An twist to the story, fun on New Years Eve
Chapater 12

Two weeks have gone by since my in laws moved out of my basement. I'm getting over Misty, but still miss her. New Years eve is coming up, and I invite Sandy and Danny over for some drinks for New Years celebration. Knowing that they are coming over, I have resumed by campaign to get my wife to fuck Danny.

Sandy told me that she fully plans on getting drunk. That's great, because if she is planning on getting drunk, then my wife will also. I made sure to get liquor that both Sandy and Lisa liked. In the days heading up to the party, I told Lisa that I wanted her to fuck Danny. I also told her, like before, that I was going to suck her pussy first, to get her in the mood. That was my plan the last time, but it never manifested itself. In fact, the last time, I completely forgot to suck her pussy.

New Years Eve was on a Monday this year, of all days. I had to work that day, and had been thinking about sex all day at work. Fortunately, I was able to leave work early that day to get ready for the party. 7pm comes, and we get a phone call that they are on their way. Lisa and I are upstairs when we get the call. That means they are about 20 minutes away. That is just enough time to get Lisa in the mood.

Saturday morning I fucked Lisa. She had worn a G-String thong Friday night as we were out, and actually wore the same thong as she slept. Throughout the night, I felt her bare ass and squeezed her cheeks. I could not help but compare them to Misty's ass as I squeezed them, and thought that Misty's ass was much nicer and softer. But I get to fuck Lisa, and it's been like running a marathon trying to fuck Misty. I fucked Lisa in her ass and pussy that morning, but did not want her to cum. I stopped fucking her about 40 minutes into it as I was fucking her doggie style, in her ass. She said she wanted to cum, but I told her to cum when Danny fucks her Monday night. While she sometimes fought that thought, she also sometimes went along. So it was hard for me to determine whether she wanted to do it or not.

However, I had spoken with Sandy, and told Sandy that she should give Lisa a Christmas present by letting Danny fuck her. Now, Sandy was a bit of a clowner and funny girl. When I told Sandy that, she agreed, but I could not tell if she was serious. Sandy often spoke about how much of a slut she was in her young 20's. Keeping that in mind, I hoped that Sandy was somewhat serious about the agreement.

When Sandy called Saturday night, I spoke with her and told her to tell Danny that if he wants his balls sucked, he needs to shave them. She said she would tell him.

It's Monday evening and as Lisa is changing her clothes, I walk over to her and grab her bare breasts.

"I told you I'm going to suck that pussy", I say as I nudge her towards the bed. I walk over, close the door, and then go back to my wife, who is already starting to get up off the bed. I gently nudge her back down on to the bed and start sucking her titties. She's laying on the edge of the bed with her feet hanging off. I lift her legs up and kneel down in front of her pussy. I rub it and feel the sides of the pussy and feel a bit of 3 day old fuzz. I reach over to the night stand and grab the bikini trimmer. I proceed to shave Lisa's pussy; all while fingering it or rubbing it. After it's as bare as I can get it with this tool, I wipe if off and start sucking her pussy.

I insert two fingers into her cunt as I suck the top of her lips. I do that for a minute or so, and then pull my fingers out of her wet pussy. With my other hand, I pinch the top of her pussy, and put my tongue deep into her twat. I stick my wet middle finger into her asshole. I tongue fuck her like this for a while, and as I go, I feel her getting into it. I stick a second finger into Lisa's asshole, and start finger fucking her ass. She starts rocking her hips as I lick around the inside of her pussy. I move back up and start sucking the top of her lips, and with my free hand, reach up and massage her left breast. Lisa reaches down and grabs my head, holding it on her pussy. I start finger fucking her harder, pushing both fingers in and out of her ass, as if she's getting fucked in her ass and getting sucked at the same time. I had often joked how I'd love to be double jointed and be able to do that, or just suck her pussy while she's getting fucked in her ass.

I lean back from her pussy and insert two fingers into her cunt, while having two fingers from my other hand in her ass. Lisa strains forward, grabs my head again and forces it back down on to her pussy. I start sucking it some more, pulling her pussy lips with my lips and tongue. Lisa is loving it and is going to cum soon.

BARK! BARK! BARK! I know from experience that means someone's either at the door or coming to it. I get up from Lisa's pussy, she jumps out of bed. I walk over to the window and see Sandy's black Civic parking.

"That's Sandy, parking. Put on your thong and those brown pants. Oh, and that black cross shirt, no bra", I tell Lisa. I wipe my face and hands off with a towel, then go downstairs to meet Sandy and her crew.

