Names: Haily(14), Me (18)(John), Chris (17)

Please read the first story to enjoy the second one :)

After our fun time in the little closet Haily went off to her other classes. This went on pretty much for the whole week. After school Friday I walked out to my truck, I saw Haily trying to push Chris off of her as he tried to mount her. Haily had on her blue and white cheer leading outfit on that fit her body down to every single one of her nice curves. She looked so hot in her little cheer leading outfit. As I got closer I heard Haily pleading with Chris to get off of her.

"No Chris!" Haily squealed pushing him off.

"Come on little baby." He said pinning her against the truck pinning her arms behind her back finally getting a hold on her, he slid up her skirt grabbing her ass.

"Yo Chris let her go." I commanded patting him on the shoulders.

"Fine!" He said annoyed.

"Jon Jon! Chris was begin mean to me." Haily said straighten her skirt out as she ran over to me.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her into a hug. I thought that they were playing but Haily was shaking hard in my arms. I rubbed her back to calm her down a little bit leaning her against the truck.

"Hey calm down." I told her gently placing my hand under her chin lifting her face up placing a kiss on her lips.

"Dude what the hell?!" I asked getting angry.

"We were playing man." Chris replied.

"Why is she shaking so hard then?" I asked as he looked down at the ground, "get in the damn truck."

We all got into my truck we all sit in the front of the truck while our stuff was in the back seat. Haily sat in the middle sliding closer to me grabbing my right arm and wrapping it around her shoulders. I took off getting out of the student's parking lot. I asked Haily about her first week to break the silences in the truck. She told me about her new little friends and the people that was already getting on her nerves. My arm around her shoulders went up to her lips sliding across her sticky covered lip glossed lips. She opened her lips taking in my index finger and my middle finger working her tongue on it.

"So why was Chris mean to you?" I asked looking over at her at a red light.

"I don't know." She mumble with my fingers in her mouth glancing over at Chris.

"Like I said I was playing around that bitch doesn't have to take it so seriously." Chris said looking out the window.

Haily continued sucking on my fingers when I pulled it out of her mouth licking her spit off my fingers and placing it right back into her mouth and continued driving the truck`.

"Well you scared me," Haily said taking my fingers out of her mouth wiping it on her cheer top, "I don't like begin felt up in public you know that."

"What about in a truck?" I asked as Chris slided over closer to her as she slid closer to me.

"What about it?" She asked looking over at Chris pouting.

"Would you fuck in a truck?" I asked grabbing one of her tits through her top.

Haily remained quiet as my hand slid into her top grabbing a hold of her bra-less tits. She let out a low moan burying her face in my shoulder. I pulled into our garage turning off the engine. Haily lifted up her head looking around she grabbed my hand pulling it out of her top climbing over me to get out. I pushed her back down pushing the seat back so she would be laying down.

"Who said you could leave?" I asked smiling unbuttoning my jeans as Chris got out of the truck going inside.

"I thought that we were going inside..." Haily said trailing off looking over to her right.

"We will but not right now." I said getting on top of her sliding out of my jeans and boxers and taking off my shirt.

Haily stared down at my boner and then looked up at me with her baby face. I placed my hand on her right cheek caressing it softly as she closed her eyes leaning her face into my palm. I smiled down at her sliding my thumb into her mouth as she work her magical tongue on it. With my other hand I pulled her top out revealing her round bouncy tits and also sliding up her skirt as she helped me by pulling her panties down kicking it to the side. My eyes quickly went down to her hairless wet cunt. I pulled my thumb out of her mouth as she slid farther back bringing her pussy up to my face. I buried my face in her cunt taking in her sweet scent giving it a few kiss before sticking my tongue out giving it a quick lick as she let out a moan. I grabbed her legs spreading them wide and holding them in the air. I began licking her clit swirling my tongue around her clit flicking it quickly from side to side. She began grinding against my face grabbing my head pushing it into her pussy moaning for me to fuck her with my tongue. I slid my tongue deep into her pussy while sliding my index finger deep into her ass hole too. I looked up at her while eatting her pussy, she arched her body panting with her eyes tightly closed up. I fingered her ass quickly and she screamed out my name as I felt hot juice hitting my tongue. She was cumming hard and her scream was deafening.

"Jon Jon! That was soooooo great!" She said pulling me up for a kiss getting a taste of her own juice.

She quickly pushed her tongue into my mouth attacking my tongue with hers. I pinched her nipples hard flatting them between my index finger and thumb making her scream into my mouth. I guided my hard cock to her wet throbbing pussy ramming it into that tight space filling it up with my cock. I trailed kisses down to her neck biting it roughly to there was sure to be a hickey there for her.

"Fuck me harder jonjon!" She screamed scratching at my back, "Harder!"

