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A teacher has a student kidnapped
My name is Carl Bowe. I am a teacher at a high school which includes grades 9-12 so most
all of the kids in the school are ages 14-18 years old . A few 18 year olds are here that failed.
I am 29 years old and well-built. I played sports all through grade school and college
I love that I know many young girls have a crush on me and I constantly hear them giggle
with one another when they look at me as I walk by them. I look back at them with a smile
because I have always liked young girls. It has always been a fantasy to make love to one.

Sasha is a beautiful 16 year old girl, green eyes, abou 5'6", slim build, long lanky legs,
and long blonde hair. She has small pert B cup tits and a nice little ass. I learned that
she is a transfer student from Russia. Being a big fan of women's tennis and seeing all of
the beautiful tennis players like Kournikova and Sharapova that have come from there, I can
see why Sasha is so beautiful. I imagine she plays sports because she walks really erect
like a girl athlete. I later learned she is a tennis prodigy.

Sasha is in my science class. She sometimes wears mini skirts to class and there isn't a
boy in the class that doesn't drool when she walks in. You can include her teacher too.
Even when she wears jeans she is a fox. I sometimes get distracted teaching class because I
am mesmerized by her. When she wears a mini I am always trying to see if she inadvertently
opens her legs getting up from her desk so I can see her panties, I get a hard-on just
fantasizing about her. I don't know how many times I have gone home and fantasized about her
while I masturbate. I have fantasized about other young girls from school but not like this.
Sasha is on my mind every minute of the day.

I found out Sasha practiced at a tennis club and I made an effort to go watch her. Of course
I didn't want her to know I was so I always sat in the middle of the crowd that included
parents and friends of the players. She looked so beautiful in her tennis outfit and watching
her run so gracefully around the court kept me with a constant hard-on and just added to my
fantasies when I would think about her every night when I masturbated. Oh how I wish I could
bring her home and make love to her all night. It was driving me crazy. I was even trying to
cum by just watching her play. With practice I was actually able to achieve this by having an
incredible fantasy. As I would cum I would have the biggest smile on my face. Then I would get
up and leave because I did not want anyone to smell my cum.

One Friday after science class, I was waiting for Sasha to get up from her desk. She had on a
mini and I was hoping for a shot of her panties when she got up. To my surprise she stayed at
her desk til the other students left and then walked up to my desk. "Mr Bowe. You probably know
I am not doing well in this class so I was wondering if I could earn extra credit somehow". My
mind drifted off to a fantasy of me fucking her. "Mr Bowe"?? "Oh Sasha. I'm sorry. I uh,,,yea...
I guess I could tutor you if you want". My mind wandered off again about making Sasha my sex
slave. "Yes that would be fine..Mr Bowe?? Mr bowe"?? "Oh..gosh I am really sorry. My mind is
off on Jupiter. I apologize". Sasha had a low cut blouse and I could see her fine young tits as
she leaned over my desk. "Ok Sasha. So how do you want to work this out"? "Well I told my dad I
was going to ask you for help and he suggested you come over to our house. Would that be ok"?
"Sure - when should we start"? "How about Monday evening after I get home from tennis practice"?
"Oh you play tennis? Uh sure. What time"? "About 7:00pm". "Ok fine. See you in class Monday".

Needless to say I fantasized about Sasha 3-4 times each day over the weekend. I even fantasized
I had kidnapped her and made her my sex slave without her knowing who I was. I knew some low
lifes from when I was a betting junkie. I was so desperate I called one from a public phone to
arrange a kidnapping. When he answered I panicked and hung up. I called him again an hour later
and discussed arranging a kidnapping. I offered to pay the guy $1000 which for him was a lot of
money so he agreed. I gave him details describing Sasha to him and where he could find her. I
explained he could kidnap her Monday evening after her tennis practice. She was always the last
one to be picked up. I told the guy I would give him $500 and the other $500 when he picked
her up to take her back.

Monday rolled around and I was very nervous. After class Sasha came up to my desk to say she would
see me later. I smiled at her and said ok. I always stayed late after school. As I looked at the
clock it was about 6:30pm so if the guy was going to kidnap Sasha he should be doing it about now.
I got myself ready to drive out to her house. Around 7:10pm I drove up to the driveway and noticed
a couple of police cars were there. I got our of my car and as I walked up the driveway Sasha's
father saw me. "Mr Bowe. I am afraid my daughter Sasha has been kidnapped. The cops are here
waiting to see if anyone calls to claim responsibility". "Oh my God. Is there anything I can do to
help"? "No Mr Bowe but thank you for asking".

