He gets what he always wanted, and so does she...
A Husbands Frustrations and Fantasy Come True

By John

Chapter 1

I lay next to Alisa, and my dick is rock hard. I had been dreaming about sex all night long, and since I've awaken, I've been thinking about sex. It's about 4am, maybe a little past that. I roll over, reach around and squeeze my wife's breast. Its early morning, but he's partly awake as well. I massage her breast, which is fairly large, and play with the nipple. I reach down further and grab the other breast, and play with that one. She's starting to wake up more and rolls over slightly. So, I take the opportunity and reach down between her legs and start feeling her pussy.

We have been married for 14 years now. I have fucked Alisa a countless number of times. I can even imagine the number, but it has to be over a thousand times. That's what married couples do, they fuck, a lot! They do that, and they also have fantasies.

Alisa has a younger sister, Misty. When we were first getting together, all I wanted to do was fuck Alisa whenever I had the chance. Of course, we were just 18, each living at home with our parents, so time alone was hard to come by. Misty would always be around, getting in our way, annoying the crap out of me because I couldn't get time alone to fuck. However, there were times when we did get time, and sex was quick and dirty. Mostly, it happened in the basement of her mother's house, on the couch, or upstairs in Alisa's bed when her mother wasn't home.

The years went by, and before you know it, we were both 21. As those years went by, Misty started getting on my nerves less. In fact, she had broken up with her original boyfriend and started seeing other guys. Not just one, but many other guys and had turned into quite a slut. Even though this offended me at first, I began to wonder what all the other guys saw in her, and fantasies started running through my mind. She was a thin girl, about 110 pounds, and about 5'6". She had brown shoulder length hair that had a slight curve, and brown eyes. Petite would be an accurate description of her body, with a nice ass and perky little titties. Because her breasts were small, she never wore a bra, although they weren't so small they were unnoticeable. If she bent over, you'd sometimes be able to see down her shirt and maybe see a nipple and maybe a small handful sized breast. So, she was entirely fuckable, in my opinion.

So, the teenage, young 20's years went on, living at her mom's house, fucking whenever possible. The couch in the basement was also a bed, and we had unfolded the bed and were watching TV. Alisa was on the left side of the bed, I was next to her, and Misty was on the right. She was sound asleep. She tended to sleep a lot. Far be it for me to miss an opportunity to fuck, so I pulled Alisa's shorts to the side and quietly fucked her while Misty was asleep next to us. If she knew we were doing it, she never made and indication of it.

I fucked Alisa on the couch one day in the basement, not thinking anyone was home. I had her leg lifted up as I was behind her lying down on the couch. As I pumped my dick into her pussy, who comes down the stairs? Misty! She giggled and ran back up the stairs. I often thought about that moment for months afterwards, and joked with her about whether she saw my dick or not. She would always just giggle it off and never answer.

Well, life went on, and the years passed on. Alisa and I eventually got married, and had a child. We bought a small townhouse and raised our small 3 person family. I was always a person to have fantasies about other women, but never did anything. It had been 15 years, and I had had sex with my wife over a thousand times. And it’s pretty safe to say that every time I fucked her, I'd have a fantasy in my mind. The fantasies were broad ranging. There was a girl at work, Claire, who I had fantasies about. I fantasized about fucking my brother's wife, Sherry, or a young girl I knew, named Heather. The fantasies started getting deeper and I imagined my wife getting fucked by various men, or getting double teamed, by some other guy and me. And, through the years, many times we fucked, I imagined fucking Misty.

My fantasies with her were going to get a chance to come true, if I had my way, because she, her redneck husband and her son were moving in with us. They were having financial problems and losing their house. They couldn't afford the mortgage, and the house was being foreclosed. So, in they moved, into my basement. Here she is, the object of many of my sexual fantasies, now living in my house. She’s now showering in the room next to my bedroom. She’s now unintentionally teasing me with her nice ass, and perky tits under loose shirts. It was all pretty nice.

As I rubbed her pussy, she started to wake more. She reached down and grabbed my cock. I slept naked. Why wear stupid clothes to bed? She rubbed my cock back and forth and gave it a good squeeze. Foreplay is OK, but I tend to want to get right to business. So I got up on my knees, and lifted her leg above my shoulder. I was kneeling next to her in the bed, not below her. I bent down and put the top of her pussy lips in my mouth. I let the tip of my tongue rub the top of her pussy and I sucked the lips. I sucked lower on her pussy as, with my right hand, I rubbed the top of her clit back and forth. Alisa let out a small moan as I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. I moved back up a bit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. This was usually and exploratory move for me. I wanted to see how wet she was, and how horny she was, and also to see if her asshole was willing to be explored. With my fingers now wet from her pussy, I pulled them out and slowly inserted my middle finger into her asshole. If she didn't want that, Alisa would normally not hesitate to let me know, and pull my finger out with her hand. But, this morning, as like most mornings, she enjoyed my finger fucking her asshole. My other finger went into her pussy and I finger fucked her pussy and ass while I sucked the pussy lips.