I began to speed up my pumping into her as the truck began rocking back and forth. I looked up at the window and saw it was all fogged up. I took her nipples in my mouth flipping her over on top of me sitting up getting her to saddle me. She bounced up and down making it hard for me to get the wet slippery nipples to get into my mouth. She looked down at me moaning holding her head back fluffing it up making her look extra sexy. I looked at her and I loved what I was seeing my half naked sister bouncing up and down on my cock. I reached over opening the driver side door as soon as I opened it a gust of fresh air came rushing in cooling us both down.

"Get out." I said looking up at her as she stopped fucking me.

"Why?" She asked moving hair out of her face panting.

"I want to fuck your sweet ass standing up." I said sliding closer to the door.

"Noooo...I don't think I will." She said continue moaning and bouncing up and down on my cock.

I pulled her off my cock getting out of the truck pulling her with me. She stopped at the door looking at me with her pouty face and I had to give in.

"Okay I'll closed the garage door." I said pressing the button on the remote to closed the garage door.

She smiled sliding out onto the garage floor squatting rubbing her clit in a circular motion taking my cock into her mouth. She didn't used her hands but she just let me pop my dick in and out of her mouth. I closed my eyes listening to the popping noise coming from her mouth. I heard her moan on my cock biting down on my cock a little bit hard and I looked down at her as she smiled up at me and the floor was wet and I realized that she had just cummed again. She had spit and pre cum hanging from her chin which I scooped up feeding it back to her and she sucked it up and swallowed it. I signaled her to her up and bend over the bed of the truck and she followed my command. I got on my knees in front of her ass giving it a good spanking as she winch in pain.

"Ouch! jonjon...." She said looking back

"Sorry babe." I said giving a quick kiss on the big red spot on her ass.

I spread her ass cheek sticking my thumb into her ass hole working it to loosen it up. I looked up at her as she looked back at me with a sweet look. I got up giving her a kiss behind her neck. I placed my cock at the entrance of her ass hole. I slowly entered her as she closed her eyes tightly letting out a squeal. Half way in I rammed it all the way into her leaving it there for a moment feeling her ass muscles contracting around my cock and her panting. I arched her back as I began pumping in and out of her working her ass like there was no tomorrow. I pulled on her hair back licking her neck tasting the sweat on her neck.

"Like don't you, you cum bucket?" I whispered in her ear, "Oh my god how do you stay so tight?"

"Yes jonjon more more more!" She screamed reaching back grabbing my ass pushing it making my cock go even deeper into her.

"Haily, jonjon's about to cum get on your knees and suck me off." I said as I pulled out of her and she getting on her knees quickly taking me into her mouth.

I grabbed her head holding it in place telling her to look up at me which she did. I began fucking her face with high speed as she gagged on my cock. Her spit and my pre cum was building up and spilling out the side of her mouth hanging just hanging there. I felt her tongue swirling around the head of my cock.

"I'm cumming!" I yelled stoving it in deep down her throat shooting all my cum into her as she helped transport it into her belly.

"AH AH AH oh my god!" I moaned as my cock soften up and slipped out of her mouth.

"Yummy jonjon." She said smiling getting up putting on her panties and straighten her outfit.

"You know I love you right?" I asked pulling her into a hug playing with her hair.

"Yeah jonjon I love you too." She said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I let her go as she walked away swaying her little butt for me to see. I smiled gathering my clothes and putting them on. I walked into the house grabbing a drink as Haily was sitting on Chris's lap. I was happy that they had made up. Haily was kissing and biting Chris's neck trying to give him a hickey I guess and I sat there and watched her getting felt up by Chris. I sat close to them to get a better view just fumbling with her tits as Chris had his cock in her and she began grinding against him fucking herself as he sat there watching her. She was calling herself a cum slut wanting him to cum in her pussy so she can eat it. She looked over at me blowing me a kiss and winked which made me hard again. I told Chris to get her on top of him so I can fuck her in the ass and he did laying down while she squatted over him giving me full advantage of her ass which I took full advantage of.

After Chris and I cummed in her ass and pussy we sat back watching her on the floor scooping cum out of her ass and pussy and eatting it. When she was finished she sat up and told us she was having trouble walking. I picked her up bride style as she coooed into my chest still smacking her lips so she could taste some of the cum that was still left in her mouth. I took her to the bathroom removing her clothes and got the bath warmed up placing her into the tub cleaning her off. She looked up at me the whole time smiling.

"Remember the good old days?" She asked stretching her arms.

"Yeah I do." I said cleaning the cum off her legs.

"What would you do without me?" She asked giggling.

"Let me tell you...a LOT of uneaten cum." I said smiling giving her a kiss on the forehead, "you good by yourself?"

"Yeah I'll take over from here." She said smiling blowing me a kiss.

"Okay...hey want to go see a movie later?" I asked.

"Hmmmm...okay sounds fun." She replied.

I sat on the toilet watching her clean herself. Chris soon joined and we both were jacking off again in no time.

Hoped you like the story part 3 coming soon. Next time at the movie theater.
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