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It's been a long time, but I hope this was worth the wait. The series will continue with Part 4.
Tarnheim Academy, Part 3

Our story continues…

My initiation to the Tarnheim Academy had been astounding. I had been dominated and ravished by Headmistress, followed by the head girl, Adrienne, and the towering twins, Inga and Greta. At the tender age of sixteen, I could never have imagined being subjected to such awful indignities, nor could I have anticipated that my body would betray me by responding so passionately to their unnatural assault on my person. I had been soundly whipped, fondled, and fucked, and, dear God, I had actually enjoyed it. What sort of person was I becoming?

After the trio had departed, I lay on the bed, too exhausted to move. Samantha crept out from her hiding spot and timidly approached me. Her eyes glistened with tears.

“I’m so dreadfully sorry,” she whimpered, “but I was too scared to do anything to help you. They frightened me so very badly that I dared not oppose them. I hope you’ll be able to forgive me.”

I looked into Samantha’s soft brown eyes, so like those of a doe, full of fear. She was really quite pretty, with light brown hair and a rosy complexion. I smiled and reached out to caress her cheek. She instantly melted with gratitude, kissing my hand and thanking me profusely. I took her in my arms and we embraced each other tightly for a long moment.

“Hush, Samantha,” I whispered in her ear, “There’s nothing to forgive.”

She hugged me even tighter, crying tears of relief. I stroked her hair as she quietly sobbed on my shoulder. Spent, Samantha released me and looked at me with newfound love in her eyes.

“God, you’re perfectly wonderful! I just know we’ll be the best of friends!”

I smiled at her sweet innocence. It was ironic; just twenty-four hours ago, I’d have considered Samantha utterly beneath my interest and snubbed her na? offer of friendship, but so much had changed and so rapidly. I was enchanted by her open warmth and guileless charm.

I rose from the bed and gathered up my clothes, casually flung aside in the course of lesbian rape. I dressed myself once more and gazed thoughtfully at my reflection in the mirror. It was almost like looking at a stranger, so far removed from the girl I’d been but a day before. I ran a brush through my long hair, still the same lustrous dark brown, though now tousled from the indecent assault I’d so recently suffered. My eyes, so deep and vividly blue, seemed to have a new sparkle that I’d not seen in them before. I felt somehow reborn, made new by the lascivious sensations I’d experienced. If I was no longer the person I’d been, then who was I?

The next day, I found my schedule of classes posted on my door. The teachers were sternly rigid in their instruction, delivering their lectures on English literature, mathematics, psychology, European history, and German with mechanical precision. The girls sat carefully erect in their seats, eyes glued to the dry erase board, pencils furiously scribbling notes in their binders. No girl dared to speak out of turn without hand properly raised, and there was a complete absence of musical tones from cell phones or the sound of errant texting. In Essex, the girls had given lip service to classroom etiquette; at Tarnheim, it was an iron rule.

In point of fact, none of the girls were permitted cellular phones or other means of contact with the outside world. The computers, I learned, did not have e-mail access or other communication methods enabled. We were completely cut off from our parents, our friends, and everyone else outside the Academy. This was world entire, with no avenue of escape.

The physical education class was quite surprising. When Headmistress had told me that at the Academy I’d wear the school uniform or nothing at all, she’d spoken the literal truth. At the commencement of class, the girls summarily stripped down to bare skin to begin their exercises. I hurriedly divested myself of clothing to join them, lest I attract the stern glare of Mistress Garner, the instructor. The other instructors, both men and women, had worn tweed suits, but Mistress Garner wore a uniform of dark leather similar to that of Headmistress, and on her hip swung a long-handled whip. She was quite tall, perhaps five foot ten, with fiery red hair in a long braid down her back. Her eyes were ablaze with emerald fire, and I instantly feared her.

Physical education lasted for two hours each day, and I quickly found myself fatigued by the breathless pace set by Mistress Garner. I’d always prided myself on my figure; I had a slim waist, a curvaceous rear, and full breasts that amply filled my D-cup brassiere, but I was not as well conditioned as my peers here at Tarnheim. Mistress Garner responded to any attempts to slack off with a quick snap of her whip across my bare bottom, and so I struggled to keep up. By the end of the class, I was exhausted and my ass was criss-crossed with livid welts from Mistress Garner’s whip. I stumbled into the showers, eager for the cascading waters and the opportunity to wash the sweat of exertion from my body. Some of the girls giggled at my scarlet bottom, which had so often been the target of the instructor’s whip. I strove to ignore their taunts, and finished the shower so that I could clothe myself once more.

