After their father’s wonderful lesson in sex education the day before, the children and parents begin to put their knowledge to good use. They begin to sample all of the possible sexual combinations as their horizons are expanded.
Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Family Love Boat 2

Ryan maneuvered the boat expertly into the marina. Everyone was back in their bathing suits and they all planned to take a quick shower when they docked. The four kids bolted down the dock with a change of clothes and a towel. They asked for directions to the shower and found that there was only one shower. They all went in and stripped down. They were scrubbing each other when their parents arrived. Both Ryan and Christie started laughing when they found their crew sharing a common shower. They stripped down and joined the kids. The kids could not take their eyes off of their parent’s bodies.

The kids pulled on shorts and t-shirts. Hannah was wearing one of Zach’s old t-shirts. The cotton fabric was worn and soft. She loved it.

While they stood outside waiting on their parent, Zach could not take his eyes off of his sister.

Hanna noticed that Zach was staring at her. She asked him what was wrong.

Ummm…nothing, he replied sheepishly…it’s just that you are…ummm…really sexy in that t-shirt. Zach told her.

You think so? She asked surprised.

God yes!!! He told her.

She noticed that he was holding his hands in front of his crotch. Zach…ummm…do you have…ummm….you know?
Zach blushed a deep shade of red and nodded.

Hannah got the biggest grin. That is so cool, she told him. You know it is cool…that I can give my brother…ummm…a boner. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. You are so sweet.

Ryan and Christie didn’t catch much of the conversation, but they saw Hannah lean over and give Zach a peck on the cheek and heard her tell him that he was sweet. They looked at each other and shook their heads. Ryan said under his breath, amazing!

The 6 of them headed back to the boat. Ryan pulled out the charcoal grill and the filets of Mahi Mahi that he had been marinating. They had a wonderful fresh seafood dinner that their Dad expertly cooked on the grill. They enjoyed the Mahi Mahi and told their Dad it was awesome.

After dinner, the family explored the area around the marina on foot and found some shops. They picked up some provisions and headed back to the boat.

Ryan watched in amazement as all four of the kids laughed and played around with each other unlike the kids had ever done before. In the past there had always been tension among the kids…particularly the two older ones. He watched in amazement as Hannah went down the dock with her arm around Zach and Zach had his arm around Hannah’s shoulder.

Zach helped the three younger kids climb aboard the boat. Emily was the last one aboard and Zach gave her a big hug and kissed the top of her head. All of the kids went below.

Ryan was expecting a battle over where everyone would sleep. Zach announced that he wanted to sleep in the cockpit. Hannah said that sound like fun and asked Zach if she could join him.

Ryan asked the twins if they wanted to sleep in the V berth.

Huh??? Asked Noah…where’s that?

The cabin at the front of the boat is the V berth.

Why, asked Emily.

Well the front of the boat is V shaped so the bedroom up front has a bed that is also V shaped.

Oh okay…they said wishing they hadn’t asked…all of this boat stuff was confusing.

Ryan watched as the two youngest stripped naked. They crawled under the sheet and hugged each other tight. Noah lifted his head for a moment and kissed Emily on the cheek. Emily looked up at him and kissed him on the lips. They must have been tired because they both seemed to go to sleep immediately.

Ryan called up to the kids in the cockpit and told them good night. He saw that both of them left their shorts on the chart table so that must mean that they are only wearing t-shirts.

Ryan walked down the companion way to the master cabin. His beautiful bride was lying seductively on the bed. In moments, Ryan was stark naked and his hard member joined him with his sexy wife.

This was an amazing day he told her as he showered her with kisses. What a wonderful and very sexy day. Ryan began to thrust his rock hard erection in and out of Christie. She wrapped her legs around him and tilted her sex up to maximize his penetration.

Up on deck Hannah sat snuggled between Zach’s legs. She loved the feeling of his naked erection against her hips. They had a beach towel over them and they were listening to the sounds of their parents making love. They searched the sky for shooting stars and found several.

Zach wrapped his arms around his sister. He felt her erect nipples through the thin t-shirt material. Zach lightly stroked the turgid flesh with his thumbs.

They listened to the sounds of their parents climax and Zach held his sister even tighter and the two of them snickered at the sounds of their parents having sex. Zach leaned down and smelled Hannah neck.

She asked him what he was doing.

Ummm…well…I’m smelling you…you smell good…and ummm…kind of sexy.

Hannah turned over and smiled up at her big brother. There is a reason for that. Being here like this with you…it’s making me wet down there. And Zach….


You…ummm…smell sexy too. But then I think everything about you is sexy.

Zach was speechless. Here was his beautiful sister lying between his legs with his hard penis sandwiched between her two magnificent breasts. He could feel her hard nipples pressing on his skin.

He quietly ran his fingers through her curly white blond hair. He traced her ear with his finger tip. Zach leaned forward and kissed the top of her head.

