Flirtations turn into casual rubbing, frustrations
A Husbands Frustrations and Fantasy Come True

By John

Chapter 4

It had been a normal work day, as I get home. I pull up to my little townhouse and park in front of my house. Not much different than any other day. I get out of my car, and look up at my porch. My nephew is playing on the steps, and Misty is on the porch, leaning on the railing, smoking a cigarette. I walk up to the door, and take the opportunity and give her a hug. I normally wouldn't do that, but since she's there, might as well get some contact in. I go in and plop my laptop bag in its normal spot. Alisa and my daughter are out at the gym again. Misty's husband, Charles, is still at work and is not due home for another 45 minutes.

I go upstairs, and change out of my clothes. I strip down naked, go to the bathroom to piss, then put on some shorts (no underwear), a t-shirt and some socks. I notice a ton of laundry, so I do my duties and pile them in the basket. I grab the basket and take it down to the basement. I had only been upstairs for 10 minutes, at the most. In that time, Misty had come in, gone down to the basement and climbed into her bed. Her normal routine was to take a nap in the afternoon until late evening, prepare the coffeepot, then go to sleep for the night. She sleeps a lot. Her son had already jumped on the video game in the back part of the basement.

I take the opportunity, since its available, to mess with her a bit. I put the laundry down, climb into the bed and pull the covers down behind her and grab her ass. She's lying on her belly, facing the front of the basement. "Misty, what are you doing"?

"Seeeeepinggggg" she says quietly.

I pull the back of her pants and panties down a bit, and admire her ass. I reach down and give it a small kiss.

"emmmm" I hear her say.

I get into the bed, pull the covers up and lay next to her. I reach an arm around her and hold her. I lean on my elbow and whisper to her, "Did you take your shower yet"

"Ummmm hmmmmmm" She replies in a yes response.

"Did you shave that pussy again?"

I know she is enjoying me hold her, because she shows absolutely no bit of protest. I have a bit of trouble understanding why she doesn't resist. I figure she lets me do these things either because she likes it, or she feels obligated to do something for me, since I'm graciously letting her stay in my house. Otherwise, she would be homeless.

“I haven’t had a chance to shave”, she says quietly.

"Misty, you know have the sexiest ass I've ever seen", I say to her, as I move my hand down to her ass. She's wearing black stretchy pants, which are actually my favorite pants she has. They are easy to move, and show her shapely body well. I reach under and gently rub her ass. Now, I've rubbed her ass quite a lot since she has moved in. Again, I think she lets me do it because she either likes it, or feels she owes me. But normally I'll just grab the top, give it a squeeze and get out. This time, however, I'm determined to stay down there for a while.

"Mmmmm", she replies, like she normally does.

I move my hand lower, to the bottom of the ass, and push it slightly sideways. Now, I know this will move her cunt a bit, without me actually moving it. I spread my fingers and give a small gentle squeeze, letting my pinky finger move towards her crotch. The tease is either working, or she's freakin' asleep.

"Damn your ass feels good. I really would love to be sucking your pussy right now", I say.

"Mmmmm", she replies, like she normally does. OK, she's not asleep, and she's not resisting. I can see if I can push my luck further. I rub her ass a bit faster from its virtually still pace. I then move my hand to her other cheek. As I do, I let my thumb and index finger rub past her pussy. I feel her bush as I move my hand across. This disappoints me a bit, because I’d always hoped her pussy was clean cut. While I didn't directly touch it, I felt its warmth and felt its moistness. I take my other hand, and start lightly brushing Misty's hair on the side of her head. I move my hand to the middle of her ass so I can hold both cheeks. This leaves my middle finger directly in the middle, and I let it settle on her pussy bush. I give her ass a squeeze and push my finger against the top of her pussy lips, but I don’t really get to feel anything because of all the pubic hair.

"MMMmmmm" I hear her very very lightly moan. She's apparently liking it, and I start to rub her pussy more. However, all of a sudden, I hear, "Mommy, I need help"

"Damn", Misty slightly whispers. I don't think I was supposed to hear that. I have to pull my hand out of her pants and her 5 year old son comes over to her. He's having trouble with his little video game. I look at the clock; it’s about 5:20, so this was actually a good interruption, because her redneck dork husband will be home soon.

"We'll have to finish this later", I whisper into her ear as I kiss her cheek.

"Mmmmm", she replies, like she normally does.

I get up and go upstairs, and get in front of my computer. Like clockwork, her husband does roll in the door about a minute later. Damn timing, I'm never going to get to fuck her, I think to myself.

