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A poem for the holidays, while you're home for the holidays...
Merry seX-mas

May Christmas be a time of joys,
For all you girls and all you boys,
Filled with lots of special toys.

When Santa pulls up on his sleigh,
Lands on the roof this seX-mas day,
Tell him that you want a lay.

Tell him you want a lover who’s really hot,
Super good looking and hot to trot,
Who knows how to use what they got.

Someone to kiss all day under the mistletoe,
Someone who will make your juices flow,
Who will make your member start to grow.

A lover just like in the books,
Super fine and plenty of looks,
To make sure your seX-mas really cooks.

Someone with a gorgeous face,
To take you to that special place,
To make your heart start to race.

Someone who is really fine,
Someone who will be all mine,
Who can show me a special time.

Someone who can make me scream,
Someone who can make me cream,
Help me fulfill my every dream.

So tell Santa you want to fuck,
You don’t need another toy truck,
And I wish you all the best of luck.

Merry seX-mas!


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2012-09-30 08:29:21
is this in any book? and if so, where can i get it

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2012-09-09 18:51:09
The answer of an epxret. Good to hear from you.

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2012-02-28 15:37:29
mariussica71 placfimel porno

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2010-03-31 18:02:14

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