Zach…what was it like when you…ummmm…kissed Emily’s sex and licked her?

Awesome…really awesome. I loved everything about it. He told Hannah.

Ummmm…Zach…do you think you would ever….ummm…you know? Hanna asked her sexy 14 year old brother.

Wow…yeah…could I…I mean…ummm…yes…please…sure. The sexy boy stammered out.

Hanna…I would do anything for you…I think you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen. Zach told her. Zach pulled her up until their naked lower bodies were pressed together. Zach asked her if he could take off her t-shirt.

Hannah nodded and she felt him pull the hem of the shirt up to reveal her breasts. In moments Zach had the beautiful 12 year old completely naked.
Hannah kissed Zach tenderly and told him that she wanted to strip him naked too. Zach sat up and she pulled the t-shirt over his head. You have an awesome body bro…very sexy… Hanna told him as her fingers traced lightly over his taut abs and well developed pecs. His body definition showed his love of sports particularly swimming and running. Her fingers found his nipples. They were turgid.

Zach moaned as his beautiful blond sister fingers explored and stimulated his nipples. Hanna’s touch sent shudders of pleasure through his body. Each touch sent jolts of pleasure to his testicles. His penis continuously leaked precum. The clear lubricant fascinated Hannah.

Zach leaned forward and he began to suckle on his sister beautiful breasts. Just touching the small shapely globes excited the boy beyond belief. He gently sucked the hard nipple. Her flesh tasted delicious. He felt Hannah’s body shudder as he sucked on her. Zach began to flick the turgid flesh with his tongue. That caused a moan of pleasure that came from deep in Hanna’s core.

Hannah cradled her brother’s head and her fingers combed his long blond hair. Hannah felt the nipple stimulation in her sex. Her body ached for attention there.

Zach released the hard nipple and he lightly stroked Hannah’s face as he kissed her passionately. The kiss was so sexy. Their lips parted as the intensity increased. Zach felt Hanna’s tongue exploring his lips. He opened his mouth wondering if she would actually put her tongue in his mouth. Seconds later their tongues touched. It felt weird for a second. Then he found he could not get enough of the taste of his sexy sister. Her taste was awesome. Zach’s young body was on sensory overload. It seemed like every nerve ending in his body was humming with all of the sexual stimulation.

Zach’s fingers played with her breasts and nipples as he continued the awesome French kiss with his sister. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouth.

Hannah’s 12 year old body was on fire with the intense stimulation. Most of all she was focused on the throbbing tube of flesh that was sandwiched between their two bodies. She ached to have Zach fill her with his man flesh. She reached between their bodies and touched his throbbing member.

Zach gasped at her touch. The separated enough for her to explore his sex and Zach’s hand found the heat of his sister’s sex. His fingers lightly explored the engorged lips and the sharp intake of breath as the tip of his finger touched her lust swollen clit. He lightly stroked the stiff flesh. The stimulation of her sex made Hannah groan.

Oh yes…that feels awesome. Hanna told her brother.

That encouragement was all Zach needed to begin to further explore Hannah’s most intimate places. Zach found her sex to be wet and slippery with her intense excitement. His two middle fingers found her molten core. He cautiously slipped his fingers in her sex.

Oh…wow…mmmmmm…..yeah. Hannah reacted.

Zach loved the feeling of Hanna’s body react to his attentions. Hannah was panting with the intense excitement he caused her. Zach’s finger explored Hannah’s cervix as the palm of his hand rubbed against the throbbing clit. Hannah’s clit stood out prominently as if begging for his attention. Zach’s fingers began to simulate a penis moving in and out of her hot sex.

Faster Zach…faster. Hannah begged Her body stiffened as he responded to her request. The tension was incredible…then she cried out as her body shuddered with wave after wave of pleasure. Zach continued to work his magic with his fingers until the beautiful sexy blond girl was spent.

They lay there entwined. Hannah could feel the pounding of Zach’s heart and the throbbing of his rigid member.

Zach whispered in her ear. Hannah that was amazing. You were so beautiful as you…ummm…you know. He kissed her tenderly. Zach went back to kissing her nipples. Her flesh tasted awesome to the young boy.

Zach began to lick his way down his sister’s abdomen. She giggled when his tongue found her belly button. Hanna gasped as he licked his way down to the small patch of white blond silky pubic hair.

Zach spread his sister’s sex open. The smell of her 12 year old sex only inflamed him more. Zach began to probe her hot sex with his tongue. It only took a moment for the tip of his tongue to find his sister’s prominent clit. It stood up like a little penis begging to be stroked. He lapped it and sucked it until Hannah was squirming with the wild pleasure he was causing her. Zach then began to probe her hot sex with his tongue. She began to cry and moan at the powerful good feeling overwhelmed her.

The kids did not know it but the men in the boat across from them were watching them from the flying bridge of the fishing boat. Both of them had their erections out and were stroking them furiously.

