Names: Haily(14), Me (18)(John), Chris (17)

Haily is my little baby sister, she's the most beautiful in the world, she had blonde silky hair, glossy green eyes, 5'1, 95 lbs, size 36cc pair of tits, and very tight 14 year old little body. We all have a very special relationship since we were little. I was the oldest and Haily was the baby. She would run to us for everything and we would do everything for her. Our reward would be that she let me grab a feel of her tits or feel her pussy. But when she turned 13 we started to mount her every night sometimes we have a threesome. She would be in bed by 10 pm but she wouldn't be asleep until 12 am. Our parents made it easier by putting us in the same room even though we live in a four room house but it's a big room 15 by 15. We needed the other room for a game room and excise room.

When Haily turned started the first day of school, Chris and I was very excited because we had easier access to her. So that's where our story begins. Enjoy.

Chris and I was walking down the hallway pushing each other into the lockers joking around with our friends when we saw Haily at her locker stacking a load of books into her locker. We got away from our friends and walked over to Haily. Chris got behind her and I slammed her locker door as she reached into her purse to get something. She quickly looked up to see who it was and she saw me only.

"JonJon you jerk!" She said smiling reaching out to slap me when Chris grabbed her from behind.

"Hey little fish calm down." Chris said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"No fair!" She giggled while I took her books off her hands for her to reenter her combination to her locker.

Once she stacked her books in her locker she gave us both a hug, with a kiss on the cheek. Haily was wearing on that day a low cut pink cotton dress that was short cut and swayed from side to side when she moved, she had on some pink high heels to go a long with her dress. She loved showing off her long smooth legs and teasing the guys and sometimes the girls (just for fun).

"So how's your first day going?" I asked.

"It's been fun! I've made a lot of new friends," She exclaimed excitedly, "Cheer was fun but the math teacher was mean to me." She pouted

"Awww poor little baby," Chris said mocked her, "hey John look she's not wearing a bra."

"What?" I asked looking at her while Chris came over by my side blocking her from the other students view.

"Thanks a lot Chris now JonJon mad at me." Haily pouted even more giving me puppy eyes.

"Hey I'm not mad, I'm just wondering where it is....did you fuck someone?" I asked half serious and half joking.

"No!" She said looking scared.

"Come on you can tell us." Chris said poking her nose smiling.

"I didn't!" She said a little bit of tears were forming in her eyes as she held her purse across her chest.

"Hey we were playing," I said quickly pulling her to me giving her a quick kiss in the lips, "hey it's your first day of high school don't cry."

"Okay." She said giving a little smile.

"But where's your bra?" Chris asked.

"It's in my cheer locker it was getting uncomfortable." She replied wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Okay." Chris said reaching between us cupping a feel of her tits.

"Hey!" She whispered smiling.

I reached behind her and grabbed her round ass caressing it. Chris continued fumbling her tits. We stood at a position so that none of the other students could we were feeling her up. She was trying to brush our hands away looking around making sure no one was looking. After a while she stopped and let us finish. Chris and I was getting hornier by the min.

"Let me see your schedule we'll walk you there." I said letting her go so she could find it in her purse, I had to stop Chris so she could find it.

She pulled it out and handed it to me. Chris and I looked at it and smiled at each other. She got on her tip toes to see what we were smiling about.

"What's with the smiles?" She asked.

"You have art." I said

"Yeah so?" She said with a questionable look.

"We have art." Chris said with a devilish grin.

"Really? This will be fun!" She jumped up and down like a little kid.

"Okay Okay," I said grabbing her by the waist, "come on we'll walk you to class."

She wrapped her arms around my waist as we all began walking. I had my arm around her shoulders. If people didn't know us better they would say we were a couple. Haily got a couple of cat whistle from my friends and some guys along the way. She smiled and waved at them. Chris got jealous and grabbed Haily and pulled her away from me wrapping his arms around Haily from behind.

"Hey, bitch that's my girl." I said jokingly.

"Well I want her for a min motherfucker." Chris replied.