The night goes on, as we watch a movie and start getting drunk. I keep making Lisa and Sandy their normal drinks, but also give them a few shots of some stronger liquor. Danny and I are both on our 4th beer or so by 11PM.

My daughter, who said she would stay up for the fireworks, never makes it and crashes in bed around 10:30. Sandy's daughter also falls asleep shortly after, and they move her to Crystal's bedroom incase she needs to spend the night. Now it's only us adults, sitting around talking and drinking. We continue to drink more, and are getting to the point that we're all pretty drunk. A game of glow in the dark pick up sticks turns into a disaster as none of us have the coordination any more to play that game.

"Danny, you really should take her upstairs and fuck her", I say to him loud enough so that both wives can hear it.

"Oh really", he replies.

"Yeah, Sandy and I will watch your kid while you get some ass. We both know you never get any at home from the prude", I say, referring to Sandy and how she never gives it up. "I'm not kidding".

"Yea Lisa, give up some ass", Sandy jokingly says.

"Ok, if it's OK with you", Lisa jokingly says to Sandy.

"It's OK with me if it's OK with Danny. Danny, do you want some ass", Sandy asks in a jokingly way?

Danny just laughs.

"It's really nice, you'll love Lisa's ass. Maybe she'll give you some head", I say to him. "I'll just watch the New Years celebration. Cum in time to see the fireworks at 12".

"Maybe after I go to the bathroom", Danny says. The girls look at each other and giggle. Lisa goes back to trying to get a stick without moving another one while Sandy is on the couch next to her.

About five minutes later, Danny gets up. "I gotta take a peeeeeee", he says. As he walks by Lisa, he taps her on the shoulder and gives her a playful wink. I smile as I watch him go up the stairs, but I really don't think anything is going to happen. I go back to watching TV.

There's some hot chick on the show, shaking her butt in some tight outfit. Every now and then I get a glimpse of a thong, and I'm hoping to get a better view. I'm not paying attention to anything going on in the room. I look over, and Lisa is not at the coffee table playing the game. I did not see her get up and go in the kitchen. If she did, she would have had to walk in front of me.

"Where's Lisa", I ask Sandy.

"She went upstairs", Sandy answers, while sipping on her Mudslide threw a straw.

"Nuh Uhhhh", I deny! "You think she went upstairs to….."

"I dunno, it's been a few minutes now. Danny usually only takes a few seconds to pee", Sandy replies with a thin smile.

My heart races as I think that my wife is finally going through with it. I had been teasing and trying to get her to do this for years. I can't remember how long I've been talking to her about this. Probably at least 10 years. This will open up so many opportunities for me, I think.

"That's great! I was totally serious. I really wanted her to fuck him. Maybe that's what they're doing. Let's give it ten minutes, and if neither come down, then we know what's up. We can peak into the bedroom from the top of the door, and see if they're doing it", I say to Sandy.

By now, I'm totally not interested in the TV show. I go over to Sandy and sit next to her. We both sit back on the couch, and say nothing for the next five minutes.

"They gotta be fucking", she says eventually. "Unless he has diarrhea or something".

"Maybe I'll go up and take a peak", I say.

"Yeah, you go look real quick and tell me what you see", Sandy replies. The funny thing about this situation here is that when Danny is in the house and Lisa, Sandy, and Misty are here, Lisa is the only woman in the house he has not fucked. I have mentioned this, and so has Sandy. Also, when Lisa's brother in law, Joey, is in the house, with Danny there as well, I'm the only one in the house that she hasn't fucked Misty. Joey is her ex-boyfriend. So those two have gone around a little bit in their history. Only Lisa and I have not had sex with others. But now is the time to find out if that is changing.

I walk up the stairs. The ladder is still there from when I was working on the moldings and drop ceiling. I move the ladder over, and put it against the wall. I climb up and look into the room. Danny is lying on the bed, and Lisa is lying on his tummy, with the head of his dick in her mouth, and rubbing his balls.

I watch for a few minutes, being real quiet as Lisa gives Danny head. Occasionally she goes down his dick and sucks his balls. This is so exciting, I think to myself. My dick is getting rock hard from watching. I have to tell Sandy about it. I quietly get off the ladder, and go downstairs to tell Sandy. I totally forget about my hard-on when I get to the bottom of the stairs. Sandy notices it immediately. "Oh my god", she says quietly to herself and places her hand over her mouth, as she notices my hard dick. I don't care, and move over and sit next to her.