Zach looked at Hannah and said, I have to have you. Zach knelt between her legs and lowered himself so that his sex was lightly touching Hannah’s vulva.

Hannah wrapped her arms around the sexy boy and she flipped them over.
Hannah got up on her knees and straddled her sexy brother. She capture his boyhood between the lips of her labia. It was like her sex was hugging Zach’s sex. She rubbed her sex against his rock hard member. Hannah slid up to the tip of her brother’s sex. They were both so slippery the tip easily slipped into her sex.

Hannah was surprised at the awesome sensations that the tip of his throbbing member caused as she held his boyhood captive. Zach lay perfectly still.

Zach lay there hoping and praying that she would take his sex to the hilt. He felt his sister sit up and his member slide deep in her core until the tip of his sex was pressed against her cervix.

Hannah gasped at the feeling of having the rigid 5 ½” member buried deep in her core. She loved the feeling of his boy sex pushing against her cervix. Her throbbing clit rubbed against his shaft. Hannah leaned down to kiss her brother and she felt the shaft of his penis pull back. She kissed Zach and took his boy stalk back to the hilt. Having his member thrust in and out of her sex was heavenly.

Zach was painfully erect and his boy orbs ached to release their seed. As his sister became more excited, the ridges in her sex tried to coax the seed from deep in his loins.

Hannah…I am getting real close. He told her.

Hannah froze and waited for the intense need to seed to pass. Hannah slid down his awesome pleasure staff until she felt his tiny nest of pubic hair against her sex. Hannah lay on top of Zach very still.

Is it okay if I just hold you like this for a while? I love the feeling of having your awesome penis deep inside me.

Mmmm…yes…you feel awesome. Zach could not believe that he was lying there with his penis deep inside Hannah and her awesome breasts were pressed against him. The sensations were unbelievable. Hannah’s head was on his shoulder. Her fingers began to play with a turgid boy nipple.

Baby be careful. That could set me off…sorry…you are so sexy…it…ummm…would not take much to make me cum.

She kissed him and told him she was sorry. They are just so sexy all hard and stuff.

They were very still for a long time.

Zach…I love the feeling of you in me. You must be the sexiest boy in the world. I need you really bad, she whispered in his ear. Zach felt her begin to slide up and down his boyhood.

Zach groaned…oh Hannah…I am so close…I want you so bad…but I am going to seed you if you keep that up.

Hannah began to roughly pleasure herself on her brother’s member. Hannah cried out as she felt her body convulse with wild erotic pleasures. Moments later she felt her brother’s hot seed flood her sex.

Zach felt the tension in his loins release. He thrust deeply in her sex as his hot seed squirted deep in her unprotected womb. His member shoved deep in her sex and released another torrent of hot man seed in her womb. The pleasure he felt was indescribable.

The remained joined as one as the wild orgasmic feelings subsided.

After a long while, Hannah asked Zach if he wasn’t suppose to go down after his orgasm.

Zach laughed and told her she was just too sexy.

Hannah tightly wrapped her arms around her brother. I love you, she told him as she began to kiss him passionately.

Zach returned the kiss and began to roll them over into the missionary position. When they broke the kiss, Zach told her that her sexy body was too much to resist. He began to thrust powerfully deep in her core.

Hannah instinctively spread her legs as wide as possible and wrapped them around her big brother’s hips. She dug her heels into his hips to encourage Zach to fuck her harder and faster.

Their tongues did an amazing sexual ballet in each other’s mouth which helped build the tension. Zach hand found her turgid nipple and he fondled it lovingly. Even though both of the young lovers had just had a powerful orgasm a little earlier, they passion built to a fevered pitch quickly.

Hannah had a deep sexual itch that only the pounding of a rock hard penis could scratch. She felt herself near the edge of the pleasure abyss and suddenly she felt her brother’s thrusting pace increase. She cried out to Zach….Yesssssssss….fuck me hard….oh yes…harder.

Zach pounded his little sister’s clit with his pubis. Each thrust drove his hard member to her core. He felt an overpowering need to seed. It felt to him that his hips must be thrusting so hard and fast they must be a blur to watch. Zach had a death grip on her beautiful nipple as his back arched as he delivered a powerful jet of hot semen to her womb.

Zach groaned as his loins convulsed as they squirted his potent incestuous seed deep in his beautiful 12 year old sister. She cried out with each thrust as they took her to new sexual heights. As Zach held himself up on his powerful arms as his loins thrust forward for the final jet of his seed, he saw his parents in standing in the cabin watching their naked children making passionate love.

Zach’s body stiffened in reaction to seeing his parent. Hannah knew something was wrong from his sudden reaction.

Zach was sure that his parents would be furious that he had filled his sexy sister with his potent teen semen.

Ummm…it is not Hannah’s fault…It was all my idea. Zach told them in a gush of breathless words. I made her do it.