By now, Alisa was horny as hell and was reaching over and jerking my dick while I sucked her pussy. To really get her into frenzy, I'd rub the top of her clit with two fingers, suck her pussy lips, have 2 fingers in her pussy and a finger in her asshole, finger fucking her, sucking her, and masturbating her all at the same time. I like multitasking! I had become quite good at knowing what she liked, and knowing how hard to suck and rub to get her to come. But I usually didn't want her to come from me sucking her pussy, because that would sap a lot of energy from her, and I wouldn't get to fuck her good. Occasionally, while sucking her pussy, I'd take a small break, lean back from her cunt and stick my dick in her mouth. She'd lick the head of my dick and jerk the body. She'd pull my dick out of her mouth and suck down the base, then suck my balls.

My me, balls are pretty disgusting things. They're hairy and smelly and just weird looking. I don't see what women see in them. I do know this. Just like men don't like to suck a fat hairy pussy, women don't like to suck hairy balls. Getting your balls sucked feels great, unless she pretends they are jawbreakers, but otherwise, it’s really nice. Alisa would never suck my balls when we were younger, because they were always hairy. She mentioned to me that I should shave them if I want my balls sucked better. Who was I to argue? It doesn't take me that long in the shower to lather up, grab the razor and shave. So, for years now, I've been shaving my balls and pubic area to be totally shaved. No hair down there for me. If I expect my wife to do it, I'm doing the same. I should mention that her pussy is usually shaved bare as well. If its not, I grab the bikini trimmer and shave it for her, then suck it, or fuck it.

So, Alisa now likes sucking my balls. I return the appreciation by sucking her pussy more. It’s a great trade off relationship.

After about 20 minutes of this oral sex trading, I start to desire to do some good old fashioned fucking. So I move and crawl on top of Alisa and lift her leg up onto my shoulder. I grab my dick, move it to her pussy and rub it up and down her pussy lips to get it moist. I then move it down further to her asshole, and gently push it in. Most men will fuck the pussy first, then the ass. Not me! I know that Alisa loves it in the ass, and often has an orgasm when I'm fucking her ass. Often, if she has an orgasm, she won't let me fuck her asshole, so that is another reason I start there.

I put my leg up next beside her ass, and kneel on my left knee. This gives me a lot of room to maneuver as I push my cock inside her ass. I fuck her ass while squeezing her breasts. Alisa reaches down and rubs her pussy. As I fuck her ass, I lean over and kiss her neck and front of her chest. She reaches around and grabs my hips and helps me pump, all while rocking her ass with my thrusts. Faster, she rubs on her pussy, and I push my dick even further into her ass.

"I can't wait until he fucks you like this", I say to her. This is one of the fantasies we played with, where I let my wife fuck her boyfriend of choice. He usually remained nameless.

"Will you let him fuck your ass like this, baby", I asked.

"Yesssss", was her reply.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, I like that", I said.

"What about like this", I say, as I pull my dick out of her ass, and put it in her pussy. She just lets out a soft moan in reply and starts rocking her hips more. I grab her right leg and put it on my left shoulder, and now both legs are on my shoulders. I put my dick deep in her pussy. I then get up on both feet, with my legs bent, leaning over on my arms. Alisa calls this the "Froggy" position, because I'm on all 4's like a frog. The advantage is I can put my dick in her cunt at an angle that feels to her like she's on top. She fucking loves it! In and out I fuck her pussy hard, all while she rubs it. I fuck her like this for a few minutes, and then switch my dick to her asshole again, same position. And she loves it for the same reason.

"You know, I'm going to suck your pussy this weekend, Alisa. I'll suck your pussy and get you in the mood, but I'm not going to make you cum. That's his job. You can let Frankie fuck your pussy and make you cum", I say to her. A name. I mentioned a name. Not often in our fantasies to I mention a guy’s name. But I know Alisa fancies Frankie, who is her best friend's husband. Her best friend, Nancy, comes over our house every weekend, and we all spend time together. I've been trying to get them to fuck for a while, and I know they want to, it just hasn't happened yet.