"She's sucking his dick right now. She's lying on his belly and giving him head and stoking his dick", I tell her excitedly. "You should go up and see. I have a ladder and you can look over the top of the door, but be quiet so you don't disturb them".

"You apparently liked watching it", she says as she taps my hard dick. I did not expect Sandy to touch my dick.

"I did, it got me horny", I answer. "Go up and look, tell me what they're doing"

After a few moments, Sandy gets up, stumbles, and goes upstairs. I wait on the couch and watch the show. Sandy comes back downstairs about five minutes later and sits next to me. I notice her hard nipples, but say nothing to her.

"He's fucking her", she says.

"Can you tell where, I ask?

"On the bed, duh", she says.

"No, in the ass or pussy", I say.

"I saw him wet his dick, and he took a while to put it in. Probably her ass", she says, then picks up her mudslide, which is almost empty and sucks more out.

"Fuckin' eh", I say quietly.

Chapter 12

Lisa felt Danny tap her shoulder as he walked by. She was listening to everything and joking along with everyone else. But she really did want to fuck him. Lisa had only fucked John, and had never felt another dick. She had other boyfriends before meeting John, but never did anything sexually with them. The farthest she went with any boyfriend was to let a few of them play with her titties.

John had been talking to her for years trying to get her to swing. She had never really considered it until she started becoming close friends with Sandy. Sandy is a somewhat extroverted, and after years of only spending time with her husband, being friends with Sandy was helping Lisa open up to thoughts and feelings she hasn't had in years.

John had been talking about letting her fuck Danny for months, sometimes to the point where it annoyed her. However, the lately, she had been fantasizing about it herself.

Lisa looked over at John, and he was focused on the TV show, and not paying a bit of attention to her. She then looked over to Sandy, who smiled at her, then looked with her eyes up the stairs. It was an unspoken word, but Lisa clearly picked up the unspoken permission. She got up from the floor, walked over the stairs and looked at John again. She saw him get excited about something going on in the stupid TV show. She looked at Sandy again, who mouthed the word "Go!"

Lisa walked up the stairs, where Danny was looking at the walls. John had spoken with him earlier about putting drywall up here. Not being bashful at all, which is very different than her normal personality, Lisa reaches down and grabs Danny's crotch, and starts pulling him as she walks into the bedroom. Once they get past the door, she closes it and locks it.

Still holding his crotch, she pulls him over to the bed, then pushes him down on to it. He scoots back on the bed and rests his head on the pillows. Lisa climbs on the bed, then reaches down and unbuckles his pants. She pulls down his zipper and to Lisa's surprise, he's not wearing underwear. His already hard dick pops up and out of his pants. She grabs his hard dick and lies down on his tummy. Lisa starts stroking Danny's dick and puts the head in her mouth. She reaches down and feels his balls, which she's surprised to find out are shaved. Earlier, during the joking about having sex with Lisa, she had joked that he needed to shave his balls. She didn't expect him to, but finding out he did got her even more horny.

She squeezed his balls and played with each nut. She took the dick further in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on his dick. John had talked about this so much, and had told her what she could do. He had told her that she could suck his dick and let him play with her pussy if she wanted. She was hoping he'd reach down and rub her pussy.

Lisa hears a noise outside the door. It sounds like something metal. She's not stupid, and assumes it's her husband looking in from the opening at the top of the door. This actually excites her a bit, and she sucks the dick more.

Hoping to entice Danny to rub her pussy, Lisa gets up on her knees in a doggie position while sucking his dick. She takes the dick out of her mouth, and starts jerking it. She then sucks down the base of his cock while jerking the tip of his dick.

Danny reaches down, and starts playing with Lisa's massive titties. He squeezes the nipple of her left tit, then cups the breast in his hand. Lisa moves down to his balls and starts sucking the right nut. She feels Danny reach down and rub her ass. Her pants are still on, so she reaches her left hand down and starts to pull her pants down. Danny helps and gets her pants down to her knees, then reaches around her ass and starts feeling her pussy.

Lea's pussy is already wet. It started getting wet back when she was walking up the stairs. Danny rubs Lisa's clit, and runs his finger up and down her cunt. He feels her pussy and notices how it's shaved, with just some stubble, and likes it. He then moves his fingers to her asshole and rubs her ass with his wet fingers, getting her asshole wet. This excites Lisa and she jerks his dick harder and switches to his left nut.

Danny inserts his middle finger into Lisa's cunt, and then inserts his index finger into her pussy. He finger fucks her for a minute or so, and then takes his index finger out. He puts his wet index finger on Lisa's asshole and slowly puts it in. He now is double finger fucking her, and she is sucking his dick.