Chapter 5

The days go by, and we don’t get much alone time together, and the weekend comes. The only time I had to spend with her, I told her that Alisa had given me head that morning, but I didn’t cum. I then made a joke about how Asians have tiny penises and asked her if I had a small dick. “I never said that”, was her reply. Thursday night, I gave her a long hug and told her I didn’t want her to leave for the weekend. On Friday’s, they all leave to spend the weekend at Charles’ mother’s house, to both give us a break, and to spend time with his old mother. I knew she’d be gone by the time I got off work the next day, so I wouldn’t see her until Sunday. But, that’s the way it was, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Saturday morning comes, and I try to fuck my wife. I had been thinking about Misty every day since the basement time. Alisa really isn’t into it, because her mom is about to show up any minute. I get some pumping in, but not much before I hear the horn honking outside. So much for that! Alisa gets up, gets dressed and goes out shopping. “Maybe later tonight”, she says as she leaves the bedroom.

I’m not a night time fucker usually, I’m a morning man. So I skip her invitation and play video games that night. The next morning, Alisa wakes me up by rubbing my hard cock. She starts sucking it, and I reach down and start rubbing her pussy. After about 10 minutes of a blowjob, I pull her off and lay her down and go down and start sucking her pussy. I work her up into a frenzy again, but don’t let her cum. I climb on her and start fucking her pussy.

“I want you to fuck him like this today”, I say as I fuck her. “I mean it; I’m tired of playing this game and you not doing anything. You’re going to suck his dick and let him fuck your ass. Today”.

I let it go at that as I pump her pussy. We fucked for about 40 minutes more before she ran out of energy and rolled over.

Later that day, Frankie and Nancy came over with their daughter, but no orgy happened. It was just a normal weekend day watching movies. There were some small sexual jokes, but nothing came of it.

Chapter 6

For the next two weeks, all I can think of is Misty’s pussy. I had planned to spend more time with her, the next week, but things didn’t go according to plan. Timing just didn’t work out, and I could never get any alone time with her.

But I’m determined to rub or suck that pussy. On the other hand, I don’t want to rub a hairy fucking pussy. I decide I’m going to get her something to shave her pussy. I had spoken to her about it, and she had mentioned that one time she did try to shave down there and cut her clit. I called her a freakin’ rookie.

Tuesday comes, and I stop by the drug store, and find an electric, rechargeable, personal woman’s grooming kit. It says on the back that it comes with a bikini line trimmer that can be used for both outside and INSIDE the bikini line. Great! I give it to her later that day and tell her that the reason she cut herself is because she was using the wrong tool. This thing is designed to cut hair only, not skin. So she tells me she will use it Wednesday, before she takes her shower. Our “date” is Thursday.

Wednesday night, after everyone’s in bed and she’s making her coffee, I come into the kitchen. “Did you do it”, I ask?

Misty gives her sheepish grin and nods her head yes.

“This doesn’t count for tomorrow, but I just want a quick sneak peek”, I say to her. I move over to her, and pull out her pajama pants, and then pull out her panties. I look down, and where I expected to see a big puff of nasty pubic hair, I see bare skin, and I actually see the tippy top of her pussy lips. Misty pulls away, assuming that I’ve seen enough. I feel my dick twinge and it starts to get hard.

“Oh my, that’s nice. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m gonna be horny all night”, I say to her.

She smiles, finishes her duties, and then goes downstairs. I also go to bed, but have a hard time falling asleep. Sleep does eventually come, and so does the next day. That day seemed to be the longest drawn out day I’ve ever had. It couldn’t go by fast enough. It finally did end, and I left early to get to the fun as fast as I could.

I get home around 4:50. Alisa is playing some game on my PC, and my daughter is watching cartoons on the couch. Charlsie is asleep on the couch. I don’t see Misty. I ask and Alisa says she’s taking a shower. I talk with Alisa a bit, trying to act normal, when the only thing in my head was rubbing, and possibly sucking, if she lets me, Misty’s pussy. I decide to go upstairs and change out of my work clothes. As I get to the top of the stairs, the bathroom door opens and Misty is coming out of the shower, dressed. I look at her, and give her a quick glance at her pussy. It’s an unspoken question. “Well”, I ask? Misty pulls the front of her pants down and shows me her shaved pussy. It’s shaved more than the last time. I see no puff of hair. It looks great.

Alisa leaves around 5:10 with her mother, who was a bit late.

I sit next to Misty on the couch. She looks nervous; because this is the day we both knew was going to eventually come. I decide to take a closer look at her pussy, so I lean against her, and lift up her pants and panties. I pull her panties out further, and look at her pussy lips. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but Misty completely shaved her pussy. It’s as bare as a baby’s bottom.

“OMG that’s sexy. You want to go upstairs or down? Upstairs, I can lock the door and Charlsie won’t bother us”, I say to her.

“Nooooo, my husband will be home any minute”, she replies.

