Finally getting to have sex with her, things turn
Chapter 10

Later that evening, still horny as hell, I decided to suck Alisa’s pussy until she had an orgasm. This was around 7:30PM or so. Of course, this exhausted Alisa, so she crashed in the bed and went to sleep. Still too early for me to go to sleep, I decided to go back downstairs, still horny, since I didn’t cum.

I saw Misty later that evening, and asked if I could get her to finish that blowjob. She said she’d like to, but no, since we’d probably get caught.

For the next two days, all I could think about was fucking her. I’m getting so close. I know she wants it, and its clear to her that I want it. In fact, I told her that on her husband’s next “late day”, I’ll meet her downstairs.

Thursday comes, and I couldn’t wait to get out of work. In fact, I even left 15 minutes early, so I could get there as soon as possible. Today, however, I had a different plan.

I pulled up to the back of my house, and parked in the alley. My wife doesn’t need to know if I’m home or not. I didn’t want to take the chance, so I decide to go in the back basement door. I can’t believe my luck, but it’s the same routine as the previous two days.

I walk over to the bed, and climb on top of Misty, and give her a kiss on the neck. I decide to waste no time.

“Hey baby, let me see that ass”, I say to her. I pull the covers off a bit, and get under them. I then unbuckle, and unzip my pants, then pull out my dick. I straddle over the bottom of her legs, below her ass. I reach down and pull down her pants and panties to right below her cheeks. I squeeze both cheeks with both my hands. The light is coming in from the basement window and my eyes have adjusted to the dark enough to get a good look at her ass. It’s so nice. I can never see enough of it. Leaning down, I kiss the left cheek, then the right cheek.

“Mmmmm”, Misty gives a soft moan.

Good, she likes it. So I spread her ass cheeks, and look at the pussy I’m exposing. It’s still shaved, and looks great. I love the look of thin pussy lips, so this really excited me. I also see her nice button of an asshole.

I lean over, and put my tongue on her asshole. I had joked with her a lot about ass fucking. She always denied she does anal. “My ass is a one way street, OUT ONLY” is what she’d say. I’d tell her it feels really nice, and Alisa loves it. I’d also tell her that Alisa cannot cum unless I fuck her ass. This was all part of the psychological play I’ve been doing for months with Misty.

I lick around her little asshole, while massaging both ass cheeks. I wet my tongue and lick her asshole some more. My tongue starts to poke in her asshole a bit. Misty lets out a small moan. Taking queue from her moan, I move my right hand down to her pussy and start rubbing her clit. I move my finders up and down her clit, rubbing the top of her pussy with my thumb. I put two fingers into her pussy, this time very deep. The last time I rubbed her pussy, I only got to put my fingers in about an inch or so, due to the angle, but now I can put them all the way in. I feel the edge of her vagina and move my fingers around in deep circles. While I have my fingers deep in her cunt, I pull her ass cheek wide and push my tongue farther into her asshole. I’ve got it fairly moistened, and its getting easier to tongue fuck her asshole now.

I only have so much time to suck her pussy. I look at the clock, and it’s already after 5PM. Now, I’ve noticed before that on Thursdays, sometimes Charles will get home a few minutes early. I keep this in mind as I lick his wife’s asshole.

I spread Misty’s ass cheeks as wide as I can and move my tongue down further to her cunt lips. I stick my tongue in her pussy while rubbing her clit with my fingers. It’s a hard angle, but I manage to get my tongue down to the top of her pussy and lick her clit back and forth. Her pussy tastes so nice, and I had been dreaming of licking her pussy for over a decade. It’s finally happening, although not as good as I’d like. Her son is still asleep next to us, so as much as I’m sucking her pussy, I’m still being as quiet as possible, and moving as little as possible. Also, our time is very limited. To me, this is minor flirty oral sex. I want to fuck her. I need time alone with her so I can really show her what I can do.

I look at the clock, it’s about 5:15. I lean up from Misty’s pussy. I had managed, while sucking her pussy, to pull her pants down a bit further, to about 6 inches below her ass. I was still straddled above her legs as I leaned back down and kissed on her neck. I want to fuck her so bad; I’m willing to risk a chance at getting caught.

“Did you like that baby”, I ask? As I ask her, I’m positioning my dick in between her ass cheeks. I still have both my hands down there, and I’m spreading her pussy open.

“Ummm Hmmmm”, Misty whispers.

“Oh really”, I say. I’m talking to her just to distract her a bit as I put my dick by. Her pussy is so wet; the head of my dick slightly penetrates her pussy lips. However, I still have my pants on, and haven’t pulled them down too much. The angle is bad.

I reach behind myself and start pulling my pants down. I get then down below my ass and almost to my knees. I reposition myself, grab my dick and move it down to Misty’s hot, wet and waiting pussy. I push my dick about half way into her pussy. OMG, I think. I’m finally getting to fuck Misty.

BARK! BARK! BARK! My dog is barking at someone.

“Fuck!”, both Misty and I say simultaneously. Before I can even do anything, Misty is on her side. It’s amazing how women can get out whenever they want to.
“After he comes down, come upstairs and see me”, I say to her, then pull up my pants and exit out the back basement door. Again, I wait a minute or so, then go in the kitchen door. Coast clear again.

Chapter 11

“Misty, there’s really only one way we are gonna get to have really good sex. We need time alone. You gotta come over on a Saturday morning, by yourself, when Alisa is out shopping”, I say to her while she is making dinner in the kitchen. She doesn’t reply, but I know she is listening.