Danny, then starts to get up, forces Lisa to stop sucking his dick, even though she loves it. He gets out of the bed, and gets behind her. She's still in the doggie position. He kneels down and starts rubbing her pussy more, her pussy only inches from his face. He leans over, sticks his tongue out and starts running his tongue around in circles on her pussy. Danny squeezes both ass cheeks as he licks her pussy.

He hears the toilet in the other room flush, and assumes its Sandy. He then hears a small thump, a giggle, and then something metal. It sounds to him like someone climbing a ladder. He looks over his shoulder, to the top of the door. All the lights are out, but he can see Sandy looking in the room watching. He goes back to licking Lisa's pussy.

Danny then stands up, and grabs his dick. He spits on his hand and wets the head of his dick. He then moves his wet dick to Lisa's pussy and rubs her pussy with the head of his dick. Getting his dick even more wet, and feeling Lisa lower her hips a bit, he moves his dick up and puts his mushroom head on the button of her asshole. It takes a few moments to get the angle right, but he finally does and slowly inserts his dick into Lisa's ass. Danny slowly starts pumping Lisa's ass with his cock, while holding on to her cheeks.

Danny hears Sandy get down off the ladder, rather noisily. She is drunk by the way. He's thankful she didn't fall down and hurt herself. He hears her go down stairs.

Knowing that his wife was watching makes him even hornier. Sandy had spoken with him a few times in the upcoming days, teasing him about Lisa's big titties. She also asked him if he would fuck her if he was given permission. "only if YOU said I can", was his reply. Sandy actually did give it up and let Danny fuck her on Christmas morning. She was lying on her back, with her legs up in the air as Danny pumped her asshole. That day, as Danny leaned down to kiss Sandy's neck, she said to him, "I want you to fuck Lisa like this".

So, Danny had kept that in mind all week as he eagerly awaited the party. He had John's permission to fuck Lea. He had Sandy's permission to fuck Lea. He wanted to fuck her. All he had needed to know was weather she wanted to do it. And Sandy and John had both told him to fuck her in her ass. He couldn't believe his luck.

Well, here he was, fucking John's wife in her ass. He felt Lisa reach down to her pussy. Lisa started rubbing her pussy as Danny fucked her ass. She loved the feeling of his cock in her asshole. This was only the second cock to ever be in her ass, and it felt just as good as John's dick. In fact, it felt a bit better, because it was new. Lisa was loving having Danny's dick in her ass, and started rubbing her pussy more. She let out a moan loud enough for Danny to hear as her pussy muscles tightened. She was having an orgasm. She didn't expect to have one, since John fucked her in her ass yesterday, and she came when he was in her ass, and also came when John was fucking her pussy. So, after cumming twice in one day, she didn't think she'd cum again. But she did, and she loved it. Danny was still fucking her ass but Lisa wanted to feel more of Danny.

Lea got down out of the doggie position, and rolled over on her back. Danny stood up to see wait and see what she was doing. He was not sure whether she was quitting or what. Lisa lifted her legs up, and Danny stayed standing on the floor. Lisa pulled up her shirt to expose her massive titties.

"Nice", Danny said to her. He reached down with both hands and massaged both of Lisa's tits, pushing them together to show the huge amounts of cleavage. Those titties were so much bigger than Sandy's barely A cups. He loved titties.

Chapter 13

"You need another drink", I say to Sandy as I notice her mudslide is empty. I go into the kitchen, and grab the bottle of Vincent Van Gough. Sandy normally drinks mudslides, which are a shot of Kaluha with milk and chocolate and crushed ice. But that drink is kind of weak. Although she's pretty drunk as it is, I wanted her drunker. I filled 2 shot glasses with the Vincent Van Gough, and gave one to Sandy.

"Cheers", he says to Sandy. Sandy and John both chug it down, and Sandy squeezes her eyes shut as she almost gags on the shot.

"Oh, that's strong", she says.

"Nah, its smooth, you're just a drinking wimp", I say to her, although I know it's a lot stronger than Kaluha. "Want another", I ask?

"Yeah, one more", she says. I oblige, fill both shot glasses, and we chug them again. This liquor is fairly powerful, and I'm really getting drunk.