My last class of the day was psychology with Master Eddings. He was of middle years, perhaps forty-five or fifty, with brown hair graying at the temples and gold-rimmed glasses. His brown tweed coat bore the customary Tarnheim crest, and looked quite fetching on his broad shoulders. He was keenly intelligent and displayed a breadth of knowledge of the human mind that was astonishing. During the class, I found it difficult to sit still due to the soreness of my bottom, which attracted the attention of our teacher. At one point during the lecture, Master Eddings made his way toward my desk and motioned for me to look up at him.

“A rather pretty face,” he observed with a grin. “Hmmm, yes, and the pupils are somewhat dilated, likely due to sexual arousal.”

I quickly flushed scarlet at the thought while the rest of the girls giggled in chorus. I said nothing, but in truth I believed Master Eddings to be correct; he was really quite handsome and engaging. When the class concluded, Master Eddings called me over to his desk.

“Miss Gringsworth, I do hope you weren’t put off by my comments earlier,” he said with a warm smile.

“Oh, no, sir,” I quickly replied. “I’m glad that you find me pretty, sir, and, as to the rest, well…”

“My assessment was correct, you mean,” he chuckled. I nervously nodded.

“Good! You’re a lovely girl, and beautiful young girls should be sexually responsive. Tell you what, Miss Gringsworth, come to the teacher’s lounge at four o’clock. We’ll see about furthering your education.”

“I… I… I don’t know what to say,” I stammered.

Master Eddings’ face became severe. “You are a Tarnheim girl, Miss Gringsworth. When your superior gives you a command, you say, ‘Yes, sir,” and obey.”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded respectfully. “I’ll be there at four o’clock sharp.”

At the appointed hour, I stood before the door to the teacher’s lounge. I was feeling the tingle of arousal at the thought of the “education” I was to receive from Master Eddings. He had such large hands, and such a handsome face. I knocked timidly, and heard the voice of Master Eddings answer.

“Come in, Miss Gringsworth.”

I opened the door, and was surprised to see, not only Master Eddings, but several other of my teachers, and several more whom I did not recognize. Additionally, in the back corner, caressing her whip, was Mistress Garner.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” I blurted, “Am I interrupting something?”

Master Eddings smiled in response. “Nonsense, my dear, you’re just in time. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Confused, I looked about nervously. All eyes were upon me, and I felt the heat of their eyes upon me.

“Isn’t she lovely?” asked Master Eddings of the others.

“She’s a delight,” answered Master Ogilvie, my English teacher, with a leer. I felt my heart flutter in fear as Mistress Garner joined in.

“She’s well formed, but needs proper training. Still, she should be a delightful fuck.”

My fears were well justified, I learned, as I was ordered to strip.

“But slowly,” Master Eddings commanded, “so we can enjoy the show.”

Swallowing nervously, my trembling fingers moved to unknot my school tie. I closed my eyes as I pulled it from around my throat, then began to unbutton my blouse. I felt myself unconsciously begin to sway from side to side, my hips involuntarily gyrating to a silent drumbeat as I slowly peeled off my blouse, revealing the lacy white brassiere which cupped my ample breasts. I unzipped my short skirt, and slowly slipped it past my knees to the ground. The crowd murmured its approval as I reached behind my back to unfasten my bra. I slid one strap off my shoulder, then the second, holding the bra to my breasts, eyes still squeezed shut. Arching back, I let the garment tumble to the ground, revealing my soft round orbs with their stiffened nipples for all to see. My hips continued their grinding sway and my fingers hooked the waistband of my lacy white panties. Biting my lip, I slowly peeled my panties down to my ankles and kicked them away.

I stood before the assembled teachers of Tarnheim, clad now only in white stockings and high heeled shoes. I felt myself becoming very wet.

“Leave those on, Miss Gringsworth,” came the voice of Master Eddings. “I like the contrast with your naked flesh.”

“I see you’ve striped her bottom, Deborah,” noted Master Colburn, the history teacher. Mistress Garner grinned in reply.

“Nothing she can’t handle, Arthur. She can stand a good deal more whipping, I’m sure. Her bottom fairly begs for the lash.”

“All in good time,” Master Eddings chuckled. “But first, let’s have a taste of her.”

He took me in his arms and I felt the heat of his hands as he slowly caressed my trembling flesh. His lips found mine and our tongues intertwined as his hands wandered all over my naked form. He fondled me with infinite care, his touch feather soft yet strong. I longed to feel more, and was soon granted my wish as his lips moved to the hollow of my throat. His tongue was electric, thrilling me with its tantalizing wet touch, and it began moving down toward my supple breasts. My knees began to go weak as his tongue flicked my stiffened nipples, and just then his hand moved between my legs to my moistened sex. He sucked eagerly upon my sensitive nipples as he began sliding his hand along my hungry slit. My breath came faster and faster as he caressed my eager cunt, and when he slipped a finger inside me it sent a shock wave through my young body.

