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Women enjoys being controlled
He had me against the wall. My hands were spread, giving me support. My cheek leaned against the tapestry hanging in front of me. His hands moved down my sides, over my hips, to my thighs. Leaning in close to my ear, he whispered, “I need to fuck you.” I closed my eyes with a breathy moan. I love it when he takes complete control of me, not giving me any options. My blood was pounding and my pussy was soaked.

Leaning against me, he pushed me harder against the wall. I felt my breasts smashed against the wall as well as his groin press against my ass. He was hard and throbbing in his jeans. I could picture that easily in my mind since I had seen it many times over the past year. His long thick cock straining to get loose of the denim material holding it captive. His hands moved slowly up under my dress, skimming my skin with a feather-touch. It was just enough to drive me crazy. I moaned and begged for him to touch me. He just chuckled in my ear.

His fingers moved up my thighs to cup my ass cheeks. With two fingers, he pulled the back of my panties together and up, forcing the material to tug up against my pussy. I moaned and pushed back against him. Sliding my panties up and down, he fucked me with the material. My clit was swollen by the time he slid one of his thick fingers over me, briefly touching my clit. I moaned and closed my eyes.

His hands moved, letting go of my panties. His large hands grabbed my ass, squeezing and kneading it roughly. He asked me if I wanted to be fucked, if I needed to have his cock buried inside me.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed. I threw my head back begging him. His hands pushed my dress up over my hips. His fingers wrapped themselves around my panties and pulled, quickly tearing the material from me. I grunted, relishing the freedom and his roughness.

Wrapping one arm around my waist, he pulled me back against him. With his other hand, he tore the front of my dress open, buttons popping everywhere. I smiled and moaned as his hand savagely cupped my breast. He pushed his groin against my ass again, pressing and grinding against me. My pussy was dripping, throbbing between my legs.

“Fuck me! For God’s sake, fuck me! Give me your fucking cock!” I was wild, begging him to be inside me. He laughed and tore my bra down releasing my breasts. When his thumb and forefinger pinched my hard nipple I felt as if I would cum just from that. His arm gripped me tighter around the waist, his hand splayed across my stomach.

“You want my cock, don’t you? You want me to bury my cock in your pussy and fuck you. Fuck you hard in your tight little cunt. Don’t you?” His fingers pulled on my nipple, twisting slightly as he pulled it away from my body.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” I was tossing my head around, grinding my ass back against him for all I was worth… begging him to fuck me. His hand moved down my stomach and slipped over my pussy. He cupped me without touching me. I could feel the heat from his hand. I wanted him to touch me, to stroke me, to push inside me. I tried to lower my pussy onto his hand but he held me firm.

His hands moved up my body again. He slipped the rest of my dress off me, then my bra. He pushed my naked body against the wall, pressing his still fully clothed body against my back. “You’re not getting my cock until I’m ready to give it to you.” He drilled his groin against me again. Sliding a hand between my legs, he spread my legs wide. “Stand still. Don’t move.”

I felt him walk away from me. I didn’t move. I knew if I did I wouldn’t get what I wanted. I heard him come back. Sliding a hand around my waist again, he pulled my ass out away from the wall. “Don’t move.” Suddenly I felt something cold run down my bare back. Wine. I could smell the sweetness of it. It rolled down my back, sliding between my ass cheeks, dipping down between my legs and over my pussy. It was cold and wet and it made me throb.

He leaned down and slowly licked the wine from my back. His tongue worked slowly across my skin. His hands held my hips, holding me in place. Down my back, his tongue slid easily over my skin. When his tongue reached just above my ass, I held my breath. Then I felt more wine poured over me. His tongue followed it again, licking every last drop. I felt him kneel behind me as he poured more wine. This time, he slipped between my legs and swallowed the wine as it rolled over and dripped from my pussy. His mouth, his tongue was close enough to me so I could feel them but he never actually touched me with them. His hands held my ass, his fingers digging into me. The wine flowed over me, coating my pussy. I was begging again, begging to be fucked hard.

Then the tone changed. His hands lightened on me. His touch was more caressing, less aggressive. Using his mouth, he trailed kisses over my inner thighs, moving from one thigh to the other. His kisses moved closer and closer to my pussy but he never touched it. Instead, his hands and his mouth caressed my skin. As his lips touched my inner thighs, his hands stroked down the back of my legs. Nearly whimpering, I tried to lower my mound to his mouth. He moved away from me, leaving me empty.

Standing behind me, he ran his hands up my hips to my waist and held firm. His body didn’t touch me. His lips touched the back of my neck, moved trailing kisses up under my right ear. When his hands moved around to my stomach and upwards to cup my breasts, he was gentle this time. With feather-light fingers, he teased my nipples. As his fingers moved across my nubs, they hardened even more. Every nerve ending in my body was alive.