"I gotta go pee, plus I want to check in on those two horny toads upstairs", I say. I go upstairs, and relieve myself. However, not wanting to disturb them, I don't flush the toilet. I'm a bit disoriented from the alcohol, but I carefully go over to the ladder in the dark and climb up. I peer into the bedroom, letting my eyes adjust to the dark. I see Danny on top of Lea. He's not fucking her, but he's up on top of her chest. I assume he's titty fucking her. I'm a little bit surprised that Lisa's doing that, because she's not really a fan of tit fucking. It really doesn't turn her on, so I never really fucked her tits.

I watch Danny get down off Lisa chest as she twists around on the bed to get a better position. I see Lisa's legs go up and see him lay on top of her. I see his ass pumping up and down and can tell he's fucking my wife. My dick gets hard again, as I watch my wife get fucked. I can't tell what hole he's fucking, but I really don't care. As long as Lisa likes it, I'm happy. I do see Lisa reach around and squeeze Danny's ass as she's getting pumped. She also leans up and licks Danny's pierced titties while he's leaning forward.

Knowing what Sandy did the last time, and knowing that my dick is rock hard, I quickly get off the ladder, move it to the corner and go back downstairs.

I walk over to Sandy and watch her eyes as it drifts down to my hard dick.

"I see you liked what you saw, again", she says to me as I sit next to her, leaning against her. Sure the whole couch was available, but I wanted to sit up next to her. "Who's your friend", she says as she reaches over and lays her hand on my hard cock.

"Someone who wants to talk to you", I reply.

"Oh really? In person", she replies?

"Yea, he needs to talk to you up close", I say.

"Well, tell him to come out and say something", she says as she squeezes my cock.

"Ok", I say excitedly! I lift up my sports pants and expose my cock to her. She reaches under my pants and rubs my cock. She moves her and down and rubs my balls.

"Oh, you DO shave it. I always thought you were joking", she said. Without me even encouraging her, Sandy leans over to put her head on my lap. I scoot over a bit to give her a better position, as she starts kissing the head of my cock. Sandy had often joked that she's suck Danny's dick, and he'd never cum, yet she'd suck Joey's dick, and he'd come in 30 seconds. I've also seen her deep throat that banana, so I wondered how deep she'd take my dick.

It didn't take long to find out. Sandy started jerking my dick and slowly took it into her mouth. Without even testing to see how big it was in her mouth, she kept going down, further and further until I felt her nose touch my balls. She closed her lips around the very base of my cock, and squeezed my balls with her hand.

Sandy pulled her head back up off my cock, but left the head in her mouth as she jerked the wet cock. Back down she went, all the way to the bottom again. Sandy was seriously deep throating my cock, taking it in and out. It felt so good, as good as a pussy because she opens her mouth up wide, but keeps the lips on the dick the whole time. She also makes my dick very wet with her saliva.

"Is that how you suck Danny's dick", I ask?

"No", Sandy replies with my dick still in her mouth, on one of her upward moves. Sandy goes all the way back down on my dick, this time, when getting to the bottom, she lets her tongue slip out a bit and licks the top of my balls. To my surprise, I feel no teeth as she deep throats my cock. It feels so good, I can feel myself getting excited. I hadn't cum in over a week. I had been saving myself, not letting Lisa cum and hoping something like this might happen.

"Keep going baby, I think I'm going to cum", I say to her, as I gently grab her head to hold it onto my cock. This seems to spur her on, and he takes my cock even deeper, which seemed impossible to me. She goes up and down the entire length of my cock 4 more times and on the 4th time, I feel the energy welling up from my balls. I start pumping her mouth as she goes down a fifth time.

"I'm cumming", I say as she comes back up. As she gets the head of my cock out of her throat to her lips, she opens her mouth a bit. I shoot my load into her mouth and let out a long moan.

"Mmmmmm" I hear Sandy say, as she closes her mouth around the head of my cock, massaging the length of my cock from the bottom up. I look around from the right side and see my dick in her mouth. I'm finished cumming, but she's till sucking on the head. I don't see any cum on my dick.

"Did you swallow", I ask Sandy.

She looks at me, opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out showing me her mouth is empty. OMG, I think. She fuckin' swallows. This thought made my dick stay hard, which she's clearly notices by putting the head back in her mouth. Instead of deep throating, she sucks on the head, moving her head around in circular motions.

This is great, I think to myself. Although I've fantasized a few times about Sandy, I never thought anything would happen. Sandy was always a prude, and from what Danny always said, he never got any sex. Maybe it was the atmosphere, the alcohol, the fact that her husband is getting some other pussy, or just a combination of it all, but she is now sucking my dick, again.