It didn’t look that way to us son. It looked like two beautiful young people making passionate love to each other. It…ummm…well…it was just magnificent to watch.

Zach watched as his dad climbed the steps from the cabin into the cockpit. Zach saw that his Dad’s member was still erect and it glistened with moisture. His dad leaned down and he kissed his 14 year old naked son on the lips. Ryan lightly caressed Zach’s sexy hips as he kissed the boy. When the kiss broke Ryan leaned down to kiss his magnificent 12 year old daughter.

When he straightened up he told them that watching them got he and their Mom so excited that they made love while they watched them. You probably caused us to make you a little brother or sister.

Hannah started giggling like a little girl.

What is so funny? Her Dad asked.

Oh…it is not what you said…it is the reaction it caused. Guess who has another boner. She said laughing.

Ummm…I couldn’t help it…us causing them to make a baby sounded sexy to me. Zach said somewhat defensively.

Hannah giggled again and leaned up and kissed her brother. I don’t care what causes your boner. It feels awesome.

Her mother leaned down and kissed her and suggested that they might be more comfortable if they joined them in their bed.

As they all headed down the steps into the cabin they found the two beautiful 11 year old twins standing there waiting for them. Ryan turned on the cabin lights and there stood the twins holding hands. Noah’s penis throbbed with each beat of his heart. Christie hugged the twins’ naked bodies against hers. Noah’s hand reached out to touch his mother’s nipples. He looked at her to see if she was upset. Christie just held her beautiful baby boy tight to her body.

Mom you smell different…

It is sex. Your father and I have been working very hard to make you a baby brother or sister.

Noah said that he liked the smell. Uh…Mom…can Emily and me…you know….do IT.

No way dude, Zach said with a laugh, you are going to deflower two girls in the same day. Man you are quite the swordsman. And you’re only 11.

His father playfully smacked Zach’s head and told him he was awful…you’re right…but it is awful to say that to your brother.

Noah looked at his big brother and asked what a swordsman meant.

Zach grinned at his little brother and went to him and put his arm around him. That is what the older guys say to describe a guy who has a lot of sex. It means that you’re good with your sword, Zach told the sexy little guy as he playfully fondled his boy boner.

Noah grinned and looked up at Zach. It…um…feels really good when you touch me like that.

It sounds like you are spoken for right now…but I would like to touch you like that a lot more if you want to some time. Zach told Noah.

Noah nodded enthusiastically. Can Em and I have sex? Noah asked his parents.

They nodded and led the 11 year olds back to the master stateroom. Ryan hugged Emily tight to his side and he asked her if she was sure about this.

Emily nodded. I have wanted Noah since I saw him with Hannah earlier. He is so sexy Daddy.

Ryan kissed his little beauty on the lips and told her how much he loved her. His hand traveled down her torso across her erect nipples and lightly caressed the lips of her sex. He kissed her again and put her hand in Noah’s hand.

Christie pulled back the sheets and the twins stretched out on the king size mattress. Their small naked bodies looked so sexy along on top of the big bed. They all watched as Noah kissed and began to fondle his twin sister’s body. Zach asked if he could help get Emily ready. Noah nodded yes not quite sure what Zach had in mind.

Zach spread his little sister’s legs and began to lick and kiss her sex. Emily moaned and opened her mouth. Noah found he was enjoying his first open mouth kiss. He tentatively put his tongue in his sister’s mouth.

Emily was shocked at first, but the taste of Noah and feeling Zach licking and sucking on her sex was wild. Noah loved the taste of Emily. This day had been awesome. Noah lay on his side as he kissed Emily to make room for Zach to pleasure her. He was so engrossed in the passionate kiss that he was totally shocked as he felt an amazing sensation on his hard penis. It was the best thing ever. Noah quickly broke the kiss to be able to look down and see what was going on. He was shocked to see his big brother sucking on his erection. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

Zach looked up at his little brother as he let the tip of his 11 year old boner slip out of his mouth. Zach grinned at Noah and told him that he thought it was time.

Zach backed out of the way as he lovingly stroked his brother and sister’s legs.

Noah gently rolled his twin onto her back as he continued to kiss her passionately. He looked at Emily. Are you ready, he asked his twin timidly?

Emily nodded with a slightly apprehensive look on her face.

Noah told her they didn’t have to if she didn’t want to.

Oh I really want to do it…I am just worried that it will hurt.

Hannah leaned over her sister and kissed her on the lips. When they broke the kiss, Hannah told her that it only hurt for a moment. She told Emily that she would love it. Emily hugged her big sister.

Noah knelt between Emily’s legs with his 11 year old boner throbbing. His Dad reached over and put a little flavored lube on the sexy twin’s erection.

Noah put his slippery erection at the entrance to his sister’s virgin sex. Noah lean down and kissed Emily passionately. As he kissed her the family watched his erection disappear inside his twin.

