Sister in law moves in with her sister, and develops attraction to husband
A Husbands Frustrations and Fantasy Come True

By John

Chapter 3

Misty and Charles do not have a lot of money, hence why they are living with me. I’m not rich, but I make enough money to pay for a nice sports car and still have a few hundred bucks lying around. A few days after I had paid for her animals medicine I start seeing signs that she was depressed, so I gave Misty a hundred bucks, to cheer her up, and because I knew she needed it. When I did, she started to cry, and I got another nice bare ass squeeze. I told her that I’d continue to give her these “gifts”, as long as she let me get a squeeze or touch.

A few times over the next few months, I’d take the opportunity to “wake” Misty up in the mornings. On one particular Saturday, her husband had to work. Everyone was sleeping in the house around 8:30, except for me. I decided to go wake her up; she didn’t need to be sleeping. I go downstairs and Misty is in bed, and her son is sleeping next to her, on her left. I climb into the bed on her right. This was the first time I had ever climbed into bed with her.

“This feels nice, laying next to you”, I say to her. Misty moans, because she likes the way I’m holding her. But she’s clearly awake now that I’m behind her.

“This is how I hold Alisa”, I say to her as I reach around and cup her breast outside of her shirt. I have my hand there for about 10 seconds or so and then reach down and grab her hips and pull her closer to me.

“I also pull her closer”, I say. I then reach up back to her breast, but Misty blocks it. So I move my hand back down and start rubbing her ass. That’s when Misty decides to get up for the morning. I watch her as she gets up. She’s just in her panties and shirt, and looks so sexy.

Months go by, pretty uneventful, other than some casual flirting. The weeks are routine, and her weekend sex with her husband had become monthly sex, pretty much. I’d sometimes notice Misty’s eyes wondering down to my crotch at times, and I’d spend as much time as possible around her, but most times it was hard with her son around, who was constantly up her ass. But nothing much happened since the day she saw my dick.

One summer evening, Misty comes upstairs as I am on the couch watching baseball. She says she is going up to take a shower. After they had been living with me for several months, they started going to Charles’ mother’s apartment on the weekends. She got into the habit of telling me about it when I asked her, and had taken my sexual tips advice, and actually had two orgasms in one session, doing what I told her to do.

Earlier that weekend, when she was at her mother-in-law’s house, she had sex with her husband, but had developed a rash. I figured the problem was that Misty’s pussy hair was so long. I knew this because I had seen her naked in the bathroom when she was about to get in the shower. I had also clearly seen her bush when she was in the bathroom and I was working on the ceiling. So, I replied to her "While you're in there, you should shave that pussy". She nodded in reply. I then said, "And I want to see it when you get down". Now, I fully didn't expect to see it, but I might as well flirt. Now, the bathroom is right above the couch where I was sitting. I could hear her in the shower. I could also hear her tapping the razor against the shower tub, so apparently she actually was shaving. 15 minutes later, she comes down, and starts to go to the basement. But before she did, I say to her, "Well, did you shave it". She sheepishly nods yes in reply, like a little girl. "Well, let me see it", I say, still not expecting anything.

Misty sheepishly smiles, and takes her hand and pulls down the front of her pants really quickly, exposing her small bush. As fast as she pulled them down, she let them come back up. She turns around to start to go back down stairs.

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" I say. "I didn't get a good look at that. C'mere"!

She walks over to me. I'm sitting on the edge of the couch now. She's standing directly in front of me. I grab the top of her pants, and pull them out towards me and look down at her pussy. She had shaved 2 or more inches from the top of her bush, but left about another half inch where her pussy starts. Although I was excited to see her pussy so close, I was disappointed at the length of the hairs left. But, far be it for me to tell her that. "That's nice" I told her as I let her pants go. "Hold on, though" I said, as I grabbed her hips. I spun her around gently and pulled her back a bit. I then pulled the back of her pants down so I could get a look at her nice ass. It was a lot smaller than my wife's, that's why I liked it so much. I leaned forward and kiss on her left cheek and squeezed both of them with both hands. Misty pulled away and started off down towards the basement.

"Damn Misty, look what you just did to me", I said leaning back on the couch, gesturing towards my now rock hard bulge. She looked at me, then looked down at my cock, looked at me again. I gave her an inquisitive look and she looked at my cock again, then turned and went downstairs.