I reach down Sandy's side, feeling past her ribs, waist and down to her ass. She's wearing black Adidas athletic pants. I reach my hand under them to her ass and start rubbing her ass. Sandy takes my cock out of her mouth and sucks down the base of my dick, using her lips and tongue. She gets to my balls, and goes down to he bottom of my nut sack and starts liking. OMG that feels so good, I think.

I reach further down to Sandy's pussy. It's not bare like Lea's, but it's not really hairy either. I can easily get to the lips, and I squeeze them between my fingers. Her pussy lips are long, like Lea's, but the size of her pussy is smaller. The angle I'm rubbing her pussy from has me reach past her asshole. I reach my finger up to her asshole and start rubbing it. I know Sandy does anal, from the few times she admitted it.

I move my fingers around her ass with two fingers; them move it back down to her pussy and insert them in to get them moist. I return my fingers to her ass and slowly insert them in. I get about half of my two fingers in when Sandy gets up from sucking my dick and stands up off the couch.

"What are you doing", I ask.

Without even answering, Sandy pulls her pants down off her ass. She turns around, and I see her nice shapely ass. She then leans back and starts to sit on my lap. I grab my dick and guide it towards her pussy. As my dick starts to go in her pussy, she pulls back off and reaches back behind her ass and grabs my cock. She starts massaging it, running my juices down my cock making it lubricated.

With one hand, Sandy reaches between her legs and balances herself on the couch, and with her other hand, she holds my dick steady as she lowers her asshole onto it. She pivots up and down on my cock, as I hold her hips. I pull Sandy back against me as she sits on my dick, with it all the way into her asshole. I reach up her shirt and massage both her small titties with both hands as she rocks back and forth on my cock.

I let Sandy lean forward again, and as she does, I lean forward a bit and push her pants down past her knees, and complete off one leg. I then lift her legs up from behind her and put her feet onto my knees. This lets me start pumping her asshole. Sandy balances herself by holding around my neck and shoulder with one hand. With her free hand, she reaches down and starts rubbing her pussy. This is one of those porno positions you see on the videos, but I've never been able to do with Lea.

I lift her legs up to her chest and start pumping her ass harder. I can't believe my luck that I'm getting to fuck Sandy, and of all places, in her ass!

I fuck her ass for a while, and then reach around her belly, to her pussy. Sandy is holding on to me with both arms as I pump her asshole and rub her pussy. Her pussy feels so nice, and it reminds me of rubbing Misty's pussy. It doesn't feel quite the same, but similar, I guess because both girls are skinny. I start to wonder how it would be to lick her pussy.

So, I put both my arms under her knees, and roll her over to my left. As she lies on the couch, I slide off of it and kneel down behind her. I roll her back onto her back, and put my face in her crotch. I take her pussy lips into my mouth and start sucking them both.

"Oh my goooooodddd", I hear her moan. This makes me lick harder, and insert fingers into her pussy. I don't know if it's the soap she uses, or what, but Sandy always has this sweet fruity smell to her, and I can smell it here also, while sucking her pussy. Of course, I also can smell pussy, which isn't bad, and her pussy tastes nice.

As I'm sucking her pussy, she grabs my head for a moment or two. I then feel her stretch forward a bit, and grab my shoulders, trying to pull me up. I oblige her request, and get up from the floor. Sandy lifts her legs back, exposing her nice pussy and ass to me. It looks very sexy.

I wet my dick, and insert it into Sandy's asshole again, and start pumping the asshole of Danny's wife, while he's upstairs fucking mine.

Chapter 14

Danny has his dick deep inside Lisa's pussy. He's lying on top of her as she is lying on her back, with her legs high up. He pumps her cunt slowly, enjoying each push. Although, at first, he didn't think he'd like fucking Lisa, he's now loving it. Her pussy is so soft, and warm, and she really knows how to use it. And her titties are massive, and a lot of fun to play with.

As he thinks that, he reaches down and starts sucking her right tit, while still pumping her pussy. Lisa loves it and her nipple, which already semi hard, gets harder. She reaches around and feels his muscular back, then down to his ass, then back up. She reaches up and grabs his head and pushes it down onto her tit. He returns the notion by opening his mouth wide and takes more of her tittie into his mouth. Her tits are size D, or larger, so he can't suck the whole thing, but he tries his best.

He feels that he's not getting enough pussy on his dick in this position, so he gets up from his position and fucks Lisa from a straight up position. He's on his knees, pushing his dick into her pussy. He looks at her pussy as he pushes his dick in. The shaved pussy looks nice, and then he admires Lisa's bouncing titties as he pumps John's wife. This whole thing is arousing the hell out of him, and he starts to feel himself cum. He pumps Lisa's pussy really fast for about a dozen pumps, then feels himself about to explode.