The sexy boy stopped when his penis met the resistance of her hymen. He continued to kiss her passionately. Noah began to thrust his boy boner in and out of his sister with half thrusts until she was moaning with pleasure.

Now Noah…please….now. Emily cried out.

Noah thrust forward and he felt her maidenhead snap his boy sex pierced his virgin sister. Noah was joined completely with his sister. He lay still allowing his sister to adjust to the intrusion of his boy boner.

He began to thrust and she told him how good he felt. Emily wrapped her legs around her brother and was lost in the pleasure Noah caused with each thrust.

Christie stood next to Zach as they watched Noah and Emily. Zach was rock hard again and his mom began to fondle his member. She kissed his cheek and told him he was very sexy. On the opposite side of the bed, Hannah was exploring her father’s sex. She could not believe how long and thick his member was. She decided that it had to be 7” at least. Her fingers could barely close around the shaft because it was so thick. She wondered what it would be like to make love to a man that large.

Their attention was drawn back to the twins as Emily began to moan with her orgasm. Her beautiful face evidenced the wild sexual pleasure she was experiencing. They watched their brother as he thrust more rapidly and soon they both cried out as the powerful good feelings washed over them.

Hannah crawled in bed and she put her hand out for Zach. This time there was no hesitation; Zach quickly penetrated his gorgeous sister. Their beautiful bodies were joined as one. Zach thrust deeply in his sister’s amazing sex. They watched their parents join them in the middle of the bed. They two began to make love again.

The four of them quickly built to powerful orgasms. Zach and his father spilled their seed into Hannah and her mom. The six of them remained joined as one until their members went soft and slipped out of their partner.

A while later Noah took Emily by the hand and led her back to the V berth. Emily reached over and felt her twin.

You’re hard again. She told him as if it would come as a surprise to him.

He nodded.

Emily looked down and saw the dried blood on Noah’s member. She couldn’t think of anyone in the world that she would rather have taken her virginity. As she thought about it, she began to get that good feeling in her loins. Ummm…Noah…would you…ummm…want to…you know…

God yes… he replied before she could finish asking.

He took her immature body in his arms and he entered her. She winced as he did because she was still tender from being deflowered. Quickly it became that awesome good feeling. Emily loved the feeling of her brother’s sex deep inside her. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

They slowly made love. The two young people savored every moment of their sexual adventure. They lasted about 30 minutes before they both craved sexual release.

Emily begged her brother to fuck her hard. Noah’s young penis slammed to her core again and again. He felt her clit as he rubbed it with his almost bare pubis. Soon the two were lost in the powerful good feelings that came with orgasm.

The twins awakened to the sounds and smells from the galley at 9 am the next morning. The sleepy 11 year old boy half stumbled into the main cabin. His mother thought to herself that she had never seen a more beautiful sight. Her naked boy rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as his boy boner waved in the air. He was so cute she could eat him for breakfast.

She handed him a glass of orange juice. He thanked her and did not hide the fact that he was immensely enjoying staring at his Mother’s beautiful naked body. She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

His older brother walked into the main cabin from the master stateroom. He too was naked and erect. His mom poured a small cup of coffee with a lot of cream for her rapidly maturing son. Zach kissed his mom on the cheek and told her thank you.

The boys sat side by side on the couch. Zach could still see traces of dried virginal blood on his brother erect member. Zach asked Noah if he wanted to take a shower. Noah looked down and grinned and said he probably needed one. They pulled on their shorts and grabbed their towels. Zach told his mom they would be back in a couple of minutes. When they reached the shower room, there were two other men in there.

The men seemed to be studying Zach. You are the one we saw last night in the cockpit of the sailboat…with that beautiful girl. That was very hot…you are very lucky.

Neither man made any effort to hide their erections that were now standing tall. The other man told Zach that he jacked off while he watched Zach making love. When she cried out, I shot cum all over the deck of my boat. It was hot.

Zach stood there soaping himself speechless. Zach like the men was fully erect. They looked at his member and commented that it was impressive for a young guy.

How old are you? The bigger of the two men asked Zach.

Zach cleared his throat and said 14 kind of softly.

Holy crap…how old was the girl…

Zach told him 12.

That is so hot and the man began to stroke himself. Zach and Noah watched in amazement. It only to a few moment for both of the men to squirt their seed across the room. Zach watched fascinated as the thick semen was swept toward the drain by the water from the shower.

The men grabbed their towels and slapped Zach on the back and told him he was one lucky dude. Both men took a close look at boy Zach and Noah’s erections.

Whoa…that was kind of wild. Zach told Noah when the men were gone. Zach lightly cupped Noah’s sex and told him to hurry up or they would be late for breakfast.

Noah obeyed his big brother. It only took the boy a couple of minutes to take a quick shower. They toweled off quickly and headed back to the boat.



