ma’am. I’m not, I mean, uh. I’m the driver.” He looked really embarrassed at the mix up.

She sighed an inward sigh of relief. “Oh, I’m sorry. What’s your name?”

“Frank, ma’am. Mr. Tanner wanted to come to the door himself, but he had an urgent matter to attend to. He’ll be meeting you at the restaurant.”

Tanner?, she thought. Is he the Tanner of Tanner-Phillips? She tried to play it cool, lest it be known that she didn’t know her date.

“All right, Frank, that’s okay. Let my just lock up and we can go down to the car.”

She followed him down to the parking lot where he opened the door to the limo. She climbed in and he closed the door behind her. She looked around in slight awe as she had only ever ridden in a limousine once before and that had been for a funeral, not the best time to take in a limo ride.

She and Frank chatted amicably as he drove to the restaurant. When they arrived, he hopped out and was at her door before she could even think about getting out. He held the door for her and then told her to go inside and tell the ma?e d’ that she was Mr. Tanner’s party. She did as Frank had told her, and was then taken into the back of the restaurant to a secluded table. A man was sitting there when she arrived.
He stood and introduced himself. “I’m Derek Tanner. It’s so nice to meet you. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to come pick you up.”

“That’s all right. I understand.”

“No, it’s not all right. It was ungentlemanly and it shouldn’t have happened. But, the past is past right? My, but you do look absolutely stunning this evening.” She blushed slightly at his compliment.

“Thank you.”

She was happy that Megan had been right. He was very attractive. He was six feet tall, average build, and had short-cropped brown hair. He had the deepest blue eyes that she had ever seen. She found herself staring and quickly moved to sit. He pulled out her chair for her, and then returned to his seat.

A waiter approached and asked if a sommelier was needed for the evening. Derek looked at Kelli. “Would you like some wine tonight?”

She nodded in affirmation, afraid that if she spoke he might find out that she had only turned 21 a few months prior. The waiter then took their non-alcoholic drink requests and left. The two diners perused the menu until the sommelier arrived. He was, suitably, French, and extremely knowledgeable. He and Derek had a discussion that Kelli barely understood. When he asked her what she was thinking of for dinner she told him.

“Does Mademoiselle like white or red?” She knew enough to know that she preferred white wine. “Perfect, there is a lovely,” he wasn’t able to finish his sentence before she cut him off. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know much more than that about wine. I bow to your expertise. Whatever you think will go best with my dinner will be perfect.” He smiled at the compliment and left to get their wines. He returned shortly with two bottles and two glasses.

Kelli and Derek chatted while they waited, albeit not long, for their food to arrive. She ate in small bites and tried not to look too much like unsophisticated young woman that she was. Derek, for his part, didn’t seem to notice. He tried several times to get her to open up about herself, but she didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk much. He filled the gap by telling stories about his time in the military. He got her to laugh at most of the appropriate places, but otherwise she did little.

When they finally finished their meal, Derek started asking about her life.

“Now, I’ve told you all about some of my past, let’s hear about yours.”

“I’m sure you are much more interesting.” She didn’t know why she felt so awkward around him because she was normally a very outspoken person.

“Oh, I doubt that. I don’t do much anymore these days. I just sit in board rooms and meet with judges. It’s actually pretty boring stuff. Tell me about school. What are you studying?”

She was finally able to come out of her shell to talk about her passion. “Interior design. I always loved decorating and matching color schemes.” She talked about her classes that she had just finished, how she was especially glad that her history class was done. She’d found it extremely boring.

“Hey, now,” he said. “I was a history major in college. I’d like to think that I’m not boring.”

“Oh, you aren’t boring. It’s just that my professor was really dull. It was just hard to stay awake. I really like history, but he made me hate it.”

They chatted for a while longer, both of them sipping their wine the whole time. The waiter approached with their bill, and Kelli saw Derek swiftly take out a black credit card and hand it to the young man. She glanced at the check as he was signing it and saw that he tipped the kid over seventy dollars.

The left the restaurant and Frank opened the door for both of them. As they got in the limo, Derek asked if there was anything else that she wanted to do that night. When she answered in the negative, he thought for a minute.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you come over to my place? I just moved in and it needs some serious help. I would love it if you would share some ideas on how to make to place not look like a bachelor pad.”
She thought for a minute, wondering if he had ulterior motives. She soon realized that her creepo-meter hadn’t gone off. She trusted her senses that said that he was probably just lonely anyway. He did say that his life was boring. Come on, Kelli. He probably just wants to spend more time with a pretty girl. Quit being stupid about it.