“Look, just drive back Saturday morning. Tell Charles you need some feminine stuff. Tell him to watch his kid”, I tell her. I walk over to her, get behind her, and reach my hand around her waste and up her shirt. I cup one of her titties, and whisper in her ear, “You do that and I promise. I PROMISE! I’ll suck that pussy and make you cum baby. And by the time I’m done with you, baby, you’ll have multiple orgasms. We won’t have to be quiet. You can ride my dick, I can do you doggie style, whatever. You’ll love it”! I pull away as I hear my wife coming down the stairs. I go back into the living room and pretend nothing is going on.

I go outside and start watering the garden. Because the outside spigot leaks, I have to turn the water on and off from inside the house. After I’m finished, I come inside the basement to turn it off. I see that Misty had moved downstairs to the back of the basement, and was cleaning out her fish tank at the utility sink.

In the months that they’ve been living here, I had been really good at concealing my actions from my wife Alisa, and Misty’s husband, Charles. This is where I made my only mistake. I reached up into the ceiling to turn off the water. After I did, I leaned over to Misty, who was about 2 feet away, and I grabbed her ass. I then grabbed the top of her pants and pulled them back, exposing her ass cheeks. Now, Misty totally didn’t mind this. But as I walked out the door, I looked to the left to the doorway between the two basement rooms. Charles was standing there… I thought nothing of it, or cared even less, and went out the basement door and back into the house from the other door.

The next morning, I go downstairs and climb next to her. I’m holding her, lying next to her. I’m speaking gently to her, but I’m not getting the same feeling or response from her that I normally get.

“Why are you down here holding me when you have a wife upstairs”, Misty asks. This took me a bit by surprise considering everything we had been through so far.

“Well, cuz I love holding you”, I say to her.

“Well, you need to stop”, Misty says as she gets up. Again, she’s in her panties and shirt and looks sexy. But I really don’t know how to take this latest twist, so I decide to go with it and go upstairs, since I’m apparently not getting anywhere this morning.

From that point on, I noticed a change in Misty’s demeanor. She seemed to shy away from me more, even though we had been through so much. I didn’t understand this change in her personality, until I talked with my wife.

Alisa had been speaking with Misty, and Misty had confided in Alisa a story that Charles told her. Charles had told Misty that his first wife had left him on his anniversary. His first wife apparently cheated on him back when they were both 18. Charles is a lot older than us. He’s pushing 48 when we’re all in our mid 30’s.

Regardless of what he told her, I knew why he told her. As dumb as Charles is, he is smart enough and knows how to push Misty’s buttons. He pulled out a sympathy card and gave her a sob story about how his first wife left him, over 30 years ago. Misty fell for his story hook line and sinker, and from that point on, Misty had changed her mood towards me.

Things started to get even more complicated after that. Misty seemed to develop a urine tract infection, along with her monthly period. Misty was also using a form of birth control that used an implant in her uterus to block sperm. She was developing some sort of infection and was in pain.

Coupled with Charles sob story, and her health, anything I did with her was called off. She told me that she felt very very bad about cheating on her husband and didn’t want to do it anymore.

To complicate things even further, we found out that Misty and her family were finally going to be moving out in December. A few days passed, and I did not mess with Misty at all. I still fucked Alisa on a regular basis, but lost a bit of my desire when fucking her, because the subject of my sexual desires was falling out of my grasp.

As the weeks passed and her move out date grew closer, Misty was still in some pain, but she was getting a bit better. She also had been arguing with her husband a bit more. That was nothing new to me; I hear them arguing a lot.

One morning, before she was about to go to work, I spoke with her.

“Just out of curiosity, have you been shaving you pussy since you let me suck it”, I ask?


“So, in other words, you only shaved your pussy, originally, because I asked you to”, I ask?

“Yeah, I guess you can say that”, she replies.

“Well, I really liked it. It was really smooth. It had been almost 2 months since I sucked her pussy and got my dick to poke her pussy. I knew she had not been feeling well, and the last 3 weekends, she had stayed at my home, so the last time she had sex was months ago. Even though she had originally shied away from me after her husband’s sob story, after talking with me a few times, I think she began to realize, whether true or not, the story was bullshit and only mentioned because he caught me squeezing his wife’s ass.

I had noticed over the last few weeks that she had been glancing down at my dick more and more, like she did when she had first moved in. It was almost like I had to start all over with her and start working her over again.

Move out day comes, and Misty and her family do move out of my basement. I help Misty clean the basement and goof around with her a bit. She still has some of her belongings here, and runs them out to her car. After about 2 hours of cleaning, she’s ready to go.

“Misty, come here. I’m not going to see you again, not at least until Christmas, then probably not again after that for a long time. Who knows when I’ll see you”, I say to her. I pull her close to me and give her a big hug. “I don’t want to you leave. I don’t want to let you go”. Misty returns the hug and starts to let go, but I continue to hold her.

“I’m not letting you go yet”, I say to her as I hold her tighter. I move my hands down and nudge her arms up so she’s hugging me around the neck instead of below my arms. This lets me squeeze her ass. I reach my hands down inside of her pajama pants, and inside the panties. Her ass cheeks are a bit cold, but really soft. I squeeze them both.

“Mmmm, your ass feels so good, I’m really gonna miss this”, I say. I reach further down to the very bottom of her ass cheeks and pull them apart a bit. I eventually pull my hands out and move them up to behind her neck, under her hair.

“I really don’t want you do go”, I say. I then kiss Misty on her lips, catching her by surprise. She did not kiss back because she did not know it was coming. I kiss her again, and this time she does kiss back. I give her one more hug and kiss and let her go.

I saw her again on Christmas and Christmas eve. I gave her a kiss and a hug, and have not seen her in a long time.

(note: for followers of this long drawn out true story, what happens next is totally unexpected)
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