Let’s not tell Mom and Dad about what happened…it might freak them out. Zach told his little brother as he put his arm around Noah. Noah walked closer to Zach and as he looked up at his big brother…it was a look of awe.

Zach jumped aboard their boat and put his hand out for Noah. The tide was pulling the boat pretty far away from the dock. Noah’s foot slipped off the rail and he was headed into the water when Zach caught his hand and pulled him up. When he pulled Noah aboard, Noah wrapped his arms around his brother and said, thanks man…that was close.

They headed down the steps into the cabin just as their Mom was putting breakfast on the table. Zach walked up between his two sisters and put his arms around them and pulled them into a tight hug. The girls grinned and pulled him down and they each kissed one of his cheeks.

Hannah kissed her big brother on the lips. You smell good she told him. I must smell awful.

Zach hugged Hannah tight and took a deep breath. You smell…ummm…I don’t know…kind of sexy.

You’re full of it Zach, she said as she smacked his chest.

Oh you think so… He took her hand and placed it on his crotch. Boners don’t lie, he said with a laugh.

You always have a boner, Hannah said laughing at her big brother. You with a boner proves nothing!

The whole family sat down and had a great laugh as they ate their breakfast. Noah said that all of that sex made him hungry. That caused another round of laughter.

When breakfast was over, Zach said he and Noah would clean up while everyone else showered.

Ryan and Christie were stunned. It was not like the boys to help with chores.

Ryan grabbed his oldest son and put him in a headlock. Are you saying we need a shower?

By this time Zach was laughing hysterically. I sure am and Dad…

Yeah son…

Be sure to wash off the monster. With that Zach cupped his father’s sex in his hand.

Ryan gave his oldest son a noogie while the rest of the family laughed hysterically.

By the time everyone got back from the shower everything in the galley was ship shape. Zach straightened up the cockpit and put away the grill after he cleaned it. When he saw his Dad and the girls coming, he started the diesel engine just like his Dad had showed him. He wanted it warmed up and ready so that they could cast off as soon as the others got aboard. Zach was vaguely afraid those two guys would say something stupid and spoil the mood. Zach asked Noah to stand on the bow of the boat and catch the lines when he threw them to him.

When his Dad walked up, Zach told him that they were ready to cast off. His Dad said he needed to clean the grill and stow it away before they could go. Ryan about fell over when Zach told him it was done.

Ryan pulled out the telescoping boat hook to be able to fish the last of the mooring lines off of the post as they reversed out of the slip. He waved to Zach and told him he was ready. Zach quickly untied the spring line on the finger pier and then raced to untie the bow lines. He tossed the bow lines to his brother. Zach raced back and untied the aft dock line and then jumped aboard as the tide began to pull the boat away from the dock. His mom got the other stern line as his Dad reversed out of the slip.

As they motored out of the Marina, the boat was pointed into the wind. Zach and his Mom set the sails as his Dad turned on the GPS. They motored out into deep water and set sail. Ryan explained their course to Zach and Noah. Zach took the helm and his Dad showed him their course to Barracuda Shoals. As they rounded the marker at Barracuda Shoals his Dad had him take a heading for Memory Rock. The family began to settle in for a day of sailing. Emily came up the steps from the cabin wearing only a visor and sunglasses. Hanna offers to help Emily put on sunscreen.

Zach looked over at Noah who was grasping an obvious erection through the fabric of his shorts. Zach set the autopilot and sat down beside Noah. He put his arm around Noah and they sit there and watched Emily get a coating of sun screen on her beautiful body. They watch Hannah get to Emily’s breast buds. Instead of covering them with lotion, Hannah lowered her head and began to suck the nipple. After pleasuring her little sister for a few minutes, Hannah covered the beautiful breast buds with lotion. She applied lotion to the abs and her beautiful vulva. When Hanna was done she put a beach towel on the cushion beside her and she pulled her sexy little sister into her arms.

Hanna began to kiss Emily. The boys could clearly see Emily’s nipples become hard. Hannah had Emily lay on the cushion beside her. Christie and Ryan watch the two girls and their comfort with openly pleasuring each other in front of their parents.

Hanna spread Emily’s legs and she began to lick and suck Emily’s rock hard clit. Hannah probed Emily’s sex with her tongue until Emily began to claw at the beach towel. The powerful good feeling her sister is giving her were amazing. Hannah focused her attention on the 11 year old’s prominent clit and she sucked and licked it until Emily was thrusting her sex in her sister’s face. Emily began to cry out with pleasure as the waves of her orgasm washed over her.

Zach went below to get a drink and when he came back he too was naked. Christine moved to make room for her naked son. She began to apply sunscreen to his brown body. Zach in one day had gotten a very sexy over all tan. Christie played with the boys turgid nipples as he rock hard member wagged in front of her face. Christie applied the lotion to his legs and when she arrived at his scrotum she stopped. His mother began to lick and suck the tip of his engorged 5 ½” member.