She doesn't think I can sense it, but after I mention that, I feel her rubbing her pussy harder and her hips are rocking harder to my fucking her asshole

With her other hand, I feel her grab my hip from behind harder, and I pump her ass even faster and harder. She's having an orgasm, I can tell. I continue to fuck her ass, but she stops rubbing her pussy. I get down on both knees from the Froggy position, and continue to fuck her ass. Normally, she'll make me pull out of her ass after an orgasm, but a week ago, she had two orgasms, both from ass fucking, so lately she's been letting me stay in. But, I didn't stay in long, because after about a minute of pumping, I feel the energy building up inside my cock, and I explode inside her ass. I collapse next to her, in a sweaty mess, and she relaxes her legs, and gets her breath. We're both a sweaty mess. What a way to wake up.

Chapter 2

So, Misty and Charles and son are living in my house. Its February now, and they had been here for about a week. I’m sitting at my computer, and Misty walks by me with a towel in her hand. She’s going upstairs to take a shower. This makes my heart skip a beat, because I realize there is a ladder outside of the bathroom. The top of my bathroom door has a decorative opening that you can easily see through. So, after I hear the door close, I go up the stairs, and quietly climb up the ladder. I look in and see Misty’s naked ass in the mirror. Her ass looks perfect. She’s actually facing me, but can’t see out into the hall, due to the difference between a lighted room and a dark hall. But she looks up in that direction, and I get scared off and go down the ladder. The rest of the night, all I can think about is her ass, and I’m horny as hell. I later fuck Alisa, thinking of Misty’s ass the whole time.

The following Saturday, Misty had come upstairs from her basement room, and was talking about the panties she got from a Victoria’s Secret shopping trip she went to with my wife.

“I got a free thong”, she was giggling about. Misty never wears a thong, being pretty old school. I keep trying to get her to put them on, but she keeps denying. However, I hatch a plan in my head. The circus is coming to town, and she really wants to take her son to it. So I tell her that if she models the thong to me, I’ll buy her a ticket.

For some reason, she goes downstairs and asks her husband if it’s OK to put it on. She comes back up, and I ask her if its, on, and she says yes, and shows me the side string by pulling it from the top of her pants.

“I want to see it”, I say. “Alisa says it’s OK”.

Misty looks at Alisa, who says, “It’s just an ass”. Misty then runs back downstairs and asks her husband again. She comes back up, with him. She then shyly pulls down the back of her pants and shows me her thong and bare ass.

This is the first time I had seen Misty’s bare ass up close, and in fact, the first time I’ve actually seen another woman’s ass up close in a very long time. It looks really nice, and makes my heart skip a beat.

I then walk over to her and squeeze her ass, which is very very soft.

Misty gives a squeal and pulls up her pants.

“I didn’t say you could squeeze it”, Alisa says!

I just laugh it off and sit back in front of my computer.

Two days later, as I was goofing around on my PC in the evening, Misty comes up to me, telling me she needed to buy flea medicine for her animals, but didn’t have enough money. I told her that I’d buy it if she let me squeeze her ass. When I asked her then, she replied “Yes” instead of an “Mmmmm”. So I stood up, reached around her, and gave her a two handed double cheek squeeze, which she apparently liked. Other than the small squeeze I gave it before the circus, this was the first real squeeze I got. It was really nice, and soft, and immediately became like crack to me.

A few weeks go by, and Misty is getting into a routine of living at my house. I talk with her often, and she mentions to me she hadn’t had sex for quite a while. She apparently also mentioned that to Alisa. One Saturday morning, I wake up about 10am, and find out that Alisa had “watched” Charlsie, while Misty and Charles got to have sex downstairs. I guess that was a nice sisterly thing to do. When I asked Misty about it, I asked her if she had an orgasm, and she said “No”.

A few weeks later, on a Thursday morning, I wake up early. About 2 weeks after Misty moved in, I started noticing her patterns, such as when she would go out for a smoke, or when she'd brush her teeth in the morning. One morning, it was about 5:15am, and I woke up with a hard on. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I did not turn on any lights. I knew this was about the time that she comes up to do her thing. Sure enough, about a minute later, the light turns on. She's coming up the stairs. I play it dumb and start rubbing my eyes like I'm sleepy. I hear a giggle behind me, so I turn around and go to the edge of the steps. Misty is standing 2 stairs down waiting for me to leave. I'm completely naked, with my cock standing straight out. Now, since she's a few steps down, it’s at eye level for her, so she looked straight at my cock, shaved pubes and balls, and smiled. I had always told her I shaved, and offered to show her. She never believed me until now. She can clearly see how clean it is.