Knowing that his wife swallows, he decides to take a chance to see if Lisa will swallow. Lisa feels Danny pushing harder and breathing heavier and knows he's about to cum. But she doesn't want him to cum inside of her, because she is not using any birth control. She begins to hope Danny will pull out. But where is he going to cum? On my belly, on my tits, on my face, she thinks. The thought of tasting his come intrigues her. She had tried swallowing John before, but never liked it. But this was only the second person to ever fuck her, maybe he tasted different.

Danny feels himself cumming, and pulls his dick out. He grabs his dick, lets Lisa's legs down than moves very quickly to her side. He aims his dick toward her face. Lisa takes the opportunity and opens her mouth. Danny squirts his first burst onto Lisa's lips, and cheek. His second burst comes out and goes right into Lisa's mouth. Danny sees this, which he likes, and before Lisa can do anything, he shoves his cock into Lisa's open mouth. His third smaller burst squirts into the top of Lisa's mouth and to the back of her throat. She has no choice but to swallow.

She thinks it's really warm, and even though she knew it was coming, it still surprised her. Maybe it was the alcohol working on her, or maybe it was just the mood, but Danny's cum wasn't that bad. She had swallowed quick and there was no more taste in her mouth for now.

So Lisa sucked his head for a few seconds thinking it was done, but Danny shot a small forth load into her mouth. This turned Lisa on a bit and she spit it out onto the head of Danny's dick, then sucked down his dick to his balls.

With that, she was done. She got up off the bed, and found a towel on the floor. She wiped her face off and tossed the towel to Danny. She then got back in the bed and laid down, to cool off. Danny leaned over, and kissed Lisa on her cheek, then got out of bed. He found his pants and shirt, and put them on. He looked at the clock, and it was about 20 minutes til midnight. He didn't realize he'd been up here fucking for almost 50 minutes. Then he wondered what his wife might be thinking, that maybe she was mad that he'd been up here so long.

Danny opens the door and goes down the stairs. Because he just got finished fucking, he was a bit tired, but his dick was semi hard. He gets to the bottom of the steps, and turns around the corner to walk into the middle room, which was John and Lisa's living room. That's when he saw Sandy leaning on the coffee table with John behind her, fucking her.

"Dude, she sucked my dick first, I swear", I say to Danny as I pump his wife's asshole. I look at him, and he looks surprised, but not mad. I mean, how could he be, he just fucked my wife.

"You don't mind, do you", I ask?

"Nah, go ahead, fuck her in the ass if you get a chance", he says.

"I already am", I exclaim!. "In fact, I don't think my dick's been in her pussy yet". As I say that, I push my dick in further and squeeze her ass. Sandy moans. She looks over to Danny, who's about two feet away, and sees his hard dick in his pants. She reaches over and grabs his bulge. She moans louder and growls a bit as I pump her asshole a bit faster, pulling my dick almost all the way out and pushing all the way in.

Sandy is stroking Danny's bulge as she's getting fucked. She reaches up and pulls down on his jeans, fumbling with the buckle, but can't get it open. Danny takes the queue and unbuckles and unzips his jeans, then drops them down. He moves over and puts his dick in Sandy's mouth. She sucks his dick and moans while getting her ass fucked.

I love fucking her asshole, but I want to feel her pussy. I pull my dick out and switch it to her pussy. Her pussy is soaking wet and takes my cock easily. Its nice and tight, and as I push it in, Sandy moans loudly with Danny's cock head in her mouth.

Danny moves closer and pushes his dick further into her mouth. He grabs her head and pushes his dick all the way into her mouth, so she's deep throating his cock. He leaves his cock deep in her mouth and moves his hips around, deeply fucking her throat. He then pulls out and Sandy grabs his cock and starts jerking it. She pulls it back into her mouth and sucks it half way while jerking it.

I then pull Sandy toward me and sit back down on the couch. I expect Sandy to sit on my dick the way she was earlier, but instead, she turns around, and climbs up on me, straddling my dick. I scoot my ass down to the edge of the couch, and Sandy presses close to me, her tits in my face with her ass in the air. I start pumping her pussy, reaching up behind her holding her shoulders.

I then feel Danny move closer and see him put his hands on Sandy's hips. He lifts his leg and puts his foot next to my leg, but not touching it. I feel his dick entering Sandy's asshole. I pump as best I can, but with him on top of her, I can't pump that much.