“Okay, that sounds like it could be fun.”


Kelli thought that they would be going to a mansion after the dinner she’d just been treated to. When they pulled up in front of a nice two story house, she was very surprised. He led her up to the front door and took her on a brief tour of the place. They ended up near his built-in bar. He had a scotch, and she had a glass of wine. She finally felt comfortable, and they talked for a long time. She didn’t realize what time it was until she yawned and looked at her watch.

“Oh, my goodness. When did it get to be 11:30?”

He just chuckled and said “time flies when you’re having fun, I guess.”

“I need to get home. I have to work in the morning.

He drove her home himself, as Frank had already left for the evening. She was more surprised with his car than his house. It was nice, to be sure, but it wasn’t lavish. He walked her to her door, and looked deep into her eyes.

“Would it be too forward of me to ask for a kiss goodnight?” He asked, leaning down slightly.

“Well, you have been the very picture of a gentleman tonight. I suppose that it would be all right,” Kelli answered with a giggle. She pushed herself up onto her toes and placed her hand on his cheek. When their tongues met, she felt a spark that she had never felt before with any guy. He put his hands on either side of her head, and held her face as she backed away.

“I would like to do this again sometime. Would that be okay with you?” He looked slightly nervous while he waited for her answer.

It took a moment for it to register with her that he was asking her out again. “Uh, that’d be…great.” She was still reeling from the kiss.

He told her that he would be at her door at seven o’clock on Wednesday.

She watched him walk away before she opened walked into her apartment and leaned back against the door.


It had been three weeks since their first date, and Derek and Kelli had been out several times since then. They were currently shopping for decorations for his house. Kelli had decided that he needed a home that was masculine, yet showed his romantic side as well.

They walked up and down the aisles of the local home d?r shop, looking for the perfect adornments for his living room. She’d felt that it was much too drab for an eligible bachelor, and showed how little he knew about decorating a space.

He had been told, in limited detail, the kinds of things that she was looking for. “Sweetheart, what do you think about this picture for one of the walls?” It was a black-and-white landscape in the vein of Ansel Adams. He thought it looked nice, and she readily agreed.

“See, I told you that you’d get the hang of it if you spent enough time around me.” She giggled as he rolled his eyes and muttered something about his feminine side. “What was that? I didn’t quite hear you,” she teased.

“I said,” he emphasized the word, “that every time I’m with you, I seem to find more of my feminine side.”
“Are you saying that you don’t like spending time with me?” She stuck out her lower lip in her best fake pout.

“Of course I like spending time with you. I learn so much just by being near you. I mean, how else am I to know the difference between an armoire and a chifforobe?” He chuckled as she bristled as she began to respond. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I know that I need you for much more than just your advice on furniture. You do provide me with paint colors too.” He received a much stronger punch in the arm that he’d anticipated for his remark.

“Derek Jacob Tanner, I am hurt that you could say such a thing.” She turned her face away theatrically.

“How can I ever get you to forgive me, Madame?” He said as he bowed at the waist, swinging his arm before him.

“Hmm, I think a kiss will be sufficient.”

He looked up to see the pixie-like light in her eyes.

“Your wish is my command.” He stood to his full height and then bent slightly as he pulled her to him. His arm was around her waist and he sucked her in tight, then put his other hand on her face and leaned in. Their lips touched and Kelli could swear that someone had shocked her with a taser. She loved when he kissed her like that, and she moaned her appreciation into his mouth.

When he finally broke the kiss, they pulled apart slightly. She kept her eyes closed for a few moments, reveling in the feelings that he had sparked in her. “Mmm, I believe that you are forgiven,” she said as a coy smile came across her face. He took her hand, and didn’t let go until they had left the store and he had to drive.


She sat in his kitchen, sipping wine, as she watched him clean dishes. He had just cooked for her a rather fabulous meal. It was less than a week from Christmas, and she had a question that she’d wanted to ask for some time.

“Derek, can I ask you something?”

“Absolutely, honey. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, it’s almost Christmas, and I have to go see my family soon.”

“Yeah, so what’s your question?”

“I wanted to know…if you’d come with me. To meet my family I mean.”

He paused in the middle of washing a plate, setting it back into the water of the sink. “You want me to meet your family?” He asked, incredulous.

“Please? I know they’d love you.” Her voice was really small, as she was afraid of what his answer might be. They’d briefly discussed family, but he refused to talk about his. She’d tried to broach the subject many times, but every time she did he got slightly angry at her.