She walks past me, still looking at my dick, and I squeeze her ass as she walks by. When she gets into the bathroom, I go back into my bedroom and go back to bed.

The next Friday evening, Alisa is upstairs in bed taking a nap; my daughter is in her bedroom. Misty’s husband and kid are downstairs. I’m on the couch, right next to the doorway to the kitchen. Misty is in the kitchen, preparing dinner for her kid. As I watch her walk back and forth, I think of her nice ass and my cock is rock hard.

“Wasn’t that nice to see earlier, Misty”, I ask, referring to my cock”

She doesn’t answer.

“Remember this”, I say, as I pull out my cock and balls, and hold my cock sticking straight up. Normally, until now, Misty would sneak glances at my cock, and seeing it in the morning surprised her, and even then she tried to look away. But this time, she gets a good look at it. Because I see her looking at it, my cock is probably the hardest it’s been in a long time, and sticking up pretty high as I hold it at its very bottom base. I keep holding it and playing with it, and teasing her with it. I try to get her to come over and play with it, but she waves me off. So I put it away, figuring I’m not getting anywhere.

Over the years, I had often spoken with her about how she had sex with her husband. I asked her what positions she did with him, and the general position she did was either laying on her back, or on her side. I told her she needed to get on top, and do the doggie style. I also told her she needs to make her husband suck her pussy, holding his head and not letting him up until she gets satisfied. Saturday morning comes around, and I stroll down the stairs around 9 or so. Misty is in the kitchen making breakfast. I go over to her, and tell her I’ll watch her kid so she can have sex with her husband. She tells me that they already did, early in the morning. Apparently, they did it while the kid was asleep. She had taken my advice and rode her husbands cock and did doggie style and had her first orgasm with him in 5 years.

“So, you had an orgasm”, I ask?

“Yup”, she smiles as a reply.

“Hmmmm, I find that interesting”, I say.

“What do you mean”, she asks?

“Well, you have been in the routine of having sex with your husband every Saturday morning now. And you’ve told me that he never makes you come, right”, I ask?

“That’s what I said”, she says.

“OK. Yesterday morning, you saw me completely naked. Last night, you see my dick rock hard. The next morning, you have your first orgasm in 5 years? I find that too coincidental”, I say.

“And you have a big ego”, she says while laughing. Although she denies it, I know in my heart that she was thinking of me while fucking her husband. I hold onto that belief as the months move on.

A few days later, early in the morning, I look over at the door. It is still dark out, but the sky is getting brighter. I then look at the clock and it says 5:18am. I look over at the door again, and I see light around the edges of the door. The hallway light is on, and the light is kind of bright, so that means the bathroom light is also on.

Alisa and I had been fucking like rabbits, and the bed was making all sorts of noise. There was no way she didn't hear that. But I had to make sure....

I roll out of the bed on my side, and walk to the door, grabbing a towel off the hamper as I walk by. The towel is to wipe myself dry. I look at Alisa and she's already half asleep from exhaustion, facing the window, not the door. I open the door, and close and lock it behind me. My dick is still hard from fucking, and actually getting harder. I look to the right into the bathroom, and Misty is in there brushing her teeth, as expected. I wipe my forehead with the towel, and put it over my shoulder, and walk up next to Misty. "Did you hear all that racket we were making in there", I say.

"Yup", Misty says with the toothbrush still in her mouth. She had seen me coming in through the mirror, so I didn't surprise her. Now, Misty tries to be a disciplined girl, and tries her best to control what she looks at. But I know she can't resist, thus the reason I'm in the room. I did not put on any clothes when I left the bedroom, so I'm standing next to her naked with a rock hard dick. I'm looking at her and I notice that her eyes drop down and look at my dick. I knew she couldn't resist. She just gives a small smile, rolls her eyes a bit and goes back to brushing her teeth.

I move closer to her, reach my hand down to the top of her ass, and insert my hand into the back of her pants. I reach down, and gently squeeze her left ass cheek and say, "That'll be you and me making that racket soon". I pull my hand out, and turn around to walk out of the bathroom. As I turn around, my hard dick rubs against her leg, then ass. I KNOW she felt that, but she makes no acknowledgment. I then leave the room, turn out the hall light, unlock the bedroom door, and close it behind me. I crawl into bed and fall back to sleep for an hour and a half, before I have to get up and go to work.


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