Well with my alibi established I drove to where I had told the guy to leave Sasha. I saw her sitting
on a bench blind-folded with her arms and legs tied up. Sasha heard someone walking up to her and
sccreamed. I knew no one could hear her out here. "You need to come with me. I am not going to hurt
you". "Why are you doing this? Let me go". I gagged her mouth, picked her up in my arms and walked
about a mile into the woods where there was an abandoned cabin that no one even seemed to remember
was there. My parents used to take me here when I was younger. I carried Sasha inside and laid her
down on a bed. I removed the gag and she screamed again. "No one can hear you here. If you do what I
want you won't get hurt". "Are you going to rape me"? "That depends on you".

Sasha began to cry. It bothered me a lot that I was doing this but my obsession with her was driving
me crazy. I began to untie her hands only to tie them to the bedposts. Then I did the same with her
legs. I couldn't take her screaming so I gagged her again. She was in her tennis outfit so she
looked good enough to eat. I definitely planned on doing that. I started to run my fingers along a
leg which made her flinch. I ran my hand all the way up her body and grazed her lips with my fingers.
Sasha was fighting against the ropes. "If you promise not to scream I will remove the gag". She
nodded her head as she started to cry again. I removed the gag. "Why don't you just rape me and get
it over with. I want to go home. You are going to eventually let me go aren't you"? "Yes - but not for
a long time. I am going to make love to you and it would be better if you don't fight me. There isn't
anything you can do since you are tied up anyway. I do not want to hurt you".

I was drooling looking at her and I had a raging hard-on. I wanted to rip her clothes off and just fuck
the hell out of her but I wanted her to enjoy it and end up begging me to fuck her. That was my plan.
"Would you like something to drink"? "Some water please". I brought her a glass of water and put it
up to her lips. She drank half of it. "Well the sooner we get started the sooner you can go home". "I
ran my hands along her legs again". As she fidgeted she said "please don't". "Sorry but I have to.
You are just so beautiful". I continued to run my hands over her legs. Sasha kept fidgeting. I leaned
forward and kissed her lightly on the mouth. Sasha quickly moved her head away. I kept one hand
running up her leg. I took her face in my other hand and kissed her on the mouth again. She kept
trying to move her head away. I kept it as steady as I could and kissed her harder forcing my tongue
into her mouth. Her tongue tasted delicious. I almost came in my pants. My hand ran all the way up
her legs and I covered her cunt with it. Her legs were fidgeting and pulling against the ropes.

"Rape me already you bastard. Get this over with". I pulled her tennis skirt down and then her panties.
Sasha kicked her legs as much as she could. I brought my mouth up along her legs as I licked them.
I continued to lick up her legs til I got to her pussy. Sasha was actually arching her pussy toward
my tongue. I noticed she was getting moist. "You are getting wet sweetheart. Good that means you
like what I am doing to you". "I hate it you pervert". I started to lick her pussy paying close
attention to her little clit. Sasha kept arching her pussy. I put a finger in her pussy and started
to finger-fuck her as I kept licking her clit. Sasha started swaying her hips uncontrollably. I knew
she was going to cum. I chewed on her clit and stuck a 2nd finger in her pussy. This seemed to set her
off and I felt her juices coat my fingers. I pulled them out and licked them. "You taste as good as
I knew you would".

I started to lick her clit again and Sasha started to moan. This made me attack her pussy even more.
I chewed on her clit. I bit it. Sasha arched her pussy up again yelling "oh my God I am cumming
again. I hate you for making me cum". I drove 3 fingers into her cunt and started to finger-fuck her
hard as I brought my mouth up to her lips and kissed her. Sasha moved her head away. I waited then
brought my lips down on hers again. This time Sasha did not move her head. I drove my tongue in her
mouth. When I felt Sasha respond and move her tongue with mine I came in my pants. As I finger-fucked
her I rubbed her clit with my thumb never taking my mouth off hers. Sasha suddenly arched up again
signalling she had already cum for the 3rd time. "Oh my God. I have never cum this hard in my life".