Zach could not believe that his mother was sucking his rock hard boyhood. She licked and sucked and then playfully ran her finger down his crack. After a few minutes of exploration, his Mom began to massage his rosebud. Every time she touched his pucker waves of pleasure raced through his body.

As he looked down at his Mom as she sucked his erection. Zach realized just how sexy his Mother really wass. Zach pushed down the straps of her one piece suit and began to fondle her awesome breasts. The nipples were so beautiful and so hard. Zach started to feel himself getting close to climax. He sat down beside her and began to kiss her.

Christie opened her mouth because she wanted to taste her sexy 14 year old son. His naked body was absolutely gorgeous. Zach opened his mouth as they kissed and his flavor literally made her mouth water. There wasn’t anything about this kid that wasn’t sexy. She stood so that Zach could pull her suit off. His hands were all over her naked body. She gasped as she felt his middle fingers penetrate her sex. The palm of his hand rubbed against her prominent clit and her juices began to flow. She imagined what it would be like to have his naked 14 year old body between her legs.

Zach began to suck her nipples as he pleasured his mother with his fingers. As he did, the reality of exploring the place his father planted his seed to conceive Zach blew his mind. He almost shot his load spontaneously just thinking about it. Zach best friend Johnny was always telling him how hot his Mom was…Johnny would freak if he saw him now.

Oh god Christie thought, he is hitting all of the places that drive me crazy. She began to moan with the onset of her orgasm. Electric bolts of pleasure raced through her body. Thoughts of her sexy boy making love to her made her juices flood. The pleasure he caused her was so intense she almost passed out.

Christie leaned against the cabin and gasped for breath as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. The alarm sounded on the GPS Navigation system that they had reached their way point at Memory Rock. Zach quickly kissed his mother and he jumped up to help his Dad tack on to a new course that put them on a heading for Great Sales Cay. They reset the sails and found that they were able to make 7 ½ nautical miles per hour. They would reach their anchorage in the late afternoon.

Zach was still fully erect. He father looked at his raging boy hood and he too thought about Zach making love to his mother. Ryan decided he had better speak with Christie.

Hannah got up on her knees and leaned on the roof of the cabin and looked ahead and watched the seagulls diving for fish. Hannah smiled as she felt Zach’s naked body press against her butt. She loved the feeling of his rampant erection nestled in her crack. She spread her knees and opened herself up. Moments later Zach’s member penetrated her sacred place.

Zach reached around and began to massage both of Hannah’s beautiful breasts. Zach thought that her white blond hair blowing in the wind was beautiful. He began to develop a nice rhythm. Hannah took Zach’s left hand and moved it so that he could massage her throbbing clit.

Christie moved back behind the ships wheel with Ryan. She sat down on his naked member facing forward so that she could watch the two beautiful kids couple.

As the intensity of Zach and Hannah’s love making reached a fevered pitch, Christie was fucking herself on her husband’s awesome member and on the verge of a powerful climax. She watched Zach’s hips become a blur as he filled his sister with his potent seed. The orgasmic cries from her two kids pushed Christie over the edge.

As her orgasm subsided she kissed Ryan passionately. Ryan nuzzled her cheek and whispered in her ear that he loved watching her with Zach. His body is so amazing, he told her. You had that look in your eye…you wanted to make love to your beautiful son didn’t you.

Christie nodded slightly embarrassed.

Ryan chuckled. Don’t be embarrassed he told her. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t want that sexy boy making love to you.

Christie nodded and her eyes glazed with lust.

Tonight you should take Zach as a lover.

But Ryan…I am fertile…what if…

Ryan put his finger over her lips. I think it would be wonderful. I would love it.

Christie shivered with the thought of that beautiful boy filling her with seed.

I wish we had put Hannah on the pill. Ryan keeps filling her with his seed. She will soon have his baby in her belly, if she doesn’t have one already.

It will be two more nights before we are even close to a clinic. Watching them is too beautiful a thing to stop. Ryan told Christie.

She looked at Ryan and asked, what we would do if he gets her pregnant.
Ryan kissed his wife passionately. The idea of Zach impregnating Hannah had Ryan rock hard. He whispered in Christie’s ear, we’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.

She looked at him with a surprised look and then kissed him passionately.

They looked at the bow of the boat. Noah and Emily were naked and making love. This trip couldn’t be more perfect, Christie thought. She studied Zach and Hannah. They lay there wrapped in each other’s arms in the afterglow of orgasm. She looked at Hannah who had her legs spread. Christie saw a thick drop of Zach’s creamy man seed running out of his sister’s vagina. Christie shuddered with the thrill of thinking about Zach impregnating his gorgeous sister.

