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I hadn't known Ashley for very long. We had been going to school together since I was in 8th grade, when she was still in 7th, but we never spoke. We went to church together, and once I was in 9th grade, I started to take an interest in the younger girl. She wasn't the hottest girl I knew, but she did look very good. She was short, probably about 5'4, I was about 5'9. She was very skinny, only 110 pounds, but she had it where it counted. Her tits might not have been huge, but I love a small, perky rack. She had smaller, B cup breast, but a very curvaceous ass that I loved to check out when she wore her tight jeans. I knew Ashley to be a bit of a "goodie two shoes" type of girl, which was why I didn't initially try to make a move on her. However, once we started talking more often, I found that I was wrong about her. We talked just friendly for a little while, but she eventually began to trust me more. She began telling me of the guys she had been with. Some of her stories turned me on so much, I would sit on the phone with her and quietly stroke my 6 inch cock as we talked. I didn't think she ever expected a thing, but I noticed that her stories got hotter and hotter the longer we talked. She began talking about her sexual fantasies, and I knew this was my chance. I asked her if she ever thought about my sexually. She said, "Of course I do! You really think I cant tell your jacking off when we talk? Well I think your really hot and I end up fingering myself half the time too. I just wish we could be together." My dick grew harder than it had ever been before when I heard that. "Maybe we can." I started imagining the things that I would do to her if I had the chance, when I heard her speak again. "I'll be home alone this Saturday, and my house isn't too far away from yours. You should come over and we could have some fun. "Sounds great babe," I told her. I was so excited and hard that I could barely keep my hand off my throbbing cock. I told her how turned on I was, and that I was jacking off right then. "I'm so wet," she said back, "I wish you were over here right now so you could fuck me." After this, I immediately blew my load. "OHH Shit, that felt so fucking good. I can't wait for Saturday." We had to get off the phone, as her parents wouldn't allow her to talk past 11 o'clock. It seemed like I was hard all week long. I could just imagine her sexy body naked in front of me. I actually held off on masturbating for the rest of the week, trying to save up for Ashley. As the final bell rang Friday afternoon, I was so excited I could barely hold myself together. I halfway ran to my car, hopped in, and sent a text to Ashley.
I'm so ready for tomorrow baby, I can't wait! Ill be there
around 1. I love you.
I could barely sleep Friday night. I made sure I had plenty of condoms and anything else I could need. As my alarm woke me at 11 on Saturday, I jumped out of bed and hopped in the shower. I cleaned up, then got ready for my big day. As I left my house, I was almost shaking in anticipation. I pulled in her driveway, and saw her peaking through the front window. I smiled to myself and got out of the car. As I reached the door, I got my first glimpse of my sexy friend. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt which barely reached past her naval. She had on a tiny pair of white panties which clearly outlined her pussy. My cock was now straining against my jeans. "Come on in," she said in the sexiest voice I had ever heard. "I've been waiting for this all week and I can't wait any longer. Fuck me" she told me. I didn't need any more encouragement. I wrapped my arms around her, groping her tight little ass. As my lips met hers, I was in heaven. I slid my hand beneath her bra, caressing her right breast. We broke our kiss as she took off the shirt and bra, as did I. We embraced again, as I hooked my thumbs in her panties and began sliding them off her body. I pushed her back onto the couch and dropped to my knees. I saw her freshly shaven teen pussy and immediately fell in love. I tentatively reached out my hand and ran my index finger up and down her slit. This caused her to moan, which made me feel a little braver. As I leaned in to get my first taste of pussy, I could smell her juices, and loved it. I flicked her clit with my tongue, which sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. I licked up and down her mound and then worked a finger into her slit. As I reached an steady pace, her breathing quickened, and I could tell she was close to an orgasm. I worked in another finger and began sucking and licking her clit more intensely. "I'm cumming!" she moaned. I noticed her a small amount of juice squirt out, which I quickly lapped up. I continued licking her until her orgasm had passed, and she lay limply on the couch. "That felt great," she said, "Now I want your dick inside me." I picked her up and carried her across the house, into her room. As I lay her naked form down on her bed, I admired how beautiful she really was. From her bright blue eyes, perky tits with small, erect nipples, down to her shaven pussy, she was perfect. I kissed her again as I pulled off my boxers. I thought about the condoms, which I left in my car, but decided I couldn't stop now. I placed the tip of my dick at her waiting pussy, and began pushing in. She was tight, wet, and hot. This was so much better than jacking off. I slowly pushed my cock into her, until I had as much as I could possibly fit inside of her. The look of bliss on her face told me she was enjoying this as much as I was. I began moving in and out, slowly at first, then began quickening my pace. I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum, but I held out as long as I could. She began moaning, and as I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick as she went through her second orgasm in the past hour. This pushed me over the edge, as I began pumping my hot sticky cum inside of her. I would worry about her getting pregnant later, but for not, I was getting as much pleasure as I could out of this. We both moaned in ecstasy. I left my dick inside of her wet pussy as both of our cum mixed together leaked out of her hole. When my dick went limp, I pulled out of her and laid next to her on the bed. I ran my fingers across her nipples and kissed her as we fell asleep in each others arms.

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2012-03-29 04:03:37
Paragraphs PLEASE. It will make the reading so much more enjoyable! There are many simple references available online that will help you with the guidelines...

In your favorite search engine, just put in the keywords: When to make a new paragraph

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2011-06-29 17:01:51
she should let her dad fuck her.


2010-08-08 22:56:51
A tad short seeing it jumps to conclusion in the middle, next time try splitting it. It was pretty good, only part you should have put in was her giving you a blowjob

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2010-08-08 14:04:19
punctuation! splitting it up makes it easier to read, but otherwise good effort.

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2010-08-01 22:59:06
really good just a tad short

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