“If they’re anything like you, I’m sure I’ll love them too.”

“Are, are you saying you love me?” She held her breath waiting for his answer.

He turned and looked at her. She was sitting down looking up at him, her eyes full of love and compassion. He walked to her slowly, put his hand on her face, and looked her in the eye. “I love you more than I ever dreamed possible. My life was fairly miserable before you came into it. You are the reason that I breathe now. You are the reason that I can make it through a day. I can’t bear the thought of living without you in my life. Yes, I love you. More than I think you can ever know.”

Tears were streaming down her face as she jumped up into his arms and kissed him. This kiss was so much more passionate than any they had shared previously. Her tongue asked for, and was granted access into his mouth. They battled for a while, eventually calling it a draw. Her tongue retreated into her mouth, and his gave chase. His hands started wrapped tightly around her, but slowly he began to caress her back. She soon moved her hands down and grabbed his ass.

She broke their kiss and looked up at him, adoration and affection filling her eyes. “Can I ask you for something?”

“Anything, sweetheart.”

“Make love to me. I, I want you to be my first.”

“Your first? I…I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say yes. Please. I love you so much, and you love me.”

“Are you sure? This is a big decision.”

“I know. That’s why I waited to find the right guy. You’re that guy. You’re sweet, you love me, and let’s not forget that you are a total hottie.” She giggled slightly. It was just what was needed to break the serious tone of the moment.

“Well, when you put it that way, how can I resist? Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

He led her up to his bedroom, where he closed the door and put on some music. He thought about lighting candles, but he didn’t want it to be too much of a clich? A rather slow song came on and he extended his hand. “May I have this dance?” She thought for a second, but she decided to just go with it, as he was more experienced in this area.

They danced for a few songs, until a slightly faster melody came on. He maneuvered her over toward his bed as they kissed hotly. She felt the bed with the backs of her legs and fell back onto it slowly. He crawled after her. As he leaned over her, he brought up one hand and began caressing her left breast. She moaned into his mouth and thrust her chest forward to encourage him. He put his weight on his knees and brought up his other hand to massage her other tit.

She had been excited when he had told her that he would take her, but now she was ready for anything. His attentions to her chest had ignited a fire in her loins. She reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt. She got most of the way down and then slid her hands in to feel his chest. She marveled at his chiseled pecs and then moved her hands around to massage his back. She brought her hands back to his front and then moved her hands over his nipples. He shuddered slightly as she rubbed them. She smiled into his mouth, glad that she was able to return at least a small bit of the pleasure he was giving her.

He sat up and removed his shirt completely. She pulled her blouse out of her slacks and tossed it on the floor to join his shirt. His hands were immediately drawn to her bra-clad breasts. He massaged and kneaded them lightly. He moved his ministrations all over her torso, making her shiver with the pleasure. He reached behind her and expertly unclasped her bra. As he brought it forward, she cocked an eyebrow at him. “I can tell you’ve had practice at this.”

He blushed slightly at having been caught. He started to answer, but she stopped him with a finger to his lips. “It’s okay. I’m glad that at least one of us knows what they’re doing.” He felt compelled to reply before moving on. “I just wish that my first time had been with someone as special as you.”

She leaned up and kissed him hard. He was a bit stunned at the ferocity of her kiss, but that didn’t stop him from admiring her breasts. He stared at them for a moment. “I know they’re small, but they’re yours.” She looked away slightly, not proud of her slight frame. “Sweetie, you have the most perfect pair of breasts I have ever seen.” To prove his point, he leaned in and sucked one of her small nipples into his mouth. She gasped and pulled his head onto her chest, not wanting the pleasure to stop.

He brought his hand to her other breast and grabbed it. His fingers circled her small areola, closing in on her nipple. When he finally reached it, he twisted it slightly, causing her to shudder. After just a few minutes of his mind-blowing attention to her tits, Kelli shrieked out in orgasm. She arched her back and had to push him off of her so that she could come down. As her breathing slowed, she looked over at him and kissed him deeply. “I’ve never gotten off like that before. I didn’t even know it was possible.”

She reached her hand down to his pants and undid his belt buckle. She slipped inside his slacks and grabbed his rock hard cock through his boxers. She slowly rose off the bed to remove her pants. She stood before him in just her panties, and reached to push those off of her hips. He stopped her and hooked his thumbs into them, sliding them slowly off of her hips. She shivered at the way that his light touch made her feel.