"Hey hey share boys." Haily said giggling.

We reached the art room and walked into the room I found a table in near the back of the room with three seats (how funny). Haily followed in the middle between me and Chris. When we reached the table Chris pulled the chair out for Haily and she sat right in between us. Some of my senior friends came over to chat with me but they kept staring at Haily with greedy eyes.

"Yo bro eyes off my sister." I said looking back at Haily smiling.

"She hot bro," My friend said looking at Haily, "you're hot."

"Thank you." She smirked.

"You doing something in Friday babe?" He asked smiling.

"Well..." she said looking over at me and Chris, "I don't know yet."

"Wanna go to a movie?" He asked.

"Hmmmm...I'll think about it." She said giving him a sweet smile.

"Can I get your number?" He asked giving her his phone.

"Sure." She said taking his phone putting in her number in.

After he walked away Haily giggled. Chris and I looked at her knowing what she just did. She just gave my friend a rejection number. She looked over at Chris and struggled her shoulders still giggling into her hand. I looked around to make sure that no one was looking so I pulled out my cock and started pumping it to get it hard. Haily looked at me and gasped.

"JonJon! What are you doing?" She asked shocked and Chris did the same thing.

"Come on touch it." I said smiling and she shook her head looking around.

I reached over grabbing her hand placing it on my cock and Chris did the same thing. Haily looked nervous looking around as she began pumping our cocks in her hands. The teacher walked in and Haily quickly released our cocks and we sat up straight. The teacher didn't say much after all it was just art class. She introduced herself and told us to do whatever we want to do. I pulled Haily onto my lap wrapping my arm around her waist and Chris came over one chair. I slid my hand up her dress pulling her panties down to her knees. She grabbed my hands looking back at me with a nervous look.

" one can see I promise just sit back and enjoy." I said smiling.

She leaned back into me as I slid a finger into her pussy and Chris was feeling on her legs. She hit his hands off and she pulled my hands out of her dress she got up straighten out her dress and walked over to the teacher asking for the hall pass. She was at the door waving me and Chris to follow which we did. When we got into the hallway Haily smacked both of us across the cheek.

"Are you crazy?" She asked with a frown, "a lot of people could have seen."

"Well they didn't." Chris said smiling

"Hmmp!" She pouted crossing her arms.

"OK we're sorry. It's just that your so hot!" I said holding her face in my hands.

"Come on I know a place we can have a moment to ourselves." I said grabbing her hand and pulling her along with me.

We all stopped in front of a door and I opened it up. It was a small 5 by 5 room with a small dirty mattress in the corner. It was meant to put all the drama stuff but they moved it all to a bigger room. She stood looking at it with a disgusted look on her face (I wouldn't blame her she was spoiled rotten by the family she never have to do anything except cook and spread her legs). I pushed her into the room as me and Chris followed. We pushed her down onto her knees. We pulled out our still hard cock and slapped her face softly with them as she closed her eyes letting the pre cum from our cock spread all over her face. She opened her eyes after a few looking up at us. She began pumping our cocks looking straight at the tips waiting for her treat. I grabbed her head and guide it to my cock I felt like cumming when I felt her hot breath on it. She stuck out her tongue licking it up and down the shaft while pumping Chris still. She gave both our cocks a kiss on the tip she began attacking our cocks furiously slobbering all over them letting her spit hang off our cocks. She took the full length of or 7 in cocks into her mouth giving both of us the equal amount of time in her mouth.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up as she let out a squeal of pain. I pulled off her dress and panties so they wouldn't get messed up. I bend her over as she continued blowing Chris and I rubbed my cock against her wet pussy hole and slowly began to slide it in. It was amazing no matter how much I fuck her she never get loose she remained tight. I let my cock stay there for a while with my eyes closed as I listened to the sloppy sound as she gave the blow job to Chris. When I had enough I began pumping in and out of her as she moan on Chris's cock. She reached backed spreading one side of her ass cheek signaling me to stick my thumb into her ass, which I did right away. I spread her ass hole getting it ready for the fucking of it's life. But for that moment I was fine just fucking her in the pussy from behind.