Just as my body was adjusting to this new, softer touch, he leaned against me, pushing me against the wall again. His hands moved down to my hips, grabbing hold. “Are you ready for me? Are you ready to be taken? To be fucked?” He whispered it in my ear. His tongue snaked out to lick my neck. I moaned, closing my eyes, “Yes. Yes. Fuck me.”

I heard his zipper. My pussy throbbed. I was so wet. I could feel my juices running down my leg. I couldn’t remember the last time I had to beg for his cock, but I loved it. I closed my eyes as I felt him moving behind me. I could imagine how his cock would feel…how his huge cock would invade my swollen pussy and fill and stretch me to the point of bursting. My clit felt huge, like it was the only thing between my legs. So far, he hadn’t touched me there. He hadn’t laid as much as a finger against my pussy. I couldn’t wait much longer.

Lost in my thoughts, I opened my eyes when I felt the tip of his cock against my ass. He rubbed the tip over my ass cheeks, sliding it into my crack. Up and down, left and right. He felt huge, harder than ever before.

“Is this what you want? You want my cock inside you, filling you? Do you want it in your pussy? In your ass? Where do you want it, Sarah? Where do you want me to fuck you?” He kept rubbing his cock against me but never touching me where I needed it.

I finally lost it then and began to scream at him…“Fuck me. Just fuck me! I don’t care where. Just ram it in my and fuck me!” I was pushing against the wall, pushing myself back against him harder. His hand moved to my waist again and he pulled me back against him. “Open your legs wider.” I did and closed my eyes again. “Here it comes… Here’s my hard cock. Are you ready?”

Before I could answer him; in one hard thrust, he rammed his cock all the way inside my aching pussy. I immediately cried out as my pent up excitement flooded his cock with my juices in a huge orgasm. My body shook and tensed as he slammed his thick cock deep into swollen cunt and then pulled all the way out. As he thrust into me again, filling me, my pussy tightened around him. I was moaning, thrashing back against him…pushing off the wall to get every bit of his cock in me. His one hand held my waist while his other hand wrapped around his cock, holding the last inch or two of him from me. “Is this what you want, baby? You want all my cock?”

I have no idea if I answered him. I was wild, moaning and grunting, pushing back against him. His cock was all I was centered on. With another thrust of his hips, his cock filled me. This time, he moved his hand and I got the entire length of him in my pussy. He was long, thick and filling me to breaking. I always thought I would split in half when he began to slam into me with the full length and width of his beautiful cock. He fucked me with short, hard bursts, slapping his heavy balls against me. I came again…so hard I could feel my juices squirting out of me and hitting the floor beneath us. My pussy muscles grasped and released in time with my orgasm on his tool…Trying to hold him deep inside me.

Keeping his cock inside me, he moved slightly, lifting my left leg up. This made his cock go even deeper inside me. He fucked me hard now, pulling his cock nearly all the way out of me, holding so the tip just filled my lips and then slamming his way back in. I was one giant orgasm. My pussy wouldn’t stop throbbing. I was screaming, begging, flailing from side to side I was completely out of control and loved it! He reached up with one hand and cupped my tit. His hand was rough, squeezing me, pulling on my nipple. He rammed his cock into me over and over again, fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t care if there was or wasn’t. He was fucking me and that was all the mattered.

My pussy made a slurping sound as he pulled his cock all the way out. Turning me around, he backed me against the wall. Lifting me, he told me to wrap my legs around him. I did and he thrust his cock back inside my pussy. My hands grabbed hold of his shoulders, holding on as me pummeled me against the wall. My pert breasts jiggled up and down as he pistoned into me. His cock was getting even thicker and harder inside me. I felt another wild orgasm tear through me. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and marked him, my nails drawing blood. He grunted and tilted upwards filling me at a different angle. “Oh fuck! Fuck me hard. Harder!”

He grunted for me to open my eyes. I did and watched his face as he rammed his cock into me again three or four more times. His eyes closed and he moaned out something I couldn’t understand. All I knew was his cock was erupting inside me, filling me with his hot cum and pouring out around his cock as he pushed deeper and deeper inside me. I came again and moaned.

He stopped moaning, his cock still pulsing in my cunt. My pussy tight around him. Our juices dripped down my legs as he lowered my feet to the floor. His cock slid out from me. Reaching down between us, I wrapped my hand around his wet tool and stroked him. He closed his eyes and took a quick breath. Pulling on him slowly, I milked another few drops from him. Leading him by his cock, I led him to the bedroom. He’d taken me. After we slept for a few hours and recharged, I was taking him. All’s fair afterall.

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2012-01-16 18:12:28
never been so wet in my life. i fucking love your stories

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