My legs were splayed wide, allowing him full access to my vaginal slit. He began fingering me furiously, first with one and then two fingers, and I felt myself panting with desire. His fingers were dripping with my love juices and he sucked my tits with eager delight. My head rocked back, eyes tightly shut, as he frantically frigged me. I felt the cataclysmic moment fast approaching, and evidently so did he, for just then he used his thumb to rub my engorged clitoris, driving me over the precipice. I screamed out as I came, my juices gushing forth to inundate his hand. I might have collapsed, save for the support of his other arm tight about my waist.

Master Eddings continued to play with my clit and massage my G-spot as I came, keeping me riding the tidal wave of orgasm for what seemed like an eternity. While I slowly regained my senses, he smiled at me and had me lick his fingers, still glistening with my juices. I gazed into his eyes as I sucked his fingers clean. I loved the taste of my pussy on him, and would shortly get my fill of it.

“Kneel,” he commanded, and I obediently went to my knees before him. He opened his trousers, revealing a stiffened cock some eight inches in length. I needed no instructions; his desires were clearly evident. Taking his throbbing member in my delicate hands, I began swirling my soft tongue around the purple mushroom head, causing him to groan with pleasure. I licked along the length of the turgid shaft, then opened my mouth to take him in. I feverishly sucked him as the crowd muttered appreciatively. I’d no experience in fellatio, but it seemed I’d discovered a untapped talent. My tongue danced along the length of his shaft as I sucked him deeper and deeper into my mouth and finally down my willing throat. I’d heard of girls gagging at this point, but I discovered, to my delight and his, that I lacked a gag reflex, and so proceeded to deep throat his cock with abandon. Master Eddings responded by winding his fingers in my hair and began throat fucking me. His cock moved in and out of my mouth and down my throat. He thrust himself in my mouth to the very balls, and as I sucked him I extended my tongue to softly lick his testicles. The teachers erupted in applause at this, and Master Eddings began fucking my mouth harder and faster.

At length, he let out a hoarse cry and exploded, flooding my mouth with his semen. It came gushing forth upon my eager tongue in long spurts, and I greedily lapped it up. I continued sucking him, and swallowed every last salty sweet drop of the thick, viscous fluid that filled my hungry mouth. I slowly withdrew, licking him with loving care and looking up at him with adoration. Master Eddings smiled down at me with approval.

“There’s a good girl, Miss Gringsworth. You’ve a natural talent for cocksucking.”

I felt strangely honored. Master Ogilvie proclaimed, “I’ll take her next.”

I turned, still kneeling, towards him, but he promptly picked me up and deposited me face down over the arm of a large leather sofa.

“Stay right there, girl,” he commanded, and I heard him slip off his belt. I heard it whiz through the air and hit my upraised bottom with a sharp smack. The pain coursed through me, spreading like a flame on my soft skin. Trembling with fear, I kept my face buried in the cushions as he proceeded to whip my tender bottom with his belt. The crowd laughed and cheered.

“Again!” cried Miss Garner. “Harder!”

My ass was ablaze with pain as the belt stung me over and over. It seemed to go on forever, but at length he ceased whipping me. His hands wandered all over my reddened bottom, still raised high as I remained bent over the arm of the sofa. I felt a cool, oily fluid drip onto my puckered anus, then felt his fingers work it into my rectum. I readied myself for what was to come, and soon felt his stiffened cock pushing against my asshole. I strove to relax as he gripped my hips and thrust himself inside my burning ass. I gritted my teeth against the discomfort as Master Ogilvie fucked my ass with savage abandon. I felt him thrust deep into my quivering bowels, and felt the sphincter of my ass grip his cock as he fucked me. He grabbed my hair with both hands, using it for greater leverage to fuck me even harder. I felt his heavy balls slap against my cunny as he fucked me over and over. He must have been well versed in buggery, as he made it last for quite a long time before his groans announced his approaching climax. At the fateful moment, he pulled out of my rectum and slid his cock in the well-lubed groove of my ass. I felt his hot spunk shooting in great spurts across my reddened ass and lower back. He sighed contentedly, then withdrew.

I started to rise, but one of the teachers I didn’t recognize ordered me to remain where I was. He ordered me to open my legs wide, and as I did he plunged his stiffened penis into my wet pussy. I cried out as his thick member distended my vaginal lips near to bursting. His cock had to be thicker than my wrist, and I felt the massive head bang against my cervix as he sank to the hilt in me. My mouth opened soundlessly, unable even to scream as he began slowly fucking me with that massive cock. Master Colburn, whom I had for history class, took advantage of the situation and forced his throbbing member into my open mouth. I obliged him by sucking him with all the skill that I could muster, using my mouth and tongue to excite him as he fucked my mouth. With Master Colburn’s cock in my mouth and the stranger’s gargantuan shaft splitting my vagina, I could scarcely breathe. I frantically drew air through my nose as I was mouth fucked with glee. I could scarcely conceive of having so enormous a thing inside my painfully stretched cunt, yet beside the pain was a sensation of lascivious joy. Impaled by his gigantic truncheon, I felt like a cock hungry whore, and so sucked even harder on Master Colburn’s penis. This sent him over the edge, and he pulled out from my greedy mouth to send jet after jet of hot semen across my face. He covered my face with long, sticky ropes of cum, and I felt it slowly dripping down my chin.