He was then staring right at her beautifully shaven pussy. He leaned in and kissed just above her slit. She shuddered and nearly lost her balance. He quickly pushed her onto the bed, sliding down her body. He pushed her legs open to grant him access to her treasure. He brought out his tongue and slowly licked from the bottom to the top of her honey pot. Her lips were very tight, and he loved her taste. He licked up and down her slit, driving her wild with anticipation. As he felt her coming closer and closer, he concentrated on her clit. He darted his tongue out to stab under her hood. It brushed her small bud, and she groaned loudly.

“Oh, GOD, that feels good,” was all she could get out before he was assaulting her again and she lost the ability to form words.

He started tonguing her clit a bit more forcefully, until she was bucking her hips up into his face in time with his ministrations. Finally, he decided that it was time to take her over the edge. He sucked her little clit into his mouth and lashed at it with the tip of his tongue. It was more than she could take. She arched her back and let loose a scream of pure ecstasy. He kept her at her peak for almost a minute before he let go of her clit. She immediately fell back to the bed.

When she came to, she saw him sitting next to her, playing with her hair and staring at her. “Oh, God, Derek. I love you so much.”

“I love you too sweetie. Are you ready to move on?” The concern in his face showed that he would wait for her. It was, after all, her night.

“I think so. I’m a little scared though.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be okay.” His smile alone would have been enough to convince her to jump of a bridge for him. “Would you like to be on top? That way you can do it at your pace?” She just nodded, afraid of that her voice would betray her anxiety.

He moved so that he was on his back, and she saw that he’d taken off the rest of his clothes. As she began to straddle him, she finally got a look at his cock. She’d felt it through his boxers, but she hadn’t realized how big it was. It was nearly nine inches long and almost an inch and a half wide. Her eyes widened in fear.

He saw her reaction and put his hand on her to help reassure her. “It’ll be okay. Your body is able to adjust to almost anything. I realize that I’m probably bigger than you wanted for your first time, but I hope I haven’t scared you away.”

She looked down at him and loved him even more for what he’d said. “It just surprised me is all. I’m glad it’s you lying there. Besides, I can go at my own pace right?” He nodded. “Then, I don’t have to worry. I can take all night to adjust to it if I need to.” Her impish grin let him know what torture that would be for him.

She kicked her leg over his pelvis and was straddling the biggest dick she’d ever seen. Truth be told it was the only dick she’d ever seen, but she knew it was larger than average. She grabbed it and brought it to her nether lips. He groaned when her small hand wrapped itself around his member. She giggled and started to rub the tip against her pussy. She slowly started sliding it in, a little at a time. She pushed it in a ways until she felt it hit a barrier. She pushed against it slowly and gasped in pain. She pulled back quickly. She slid up and down on the part of him that was in her, and then quickly pushed herself down onto him. She froze as soon as she broke her hymen, gritting her teeth against the pain.

He looked at her, rather alarmed at her suddenness. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Just, just don’t move.” She replied through tightly closed teeth.

Finally the pain began to subside, and she resumed her slight movements. She’s push him in a little bit, then slide back up slightly. After a few minutes of this, he thought he was going to die from pleasure overload. Finally her clit met his pubic hair. She ground her hips into his, relishing the feeling of fullness in her cunt.

She started to push off of him, stopping when she reached the head of his cock, and then slammed herself back down again. She repeated this over and over again, her pace maddeningly slow. He was thinking of cases, his taxes, he recited civil war battles in his head, all trying to avoid the impending explosion.
Suddenly, she pulled off of him completely. It took him a moment to realize that she wasn’t impaled on him anymore. He opened his eyes quizzically to see her staring at him lovingly. “I want you to take over. Fuck me. Now.”

He was in no position to argue. The switched places, putting him on top of her. He pushed in slowly, allowing her pussy to expand once again to fit him. When he bottomed out in her cunt, she simply said “do it.”

He pulled out and quickly slammed back in. He rammed into her over and over again, and she grunted in pleasure every time he bottomed out in her. Her hips began rolling up to meet his thrusts, and he could tell that he was close to orgasm. He reached up and twisted her nipple in his fingers while he bent down to suck on the other. She screamed at the pleasure he was giving her. He finally reached down with his hand and pressed on her clit, wiggling it back and forth.

That was all she could take. She screamed loudly, arching her back as her pleasure overtook her. Her pussy rippled on his cock, and he couldn’t take any more. He shot load after load of cum into her, sending her even higher into the planes of ecstasy with each squirt. As their orgasms subsided, they both passed out. But not before he rolled to her side so as not to crush her.

The last thing she heard him say before she passed out was “I love you so much, Kelli.”


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