"Hey John trade." Chris said panting.

I nodded and we turned Haily around and she was facing me now. She quickly wrapped her mouth around my cock licking the pee hole making me go crazy. I grabbed two hand full of hair and rammed my cock into her mouth. I heard Chris smacking Haily's ass hard. She screamed and I looked down at her as she looked up at me. She gave me a little smile with me in her mouth. Her face was red and her make up was mess up from the tears that was sliding down her face from deep throating. She was fingering her self and rubbing her clit in a circular motion. She let out a scream as she began cumming and she squirted onto the floor.

"JonJon....Chrisy...we...we!!" She began cumming again.

She kept blowing for a while so she can regain her breath while Chris and I held her so she wouldn't fall. Chris and I kept turning her around sharing her pussy and mouth, as she kept calling out our names.

"We to class..." She managed to get the last words out with her last breath.

"Fine," I moaned in her pussy fingering her ass, "Chris get out of her for a while."

When Chris got out of her mouth I threw her against the wall with a loud thump sound I lifted her ass up off the ground and she seems to be floating in the air. I rammed my cock into her tight ass as she screamed out my name. I felt her ass contracting on my cock, I grabbed her hair and pulled on it calling her a slut. I gave her a hard spanking as she continue to screamout my name and calling herself a cum slut. I was near cumming so I told her to get on her knees which she did and looking up at me with her glossy green eyes. She opened her mouth sticking out her tongue licking the tip of my cock with her legs spread rubbing her pussy telling me to give her what she deserve.

"Haily I'm cumming!" I yelled grabbing her head shoving my cock deep into her mouth releasing my seed into her mouth she was swallowing it as quick as she could but cum was begininng to spill out the side of her mouth.

I pulled out as my cock softened up and I pulled up my jeans buttoning it up as Chris took over and begand ramming her ass again. I sat on the mattress watching my brother fuck my little sister as cum was still dripping out of her mouth and she had a blank expression on her face as she was getting rammed. He slapped her around a bit and fucked her in the pussy. Chris layed her down on the matress getting on top of her and placed his cock between her beutiful tits and began titty fucking her. Haily looked over at me giving me a big smile and I smiled back messing with her hair tell her how pretty she was. I pinched her nipples making her let out a sexy moan. Chris commanded Haily to open her mouth which she did and he lowered his cock over her mouth and shot four string of cum into her mouth. She swallowed and then smiled.

"Yummy!" She said as we laughed patting her on the head.

I had to run out and get her stuff from the class room. When I walked in the teacher asked us where we were and I told her that we were showing Haily around the school. The teacher just sruggled and told me to hurry back before she gets in trouble. I told her okay and grabbed Haily's stuff and ran back to the room. When I entered the room again Haily was taking a nap in Chris arms still naked. I woked her up gently wiping the old make up, spit, and sum off her face with one of her towels. She grabbed her bag and began putting on her make up again and fixed her hair. I cleaned her pussy which was still wet with her juice and precum still on there. After she was done with her make up Chris got her dress and panties, and begin the baby Haily acted like a baby she wouldn't put it so we had to put it on for her. She smiled and sprayed on perfume and got up. We walked out and went back to class with ten mins to spare.

I hoped you enjoyed it story. This is just part 1 there's more to come...I'll write more soon.

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2012-04-24 06:57:51
she sounds cute and fuckable.

if somehow she was hard to get and had an element of sexy shed be perfect. but i doubt thats possible in reality.

youre either cute or sexy

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2011-06-23 04:27:50
I like your stories about little slut sister Haily but I think you should start pimping her under age ass hole and cunt out to other students and to some teachers as well, better grades, make some money with her little whore holes. You could take pictures of the action between little slut haily and the teachers, nothing like a little blackmail to keep her baby whore ass out of trouble and her pimp brother also.

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2010-03-23 04:18:33
Great story. I want more.

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