The next week, I had been working on the moldings in the stairway. As she was getting out of the shower, I found a convenient reason to hammer in a few loose moldings. She comes out, dressed as usual. "Did you do it"? I ask.

Misty gives her little childish yes shrug and smile.

"Well, lemme see!" I whisper.

"I kinda...cut it a little with the razor"

"Nu uhhh, lemme look", I say.

She pulls down the front of her pants again, really quickly like the last time. I see a small piece of tissue paper blotting the cut. As quickly as she pulled it down, she lets it back up again, and then goes down the stairs. I really didn't get that great of a look, so I planned on getting a better look later.

Later that evening, after Alisa and Crystal had gone upstairs to bed, Misty standing in front of me, at the couch. Earlier, when she got out of the shower, instead of putting on the normal pants she wears, this time she put on a pair of thin silky shorts. She never wears shorts, but these matched the small string top she was wearing. It was a set outfit. The shirt showed her sexy midriff, and it was hard for me not to gawk at her a bit. So, as she was standing there waiting, I stood up and walked over to her. I put my hand on her flat tummy and told her it was extremely sexy. She nodded in approval and I pulled the front of those shorts exposing that newly shaved pussy area. The tissue paper was gone now. I pulled the front of her shorts way down below her crotch and got a nice clear view of her pussy. This time, she did a better job of shaving, but there was still a little puff of pussy hair. I let go, reached around, grabbed her ass and whispered in her ear, "That's fuckin' sexy as hell". I then decided to leave her alone and went over to my PC. I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere with her with a house full of people. The flirting and daily psychological play was enough for that day.

The days go by and I tell her that instead of seeing her shaved pussy, that I want to feel it. I tell her it has to be shaved. She doesn’t really reply, but nods and doesn’t refuse. I tell her we’ll do it on Thursday, when her husband works late and my wife is off at the gym.

I get home Thursday, and her son is upstairs. Like expected, Alisa and Crystal leave for the gym. I put on a video game on my PC for Charles. He’s totally fascinated with it.

“You’re a big boy now, you can play this by your self, right”, I ask him? He answers that he can do it himself. Misty is sitting on the couch watching her son play the game. As soon as I’m sure he’s totally interested in the game, and not his mom, I grab her hand. “C’mon”, I quietly say to her as I pull her off the couch. To my surprise, she gets up, and follows me down the basement.

Misty sits on the edge of the bed, and I sit next to her. “You need to lay back”, I say to her. I gently push her back so she’s lying on her back. I then unbuckle her pants, and pull down her zipper.

“I just want to see how good you did, and feel how nice it feels”, I say.

I open her pants, to see her black panties. I lift them up with my left and see her shaved pussy. She shaved the top of her pubic area, just like before, to about an inch from her pussy. However, she has a lot of stubble from the hair growing back. She had told me she shaved it yesterday, but this looks like a few day old stubble, unless her hair grows that fast. I reach my right hand in and feel her pubic hair. I let my hand rest entirely on her pussy. However, I’m totally surprise by the amount of pubic hair down here. It’s clear to me that Misty just shaves the top of her pubic area, but not the lips.

Misty closes her legs, and buttons up her pants. “I have to check the laundry”, she says as she gets up and goes to the washer.

After she’s done, she comes back into the room and sits on the edge of the bed, facing a way from me. I can tell she’s kind of uncomfortable. I reach over, and lay her back.

“Just let me get one more look”, I say to her.

I unzip her pants again, and reach in again.

“I bet I could make you cum just by rubbing your pussy”, I say to her.

No reply. I’m cupping her entire pussy, but still can’t feel the lips because of all the pubic hair. I’m kind of disappointed. But I’m not inexperienced. I know how to find it. I reach my finger down further, to the spot between her cunt and her asshole. I know this’ll be skin, and it was. I then move my finger up and strike gold. Pussy lips! They’re smaller than my wife’s lips, and tighter. I let the rest of my finger rest down on the length of her pussy lips. I can feel that she is already slightly wet, just from this little bit of foreplay. I start to rub around in a small circular motion.

“That feels really nice”, I say to her.

She gets up, and buckles her pants. “That’s enough for you”, she says.

“Hmmf”, I think, as I follow her up there. We have about 10 minutes alone before everyone comes back home. In that time, I spoke with her some more, and hinted that we should do this again, but she’d have to give me more than 10 fucking seconds. I told her at least five minutes and she agreed to it.

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