However, his dick in her ass makes Sandy's pussy tighter. It feels really nice and I feel him fucking her ass. Sandy starts moaning more, and biting her lip. I reach up, grab her head and kiss her on her lips, sticking my tongue in her mouth. She sucks my tongue and moans as she kisses me back. I let go of the kiss and she starts moaning even more.

"I'm coming… I'm coming", Sandy growls. As she cums, she rocks her hips to the rhythm of Danny fucking her ass and my pumping of her pussy. She then collapses on me, in a sweaty heap. My dick is still in her pussy, but that motion made Danny fall out. He moves over and sits on the couch, next to us, his dick still hard.

Sandy looks over to him while laying on my head, "That's the first time I ever did that. Made me cum", she says to Danny.

"Me too, first time", Danny says as he wipes his forehead with his shirt.

Sandy pushes herself up slightly from laying on me, but doesn't get off my dick, which is still hard. She starts pumping slowly back and forth. She looks over at the TV and is watching it as she fucks my dick. I look at Danny, and he's doing the same thing, watching the New Year's Eve special. The clock on the show says 11:52. Sandy looks back at me, and leans down and kisses me, pushing her tongue in my mouth, kissing me for a good 30 seconds, while rocking her hips back and forth on my cock.

I look over to Danny, "Danny, I'm still fucking your wife".

"Hahahaha, keep it going man, I already fucked yours. I even came in her mouth. I think I knocked her out, she hasn't come down yet", he replies.

"Oh really? She let you cum in her mouth? I never get to do that to her. Well you got something I never get. You sure I can keep fucking her", I ask?

"Yea man", he says!

That spurs me on and I reach round her and start matching her pumping. I pump her for a minute, then grab both her legs. I lean straight up, and lift her up off the couch. I spin around and put her back on the couch, her head on her husband's tummy. My dick never fell out, and I start pumping her pussy more. This time I can see what I'm pumping, and I admire her washboard tummy and trimmed pussy. No, its not bare, but its still sexy. I lean over her and start pumping faster.

Sandy reaches one hand back to her husband's neck and holds on. She turns her head to the left to see Danny's dick, which is still semi hard. I have Sandy's legs spread wide, straight out as I fuck her pussy. Sandy lets go of Danny's neck and reaches down and starts jerking his cock. It gets harder immediately, and he stops watching the TV show. She pulls the cock back into her mouth and starts giving him head. She gets her hand wet and jerks his cock with long strokes as she gives him head. She doesn't take anymore than his cock head in her mouth. Her whole intention is to make Danny cum.

I see what's going on and start pumping her pussy as deep as I've pumped it so far. In and out my dick goes, and I watch it go in and out of her pussy. Time flies, and we hear the celebration starting. The fireworks are going off on the TV, and we hear our neighbors banging various noise gadgets. I keep pumping her pussy and I notice Danny pumping his hips. He squeezes his eyes and grunts while his dick is in his wife's mouth. I look at his cock and see a bit of cum squirt out of her mouth as she jerks his cock.

This in turn excites me. Sandy has swallowed two different loads tonight. I can't believe how horny she is and it really turns me on. I feel myself about to cum as well. So I pull my cock out, and move over to Sandy's mouth. I jerk my cock a few times and put my cock to her lips. She parts them a bit and I bust my second load into her mouth. It's about 2 small bursts, all going into her mouth and on her tongue. She grabs my dick, and sucks on my head, squeezing the cum out of the base of my dick up to the head. She jerks it a few times, then let's go.

She sits up and I sit next to her. Sandy then leans forward to the coffee table and picks up a glass of half melted coke and takes a drink.

We're all exhausted and sit on the couch for a few moments. We chat a bit for 15 minutes or so until they decide its time to get ready to leave for the night. Lisa had agreed to watch Sandy's daughter overnight. Sandy helps me clean the kitchen a bit, and then her and Danny leave for the night. As she leaves, I give her a hug, a kiss, and I squeeze her ass then feel her crotch. I can't believe I got to fuck her, I think, as I close the door behind them.

I go upstairs, get undressed, and climb into bed next to my wife, who's sound asleep, naked in bed.

TO BE CONTINUED (yes there is more....)

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your on chapter 13 and can't decide if your wife is Lisa or Lea dumb ass, get a real job and leave the story righting to the guy's who can keep a paragraph strait.

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your on chapter 13 and can't decide if your wife is Lisa or Lea dumb ass, get a real job and leave the story righting to the guy's who can keep a paragraph strait.

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