Zach got up a little bit later and walked back and climbed around the ships wheel. Zach got a tight grip on the back stay and he stood up on the stern rail. He took his flaccid member in hand and he began to arch a stream of urine over the stern of the boat.

Christie poked Ryan in the side playfully as Ryan watched his handsome son relieve his bladder pressure. Christie whispered in Ryan’s ear that she was glad to see she wasn’t the only one lusting after their boy. She took hold of Ryan’s hard member and began to stroke him. Go ahead she whispered.

Ryan could not take his eyes off of his sexy 14 year old son as he relieved himself on the back of the boat. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed boy sex. Ryan thought back briefly on his time as a boy with his friend Ted and the wonderful wildly sexual times they had enjoyed as boys.

Ryan put his hand out to help his naked son down off the stern rail. He pulled Zach into a tight embrace. Ryan kissed his sexy son on the lips and told him that he thought he was the sexiest boy he had ever seen. Ryan felt Zach’s member begin to stiffen between them.

Zach have you ever been sexy with any of your friends? His Dad asked him.

Ummmm…well…yeah. Zach answered hesitantly.

Ryan stroked his son’s back and told him it was cool…I…ummmm…did too. It was fun.

Zach grinned at his dad. You did…very cool!

Ryan reached between them and stroked his son’s erection. Ryan grasped the stiff boy member. You’re so hard baby, Ryan said as he stroked his son’s erection and kissed him on the cheek.

Ryan pulled back and looked as his son’s throbbing member. Just as Zach was reaching for his father’s erection, Ryan dropped to his knees and he began to worship his son’s hard sex.

Zach gasped as his father took his 14 year old member to the hilt. Zach’s knees went weak with the intense pleasure that he father was causing. Oh god…Daddy so good. Ryan groaned.

Zach looked over and watched his mother stretch out on the seat cushion and his little brother knelt between her legs with his 11 year old boy boner waving in front of him. Zach watched in awe as his little brother’s hairless boy boner slipped deeply in his mother’s hot sex. She wrapped her legs around the sexy 11 year old as he thrust wildly in her steaming core. Zach almost shot his load watching the awesome sexy between his mother and little brother.

Then Zach looked over and saw Emily lying on top of Hannah sucking her hard nipples. Her fingers played in her older sister’s sex…a place where Zach had just deposited a powerful load of incestuous seed. Emily turned and looked at her sexy older brother as her Father suck his boner. She grinned at Zach.

Boy Zachy…you sure cum a lot as she pulled her cum slick fingers out of Hannah sex. Emily looked at the thick creamy boy semen and she began to lick it off of her fingers. Emily smiled and slid down her sister to get the seed from the source.

Hannah cried out with pleasure as her little sister licked and sucked her stiff clit.

Zach cried out, Oh…Daddy…Emily is eating my cum out of Hannah. Oh….shit….too much…gotta. Zach cried out as he face fucked his father. Zach pumped his Dad’s mouth full of thick creamy boy seed.

When Zach described Emily eating his seed out of Hannah, Ryan felt the powerful tension in his loins release. As he sucked voraciously on his son’s rock hard member, he craved the taste of fresh boy semen. First Ryan heard Christie cry out in full orgasm. Then Hannah screamed as Emily brought her to a powerful orgasm. Ryan’s first taste of his son’s boy seed pushed the handsome father over the edge. Ryan sprayed his hot seed spontaneously all over Zach’s legs and the boat.

Zach continued to face fuck his father until he had to hold on to his dad because his knees were weak from the force of his orgasm. Zach caught his breath and helped his father to stand up. God Dad that was awesome!

Ryan took his sexy boy in his arms and began to kiss him passionately. As Zach tasted his thick creamy sperm in his Dad’s mouth it made the kiss even more passionate. When they broke the kiss, Zach looked down and saw long ropes of hot man semen on his legs. He scooped up a finger full and tasted the seed that had made him.

Ryan pointed at the front of the boat. We have company, he announced. There were two pair of beautiful bottle nose dolphins swimming in the bow wave of the boat. Zach took Hannah’s hand and Noah took Emily’s hand and they worked their way to the bow of the sail boat. They sat on the cabin roof and watched the dolphins frolic in the wave made by the boat.

Ryan’s sexy wife snuggled up next to her Captain with her hand cupping his magnificent member. Ryan turned on the auto pilot and took his beautiful bride in his arms. She kissed him passionately as he laid her back and filled her with his stiff 7” member. They made passionate love and then he filled her with his seed just as the kids squealed with delight as the dolphins did flips in the air. This must be heaven he thought. Off in the distance he could see Great Sale Cay as it began to appear on the horizon.

Let me know if we should continue the story…if we should….Did Zach fill Hannah’s belly with his baby…what should they do? Will Zach have unprotected sex with his mother…will he fill her with his baby? Will Ryan have sex with one or both of his boys? Will the kids get caught by someone while they are making love? What else could happen????

Let me know what you think at

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