I dove between Sasha's legs again wanting to bring her off one more time before fucking her. "Oh God
not again. Please untie me so I can enjoy it more". I got up and decided to untie just her legs. Then
I dove back between her legs. Sasha immediately spread her legs wider annd lifted them up. I attacked
her with a fervor as she pounded her pussy against my face. I steadily licked, chewed, and bit her clit
til she released new juices into my waiting mouth. "Oh God I am cumming again". As Sasha was cumming I
quickly pulled down my pants, took my underwear off and got between her legs. Before she realized what
I was doing I drove my cock up her sweet cunt making her yell. ""Oh my fucking God that hurts - aaah"!

I could still feel her pussy spasming from her last orgasm and I was too lost in esctasy to stop. I was
pile-driving my cock through her cunt without mercy. Next thing I know Sasha had lifted her legs and
wrapped them around my waist. "Fuck me you sick bastard". This drove me into a frenzy. I began
thrusting even harder making sure I rubbed against her clit as I drove it in her. Sasha was meeting my
thrusts now. "Oh fuck fuck fuck. I never knew this could be so good". Hearing Sasha talk like this
was driving me over the edge. I felt Sasha's legs wrap around me tighter and felt her juices coat my
cock. This triggered my orgasn as I shot my load deep into her cunt. I lowered my head and kissed her
hard on the mouth driving my tongue into her mouth again. Sasha swished her tongue inside my mouth as
I finished shooting my cum into her and collapsed on top of her with her legs still wrapped around
my waist. When her orgasm subsided she dropped her legs.

"That was fantastic. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I am sorry for doing this. I will see
that you get home now". "No wait. What's the hurry? You are already in trouble for raping me. I mean
why let me go now. You said I was beautiful. Don't you want to fuck me again"? Hearing her say that
made my cock rise again. I got on the bed between her legs. Sasha spread eagle and I drove my cock
into her awaiting pussy again. I began fucking her slowly this time. "I told you I wanted you to
want me to fuck you". I slowly picked up the pace. Sasha was meeting my thrusts and grunting "uhn
uhn uhn". Having this delicious honey underneath me was unbelievable. I was making all my
fantasies come true. I had been fucking Sasha for about 5 minutes now and wanted to bring her off
again so I started th thrust harder. I arched upward on each thrust to rub against her clit. "Oh
fuck I'm going to cum again. Fuck me harder, faster". I pistoned my cock through her cunt hard and
fast like was asked and we came together as again I leaned forward to kiss her on the mouth.
Driving my tongue into her mouth I shot my load deep into her cunt as Sasha once again wrapped her
legs around my waist and pulled me to her.

I pulled out and stood up. "I will help you dress now and take you to someone that will take you back
where they kidnapped you. I will untie your hands from the bedposts now but still have to leave your
hands tied. You need to keep the blind-fold on so you don't see me. After I help you dress I will take
you where I found you and the guy who kidnapped you will take you back where he took you from. Then he
will give you a phone to call your parents so they can pick you up. Again I am sorry I did this to you".

I called the low-life and arranged for Sasha's return. I left Sasha where I found her and an envelope
with $500 for the guy to take her back where he found her.

Sasha didn't show up for school the next 2 days. I expected she would be out the rest of the week. She
came to school on Friday though. After class she walked up to my desk. As the other students left she
told me she was sorry she wasn't there when I went to tutor her. Her dad told her I had gone by.
"But thanks". "For what". "For Monday night". Sasha smiled, turned around and started to walk away.
She stopped. Looking back she smiled again and said "I still need tutoring. Can you come by this
weekend"? I sat down in disbelief as I saw her walk out of the classroom.

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2016-05-12 19:22:57
All you fucking idiots need to stop complaining. If you dont like it, dont read it. But dont fucking bash it. By the way, a sixteen year old girl doesn't make him a pedophile. He would be a pedophile if he fucked anyoned 14 and under.

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2014-06-08 09:18:21
decent story but the voice man

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2013-09-09 01:57:39
That teacher sounds like a loser. I like to fantasize about hot teachers but he did not sound like one, and he is also pretty dumb. Did he really think she would not recognize his voice lmao!

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2013-07-11 16:07:00
AWESOME story. Trust me, when I say something's awesome, it is.

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2013-07-04 10:46:29
What a dipshit he's 29 and supposedly good looking and he can't get fresh pussy, but stays around school and home fantasying and wanking over a kid, worst of all he blows in his pants!!!! If I know nothing else this tool has never been laid and the only pussy he knows anything about had teeth!!!

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