As Master Colburn drew back from me with praise for my oral skills, I turned to look over my shoulder at the man fucking me from behind. His face was a demon mask of concentration as he plowed my tight furrow, so I let my head drop down as he continued to fuck me. I felt the head of his cock batter the walls of my cervix over and over, and waited for him to finally cum. It was some long minutes later that he cried out his approaching climax, and I felt his cock swell even larger as he pumped my womb full of his slippery seed. He pulled his softening cock out with a soft laugh, noting how his cum now dripped from the red and swollen lips of my pussy.

I had not long to wait before the next assailant was upon me. Herr Rothschild, the German teacher, flipped me roughly over and, seizing my breasts in his big hands, thrust his cock between them. I’d heard of being tit-fucked, but never knew how exciting the experience could be. I leaned my head down as he fucked my big tits and licked his cock with each forward thrust. If I was to be a cock hungry slut, I was determined to make the most of it. He mauled my large breasts with his strong fingers as he furiously tit-fucked me. I begged him to give it to me, and he did not disappoint, sending thick streams of cum on my breasts, face and tongue. I greedily licked him clean, then looked for the next attacker.

I saw Mistress Simmons, my math teacher, produce a long silver dildo from her purse. She had me lick the metal shaft, bullet-shaped and long as a ruler, then thrust it into my pussy. She locked her eyes upon mine as she fucked hard me with the dildo. Then she turned a dial in the base and I felt the thing vibrate inside me, driving me crazy. The sensations were unbelievable, as if the silver thing had become wired directly into my nervous system, sending pulse after pulse of orgasmic shock waves from my pussy to my brain. I was screaming for her to fuck me harder, faster, which she did with a fearsome grin on her face. She brought me off three times before rising from the sofa, having me lick the dildo which now glistened with my juices and the stranger’s cum.

The last two teachers, neither of whom I knew, freed their stiffened members from their trousers, then lifted my body from the sofa. I was simultaneously impaled before and behind, their hard cocks thrusting into my pussy and my ass. I was suspended, held aloft by their stiff cocks as I was double penetrated. At times they alternated their thrusts, and then they’d move in unison, double fucking me into a state of euphoria. My pussy and ass were well and thoroughly reamed by the two, who spun out their amusement as they fucked me fore and aft. When they reached their climactic moment, they pulled out simultaneously and forced me to my knees. They had me reach up and wank them off on my face, bathing me with their hot, sticky cum.

At last, I faced Mistress Garner, and I shook with terror as she grinned maliciously, toying with her lash. She had me bend over the arm of the sofa again, and I waited for the bite of her whip. Instead, she produced a strap-on double dildo from her purse and donned it with an evil grin. Each ebon shaft was circled with thick vein-like ridges, and the massive heads were adorned with small rubber nubs. She had me lick and suck each of the two mammoth cocks, liberally coating them with my saliva. Then she moved behind me and mounted me with a vigorous thrust of her hips. I cried out at the sudden distension of both pussy and rectum as I was double penetrated for the second time. Mistress Garner was utterly merciless, pounding away at me with undisguised glee. She demonstrated near-boundless stamina as she brutally pounded away at my pussy and ass with the giant dildos. I felt my eyes roll back in my head, overcome by the waves of orgasm as I came repeatedly under her unwavering assault. As I felt consciousness begin to slip away, Mistress Garner gave a final savage thrust, impaling me to the very hilt, then slowly withdrew the rubber cocks from my abused pussy and ass.

I lay over the arm of the sofa, unable to move. Miss Garner nonchalantly unbuckled the dildos from her hips, then held them to my lips and ordered me to lick them clean. I submissively complied, my tongue laving the thick black cocks that had so recently violated my still-quivering pussy and ass.

“That’s a good girl, Miss Gringsworth,” she murmured softly. Master Eddings agreed.

“Yes, quite. All right, girl, up you go, back to your room now. You can pick up your things tonight; we’ll leave them out in the hall.”

I rose from the sofa, still sore and more than a little frightened, with cum soaked into my face, my breasts, my ass, and still dripping from my pussy. Naked save for long white stockings and high heels, I walked out of the teacher’s lounge into the hall, where I knew a new ordeal would soon begin.

To be continued…

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