“No he won’t. He never gets home til 5:30”, I counter.

“Sometimes he comes home early”, she says.

“Well, let’s go downstairs. The dog will bark if he shows up. I’ll run out the basement door”, I say.

“I dunno, I’m nervous”, she says.

“Just c’mon”, I say as I grab her hand. She resists. I say c’mon, and pull her harder. She reluctantly gets up.

“You won’t get caught”, I say!

I take her and, and lead her downstairs. I lock the door behind us. I walk over to her, stand in front of her and reach around her. I give her a hug by pulling her towards me and grabbing her ass. However, as I grabbed her ass, I reached both hands down inside her pants and grabbed bare ass.

I spin her around, and say, “Here, climb up on the bed, on your knees”, I say to her. She climbs up on the bed and I pull her pants down to her knees. Oh her ass is fuckin’ nice. I admire it for a few seconds, and then say to her, “Bend over a bit, so I can see”. I bend her over and kneel down behind her ass.

“Leave your legs like this, baby”, I say to her. “I’m gonna be gentle. Remember, we agreed to at least 10 minutes, no 10 freakin’ seconds”

I hear a small chuckle out of her as I say that. I look down at her pussy. Misty did a good job of shaving, and got it bare. It’s nothing compared to the jungle she had down there before. I have only seen my wife’s pussy for the last 17 years, so I was probably more interested in seeing Misty’s pussy up close than I was in rubbing or sucking it. So, she’s bent over in front of me, her ass right in my face. I look at it, and squeeze both ass cheeks. I really don’t need to spread them, because Misty’s ass is so small that when she bent over, her ass is spread already. I look at her sexy little asshole, then at her pussy. It’s so sweet looking. Just like I assumed when I felt it a few weeks ago, her pussy lips were small. However, in this position, they were spread open, with a small gap in her pussy lips running the length of it. I reach down with my hand, and place two fingers on her pussy lips near the top of her clit and rub in a small circle.

I have my finger there for about two seconds, and Misty pulls away and pulls her pants up. “I’m too nervous, he’ll be home any minute” she says, and walks up the stairs. Oh great, I think. This is never going to happen. I follow her upstairs and she is sitting on the couch next to her son, trying to wake him up. She says he doesn’t need to sleep this late.

“I don’t know why you’re so nervous. He’s not coming home for a while”, I say.

“You don’t have as much to risk. You’re wife is gone, my husband will be here soon”, she replies.

“The door is locked”, I say. I lift her right leg and put it across my leg, which opens her crotch. I reach in her pants, and start feeling her pussy. I’m feeling how well it’s shaved, and it feels almost as smooth as how I shaved my pubic area. I reach my fingers down further and run it along the length of her pussy. I’m using three fingers, and use my ring finger and index finger to spread her pussy open. I use my middle finger and move it up to the top of her pussy. Misty’s pussy is so much smaller than my wife’s pussy, probably at least half the size. That probably has to do with weight, I assume. Alisa, not a small girl, outweighs Misty by at least 50 pounds.

I’m rubbing Misty’s pussy around in a circle, rubbing in the same spot that drives my wife crazy. The entire time I’m rubbing, Misty is watching the front door. She’s clearly nervous. She’s squeezing her legs closed and trying to pull away. I reach down further, and can tell her pussy is wet, but I can also clearly see she’s not into this right now. I pull my hand out.

“I give up on you”, I exclaim! “I bet you he won’t be here for another 15 minutes. I get up, and go over to my PC, and she continues to try to get her son to wake up. He finally does, and she starts to make him some dinner. I talk with her some more, discussing various things, asking her if she liked it. She said she did, but said she even if I had rubbed her cunt for 15 minutes, she probably wouldn’t cum because she was so nervous. I tell her that this was just a dry run then, and maybe we’ll do it again next Thursday or Tuesday. She sort of agrees, but I don’t get the vibe I’m hoping to get.

Frustrated, I go outside and water the lawn. I’m out there for about 10 minutes or so, and come back into the house around 5:35. Charles finally walks in the door, about 25 minutes after I was messing with his wife. He’s talking to her in his retarded idiot voice, which is totally natural to him. He’s explaining how there was an accident on York road.

“See, I told you he wouldn’t be home til now”, I whisper to Misty after Charles goes down stairs.

“I know, I was just too nervous”, she replies.

The next morning, I went downstairs to wake her up. I climbed into the bed with her like I had before, reached into the blanket and down her panties. I started rubbing her pussy for a good minute. It’s so smooth, and only a bit of “5 o’clock shadow”. After about a minute or so, she pulled away. I fully knew why she pulled away a lot. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to do anything. It was because there were other people in the house, and she did not want to get caught.

TO BE CONTINUED (note to followers of this true story....things really start happening soon!)
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